We also stock this in Low Profile that is 3/4" lower than stock.

Brand New for Sargent and Motorcyclelarry!

Motorcyclelarry is the only dealer stocking and selling the Sargent seats for the NT-700.

Utilizing the latest design techniques, exacting manufacturing processes, and superior materials, each World Sport seat pan is precision converted for superior fit. MCL buys stock seats from Honda in quantity then sends them to Sargent for a World Sport Conversion. 

Sargents Super Cell Atomic Foam suspension is Sergeants own unique and proprietary blend of resilience, firmness and vibration absorption qualities - making it well suited for maximum long distance comfort.

The World Sport Performance Seat for the NT-700 features our marine-grade, UV stabilized upholstery, hand sewn specifically to maximize the qualities of the Super Cell Foam. In addition, it is virtually maintenance free.

Ordering Information: Click the attributes below to choose between silver or black piping and between stock height or low profile. Note: low profile seats are approximately 3/4" lower than a regular height seat but may not feel as comfy due to the less foam. MCL has been selling Concours-1400 low profile seats for 2 years and has only had one complaint that they thought the seat was too hard because of less foam.

Core Return: If your seat pan is in excellent clean condition you can return it to MCL for a $50.00 core refund, 2010 seats only. You will need to pay the return freight. To do this order a seat off line and when you get your seat from us use the same box and return your old seat back to MCL. We reserve the right to reject cores if they are worn or excessively dirty.

Motorcyclelarry's own words: I have driven over 60'000 miles on 4 differnt motorcycles (2) ST-1300's, (1) FJR1300 and my new NT-700 using Sargent seats and swear by them.  Having ridden (3) over 1000 mile days on Sarget World Sport seats I wouldn't sit on any other seat comercilly made than a Sargent. 



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  • Model: WS-NT700

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