How to make my 250cc motorcycle faster

Once you become accustomed to the top speed of your 250cc motorcycle, the desire to make it go even faster becomes uncontrollable. Also, when the bike becomes slower with time, you have to find some modifications to make it fast like before. The good news is you can do it, and the best part is you can do most of the things by yourself.

So, if you want to make your bike faster than before, here are our top 8 methods to improve your 250cc’s speed and performance:

8 Ways to Make 250cc Motorcycle Go Faster

1. Increase the Air Intake

One of the easiest ways of adding power to your bike’s system is by improving the air intake. For this, you have to replace your stock air filters with high-quality filters that provide more air to your motorcycle engine.

You must be aware that air is a mandatory element for combustion. When your motorcycle’s air filter becomes dirty with all the impurities, it fails to provide enough air to the fuel combustion chamber, and as a result, your bike burns less fuel and becomes slow.

You can easily add a new air filter by disassembling the old one from your motorcycle. For additional benefits, you can put some add-ons such as an aftermarket mushroom head to your motorcycle’s air intake system. This will raise the total air intake by 50% and let your bike achieve its maximum performance.

One thing that you should remember while adjusting the airflow is maintaining the right balance and right air mixture ratio.

2. Upgrade the Exhaust System

Improving the exhaust mechanism of your motorcycle is the next thing you can do to improve performance. This process goes hand in hand with your air filter replacement and if you are doing the first one, you should definitely consider doing this one as well.

Usually, when manufacturers build your motorcycle, they add regular stock exhaust systems to keep the overall costs low. This results in a poor movement of exhaust gases and reduced performance in the long term.

So, you can replace it with an aftermarket exhaust system or a full exhaust system. This will add extra horsepower to your bike’s engine and increase the torque that you need for better riding.

The best part about these aftermarket exhausts is that the moment you install them into your system, you will experience greater performance. They are lightweight, much efficient, and let your engine breathe better, and not to forget, they give some stylish aesthetics to your bike.

3. Modify the Ignition

It might come as a surprise to you, but modifying your bike’s ignition system can grant more horsepower to your motorcycle and improve performance.

However, it would help if you did some extensive research before you step towards modifying the ignition system. Once you have fully checked the manuals and done the required research about your engine, you can make some changes to the ignition mechanism and experience faster ignition timing and strong throttle response.

4. Replace Engine Oil

Riding your motorcycle requires you to manage the acceleration and the braking system. This results in decreased lubrication of your bike’s engine and a downgrade in your bike’s power.

The right solution to this issue is new engine oil. Every once in a while (as suggested in your user’s manual), replace your engine oil, and it will definitely increase your bike’s speed and longevity.

5. Change Fuel Filter

Fuel filters are one of the cheapest and easiest ways to offer more combustion and more power to your bike’s engine. The function of these filters is to purify the oil before it reaches your engine and regularly replacing these filters can drastically enhance the overall performance of your motorcycle.

Along with that, if you really want to make your motorcycle faster, then start using premium gas with a higher octane value. These higher-quality fuels are more combustible per volume than the other cheap fuels and allow more efficient combustion than the rest.

6. Adjust the Gearing

Playing with your motorcycle’s gearing can have a great impact on the behavior of your bike. It is one of the simplest ways to make a big difference in your bike’s performance.

Your bike has two sprockets that manage the power band of your bike’s gears. They decide when the gears will hit the rev limiter.

Adding or subtracting teeth to any one of these sprockets can make a huge impact on your bike’s acceleration and throttle response. You can adjust gear ratios after doing some research and provide more speed to your bike.

Just remember that adjusting the gears won’t increase the horsepower but enhance the gear ratio.

7. Replace Tires

If you want to make your motorcycle faster, replace your bike’s bald tires, and you will observe a quick incline in its performance.

Your stock tires are manufactured to let you ride your bike at normal speeds, and they might have become bald with time. New tires come with stronger grips and offer you better throttle control, bigger control angle and let you ride your bike at higher speeds.

8. Use Lighter Parts

Replacing your bike’s heavy body parts with lighter parts is undeniably the best way to make your bike go faster than ever. All you have to do is shed the extra weight as much as you can.

However, it is a highly economical process like others, as you have to maintain the right combination of weight and strength of the structure.

Lightweight parts that are powerful and durable are made of costly metals or carbon fiber that hold a big price tag. So what you can do is, select the few parts that you can replace in your modification budget, replace them with lightweight alternatives, and it will certainly make a big difference in your bike.

Another thing that you can do to reduce the overall weight is reducing the unsprung weight (everything that is below the suspension’s springs), such as the fork legs, the brake calipers, brake discs, the hubs, the rims, swingarm, linkages, and the two wheels. Lightweight tires are made of forged aluminum, forged magnesium, cast magnesium, carbon fiber and you can find the right one depending upon your budget.


These above-mentioned methods and hacks will not just increase the horsepower of your motorcycle but at the same time, keep it in the best shape and well maintained for a longer lifetime. One thing that you must remember before installing new enhancements is to consult your user manual.

Along with all these solutions, we suggest you regularly check your braking system and install new brake pads every once in a while. It will let you feel more confident while riding and provide the right combination of speed and safety.

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