How To Wash A Motorcycle for The First Time

As much as it is fun to ride your bike to places, you need to maintain it well. After all, it is an engine and it needs proper cleaning and oiling. It is essential that you clean your bike at regular intervals to keep it healthy. So, this article will answer all your queries related to how to clean a motorcycle.

Steps To Follow

Washing a motorcycle is not just a two-step process. You need to be quite diligent and careful while cleaning it. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Getting All The Stuff

Before you start with the washing, you have to get the right supplies. Motorcycle cleaners are a tricky subject. You need to get the right one for your bike. Remember, just because it is the most expensive doesn’t mean it is for your bike. You can talk about it to the salesman, and they will help you find the right one.

There are other types of supplies you need too:

  • Sponges: They help in removing stuck-on grime and won’t damage the finishes. However, do not rub too hard with it, or the paint might start to come off.
  • Brushes: They should be used only for areas like the spoked wheel, and also if they have a bit of grease. If there is too much grease, the brush won’t come very handy.
  • Clothes: Take any old cloth and use it for drying the bike post-wash.
  • Chamois: This is an ultra-absorbent leather which is safe for any surface on the bike.
  • Microfibre: This is used after you have used the detailing spray. It is usually handy for trapping leftover dust, lint, etc.

2. Observe

After you have collected all the stuff for cleaning, do not start washing your bike immediately. Make sure that your motorcycle is cool. If you start washing your motorcycle while it is still hot, you have a high chance to get a thermal shock.

Choose a good spot for cleaning your bike. It is preferable to go to shady areas. Washing under the sun can make the soap dry on the surface and cause water spots, while also tiring you easily.

3. Washing

Now, we will answer your question about how to clean a motorcycle. However, make sure that your exhaust is plugged. Use a rag or rubber glove, to keep the water out of the exhaust.

Start the washing process by gently spraying the whole bike with motorcycle cleaner and water. Make sure to spray it on every nook and corner of the bike. This will allow you to loosen up the dirt and help you to clean it with just a piece of cloth.

Do read the instructions written about the motorcycle cleaner, and find out how long you need to let it sit. After waiting, use a standard-pressure hose to wash the whole bike. This will make all the dirt wash away easily.

4. Scrubbing It Off

Although it has been quite easy until now, this step is where you have to work hard. When we think about washing a bike, we tend to think we have to rub the bike with force. However, that is not true. You just need to provide 5% of your strength.

Start with the top of your bike and come downwards. During this time, if your sponge picks on parts of dirt, make sure to clean it before again scrubbing. Change the water too, as cleaning with dirty water won’t help much.

Do scrub the bike’s chain and brakes, even if the soap water spills there. There is a specific process for cleaning them.

5. Rinse And Dry

After scrubbing off all the dirt, it is time to rinse the bike. Make sure to rinse every nook and corner of the corner. Do not spend too much time on one part, and let the other parts dry. To avoid this, rinse the whole bike once, then start concentrating on specific parts.

You have to dry it off quite quickly too, and do not miss any spot. If there is water in any crease for a long time, that might corrode the spot. It’s advisable to use an air blower.

If you don’t have one, you can use the chamois. However, you need to be very diligent while cleaning with the chamois and make sure all the spots are dried off.

6. Lube The Motorcycle Chain

Even though you were diligent enough to not let the water go to the chains, it must have flowed there. Make sure to clean that area with a piece of cloth and do not rub hard.

After you have dried the whole bike, it is time to lube the chains. Chain lubes are quite important and must be bought carefully. It’s necessary that you lube your chain for better efficiency.

7. Finishing Touch

After everything is completed, it is time to make your bike shine! Most people opt for waxing their bikes, you can do so yourself by buying motorcycle wax. To add the cherry on top, get hold of motorcycle oil.

Now take your bike out, and ride it down the road to your favorite destination, as a treat to yourself.

Tips To Remember

Just knowing how to wash a motorcycle is not enough. There are certain things you need to keep in mind to take care of your bike:

  • Do not spray water on the bearings as it will cause humidity, and become corroded.
  • During winters, you can spray non-painted aluminum on the engine and transmission housing with a transparent protective spray.
  • Get rid of the corrosion marks by using soaped steel wool.
  • Use chromium polish to clean the metal parts which are bare.
  • Use neutral soap water to clean the seats, indicators, windscreen, rear light, and dashboard.

Keep It Safe

After cleaning your bike, it will feel brand new. However, you must make sure to keep it safe from the changing weather conditions. Also, send your bike for regular servicing, it will help your engine last longer, and give you efficient rides.

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