The 7 Best Motorcycle Jacks of 2022 | Super Strong + Durable

Quick Overview: Our Top 5 Picks for Motorcycle Jacks

OUR TOP PICKptsntbl-table__imageVIVOHOME Steel Wide Deck Scissor Lift Jack
  • Nice appearance & high quality
  • Anti-slip design
  • Easy to operate
ptsntbl-table__imageLiftmaster Wide Deck Center Scissor Lift Jack
  • Designed to fit most motorcycle models
  • 10.6 Inch Wide Deck
  • Solid steel construction
ptsntbl-table__imageExtreme Max Wide Motorcycle Scissor Jack
  • Easily hand-operated
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Extends up to a 14" height
ptsntbl-table__imageVIVOHOME Steel Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Jack
  • Compact and functional
  • Easy transport
  • High quality materials
ptsntbl-table__imageSmartxchoices 1500 lbs Motorcycle Lift Jack
  • Brand New And Good Quality.
  • Lift Capacity Of 1,500 Pounds / 680kg
  • Swivel Casters Make It Easy To Move, Position And Transport

Bikers take incredible pride in being able to fix their own bike. As a community filled with free-spirited independent thinkers — we’re not surprised if you’d rather fix your motorcycle yourself than drag it down to the local mechanic.

I’ve always made a point of performing basic maintenance tasks and checkups on my bikes by myself, often dropping down on my back to take a good look at what’s going on. And while nothing bad ever happened (thankfully!), it’s just so much safer to get a motorcycle jack or lift.

Once I got a motorcycle jack, it made the routine oil changes and air filter clean-ups quicker, easier and safer. It’s absolutely essential for every biker to own a solid jack that they can use to be more self-sufficient.

We’ve put together a list of the top 8 best motorcycle jacks. These include our personal favorites and a few new jacks which we tested out in our own garage. All of them do a great job at propping up your two-wheeler, as well as a host of added performance features (think wheel clock, drop panel, and more).

If you’re looking for a quick recommendation: our top pick is the VIVOHOME Steel Wide Deck Motorcycle Scissor Lift Jack which performs well for practically every kind of bike.

Top 7 Best Motorcycle Jacks To Buy in 2022

1. VIVOHOME Steel Wide Deck Motorcycle Scissor Jack

Our Top Pick

VIVOHOME Steel Wide Deck Motorcycle Scissor Jack Best Motorcycle Jacks

This scissor lift jack is our top pick based on great performance with lift, stability, and construction. We tested the VIVOHOME wide deck scissor lift jack on five different motorcycles: and found it a breeze to lift all of them securely (even a 900lbs Honda Goldwing).

You need a wide deck jack if you own a motorcycle that’s anywhere in the 400-600lbs range, and this VIVOHOME lift has a heavy-duty construction that supports heavy motorcycles with greater stability.

The crank is easy to operate and doesn’t take too much effort. You definitely won’t sprain any muscles trying to lift your cruiser motorcycle. The operation of the lift itself is smooth, thanks to small runners in the interior construction that support easy height adjustment.

Even though this jack is made from high-quality carbon steel construction, it’s relatively lightweight and can be folded up and stored away when you’re not using it. If you’re looking for a reliable crank scissor lift, it’s tough to find a better one than the VIVOHOME wide deck. As long as your two-wheeler is less than 1100 lbs, you should have no problem performing quick tire changes, top-ups, and interior inspections.

We especially like the rubber no-slide pad on the underside of the jack. This acts as an extra measure of security so that your jack doesn’t budge or wobble.


  • High weight capacity (1,100 lbs) for almost all motorcycles
  • Affordable price point
  • Wide deck with more surface area
  • Smooth height adjustment
  • Easy storage


  • Not a hydraulic lift, this is a manual crank jack
  • Screws can get loose at times, have to be tightened
  • Crank may not be sufficient for heavier bikes, might have to use a ratchet

Suitable for:

The VIVOHOME is one of the most reliable options for a scissor jack. If you own an average to large-sized motorcycle and want to be able to lift it for basic home-garage fixes, this is a great choice. While it claims to be able to support bigger two-wheelers up to 1100 lbs, the crank functioning takes a toll. We’d recommend this straightforward scissor jack for average-sized motorcycles if you’re not ready to invest in a hydraulic jack.


2. Liftmaster Wide Deck Center Scissor Lift Jack

Best Center Lift Jack

Liftmaster Wide Deck Center Scissor Lift Jack

Liftmaster’s Wide Deck Center Scissor Lift Jack is also a major contender when it comes to crank jacks. This bright blue jack has a wide deck perfect for loading on heavy motorcycles and is operated through a very simple and straightforward crank rotation.

We didn’t have any trouble with lifting 900lb motorcycles on this scissor lift jack, and the rubber padding is great for extra stability and grip. Considering how affordable Liftmaster’s jack is, the rubber pad definitely delivers very high-quality non-slip capabilities. We also liked the color options; the blue paint finish makes the jack seem higher-end than it is. At its smallest size, the Liftmaster Center Scissor Lift Jack is easily put away in storage.

Even though Liftmaster’s scissor jack is considered heavy-duty, we’d recommend using an average-sized motorcycle (that’s anywhere between 400-600lbs) for the best stability in performance.

Note that this jack cannot be used with an impact wrench! You will have to make use of a regular T-handle or even a ratchet during operation. Using an impact wrench will cause damage to the jack and possibly to you/your vehicle.


  • Wide deck with lots of surface area
  • High-quality rubber mat
  • Affordable price point
  • Decent weight capacity
  • Attractive look and color options


  • Cannot be used with an impact wrench
  • The crank can be heavy to turn
  • Not as stable with high weights (900 lb)
  • Stationary jack without rollers

Suitable for:

If you’re looking for a basic scissor jack that can do the job — Liftmaster’s Center Scissor Jack will work for you. It’s got some great features like a non-slipping rubber mat and wide surface area on the deck but isn’t the smoothest in crank operation. We’d recommend this jack for someone who doesn’t perform maintenance checks too often, and if you own not more than one two-wheeler. The Liftmaster Center Scissor Lift Jack is a quick, no-fuss budget buy.


3. Extreme Max Wide Motorcycle Scissor Jack

Best Heavy-Duty Jack

Extreme Max Wide Motorcycle Scissor Jack

We were looking for a jack that could handle the weight of a 900lbs motorcycle with zero compromises on stability. Many jacks claim to be heavy-duty for a heavy-duty motorcycle but don’t always perform their best under 800lbs loads.

The Extreme Max is not one of them. This jack performs its best with a 900 or 1000lbs two-wheeler on top of it. Its heavy-duty steel construction is made of durable high-alloy steel. We noticed that the construction of this jack had really thick panels of steel: this jack isn’t going to get warped or dented easily.

The operation of this scissor jack is something to pay attention to: it is not crank-operated and needs a wrench for the height adjustment. While the height adjustment is smooth, using a wrench can get be quite the arm workout, depending on the weight of your vehicle. You can’t use an impact wrench with this jack.

The rubber padding cushions any scrap metal, and adds more stability to the lifting platform. The maximum lift height is also impressive, standing tall at 14″. That’s more than enough height for any kind of repair or clean-up.


  • Heavy-Duty steel construction with lots of strength
  • Maximum weight capacity is high
  • Affordable price point
  • Slim build and great for storage
  • Maximum height is higher than most motorcycle jacks


  • No crank operation
  • Doesn’t come with wheels
  • Doesn’t come with a wrench
  • No rubber grip saddle pads

Suitable for:

If your really expensive and precious bike needs to be kept above the ground level (during the winter, or otherwise for storage), you might feel uncomfortable with putting your faith in a hydraulic jack. A scissor jack like this one is reliable since you can rest easy knowing that your motorcycle is on a high-quality heavy-duty steel frame.

It’s also perfect for motorcycles with low ground clearance since the jack measures only 3-3/8″ when fully contracted.


4. VIVOHOME Steel Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Jack

VIVOHOME Steel Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Jack

Best Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift

There are plenty of reasons why you’d want to use a hydraulic lift over a scissor jack. For us, it’s the added convenience of minimal effort for maximum strength. VIVOHOME’s scissor jack made it to our top pick, and we think their hydraulic lift is the best in the market.

With three different locking security latches, there are plenty of ways to safely operate this lift jack. You can use the foot pedal and long handle to easily adjust the height and suspension. After using brute arm strength on plenty of crank jacks, the VIVOHOME Hydraulic pump felt like a vacation.

The rubber non-slip base had an impressive grip, with textured lines across its surface area that minimizes slippage and scraping.

The best thing about this hydraulic jack is the rubber padded lift arms placed on the sides. This actually supports your vehicle and makes it that much more stable. Though we didn’t get a chance to test it out, you can also easily fit an ATV on this jack.


  • Wide deck with a large surface area
  • Hydraulic lift with extra strength
  • Black powder coating is corrosion-resistant
  • Automatic safety lock with three lock hatches
  • Reasonable price point
  • Foot pedal release system and operation


  • Assembly can be tricky
  • Heavy to carry around
  • Takes up more space

Suitable for:

This is the best motorcycle jack for someone looking for a hydraulic lift for their motorcycle. With its solid steel construction, it has a really high weight capacity to lift heavy loads.


5. Smartxchoices 1500 lbs Motorcycle Lift Jack

Best Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Jack

Smartxchoices 1500 lbs Motorcycle Lift Jack

We’ve listed Smartxchoices motorcycle jack lift as our best heavy-duty hydraulic jack since it performs incredibly well with heavy-duty motorcycles. With a maximum weight capacity of 1500 lbs, you know this jack lift is strong.

Smartxchoices’ jack lift also works well as a bottle jack, with multiple safety features equipped as well. When you’re dealing with a 1000-pounder vehicle, accidents can be fatal. You get three locking mechanisms, including a locking safety bar which definitely makes this a reliable option.

We really liked having the smooth-as-butter swivel casters on this jack stand. It makes it incredibly easy to push around, along with safety measures to ensure they don’t budge when you need them to be stationary.

The only possible caveat to owning this hydraulic jack is that it can take up a lot of space.


  • Powerful Hydraulic pump
  • High weight capacity – maximum lifting capacity is 1500 lbs
  • Swivel casters for easy transport
  • Rubber grip pads for extra stability to the vehicle
  • Jack stand as well as a jack lift


  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Very heavy and tough to carry
  • Better for heavy vehicles than lighter motorcycles
  • Rubber matting is not as secure
  • Not good for low ground-clearance motorcycles

Suitable for:

This is the best motorcycle jack for a bigger motorcycle. You can even lift and work on ATVs, snowmobiles or furniture on this jack, which definitely makes it multi-purpose. If you work for longer hours on maintenance, replacements, and clean-ups on motorcycles, you’ll want a hydraulic jack stand like this that will hold it up in place.


6. ZENY 1100 LB Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack

Best Budget Motorcycle Lift

ZENY 1100 LB Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack

This budget motorcycle lift is super affordable and of good quality. We were really impressed with the solid steel construction on this ZENY lift jack and found that it did a great job of lifting lighter motorcycles (dirt bikes) as well as the more average-sized ones.

Although ZENY’s lift jack claims to have a high maximum weight capacity of 1100 lb wide, we suspect it might be lower than this in real-time. Our 600-pounder motorcycles made the crank stand creak and wobble slightly, and it definitely seemed like it was pushing its limits.

As long as you’re using the lift jack for lighter motorcycles, you shouldn’t have any troubles with it. Its rubber padding is great to prevent slippage, and the powder coating is a nice touch at this price range. Having corrosion resistance is definitely a useful add-on feature that boosts the lifespan of the stand.

This is a crank rotation jack lift, which works great for lesser-weight motorcycles. You don’t need to use a wrench or handle for this and it comes with all the specific components necessary to use it.


  • Very affordable budget motorcycle lift
  • High-quality steel material
  • Great for personal use (small home garage)
  • Easy to store, small, and lightweight
  • Great for a dirt bike


  • Some bolts loosen easily
  • Cranking is not very smooth
  • Not ideal for a longer-repair
  • Doesn’t have a very long lifespan
  • Narrow platform dimensions

Suitable for:

This is the best motorcycle jack for someone on a budget. It’s definitely worth its price point, considering the solid range of features you get. Sure, it may not have the longest lifespan when it comes to other motorcycle jacks in the market, but it’s great for someone who needs to do some quick home garage check-ups. You can always upgrade to a higher-end hydraulic lift, later on, as you get more confident and skilled with motorcycle self-maintenance.


7. OTC 1545 Ultra Low Profile Motorcycle And ATV Lift

Best High-End Motorcycle Jack

OTC 1545 Ultra Low Profile Motorcycle And ATV Lift

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t invest in the highest quality jack for your precious two-wheeler. It only makes sense to safeguard your expensive motorcycle with the safest and most reliable jack in the market. Accidents due to the failure of small components like bolts or runners in low-quality jacks can cause lots of damage to your motorcycle (and you!).

That’s why we created a category for the best high-end motorcycle jack. Though this jack is around double the price point of budget jacks in the market, we believe it delivers great value in the quality of its build and performance. The OTC 1545 Low Profile Lift does everything right — smooth and easy operation, steady strong lift, and plenty of safety precautions that minimize accidents. Ratcheting tie-down straps provide even more stability.

One of the most special features of this motorcycle lift is its low ground clearance. This might be the lowest ground clearance we’ve seen, and it’s perfect for motorcycles built in that design.

The rear casters make transportation even easier, along with a super-efficient foot pedal release that has a no-lag response.


  • Ratcheting tie-down straps
  • Removable handle for easy loading of the motorcycle
  • Two years warranty
  • Smooth rear casters
  • Removable lift saddle
  • Easy for storage
  • Wide lift range


  • Tricky assembly with no instruction manual
  • Very sensitive foot pedal
  • Not affordable for everyone

Suitable for:

The OTC Ultra Low Profile Motorcycle lift is the best motorcycle jack for anyone looking to invest in their bike’s safety. It’s also the perfect option if your bike has very low ground clearance since you can’t use a center scissor jack. If storage matters to you, this is probably the smallest that a hydraulic motorcycle jack can get.


Buying Guide: How do I choose the best motorcycle jack?

We made a list of the top 8 motorcycle jacks in the market, but the ultimate best motorcycle jack will be the one that fulfills your motorcycle’s requirements perfectly. We’ve made a section here to help you better understand the differences between motorcycle jacks, and which one you need the most.

The primary considerations for motorcycle jacks are the type of jack, material, capacity, safety, and price point.

You should also know about your bike’s specs: namely the weight and dimensions so that you can get a better idea about how stable it’ll be on the jack/lift.

1. Scissor Jack vs. Hydraulic Jack

There are two different types of jacks available for motorcycle lifting. One is a traditional scissor jack. Scissor jacks are a more common choice since they’re more affordable and reliable for a variety of motorcycle applications. Scissor jacks hold up the weight of the motorcycle due to their solid steel construction, and very rarely ever fail. However, it’s important to get a good scissor jack, otherwise nuts and bolts can come loose, compromising your safety. Scissor jacks are useful if you occasionally repair your motorcycle. The only downside to scissor jacks is the arm workout you end up doing — it’s difficult to move heavy vehicles with a crank or wretch.

You’ll find some great recommendations for sturdy scissor jacks on our list.

Hydraulic jacks are a much more recent alternative. These jacks utilize pressure from a cylinder chamber to lift the massive weight of vehicles. That’s why they generally have better weight capacity than scissor jacks. However, hydraulic jacks are not completely fail-proof. There are instances of leaking cylinders or hydraulic jacks that gradually lose their height.

It’s super easy to operate hydraulic jacks — you either use a long handle or a foot pedal to adjust the height and lift. Check out the hydraulic lifts and jacks on our list.

2. The Material Of Jack

A lifting jack of a motorcycle is usually made of alloys. The material of the jack is aluminum for its weight. Aluminum is preferred because of the various properties of the metal. Aluminum is strong, durable, and malleable. Above all, aluminum is lightweight. It helps in the easy transportation of the jack.

Most motorcycle jacks are made from high-quality steel. These steels are a great compromise between strength and weight, and are able to carry heavy loads without being one themselves! One of the major advantages of steel: it does not rust very easily. It increases the shelf life of the products. Steel is also very durable. If you notice that a motorcycle jack has powder-coating, it’s an extra corrosion resistant and will last longer. The alloy material of the jack is stronger. Most of the motorcycle jacks listed here have steel and alloy frames.

3. The Capacity Of Jack

A capacity check is a must before buying a jack. The amount of weight that the jack can lift is called the capacity of the jack. Before knowing the capacity of the jack, you should know the weight of your motorcycle. The weight of the motorcycle is calculated in-lbs. The capacity of the jack is measured in-lbs.

The weight of the motorcycle should be less than or equal to the capacity of the jack. Absolute caution must be taken in knowing the capacity. Overload of weight may damage the equipment. There is also a concern of safety involved.

While many motorcycle jacks claim to have a maximum weight capacity of 1100 lbs, it’s important to opt for a heavy-duty motorcycle jack if you own such a vehicle. Many jacks can take 1100 lbs, but only for a short period of time, and at the cost of stability. Check if the motorcycle jack is listed as a dirt bike jack or a heavy-duty one.

4. Safety Of Jack

Operating a motorcycle is operating heavy machinery. You should follow precautions for the safety of yourself and your loved ones. Look for safety mechanisms in your jack. See if you can identify them instantly. It reduces the risk of injury. There’s no point in getting a jack that isn’t safe — don’t opt for a motorcycle jack with casters that don’t have safety mechanisms for locking them.

Place your jack in the strong concrete base. Keeping it on a soft surface like a carpeted floor will make the jack wobble. Have your safety kit ready before you use the jack. Don’t try to push the limits of the motorcycle jack, whether that’s in weight capacity or longer lifting hours than recommended. If you think the motorcycle jack is starting to become unstable, immediately shut it down to avoid accidents.

5. Price Of Jack

Of course, price is an important factor to consider when searching for a great motorcycle jack. We’d urge you to invest in your safety, but a budget jack might still be a great option if it has sufficient safety mechanisms and if you don’t plan on using it too often.

According to your use case, you’ll have to figure out how much you’re comfortable with shelling out for a jack. We don’t recommend opting for the highest-end motorcycle lift jack in the market if you’re completely new to bikes and bike maintenance. But if you plan on working on multiple bikes, especially heavy ones, we recommend thinking extra hard about safety. We think it’s better to spend a bit extra to get safety with a motorcycle lift, rather than getting a sub-standard one, and then having to repair any damage from accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions about Motorcycle Jacks

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about motorcycle jacks. Let us know if you have any other questions in the comments below, and we’ll try our best to answer and add them to this list.

How long can you keep a motorcycle on a jack?

Motorcycle jacks are specifically built to support the weight of the bike for extended periods of time. Many people use jacks not just for repair, but also for supporting and propping it up during winter in storage.

A higher-quality motorcycle jack will be able to withstand the weight of the motorcycle for a long time. Generally, hydraulic jacks have better results with long-term lifting.

If you have a heavy-duty two-wheeler, ensure that your jack is heavy-duty built to especially withstand its weight.

Should I get a motorcycle jack or table?

Motorcycle jacks are perfect for home garages and are easy to transport, compress, and store. However, they can’t handle all sizes of vehicles and usually have a maximum weight capacity.

Motorcycle tables tend to be much larger, have great weight capacity, and are usually used by larger garages and repair studios for multiple motorcycles of different sizes.

How do I mount a motorcycle on a jack?

Keep the jack at the minimum height after compressing it. Place your motorcycle across the jack. Now, lift the motorcycle, using the handle or metal sleeve. The process for carrying this out is similar for scissor jacks as well as hydraulic jacks, as long as you ensure they’re supported from the sides and will not topple over.

Do I need to put my motorcycle on jack stands while using a motorcycle jack?

No, you don’t need a jack stand for your motorcycle jack. A jack stand is usually used for cars and bigger vehicles, but you’ll usually find professionals sticking to a jack with motorcycles.

However, without a jack stand, jacks are at risk of being kicked over or becoming unstable in case of impact. That’s why you have to be significantly more careful when working with a motorcycle jack. Consider getting a motorcycle table for better stability.


Getting a great motorcycle jack is one step closer to taking care of your motorcycle in the way that you know best. Getting comfortable with regular oil changes, tire changes and check-ups is all about trial and error — and it helps to have a solid motorcycle jack holding your vehicle up for you while you’re at it.

We hope you were able to find the motorcycle jack that your bike deserves. Good luck!

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