How To Get A Motorcycle Permit?

The crucial thing that allows one to learn or practice riding a motorcycle on the road is a motorcycle permit. On the other hand, a driving license allows a person to drive and also carry passengers. This article answers the question – how to get a motorcycle permit.

A lot of factors work together in the process of securing the license, as the age of the driver, the place where one stays, the size of the engine of the vehicle, and many more. Not following the rules or fulfilling the requirements has severe consequences. Thus, to avoid fines and unnecessary trouble, be prepared well in advance with the permit.

To safely maneuver the roads, having a complete understanding of endorsements, and getting driver’s education and training is mandatory. The first condition for getting a permit is that a candidate should be 15 or 16 years old.

Once the person turns 18 years old, he or she can get a motorcycle license. Having a prerequisite permit is mandatory to get a motorcycle license later in many states. However, those who want to start getting their hands on a motorcycle before turning 18 must have a license. The license is usually inexpensive, and it just takes a few weeks to get it.

Way To Get Learner’s Permit

To get your motorcycle permit, you need to pass the vision test and a knowledge test for which you also need to pay a nominal fee. Most DMVs require the passing grade to be 70%. Also, the driver needs to practice driving, and then pass the road test within the given period.

After passing these tests, the drivers get a permit that remains valid for a certain amount of time. In case the driver fails in the trial, he or she would have to reapply for a new motorcycle permit. According to the ABATE (Alliance of Bikers Aimed Toward Education), an estimated 90% of the motorcycle riders that were involved in a crash never took formal training. Following are the steps for getting a permit:

  • Decide the license you want- a Real ID permit that is valid for federal purposes, or a standard license that is not valid for federal purposes.
  • Please go through the Motorcycle Operator’s Manual of your state and study it to prepare yourself for the written test.
    To make sure one has all the identifications and documents one needs, complete the Document Guide of DMV. It may include proof of the date of birth, Social Security Number, legal name, etc. In case your name has been changed, and it differs on the submitted documents, you must provide legal proof of name change.

Make Sure You Have All The Necessary Documents

One must ensure that the documents they take are original and certified. Also, they should be unexpired and in English, or the original documents should accompany a certified English language translation document. Moreover, mutilated or damaged forms are prone to be confiscated (if found fraudulent).

Get written consent from the parents, guardian, or boarding school headmaster.

Pay the required fee for applying for the motorcycle permit (usually around 10$). For online payment, one can visit the DMV website and carry out the transaction online.

The Whole Procedure Can Be Done Online

However, the situations have changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone is locked inside their homes, practicing social distancing. Hence, instead of taking all the documents and going to the DMV office, one can mail the information and apply online from any place where they reside.

One can apply online for the permit with the required identification. After processing the documents and applications, the customers would get the credentials and login instructions for completing the test at home in online mode.

While practicing driving with a learner motorcycle permit, one must be supervised by an adult of 21 years age or above who has a valid driving license from any state. Also, the supervising adult must be within the range of ¼ miles of the learner practicing on the road. It is essential because in case things start going south, an adult can help quickly and reach the learner responsibly.

Always Obey The Traffic Rules – They Are Meant For Your Safety

Under no condition must the traffic rules be disobeyed or the safety of any other individual on the road be compromised. One must comply with the regulations to ensure the safety of one and all. Additionally, the permits last for around 6-18 months only, and then one needs to renew them as per the rules.

The permit holders must ensure that the general instructions and restrictions are followed like:

  • Do not carry any passenger on the back of the motorcycle.
  • The learners may not drive at night or night time; that refers to one-half hour after the sun sets and one-half hour before the sunrise.
  • Ride with a 21 years old adult.
  • You must wear a sturdy helmet and proper safety gear, and follow the traffic rules.
  • Do not keep driving with the expired permit, renew it on time. It can be renewed just once.
  • If a person does not get an endorsement before the expiry of the renewed permit, they have to wait for a year before they can apply for a new license.

To get a motorcycle license, one needs to take the road test that is supervised by BMV and DMVlocal officials. They also have to take the road rules exam and then the course test. It just takes $20 or so to get the motorcycle license.

However, getting an appointment is more challenging than getting a motorcycle permit. The driver may also be required to demonstrate the correct use of headlights, signals stops, turns, etc. This is done to determine whether one is perfectly eligible for getting the license.

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