1011 - RAM-B-342U


If your motorcycle comes with a cap nut, replace it with an open-end nut then insert RAM-B-342 (Stem Mount). The new Fork Stem Mount offered by RAM is one of the cleanest ways to mount small electronics on your motorcycle. Simply slide the assembly into the hole of the stem and tighten the machine screw with a wrench. Designed to fit fork stems from 1/2" to 1 1/4" ID or 13mm to 32mm ID, this new product will fit a wide range of makes and models. Due: First Quarter-07. Ram expansion rubber stem is cut to the diameter of your inside diameter of your triple tree tube. When the top screw is tightened the soft rubber plug expands to grip the inside of the tube. Great for dirt bikes, and motorcycles where mounting platforms are at a minimum. Ball is 1" to fit all our arms. Kit comes with different size washers and toothed nut plates for assembly on different size triple tree tubes. One size fits all.

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  • Model: 1011 RAM-B-342U