The Powerlet plug "IS NOT" a cigar or cigarette style plug and your cigarette male plugs will not for without an adaptor.

- Powersport Standard Connector

Powersport vehicle manufacturers tend to use Powerlet power outlets over cigarette power outlets. Automotive cigarette outlets lack a manufacturing standard often causing a loose fit. Cigarette connectors (outlets) are not rated for high currents. Powerlet connectors (outlets) conform to a worldwide DIN ISO standard and provide a "snap-fit" so they do not disconnect while you are driving. Powerlet sockets are smaller, vibration proof and can handle more power than a standard automotive cigarette socket. Whether you are on the road, in the woods or on the snow, you can reliably power your consumer electronics with a Powerlet connector.

1. Do you have an outlet?

Here are the four common power outlets found on powersports vehicles. Your vehicle may already have one of these installed. While we sell all four types of outlets, we recommend the Powerlet type outlets.


Powerlet sockets are smaller than a cigarette socket, vibration proof, and can handle high current loads. Many small vehicle manufacturers use these connectors instead of cigarette sockets. The Powerlet Equipped System is designed around this connector. The Powerlet connector is also a nonproprietary open standard that is factory installed on many brands of vehicles.

The male end of this socket is shwn below. Note the barb on the end.


Coax connectors are mainly used on heated clothing. Several brands of heated clothing changed from SAE to Coax connectors starting in 2003. Coax connectors are sometimes called barrel connectors.

The male end is shown below.


Cigarette sockets are popular in automobiles, therefore many cell phone, GPS, and radar detector cords come with this connector. However, they often have a loose fit, are susceptible to vibration, and are not high current. Due to these drawbacks, Powerlet recommends using them in enclosed spaces such as inside tankbags and gloveboxes.

The male end shown below.


SAE connectors are used on many battery chargers and on Powerlet Luggage Electrix. In order to use SAE connectors for electrical devices other than battery chargers, Powerlet offers a wide variety of adapter cables to convert SAE connectors to Powerlet, Coax, and Cigarette connectors.

The male end looks exactly like the female end.