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Date: Mon, 08 May 2006 08:07:51 -0600
From: "ron pidwerbesky"
Subject: risers
To: npt@sbcglobal.net

i did not think raiseing the bars,lowering the pegs,would make such a difference in the comfort, thank you from a very satisfied customer, ron

From: "Pastor Brad Westover"
To: npt@sbcglobal.net
Subject: Parts for Honda ST1300
Date: Sat, 6 May 2006 20:36:42 -0400
I recently installed the haldbar risers, 2" rise, on my 06 ST1300 as well as the fork brace. All items fit better than factory but I am really impressed with the improvement of the handling with the fork brace. Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how satisfied I am. Also, was there to be a ball mount included with the handlebar riser? Just curios! If not I will call to order! Thanks again for superior products!
Brad Westover


Date: Sat, 13 May 2006 13:59:13 -0500 (GMT-05:00)
From: "john gaulding"
To: npt@sbcglobal.net
Subject: products
Larry: Just wanted you to know, I have received the order for the highway bars, handlebar risers, & driver footpeg lowering kit, & the clutch & break reservoir caps for my '06 ST1300. I must say in my 40 years of active riding, I have never found parts from an after-market dealer that had the quality, fit, & finish of the products I have purchased from you. Everything fit perfectly, & looks great!!!! Feel free to use this testamonial anyway you want. Sincerely: John Gaulding PS: I hope the Ramline products I ordered will come in soon. JOHN GAULDING


From: "Jean-Claude GODEFROY"
To: npt@sbcglobal.net
Subject: Hello Larry
Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 21:06:09 +0200
I took up on my FJR on 1300 Handle Bar Risers, the assembly is fast and explained well, the final position is excellent for my 1.85 metres, I do not have pains anymore in wrists. I thank larry, for his speed and its patience in spite of my English.
Good continuation has all the team of MOTORCYCLELARRY.
Jean-Claude de Courdiamnche (France)


From: "Robert Picard"
To: npt@sbcglobal.net
Subject: ST1300 Highway Pegs
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 13:22:50 -0700
I must say that these highway pegs are one of, if not the best, addition I've ever added to a motorcycle. I'm a very hard customer to please. Rather anal when it comes to spending my money. Especially ordering over the internet. I placed my order on a Friday afternoon and they were at my door the next Wednesday. Superb service! The design, engineering, and finish of the product are top notch. Very easy to install. Took all of about 10 minutes. I'm 6 feet tall. They are very comfortable with feet flat against the pegs. Even more comfortable when I totally stretch out with my feet hanging over the pegs (my ankle resting on the pegs). I had two people the very first day ask me what they were, "Those are absolutely beautiful". I also had a guy tell me that he didn't buy an ST1300 because there was no place for highway pegs. Honda should install these on all their ST's and they would sell a lot more of these bikes. Forward this e-mail to Honda for me will you? I am absolutely pleased with your product and customer service. Will be buying more from you guys in the near future. Thank you for a job well done.
Thanks again,
Robert (San Francisco Bay Area)
Robert Picard


Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2006 11:41:56 -0700
From: element0346@adelphia.net
To: npt@sbcglobal.net
Subject: thank you
Nice product, works excellent and simple to install because there is enough adjustment in the brake push rod & light switch. Wish I bought these sooner my most recent long trip would have been easier. Thanks


From: "Patrick"
To: npt@sbcglobal.net
Subject: Conni bar risers
Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2006 06:24:06 -0700
These things are sweeet.They arrived in three days after ordering (to No.Cal.). With the stock bars and my 36" reach, I still was unable to bend my elbows for a more relaxed position. Took about 45 mins for the straight forward install. Now, very relaxed and back-saving riding position. Best $83 I've ever spent on her. Many thanks for the quality product. Nice fit -n-finish too.
Patrick. 98 Conni
Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2006 16:00:57 -0700
From: "Bill Patsios"
To: npt@sbcglobal.net
Subject: Ninja 250 handlebar risers
I recieved the Ninja 250 handlebar risers today.
They installed with zero problems, maybe a 15 minute installation.
Stock cables works fine.
Quality is excellent.
Thank you for a quality product at a very nice price.
Incidently, I used to have a Yamaha Virago and your handlebar risers 
worked great on the Virago.
Bill Patsios
From: "Dave Newton"
To: npt@sbcglobal.net
Subject: Re: MOTORCYCLELARRY.COM Order Confirmation
Date: Sat, 20 May 2006 21:20:56 -0700
Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with this purchase. I couldn't believe that the peg lowering brackets arrived already today! I was able to easily install them in minutes; well designed and made, super!. I just ordered them on Wednesday and today is Saturday! I expected to wait a week for this kit! I went for a quick ride after the install and what a difference; I went for a 300 mile trip the day before and I thought that I was going to need a new set of knees! I can't wait to take the "new bike" for a long cruise now that I won't have so much pressure on my 40 yr old knees!
Thanks for a great product and outstanding service! I'll be ordering the handlebar riser set next!
Dave Newton
Madison, WI
1999 ST1100
----- Original

From: "Nick Hayles"
To: npt@sbcglobal.net
Subject: Re: FJR1300 bar risers
Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 15:33:42 +0000
First impression on bar risers:

Marked improvement in comfort.  I'm 5ft 7ins with 29ins inside leg.  
impression is that nagging pain between shoulder blades is no longer 
and throttle hand is in a more natural position (6 degrees straighter).  
Control and leverage in bends feels fine.  Reminds me of the upturned 
bars on my BSA Super Rocket in the late sixties.

Excellent design and execution.  Thanks again.

Nick Hayles


From: "Jeff B."
To: npt@sbcglobal.net
Subject: Re: MOTORCYCLELARRY.COM Order Confirmation
Date: Wed, 24 May 2006 23:13:02 -0600
Wow, What a difference. I was the Sceptic that thought the small difference wouldn't matter. It did, and I'm Glad I bought your Risers Larry.
Thank You!
Jeff B.

From: "bob schultz"
To: npt@sbcglobal.net
Subject: Blades
Date: Sat, 27 May 2006 06:22:59 -0400
Just got back from my trip and I want to thankyou for the blades that you got to me. What a great product! You put me at the head of a list. I have a medical condition that requires the legs to be stretched out occasionally. My dealer was interested (Blueridge Powsersports in Harrisonburg, VA). 4 K miles from Madison Indiana to the Adirondacks to the coast of Maine, down thru NH, Ma, Ct, RI, NY Md, NJ, Pa, W Va, and back to Va. You made the trip for me. Thanks a bunch. You will be on my referral list. I will be ordering the riser blocks today or tomorrow.
thanks again
bob Schultz
From: "Scott Yarberry"
To: "'npt@sbcglobal.net'"
Subject: RE: ST1300 Highway Blades
Date: Tue, 30 May 2006 07:45:43 -0500
I received the Highway Blades on Friday. Thanks for the quick turn-around.
They were easy to install except I had to trim the one of the screw holes slightly. That plastic is really soft.
Build quality is excellent.
The blades swing out a little further than optimum for me. I'm assuming that there is not an easy way to adjust that angle.
From: "Deb Soehner"
To: npt@sbcglobal.net
Subject: ST1300 parts
Date: Sat, 03 Jun 2006 01:31:41 -0400
Hello Larry and everyone else involved with this company!

Just received the parts for my husband's 2005 ST1300 which included 
rider and passenger extension pegs and also a fork brace stiffener.  I 
writing this for my computer illiterate husband who wanted me to let 
know that he was very impressed with both the quality and the ease of 
putting your parts on his beloved motorcycle.  He found the 
very helpful and had all these parts on his bike within 45 mins.  The 
shipping time and helpful staff are to be commended as well.

We will recommend you highly to all motorcyclists we know.

Deb and Brad Soehner
Ontario, Canada


Hi Larry,
Just a short note to say thanks for the excellent service--and the  
excellent quality. The riser plate and footpeg relocators for my  
ST1300 arrived in 9 days and I had them on the bike in less than 2  
hours, and that included adjusting the height of the gearshift and  
brake levers. In fact, I guess I spent half that time reading the  
instructions which covered absolutely everything! The adding of these  
items has transformed the bike for me. Also, thanks very much for  
specifying the "value". That helps a lot with our Customs  
Barry Richardson
New Zealand



Just a quick email to let you know I am pleased with the FJR1300 Triple
Clamp Nut.  This is a GREAT cost effective way to mount my GPS unit.  
have also added two pictures of the installed unit. Add to your website
you wish. 


Greg Mannon
Phoenix, AZ 

recent purchase

Friday, August 29, 2008 9:29 AM

I wanted to drop you a line in appreciation to the workmanship and service that your company has provided.  I received the three items that I choose they were; the headlight protectors, fork brace and last but not to say the very least risers for my handlebars.  I could not believe the difference those items made for my ST1300-07, as if it was a totally different ride.  A great deal of comfort to my wrist and the total difference in control with the fork brace,(what a great piece of art).  I will tell everybody I come in contact with to give you a call for all that they need when it comes to superior parts and knowledge as it pertains to applications.
Thanks  Wayne
Garden Grove – So Cal