1061 - RAM-HOL-PD2U


The Ram size 2 PDA Holder will hold a PDA or other electronic device from 3" wide to 4" wide. It comes with 3 insert able fingers of 3 different lengths to handle different thickness PDA's. The single finger is on a high test spring slider that will open from 3" to 4" and hold your electronic devices securely, all the fingers are rubber coated to prevent slip.

CRADLE CLAMPING DIMENSIONS: Height Range: open Width: 3.0'' - 3.8'' Thickness: 3/8'' - 1 1/8'' 
PLACING YOUR PDA INTO THE CRADLE: Place the unit into spring loaded arm side of the cradle, and then push it open to the point where you can lay the unit into the cradle. Now gently close the expandable clamp on to the unit. INCLUDED WITH THE CRADLE: The cradle includes three (3) sets of side clamping arms. Each set of arms includes three (3) individual arms which connect to the slots on the side of the cradle. The arms have a rubber tip for an optimum hold, and you can remove and change the arms so you can find the right clamping hold for you device.

The kit comes with the platform that is 3" X 4" in size, 3 sets of 3 fingers each and a ball mounting plate (RAM-B-238U).  Add an arm (length of your choice) for an additional charge using the radio buttons below.

The Ram-B-138-PD2 will hold the Navigon 7200T and other Navigon models of the same shape and size as the 7200T. 


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  • Model: 1061 RAM-HOL-PD2U

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