Solution to convert a cigarette socket to a USB Type A Connector.

Larry Says: This is one of the best plugs I have come across. I keep one in every car I own. If you, like me have a bunch of USB to mini USB, Ipod etc laying around and never enough car charger cords this will solve your problem. Instead of plugging into your computer to charge your device plug it into this converter. ORDER MORE THAN ONE, BECAUSE MY GIRLS ARE ALWAYS SNAGGING MINE! It has a built in 5 volt DC converter.

Note: This is a cigar style male not a powerlet style male. It will plug into your car cigarette plug.

Special Note: The new designed usb converter also charges your devices while they are plugged in instead of just allowing them to operate as with the older ones.

Image of product above no longer available in black. These come in an orange color.


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  • Model: 2074 AAC-006