North Carolina Motorcycle Helmet Laws 2022 – Up to Date Info & Guide

On this page, we address the current legalities of motorcycle riding without a helmet in North Carolina.

Current status on Helmet Law in North Carolina

North Carolina requires all riders and passengers to wear helmets when operating a motorcycle.

Questions & Answers on North Carolina Motorcycle Helmet Laws

Is it legal in North Carolina to ride a motorcycle without a helmet?

No. According to Section G.S. 20-140.4, it is illegal to drive or ride a motorcycle without a helmet in North Carolina. This law takes into consideration, both the operator and the passenger.

Is North Carolina a mandatory helmet State?

Yes, North Carolina is a helmet mandatory state and is one of the few states which enforces universal helmet law.

Are half helmets legal in North Carolina?

Yes, half helmets are legal in North Carolina, but only if they are DOT approved. Non-DOT-approved helmets might be the difference between saving your life in a crash. So do not gamble with the quality when looking for a helmet.

When did North Carolina pass the helmet law?

North Carolina passed its helmet laws in 1968 to protect the young riders of the state. The law has helped protect many people from potential disasters, which is evident from the various state records available.

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