How Old Do You Have to Be to Ride a Motorcycle?

Most of us are motorcycle lovers and there’s no denying it! From road racing, ascents, motocross to drag racing, you probably would’ve watched the motorcycles go vroom-vroom umpteen times.

More than a machine, motorcycles have become an emotion. We’ve seen people earn money just to buy their dream bike. Ninja, Bonneville, and bullet are our favorite motorcycle model names. Motorcycles are fun but are also quite risky. You have to be of a certain age to legally be able to ride it. If you’re wondering how old do you have to be to ride a motorcycle, you’ve come to the right place.

We all have that one dream; to wear that super funky helmet paired with a Rivbos TR90 and then a stylish jump onto the big black machine. What’s a better combination than a rad jacket, a great motorcycle sunglass, and a two-wheeler beast to hop on?

To ride a motorcycle is a wonderful thing BUT safety comes first. Getting on the road is a risky affair. People are too busy to stop and honk, instead, they race past us. This is really dangerous. If we aren’t in our right state of mind, things can go out of hand.

So age comes as a very important factor to ride a motorcycle.

What Is The Right Age To Ride A Motorcycle?

Most countries around the globe have different rules regarding the right age to get on a motorcycle. However, the average age lies between 16 and 20.

Motor Laws in the US

16 years old. Yes, you heard that right. Sixteen years is considered as the minimum age to ride a motorcycle in the US.

According to the US motor laws, licenses are required for operators at least 16 years old. Learner’s permits are available for those aged 14 but they must only ride under the supervision of a licensed motorcycle operator who is at least 19 years old.

Now you know how old you have to be to drive a motorcycle.

Why Is Age Important?

We know how badly you want to twist the throttle. Drooling over those moto racing videos is another inevitable hobby. We get it. But if you take a look at the accident reports caused by underaged riding, you will take a step back.

We have seen parents who grant permission to their kids who are just ten or eleven years old. And we have seen the consequences too. From being careless to taking riding to a dangerous level, teenagers pose a threat to traffic rules.

A tendency to be the ‘ Cool Guy ‘ has often led to accidents. Whatever the cause be, most of the cases are life-threatening. Rules are made to ensure our safety. And it becomes important to ride a motorcycle only when you are old enough.

Riding is more or less, a skill that is mastered through experience. Practice makes a man perfect. So wait till you’re ready to hit the brakes!

Tips To Keep In Mind Before You Get On A Motorcycle

For some, riding a motorcycle is a cakewalk. But it is always important to keep these tips in mind.

1. Attend The Mandatory Classes

Make sure you take a motorcycle safety course. Under this course, you will be trained by a certified instructor who is familiar with the motorcycle laws. He will also make you go through tests and challenging conditions to test your skills.

Believe us, you will come out as confident as you can ever be!

2. License, Insurance, And Registration

Once you are done with the tests, you will be given a license. This is when your hard work finally pays off. You would want to take motorcycle insurance for sure. This is incredibly important for both you and your motorcycle.

3. Safety First

When it comes to motorcycles, safety is always taken for granted. But thanks to the advanced safety equipment that is available in markets now. They keep you safe in style.

4. Helmets

Your head needs to be protected no matter what. Get yourself a comfortable and safe motorcycle helmet. Helmets have saved many lives and so will it save yours.

5. Motorcycle Gloves

One attractive thing about riders is their gloves. The way they wear them and a throttle-twist can make fans fall head over heels for them. If you want some girl fans, you know what to do!

Gloves protect your fists from getting bruised. You definitely don’t want your beautiful hands to get dirty.

6. Traffic Rules

Always stay on alert mode. The car next to you might be crazy, but keep your calm. The moment you lose it, you lose balance over your motorcycle.

Green, yellow, red! No, we have no plans to take a lecture on traffic signals. Just keep the colors in mind. Take some detours to avoid high-traffic. Take the less-traveled roads and remember to drive slowly.

7. Passengers

Try not to have passengers on board until and unless you are confident enough. Extra passenger means extra weight. You don’t want to skid off the road when you think it is the Valentina Rossi moment.

So The Moment Has Come!

We have given you some amazing tips before you set out on your first motorcycle journey. We hope you are now ready than ever. Now you know when to twist the throttle. We can already hear the wheels rolling when you hit 16! Keep them rolling. And safety first folks!

The keys to your motorcycle are with you and so is the key to your LIFE.

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