How To Make My 150cc Motorcycle Go Faster – 10 Valuable Tips

If you are looking for the best methods to increase the top speed of your 150cc motorcycle, you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the principal techniques and hacks used by riding professionals to improve the performance of their motorcycles. The best part is that you can follow them too and enhance your motorcycle’s efficiency and speed limit.

Let’s dive into the methods.

How To Make A 150cc Motorcycle Go Faster:

1. Replace Exhaust 

The first thing you can do to increase the top speed of your 150cc motorcycle is to replace the stock exhaust with a new aftermarket exhaust system. A new exhaust system will push out more gases from your bike’s air chambers and increase the air intake for better fuel combustion. Also, an aftermarket exhaust system is usually more lightweight than stock ones and will bring down the extra weight from your motorcycle.

Along with that, add a fuel mapping system on your bike to enhance the throttle, torque, and overall control over your motorcycle. Not to forget, it will make the bike sound awesome as well.

2. Go for Lighter Wheels

Companies usually install heavier (and cheaper) stock wheels into the 150cc motorcycles. So, to reach the top speed of your bike, you have to replace those heavy wheels with lightweight ones.

Heavier wheels are also bad for your suspension system as even a powerful suspension setup cannot overcome their bad effects.

Once you have replaced the heavier wheels with new lightweight ones, it is time to find suitable tires for your wheels. You can find the right tires for your bike depending upon your road conditions and your past experience with the bike. The benefits of new tires are that they will provide a firmer grip and more safety while riding and let you catch more speed on the road.

3. Aftermarket Brakes

If you are wondering why you need new brake pads to increase your bike’s speed, then the reason is pretty simple – when you go hard, you need to stop harder. So when you are making efforts to increase the top speed of your motorcycle and looking for faster acceleration, you must invest in better quality brakes into your system so that you can stop whenever you want or whenever you need to.

For that purpose, consider upgrading your stock brakes with powerful disc brakes.

4. Go Lightweight

When it comes to increasing the top speed of your bike, shedding unwanted weight is the best possible solution. Unfortunately, extra weight means your bike has to waste its power in just pulling the weight rather than focussing on speed.

Also, shedding weight is not just limited to the wheels and tires. You can replace all the unsprung weight (components that are below the suspension springs) such as the fork legs, the brake calipers, brake discs, the hubs, the rims, swingarm, linkages with lighter components.

Robust and durable lightweight parts are made of light metals like forged aluminum, forged magnesium, or carbon fiber. They might cost you a bit more, but they are worth every penny in the long run.

5. New Air Filter

Replacing air filters is one of the cheapest ways to provide some extra power to your motorcycle engine. When you replace an old dirty air filter with a new one, you present fresh lungs to your bike. As a result, the fuel combustion chamber gets more air than before, and more efficient combustion occurs.

It also leads to a higher working capacity of your engine and upgraded performance of your bike.

6. Modify the Ignition

When you modify your bike’s ignition system, you enable faster ignition timing and better throttle response in your bike’s mechanism. In addition, the latest ignition systems lead to a stronger spark in the spark plug and make a big difference in the bike’s performance.

7. Fuel and Fuel Filter

When it comes to replacing fuels or oils for getting a dramatic power boost in your motorcycle, start with replacing the engine oil.

New engine oil offers more smoothness to the engine’s operations and gives an immediate boost to your bike’s performance.

Once you have changed the engine oil, the next task is to replace the fuel filter. The moment you install a new filter in your bike, you will observe an immediate escalation in its horsepower and overall response.

One last thing you can do in terms of fuel is using premium gas instead of regular gas. High octane fuels burn fast, leave no residue and allow for more speed and power in the engine.

8. Adjust the Gearing

Changing the gear ratio is one of the coolest hacks to get more acceleration and higher speed in your bike. All you have to do is replace your stock sprockets with a pair of new ones.

Usually, there are two sprockets in your motorcycle gear system that control the gear-changing mechanism. By adding or subtracting teeth in your front and rear sprockets, you can make a huge difference in your bike’s acceleration and top speed.

9. Adjustable Suspension

The next thing to do is replacing your stock suspension setup with a new adjustable suspension.

When you add a new suspension setup into your motorcycle, it becomes capable of yielding any compression or damping and, at the same time, allows your bike to respond perfectly to your weight.

10. Use Professional Help

We know you have thoroughly researched how you can install an aftermarket suspension setup and everything else given on our list. However, when it comes to implementing some of the aforementioned tasked such as replacing suspension setup, we recommend you get it done by a professional mechanic or a race technician unless you are 100% sure you can manage it yourself. It will help you get the top performance and fastest speed from your bike without worrying about any technical fault.

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