4 Motorcycles Similar to Ducati Monster

The best way to know the actual performance of a motorcycle is by riding one. The specs may look good on paper, sure, but the actual performance of the bike matters more than the theoretical postulates.

So recently, I had the chance to ride the Ducati Monster. And god, oh god, is it a one-of-a-kind experience. I spent the whole day on it and barely even noticed the passage of time. But this got me thinking, which other bikes would be able to challenge the beauty and power of this bike. So I set out in search of the answer.

About the Ducati Monster

This bike is a small beast in a machine’s clothing. Ducati went small on the size of this machine but big on the specs. The diminutive size makes the motor the focal point of observation at first sight. 

It has an average height of 32.3 inches, which rests behind a 3.7-gallon tank. Although the height is suitable for most people, you can adjust the height down to 30.5 inches through the use of a suspension lowering kit.

The Monster’s tractable power delivery and the light as a feather touch make the ride a heavenly experience. The raw power delivery is nothing to scoff at. Additionally, with the bike’s weight reduced to 366 pounds from 406 pounds, you can use all the abundant power towards handling and speed instead of lugging the whole weight around. 

4 Motorcycles Similar to Ducati Monster

1. Bimota Tesi 3D RC

The Bimota 2D was a hit amongst bikers. It wasn’t perfect, but it was pretty good. The 3D RC, in comparison, goes a step beyond. Not only has the front end been redesigned, but the whole chassis has been changed from the ground up.

The combined effect of the 370-pound dry weight and lightning-quick steering makes it highly responsive on all types of terrains. I usually don’t trust theoretical claims of responsiveness or handling, but the Tesi 3D left me in awe.

Additionally, the 1078cc Dual Spark engine powers the whole bike and stands out as the attention grabber on the first look. In short, this is a good bike if you want to show off some exotic merch without compromising on functionality, speed, or power.

2. BMW G 310 R

The G 310 R is a little bit heavier than its predecessor. But it still has the same lightness accompanying it. Additionally, the 785 is just suitable for the majority of riders. Although the brakes have an initial light bite at some points, the 300mm disc and the four-piston caliper offer a good amount of feedback.

The 313cc single-cylinder engine delivers quite a good chunk of power that is used up by the various parts of the bike (which is quite efficient, thanks to the low weight). And finally, the 17-inch alloy wrapped radial tires work in tandem with the motor to reach unbelievable speeds and power outputs.

3. Honda CB500F

This bike is a middleweight standard in the biking world. The upgraded cylindrical exhaust canister gives better sound and efficiency. The 471cc parallel twin-engine grabs the spotlight when it comes to delivering power efficiently. 

Other features, such as the LED lighting and preload adjusters, make the riding experience even better. I found it aggressive enough to go for a few overtakes myself, which is quite a gratifying feeling. Overall, the handling and power of the bike make it a worthwhile investment.

4. Husqvarna Vitpilen 701

This bike blew me away. The sheer amount of power that it holds in the compact frame is mind-boggling. The liquid-cooled 693cc engine shines bright as a diamond. There is never a time or curve that it falters in power production. Added with the fact that this beast produces a peak horsepower of 73 BHP, you should ready yourself for a once-in-a-lifetime kind of ride.

One small point that did come across as a con was the lack of a footpeg for a passenger. I looked forward to having a quiet ride in the hills with my wife, but alas, that wasn’t meant to be. Besides that, this bike would be the perfect choice for all your getaways. The 3.2-gallon tank ensures that you can get a mileage of around 160 miles (if you tame the throttle a bit), which is quite decent, considering the energy requirements of the power-hungry beast of an engine. 

The bike blew me away (literally) and made me re-realize why I fell in love with high-speed rides. This could be a great addition to your clique, provided you can take good care of this bad boy.


The Monster is, well, for the lack of specific words, a monster. It has a powerful engine and a small chassis design, making the engine seem enormous. Additionally, the comfortable features that it provides for the rider are just out of the world. 

This is a well-rounded bike in terms of mileage, power delivery, and cost. It is an excellent investment, considering its pros and cons. But not everyone might be a Ducati fan. So we tried a few different bikes, with similar offerings as that of the “Monster.” While these are not rankings per se, they represent a significant amount of the “best of the best” in the biking world. 

But, in the end, it all comes down to your preference. So don’t buy without doing your research or talking it out with people who have had experience with similar bikes. After all, you are paying a premium for these rides; they better be worth every penny; otherwise, they will be more of a burden than an escape from reality.

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