Oregon Motorcycle Helmet Laws 2022 – Up to Date Info & Guide

On this page, we address the current legalities of motorcycle riding without a helmet in Oregon.

Current status on Helmet Law in Oregon

It is compulsory for drivers and passengers of motorcycles to wear helmets in Oregon. 

Questions & Answers on Oregon Motorcycle Helmet Laws

Is it legal in Oregon to ride a motorcycle without a helmet?

No, it is illegal to do so. According to Section 814.269, you must always wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle. This law applies to both the operators and the riders alike, without any exceptions.

Is Oregon a mandatory helmet State?

Yes, helmets are mandatory in Oregon. They were made mandatory in the late 80s, and have ever since, saved quite a few lives thanks to their implementation.

Are half helmets legal in Oregon?

Yes, half helmets are legal in Oregon, but only if they are DOT approved. Any other type of helmet can cause problems and is seen as illegal.

When did Oregon pass the helmet law?

Oregon passed the helmet laws in 1988 to protect all motorcycle riders and passengers.

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