Learn How To Ride A Motorcycle (Beginner’s Guide)

Beginner’s luck doesn’t always work. If you’re new to learning how to ride a motorcycle, these tips will help you drive like a pro.

Learning how to ride a motorcycle is an incredible feeling. A mixed bag of emotions with fear, exhilaration, and pleasure strikes you all at once. Even if you are a beginner, just the thought of zooming through the road in a few days will give you an adrenaline rush.

Before you embark upon the adventure to learn how to drive a motorcycle, some aspects need to be acknowledged. So, here are some quick tips to prepare you for the ride.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Safety must never be compromised when it comes to riding on the roads. Even slight inattentiveness can cause grave danger. Motorcycle accidents are one of the leading causes of fatalities every year. So, the key is always to be alert and vigilant while riding a motorcycle.

So, keeping your safety in mind, here are some basic practices that you must follow while riding motorcycles. Avert accidents with these motorcycle safety tips and ride safe.

Accessorize And Ride In Style

Going casual may look cool, but it might also cost you your life! It is smart to gear up before you hit the road. Wearing proper riding attire is a top-most priority.

A helmet is a must for your protection. For more reinforcements, you can put on gloves and goggles. Leather jackets and boots specially designed for motorcycle riders also offer added security in any unfortunate events.

Examine Your Vehicle Before Hitting The Road

Regular inspection of your motorcycle is of utmost importance before you hit the road. Frequently check potential faults that can put you at risk. These include checking the tire pressure, tire wears, and other mechanical damages. Oil changes, chain lubrication, and brakes must be regularly maintained, too.

Keep An Eye On The Road

A rider must never lose his attention while riding on the road. You should pay attention to curves, intersections, gravels, puddles, traffic lights, and speed-breakers. Speeding might seem very heroic, but it makes riding more susceptible to accidents. Keeping a sane mind is maybe one of the essential motorcycle safety tips that often goes overlooked.

Take Care Of The Legalities

You surely wouldn’t want to get busted on the road for not carrying your legal documents.
Registration and insurances are a necessity before you set out. You can enroll yourself in a training school to learn how to ride a motorcycle. They will help you in matters of the licenses and insurances required. They will also provide you your license after you take a driving test.

How To Ride A Motorcycle for the first time

Riding a motorcycle is basically a combination of balancing and controlling the two-wheeler at hand. Here are three simple motorcycle riding tips to teach how to ride a bike for beginners.

1. Basics Of Control

Before you begin riding a bike, familiarizing yourself with the vehicle’s controls is crucial in learning how to ride a motorcycle. As listed below, four basic components help to control a bike.

The Throttle

The throttle controls the engine speed. It is located on the right-hand side of the handlebar and functions like a car’s gas pedal. Rolling up the throttle will accelerate the motorcycle. To slow down, you need to move the throttle in the opposite direction.

The Brakes

There are two brakes in a motorcycle, each controlling the front and the rear wheels.

The front brake is controlled by the brake lever that is situated in front of the throttle.

The brake lever that is located near the right foot pedal is used to activate the rear brake.

A gradual increase in force while squeezing the brakes will bring the vehicle to a stop in a safe manner.

The Clutch

The clutch helps in the transmission of power from the engine to the rear wheel. Once the rear wheel is in motion, it propels the front wheel to move forward. The clutch is activated by a lever located on the left side of the handlebar, which plays a crucial role in controlling the motorcycle.

The Gear Shifter

It is usually located at the left foot pedal and used to change the gear up or down. There are typically four to six gears in a motorcycle. Commonly, the shifting pattern is called ” one down, five up.” A neutral gear is activated on shifting down. Turning up the gear will increase the speed as well as hike up the excitement of your ride.

It takes a little time to get accustomed to the clutch operations, so practicing is the only solution. You need to be very cautious and learn to control all the components at once.

2. Get The Sequence Straight

Once you learn to mount a motorcycle and are mentally prepared, memorizing the sequence is quite simple.

Firstly, you need to pull the clutch lever and, at the same time, use your left foot to shift to the first gear.

Then, the clutch is to be released slowly, and the throttle should be rolled simultaneously.

This will make your motorcycle start moving. To accelerate the speed, roll the throttle up a bit more and release the clutch completely.

The process may seem a bit intimidating in the beginning, but practice will make you a pro.

3. Balancing And Steering

There’s no shortcut to learn how to balance a bike. It only comes with constant practice and a few anticipated falls.

Steering the handlebar enables the bike to move in the desired direction. You have to trust your instincts, and gradually your grip will get better.

It’s Time To Feel The Zeal

Learning how to ride a motorcycle smoothly and effortlessly requires some time and practice. However, once you gain enough confidence, there’s no stopping you.

You just need to follow all the safety precautions, be attentive on the road, and work to improve your skills.

The sense of freedom that comes when you drive your motorcycle with grace is truly overwhelming.

Why procrastinate then?

If you have the itch to learn how to drive a motorcycle, then this is just the perfect time to begin. We have all the necessary motorcycle riding tips assembled here. Simply go through the steps, gear yourself up, rev up the engine, and get going!

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