New Jersey Motorcycle Helmet Laws 2022 – Up to Date Info & Guide

On this page, we address the current legalities of motorcycle riding without a helmet in New Jersey.

Current status on Helmet Law in New Jersey

The state of New Jersey requires all riders and passengers to wear helmets while riding a motorcycle.

Questions & Answers on New Jersey Motorcycle Helmet Laws

Is it legal in New Jersey to ride a motorcycle without a helmet?

According to Section 39:3-76.6, it is illegal to ride (as an operator or a passenger) motorcycles without helmets in New Jersey. This law aims at regularizing universal helmet adoption, which (studies show)has had a direct effect on reducing casualties in motorcycle accidents.

Is New Jersey a mandatory helmet State?

Yes, New Jersey is a mandatory helmet law state. This law applies to everyone and does not have an age restriction of any kind.

Are half helmets legal in New Jersey?

Yes, half helmets are legal in New Jersey, but only if they are DOT approved. Always buy helmets that are DOT approved. Cheaper variants might end up costing you your life.

When did New Jersey pass the helmet law?

New Jersey passed the helmet laws in 1968, for all riders and passengers. Since then, the law has helped save many lives and continues to do so.

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