How To Bypass Kawasaki Ignition Switch Resistor (Step-by-Step Guide)

Are you looking to bypass the Kawasaki ignition switch resistor?

The most probable reason for this is that your ignition switch resistor has burned out. Note that there are two resistors on most models of Kawasaki motorcycles, one for normal operation and one for when the push-to-cancel button is pressed. If either burns out you will have the same symptoms as if your kill switch fails.

Depending upon which model bike you have it can be more than just a replacement part inconvenience since some resistors are only available through Kawasaki dealerships with ~$40 price tags (ouch).

To get around this replaceable component, we recommend bypassing your ignition switch resistor all together by creating your own high resistance wire.

How to bypass Kawasaki ignition switch resistor

1. Remove battery from bike.

2. Unplug both your starter relay and kill switch connectors. Your bike should now be unable to start or turn on the lights/horn. If not then check that all connector ends are fully pulled out of their housings. Do not rely on just squeezing together with your fingers as sometimes they will back out when you are fiddling with other things. Just pull them out with your hands.

3. Locate the ignition switch resistor, it is usually located on the backside of the engine behind the cylinder head(s).

4. Desolder both connections for this part by either heating each spot one at a time or by using desoldering braid. You may wish to clean up any residual solder which would aid in re-soldering later on.

5. Cut off ignition switch resistor completely disconnecting its two wires from each other. Throw the resistor far away since it is most likely bad beyond repair anyway.

6. Connect a new wire to each of these open ends going out to your kill switch and starter relay.

7. The wire coming from the starter relay should have a female connector which you will plug into its male counterpart on the wiring harness.

8. Follow step 7 for the second wire if applicable.

9. Tie new wires down so they don’t get caught in anything on their way home.

10. Clean up any stray bits of wire with wire clippers or sandpaper if necessary, so they aren’t sharp to the touch.

11. Plug in your battery and start your motorcycle, if it doesn’t immediately start you may need to give the starter relay a tap.

12. Replace all exposed wires into their original positions using either butt connectors or solder heat shrink tubing. If you are unable to get to this point without cutting off the wire then simply twist them together, secure them within a slip-on wire loom, and wrap them tightly in electrical tape for good measure.

13. Enjoy not having to spend money on replacement parts if you can do basic wiring!


We hope you found this guide to be useful in your quest towards bypassing the Kawasaki ignition switch resistor.

If so, let us know in the comments below! Do not forget to check back for more guides on how to do things yourself with your motorcycle.

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