We ship domestic orders except seats by US Postal Service. We ship seats internationally by US Postal Service.


INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: Please Read  Our standard freight cost is $30.00 to Canada and $40.00 to the rest of the world.
This does not apply to large items;  tip over bars, FJR Riser Plates,  wind shields, seats and luggage bags.    When you order a seat you will not be charged the entire amount, your order will have the standard $30.00 for Canada and $40.00 for the rest of the world.  We will e-mail you for an additional paypal deposit to cover freight or bill your credit card the differance, depending on what form of payment you made to begin with.  Shipping cost for seats to Canada is about $45.00 total (including the $25.00 you paid up front) and to the rest of the world is about $70.00 to $85.00.  The additional charge for luggage bags is about $10.00 for Canada and $20.00 for the rest of the world.



MCL Please be careful with your address,

We use USPS on-line and if you misspell or give us an incorrect address the USPS software will not give us a label and we will have to ship slow boat to china express (fed-ex ground)

This is a biggie Please Read Priority Mail If you think even a little that someone might steal your package after the postman delivers it DO NOT have it shipped to that address. Pick a address of a business or someone that is home or a locked mail receptacle. If your item is stolen we will provide you the phone number for your local post office and a tracking number. We are not responsible for packages stolen off your door step.


Value Based Shipping Levels For The USA
For Orders Up To: $15.00 Shipping Charge: $6.80
For Orders Up To: $25.00 Shipping Charge: $7.50

For Orders Up To: $50.00 Shipping Charge: $8.00
For Orders Up To: $100.00 Shipping Charge: $10.50
For Orders Up To: $150.00 Shipping Charge: $13.50

For Orders Up To: $200.00 Shipping Charge: $15.00
For Orders Up To: $250.00 Shipping Charge: $17.50

For Orders Up To: $375.00 Shipping Charge: $19.00
For Orders Up To: $450.00 Shipping Charge: $20.00

For Orders Up To: $650.00 Shipping Charge: $22.50
For Orders Up To: $900.00 Shipping Charge: $25.50
For Orders Up To: $1500.00 Shipping Charge: $35.00

International Orders  $45.00 Canada $30.00, per order.   This means if you order 1 item or 20 items it is still the flat rate amount.  We do not send invoices with international orders so print one off our site for your records.

 Our software may add the international shipping along with the domestic and be higher than what you see here. You will only be charged what is shown below. Shipping charge is per order any number of items OK.Canada: $25.00.  This does not apply to seats, you will be notified later what the additional freight charge is on a seat.  Total to Canada is about $45.00 and to Europe about $70.00. You will be requested to make up the difference from what you were charged to what actual cost is.

Terms and Conditions: VERY IMPORTANT--If you wish to cancel an order, you must CALL before 2:00 p.m Pacific Standard Time to cancel it or it WILL be shipped and YOU will be responsible for shipping costs.

All Prices are subject to change at any time. All special ordered parts are non-refundable. Some special orders may require a prepayment prior to shipment

All sales are final after 15 days of receipt, no exceptions.  No returns after 15 days.

All shipping costs are non refundable and customer is responsible for all shipping costs for exchange/refund.

Returns are subject to our approval and inspection prior to exchange or refund. There is a 15% restocking fee on returns.

Residential Delivery Charge Residential delivery shipped via UPS or Fed-Ex Ground will incur an additional $2.50 fee that they charge us (not on priority mail) . If you prefer we will ship to a business and not charge this additional charge. Just add the company name in the space on the order form.

Returns and Freight DO NOT SHIP ANY PRODUCT BACK BY US MAIL THAT REQUIRES A SIGNATURE OR IS BIGGER THAN A SHOE BOX !!!! They do not deliver to our door and we can't go to the post office to pick up your return. If any item is returned via US Post Office it will be returned to you by the usps. Any returns on a credit card sale will be charged a 5% fee if the sale is over $100.00. Return Goods Policy

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