ST1300 fuse box holder.  ST1300FBH

Our fuse box holder holds all 3 of the most popular fuse boxes, the Centech AP-1 and 2, Eastern Beaver PC-8 and fuse box.  The fuse box holder is made from brushed aluminum plate and has stainless steel Pem Nuts pressed in that can't come out.  The 2 main mounting nuts are 8MM to fit either the stock rear cover or a top box mounting application.  There are 12 smaller nuts with mounting screws to fit all of the 3 above mentioned fuse boxes. 

Your tool kit will still fit in place and the entire bracket and fuse box come out easily with 2 screws to gain access behind the bracket.  The ST1300FBH can also be used to mount a Autocom intercom system by drilling more mounting holes.  

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  • Model: 6050 ST1300FBH

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