5 Motorcycles Similar to Honda Grom (A Deep Dive)

The Honda Grom was an instant hit with the masses, thanks to a better engine compression ratio (of 10:1), which increased the performance of this beast by so much that it now has an extra gear (5th one). 

Additionally, I (along with a lot of riders) now look towards having better mileage and higher efficiency. The Grom delivers on all the fronts (compared to the previous generation) and even goes a step further by upping their speed control game.

Better digital instruments, higher-quality seats, better efficiency, and a whole new revamped look have just increased its saleability as a product. The increased interest in bikes of such design and capabilities has skyrocketed after the release of the latest Grom, so it’s no wonder people would want to find out the various alternatives that exist to draw a better comparison.

Therefore, to get an unbiased view on the whole topic, I surveyed a lot of bikes, which lie in a similar niche as that of the Grom. While some are more powerful in pure force, others compensate for the lack of some capabilities by adding additional features.

Here, I look at many bikes that are similar to the Grom and discuss what makes them so similar.

5 Motorcycles Similar to Honda Grom

1. Kawasaki Z125 Pro

The Z125 is a similar offering by Kawasaki for people looking to buy a bike identical to the Grom. The bike design looks quite similar to Honda’s, but Kawasaki seems to have made it even better.

The improvements are slight; they are noticeable (It took me some time to notice them, though). The Z125 Pro features a fuel-injected single-cylinder engine that is mated to a four-speed transmission. So while the latest Grom has a slight advantage in terms of speed, the Kawasaki makes up for that in minor design improvements.

The lightweight Chassis and the 12-inch cast wheels give it a durable yet light design finish.

2. Honda Monkey

I love this another excellent option from Team Red. They keep the basic design of the system and then turn additional characteristics retro. It is a fun, goofy, and classic retro bike, but with modern capabilities and features. 

The fuel-injected 125 cc single-cylinder engine delivers enough power and speed to ensure that you never face a dull moment while riding this adorable beast. Additionally, the four-speed transmission allows you to harness the full power of the engine effectively. In short, you can go “Back To the Future,” but this time, in style.

3. Kymco Spade 150i

The Spade 150i is another similar offering that follows the Honda Monkey style. Again, the retro feeling is quite hard with this one, and it goes all out in making that apparent. While it is not the same as Grom, it still wrestles in that area. 

The 149 cc single-cylinder engine has a higher power output than the other models on this list, and it feels just right. In addition, the five-speed transmission mated with this engine ensures that you can make this beast go at very high speeds while keeping structural stability in mind.

4. Benelli TNT 135

The Benelli is one of the unique brands on this list, with their TNT 135. It is a solid competitor to the other brands on the list. It is best suited if you want the rugged, street-fighter look, paired with high-speed speed. 

The bike features a 135cc, single-cylinder engine (that is quite a bit more powerful than the Grom), which is mated with a five gear transmission (giving enough control over the speed characteristics of the bike). 

5. CSC City Slicker

Of all the options on the list, the CSC City Slicker is the only electric option in this category. It’s an affordable and fun option for the price tag and looks, an absolute bang for your buck. 

The bike offers a powerful 72 Volt 26AH Lithium-Ion battery that’s rechargeable and takes between 6 to 8 hours to recharge. Add to that the phenomenal range of 37 miles (62 miles, depending on how you ride) and a top speed of 46.5 mph; you have quite the beast in your pocket.

Indeed, electric bikes are not yet the norm. But looking at the future, this is the bike with one of the highest potentials in terms of improvement and future applications.

It might be a considerable deviation from the norm of hyper, loud, fuel-based engines. Still, it is one of the only future-proof options that shares many of its similarities with Grom while keeping the future of transportation into account. 


The Honda Grom is an exceptional bike by all means. This has urged other competitors in the niche to come out with their offerings and make them as competitive as they can. For many people, the Grom is a clear winner. Many others look toward Grom as the pioneer but go for the later, more advanced models. 

Technology never sits still, and that leads to innovations every day. While some of these innovations directly impact your ride, others have more of a passive impact. So, if you want the best mix of features, price, and power, you need to get the permutation right.

The community is divided on this issue. Unfortunately, there is no “Best Bike”, and hence, the tag remains empty as of yet. But the Grom, and other bikes on this list, do come a lot closer to claiming the tag than many of the others out there. Although I would like to have the best bike possible for all my rides, that is simply not possible.

Finally, always do your research before investing in a bike. The on-paper specs look good, no doubt, but it is the actual ride experience that matters. Some bikes may not suit your style, and that is natural. However, you should not follow the masses when it comes to choosing your ride. Always do your online and offline research before you decide to go all in. it can make or break the backbone of your bragging rights, after all.

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