Learn How To Clean Your Motorcycle Chain Effectively – Simple Hacks!

In order to maintain, and increase the life of your motorcycle, it is essential to perform regular checks to obtain the maximum from your bike and enjoy a stress-free journey.

Thus, whether it is learning how to clean a motorcycle chain, or checking the pressure of your tires, regular maintenance is the key to the success of ensuring the proper functioning of your bike. 

If you are looking for various hacks to learn how to clean a motorcycle chain, then you have come to the right place. Follow these simple tips and tricks to fix it at the tip of your fingers. 

Steps To Clean A Motorcycle Chain

Step 1. Identify The Type Of Chain

The first and foremost step in learning how to clean a motorcycle chain is to identify the type of chain equipped on your motorcycle. When speaking about motorcycle equipment, it is important to recognize and see if your chain falls under one of three categories. 

As aforementioned, motorcycle chains come in three types, which are, O-Ring, Non-Sealed, and X-Ring. 

a. O-Ring Motorcycle Chains 

The first category of motorcycle chains is the O-Ring type. As the name suggests, these types of chains are designed with the characteristic O-shape. The main advantage of such a shape is to make sure that the pins in between each chainplate are thoroughly lubricated with oils and grease. 

Further, these types of motorcycle chains ensure high protection against dust and residue. However, it is important to note that these are not ideal for racing due to their increased drag when ridden at high speeds. 

b. Non-Sealed Motorcycle Chains

The next category of motorcycle chains, the non-sealed chains, is the most common in this particular industry. They are inexpensive as compared to other models of chains available in the market. 

Due to this nature, these types of chains require high maintenance and need to be changed at regular intervals, due to the increased risk of debris and residue. 

c. X-Ring Motorcycle Chains 

The last and final category of motorcycle chains is the X-Ring Motorcycle Chains. These are an upgrade from the O-Ring chains, due to their reduced surface area, and decrease in the drag factor when riding. However, these are quite expensive and are known for their longevity when compared to the previous types of chains.  

Step 2. Place Your Bike On A Stand

The next step is for you to bolster your bike or motorcycle on a sturdy, durable stand. The main purpose of doing this is to lift your bike in the air to adjust and clean it effectively. A great way to do this is to use a durable stand like a paddock stand or a lift

Step 3. Inspect The Sprockets And The Overall Chain

Once you have identified the type of chain and placed your bike on a stand, the next step is to scrutinize your chain and understand its condition. In order to do this, look at the front and rear sprockets, and in case they are worn out, consider purchasing a replacement for it. 

Step 4. Spray The Chain Cleaner

Now that you are satisfied with the condition of your chain, the following step is to spray ample amounts of a branded motorcycle chain cleaner. The tip to remember here is to be generous with the liquid, as it cleans the dirt and debris present in the chain. 

Step 5. Scrub, Scrub, Scrub

After spraying the chain cleaner, you need to scrub the chain using a bristle brush. You do this to get in the deeper parts of the chain, which you may have missed while spraying. A rule of thumb is to be rigorous and actually agitate the overall chain. The shinier the surface, the better the adherence of the lubricant to the chain. 

Step 6. Spray Again

If you have finished scrubbing the motorcycle chain, the next step to learn how to clean a motorcycle chain is to respray the chain cleaner. This provides a final removal of any dirt that arose due to the agitation with a brush. 

Step 7. Dry The Chain

In order to ensure a thorough adherence of the motorcycle lubricant onto the chain itself, it is crucial to dry the chain, once it has been rinsed of the chain cleaner. A good way to do this is to use a microfiber cloth or towel. This will surely remove any leftover dirt, cleaner, or water during the actual cleaning process. 

Step 8. Choose The Proper Lubricant 

Many people often wonder why lubrication is important, especially for a motorcycle chain. Well, the answer to that is a long chain life and prevention against corrosion and harsh climatic conditions. Further, the lubrication of your motorcycle chain is necessary to ensure a reduction in the noise created by the chain, as well as, allow riders to shift gears better. 

Therefore, you, as a rider, need to give utmost importance when choosing a lubricant. A rule of thumb to remember is that lubricants vary according to the type of motorcycle chain under consideration. 

Step 9. Apply The Lubricant

Last but not least, is the application of your premium quality lubricant. In order to properly apply it, you, first, need to spray it directly on the chain links. Make sure that every side of each link is generously covered with your lubricant. A helpful hack is to rotate the rear wheel of your bike, for complete application of your lubricant. 

The lubricant nozzle has specifically been designed for an effective and efficient application of it. 

Once you have applied the first coat of the lubricant, wait for a couple of minutes and allow it to dry before applying a thicker coat. The main purpose of doing so is to ensure the maximum protection and longevity of your motorcycle chain. Finally, allow it completely dry. 


Now that you have followed the aforementioned steps to learn how to clean a motorcycle chain, your bike is ready for all your risky future adventures and endeavors without any trouble. 

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