Motorcycle Boots for Short Riders (+ Top List)

If you have a short or average height like me, riding bikes becomes naturally challenging for you. Motorcycles are heavy machines and demand sufficient height from the rider to maintain the required stability. Also, their high seats make it impossible for short riders to touch the ground with both feet while the bikes are standing still. As a result, even the thought of riding a motorcycle starts to appear impracticable for short people.

But, we cannot let our natural stature steal the excitement of riding a motorcycle from us. Right? So, if you are really passionate about riding and feel uncomfortable on a motorcycle because of your short height, this article will solve all your concerns and help you in riding your favorite motorcycle.

In this article, I will share some hacks to increase your height and reveal my most favorite motorcycle boots that add height to you. These riding boots for short riders will offer you additional elevation with their extra thick soles and help you touch the ground while riding your bike.

So, keep reading the article and get ready to experience the thrill of riding your motorcycle on stunning roads.

3 Options for Height Increasing Motorcycle Boots

1. Daytona M-Star GTX Boots

When it comes to the most reliable riding boots to elevate your height Daytona M-Star GTX Boots are unsurpassed. These are the best alternatives that allow you to ride your bike with full safety and at the same time, add charisma and style to your riding look.

These boots arrive with an extraordinary 2.5 cm insole rise that increases 2.5 centimeters (1 inch) of height in your heels and 0.8 centimeters (0.3 inches) on your toes. As a result, you achieve the required height for riding and get the desired control over your bike. The best part about them is that they don’t hurt like other leather boots and after three or four attempts, they start to feel utterly comfortable on your foot.

These riding boots also feature a highly waterproof GORE-TEX membrane that keeps your feet dry while you ride. Also, there are powerful reinforcements like plastic ankle protection, padded interior with open-cell foam, shinbone padding, rear closures, zip fasteners, etc., that provide you with enough safety and desired fit.

One feature that I really admire about the boots is their additional safety features like 3M-Scotchlite heel reflectors anatomically formed insole, and non-slip rubber touring sole make these Daytona boots the best motorcycle boots for short riders. 

Finally, they last for a long period and keep offering you an unparalleled riding experience for several years.

2. Chippewa Men’s Logger Waterproof Rugged Boots

The next reliable option for increasing your height while riding is Chippewa Men’s Logger Boots.

One thing that you should remember is that these boots are not particularly made for riding purposes, but if you are dealing with short height issues and need a stylish pair of leather riding boots, they can be your try ally.

Moreover, Chippewa Boot Company has been building American tradition since 1901 and has been widely recognized for its high-quality outdoor footwear for more than a century. These sturdy waterproof boots are made of 100% leather and come with a soft rubber sole for extra padding and comfort. In short, you get a perfect combo of style, safety, and protection.

Another noticeable quality of these pairs is that they keep your feet dry all the time and come with various unique features like simple lacing, a nine-inch shaft, a triple-ribbed steel shank, and a non-slip lug outsole. As an outcome, you get the highest quality waterproof boots that you can put on for your motorcycle trips as well as for all sorts of outdoor events.

3. Increase your height with high-quality insoles

One last option to add some height to your current riding boots without sacrificing comfort is adding some insole. I have personally used it for years and believe me, it works like magic. An insole adds a few centimeters to your heel and sole and makes it easier to control your bike when it is standing.

However, there are particular limits that you have to remember when you add an insole to your current boots. First of all, the space inside the boot will undoubtedly decrease, and it might get too narrow for you. So, whenever you add the sole, make sure that your boots have adequate space for them. Secondly, never add more than one inch to your boots as it may make it difficult for you to shift gears.

So, while this simple trick can be a great quick fix, the most guaranteed method to increase height is to buy good-quality motorcycle boots that make you taller.

Why Do You Need Thick Sole Motorcycle Boots?

If you have a height below the average, like less than 5’6″, riding a bike can be usually difficult.

When the bike is running, natural forces like gyroscopic stability support its balance and relieve you of any challenge related to your height. But when it comes to standing still, such as when you are stuck in a traffic jam or waiting for the red light to turn green, you have to balance it with your own feet. That’s the moment when short riders start facing difficulties and lose control over their bikes.

I still remember that before I started using height elevating boots, I had to tilt and keep all the balance on my right foot to shift the gear while I had to start the bike. All of this struggle and lack of control can be dangerous on a heavy traffic road for short riders and can be hazardous.

That’s why motorcycle boots for short riders become mandatory for short riders for their road safety. These shoes add the extra few centimeters or inches to your height and aid you in standing with your bike and shifting the gears when you have to start again.

With added height, you don’t have to apprehend an upcoming stoppage. You will always feel more confident while riding and enjoy your ride like never before.


Motorcycling is a challenge in itself and demands the perfect combination of abilities, training, and gear. You cannot afford to wear uncomfortable shoes on your journey or ride with a short height to welcome unwanted risks.

Therefore, adding a few inches of extra height on your riding boot is the most feasible solution to get the desired balance and achieve unprecedented control over your bike.

One last piece of advice from my side is that while you are finalizing a pair of boots or trying new boots with added height or insole, make sure that you walk a few miles before choosing them for your next trip. It will let you know if they are really helpful or not and also make them comfortable on your feet.

And lastly, always remember that along with these riding boots, you will also need the right skills, adequate support gear, a license, and proper training in riding to ride a motorcycle.

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