Great Video on installing a MCL Riser Plate

: MCL's FJR1300 ES Riser Plate for the 2014 model year is truly unique. Machined from an 18 pound solid billet of 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum it features more strength and rigidity than bolt together designs. 

: The MCL riser brings the bars 1 3/4" (back) closer to the driver and raises them up 1 1/2" also with out having to add additional spacers.

: Like our previous model years we have rotated the bar ends forward (4 degrees) for a more relaxed ride with guaranteed less wrist strain than any other riser or riser plate on the market. Iron Butt Proved!

: All stock hydraulic lines, cables and control housing wire looms are retained and maintain proper slack when the bars are moved from extreme right to left. 

: Greatly increased fork/ triple tree strength for tighter turns and longer tire life.

: Less fatigue and vibration than stock.

:Three  locations for mounting your electronics, with optional Ram Balls, one on our Ram Ball Stem Nut  included at no additional charge (a $27.00 value)  and two on the riser. The drilled holes on the riser are fitted with set screws.  Remove one or both to add additional Ram mounting positions. Balls sold separately.

: Install Time 1 hour or less

: Installation is easier also with a new drill fixture that allows you to drill out the anti tamper screws from your ignition WITHOUT having to take the gas tank off and half the bike apart.


DRILL FIXTURE INFORMATION: We offer the drill fixture and a split point cobalt drill as a
loan with a $100.00 deposit plus $8.00 for the return postage envelope. This fixture is irreplaceable when it comes to drilling out the anti tamper bolt screw heads. These screws have a cone for a head and cannot be removed without drilling off the heads of the bolts. Check off the option for the fixture and drill and we will include it with your riser. Use it for up to 30 days then return it and we will credit your credit card a $100.00. You will get a postage paid return envelope to return the fixture in. Be sure to look at all the photos at the bottom of the page. These show the installation.

You will need a 36 MM socket to remove the stem nut.

 The photo shown below is our  U.S. production riser. The European/Canadian model is not currently available. 


The above photo and info was provided to me by Gene Sweeney Jr..  This mod is not absolutly required but will loosen up your cables.

Click here to see our new Powerlet FJR-1300 power outlet that mounts to your stem nut.


MCL 1 piece (no optional blocks required) tall riser plate $299.95. Why play with blocks to get the highest riser plate made with MCL plus you get the rigidity of a 1 piece riser plate and can borrow our drill fixture that can save you an hour of labor, plus not having to take your gas tank off.

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Mon, August 17, 2009 6:49:49 PM

From: George and KittyView Contact

Hi Larry,
I just want to thank you again for helping me so quickly with the FJR riser.  I really appreciated it.
Later that day, Sunday, Kitty and I went for a few hour ride.  Although I still have shoulder & c-spine injury problems to deal with, your riser helped tremendously.  The pain was much more tolerable, which made riding pleasurable again.
Thank you very much.  The next time we ride together, lunch is on me.




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