This page is reserved for women that drive NT-700, ST-1100, ST1300, 
FJR-1300, 1000cc and 1400cc Concours

Come on ladies, send in your favorate photo of you and your Japanese Sport touring Bike to npt@sbcglobal.net and we will post it here.  we will only use first names and state in your listing.  For 2011 we are going to print a Calender with 12 of the best photos of you driving, sitting on or standing next to your bike (no swim wear photos please).  MCL would 100% fund the printing of these and offer them for sale on the ST, FJR and Concours forum.

The Best Part:  All money. every cent would go to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation for helping childeren with brain tumors and in helping find cures.

 All you have to do to help these kids is send us max 2 of your best photos and we will post them.  In Oct we will have judges, men and woman pick 12 of the best photos and have the calenders made up for 2011.  This is a great cause and one that many motorcycle clubs ride for already. This is a EVERYBODY wins project, please help with a photo.

You must be the primary driver of the motorcycle to enter, please.  Please this is only for the woman that drive not passangers, thank you.  If you want to send a photo but prefer to not be included in the calender just let us know.

Here are a couple links that tell more about the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation


This is important:  Please send me Hi resolution photos,  2 megabites or larger  would help.  This way I can reduce them for this page yet still have a hi res photo on file if we print yours.

Gail from Arizona and her 2005 ST-1300 that as of 5-26-10 has 97,000 miles on it
Gail is not new to ST's having riden her last ST-1100 over 140,000 miles
Deb rides a 2006 ST-1300 Police Bike, she resides in Alberta Canada.  Deb has over 40,000 Kil after a year and a half of ownership. Recent rides include Jasper and Valemount BC.
 Sheila from with her NT-700 at Monterey Calif.  Sheila has been riding since Jan. 2010  Another photo of Sheila at Yosemite with Half Dome in the background
 Kris is rocking away  Joyce Cortez  of Calif, on her VFR 800 riding on  Highway 25


 Goldie and her real clean 2004 ST1300 at the Rock Store in California.  Goldie resides in Alberta Canada and was down at Crestoc visiting southern Calif.   Claudine's ST-1300 from Qc, Canada
 Martha had this photo taken at   Daytona Florida.  She drives a 2009 ST1300 herself.  Cindi on her RED 2009 Honda NT-700 (red is faster) Cindi  lives in ILL.







 Lori July 2011 “The DomiNaTor”.  I am an MSF RiderCoach in Iowa.









   Joyce Cortez  of Calif, on her VFR 800