Nevada Motorcycle Helmet Laws 2022 – Up to Date Info & Guide

On this page, we address the current legalities of motorcycle riding without a helmet in Nevada.

Current status on Helmet Law in Nevada

It is mandatory for all motorcycle riders(both operators, and passengers) to wear a helmet in Nevada.

Questions & Answers on Nevada Motorcycle Helmet Laws

Is it legal in Nevada to ride a motorcycle without a helmet?

According to Section 486.231, it is illegal to ride motorcycles without helmets in Nevada. This section applies to both the rider and the passenger, and hence, anyone traveling by motorcycle should wear a helmet.

Is Nevada a mandatory helmet State?

Yes, Nevada is a mandatory helmet law state. It belongs to one of the few states with universal helmet laws for the masses.

Are half helmets legal in Nevada?

Yes, half helmets are legal in Nevada, but only if they are DOT approved. Any other type of helmet may not afford the same amount of protection or safety and may cause more harm than good.

When did Nevada pass the helmet law?

Nevada passed the helmet laws in 1972, and has ever since, seen reduced accidental; motorcycle deaths, which are directly linked with its universal helmet laws. 

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