How to Make My 125cc Motorcycle Go Faster – 7 Valuable Tips

If you want to know how you can increase the speed and performance of your 125cc motorcycle, you’re at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the top 7 tricks that professionals use in boosting the performance and power of 125cc motorcycles.

Without any delay, let’s get started with the methods.

1. Replace the Air Filter

If you want to witness an instant increase in your bike’s top speed and power, maximize the air intake in the motorcycle by replacing your old air filter with a new one. Combustion of fuel needs air, and if your air filter is worn out, it won’t provide enough air to the engine, resulting in poor performance.

To simplify, you can call these air filters the “lungs” of your motorcycle that provide air and block unwanted air particles from reaching your engine.

To change the air filter of your 125cc motorcycle, you need to disassemble the airbox and remove the filter. It is one of the cheapest components of the bike and can be easily purchased and replaced by anyone. These filters arrive in several color alternatives such as yellow, red, or white sot that the riders can easily recognize when the filters are dirty and need replacement.

Even if your filter is dirty and doesn’t need replacement yet, you can also clean it using a contact cleaner.

2. Engine Oil Replacement

The next thing that you can easily do by yourself is replacing the engine oil. When you ride your 125cc motorcycle, you have to manage throttle and braking.

As a lightweight system, your motorcycle will help you in better time cornering but demand more prolonged braking and accelerations. It will reduce your engine’s lubrication levels and your bike’s overall power curve.

To replace your engine oil, start with reading the instructions given in your user manual such as after how many miles/kilometers you have to replace the engine oil, etc. Whenever you observe that your bike has covered the given distance or has become slower, just change the oil.

3. Fuel Filter and Fuel Replacement

Whenever you replace your engine oil, never forget to replace the fuel or oil filter. You won’t believe how a small component like a fuel filter can affect your bike’s horsepower.

These small filters purify the fuel before it goes to the engine and supports more efficient combustion. As a result, your bike delivers its top speed and more potential acceleration.

Another thing that you can do in terms of fuel to improve your motorcycle’s overall performance is using only premium gas with higher octane (more combustible fuel per volume). After all, the fuel is what you feed your bike.

Your bike will respond according to what you feed it, and it is up to you if you fill it with chickpeas or chicken legs.

4. Replace the Stock Exhaust Pipe

125cc motorcycles typically come with a small diameter exhaust pipe. As a result, the engine waste gets less space to exit from your bike. The best way to increase this room and increase the horsepower of your motorcycle is by replacing the old pipe with a new exhaust pipe that is comparatively larger in diameter.

After reading your motorcycle’s exhaust dyno instructions on the owner’s manual, you can identify the best potential horsepower enhancements and get a new exhaust pipe. It will not only just upgrade the performance but also look and sound better than ever!

However, if you don’t want a complete replacement, you can just replace the muffler and use a slip-on to have an extra boost when you start riding. But remember, if you have enough funds, then overall replacement is still the best idea.

5. Replace Tires

125cc motorcycles have lightweight bodies and a light engine so that the tires have to face lesser weight during acceleration. Unfortunately, this often results in tires slipping during acceleration, especially if they don’t have proper tread.

When you are doing all such replacements, check the rear tire tread depth, and if it is bald, replace it with a new one. It will give you more speed and a firmer grip on the road. Plus, when you are confident that your bike will not slip on the track, you will surely reach more top speed.

6. Upgrade your Sprockets

Motorcycles with 125cc engines naturally lack the power as compared to the larger displacement engines. Nonetheless, one thing that you can still do to boost your top speed is upgrading your sprockets.

Your motorcycle’s gears have a limited power band that controls when the gear will hit the rev limiter. Sprockets are the components that have the potential to change the power band of each gear. So if you disassemble your stock sprockets and add a front sprocket with fewer teeth and a rear one with more teeth into the system, it will undoubtedly boost your bike’s performance.

7. Polish Cylinder Head

When you port and polish your motorcycle’s cylinder heads, you allow more airflow to the combustion chamber of the bike’s engine. As you already have guessed, more airflow means more fuel combustion and more horsepower.

While doing this upgrade, one thing to note is that it will require a skilled machinist to disassemble your bike’s motor.

When your machine’s motor is replaced, the intake and exhaust ports into your 125cc engine will offer increased and smoother airflow, leading to better displacement efficiency and more power.


These were the top 7 tricks and methods to increase the performance of your 125cc motorcycle and boost its top speed. These efforts will also benefit your motorcycle’s life in the long run and keep it well maintained for a more extended period.

However, one thing to note is that making your bike faster will demand more fuel than before. So, be prepared for spending more bucks than you usually spend on fuel. But in our opinion, all the replacements will extend the life and quality of motorcycles, and it will be worth the effort.

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