1074 RAM-MAG-1U




Does not include the arm or ball mount plate.
Pure innovation at it's best. As portable devices have become smaller, so have the view screens. With the new RAM Big Screen Magnifier, you won't have to lean closer or squint to see where you're at or where you're going. The magnifier is 2 inch by 4 inch with 2x zoom. The difference this device makes in the overall functionality of the GPS or PDA is remarkable. The unit comes with a diamond adaptor, so it works with all RAM cradles and a ratcheting feature with flex rod for perfect positioning. This RAM Big Screen Magnifier is a must have for anyone who loves their GPS or PDA but wishes the screen was a little larger.


Magnifiers can be dangerous if not used responsibly. When not being used we recommend they be stored out of sunlight. Make certain that the magnifier isn't positioned in the sun as to create a harmful or damaging situation. NPI will not be held responsibly for any damages from the use of this product.

How it mounts.  You get a plastic diamond plate that has a groove molded into it,  The stem for the magnifier lays in the groove so when you sandwich the ball plate and your cradle with the new plastic plate it clamps the round flexible stem in the middle. 

Some examples are shown below

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  • Model: 1074 RAM-MAG-1