How to Start a Kawasaki Ninja Without a Key – Full guide

What do you need to know about the Kawasaki Ninja that it doesn’t tell you in the owner’s manual?

There are lots of things that are covered in the owner’s manual, but starting your bike without having a key isn’t one of them. Although this process does take quite a bit of practice (especially if you’ve never done it before) it isn’t dangerous at all — or even hard to learn after some time.

Step 1: Find the wires

On the Ninja, it’s very easy to find where you should be looking for this. These wires are usually red and yellow; they’re located under the tank on the front of the motorcycle. They should come out right under where your handlebars meet your frame.

Step 2: Locate the socket and detach its two parts

The socket, if you can’t tell by its appearance, is a screw. It’s not exactly a normal screw though – it unscrews in the opposite direction that most screws do. So, in order to take the two parts apart, you need to turn it clockwise.

Be cautious when doing this — if you’re too aggressive with it the screw might pop out and fly into space where you’ll never be able to find it again.

When you have taken them off their original socket and the two parts are separated, you should be left with just the ends of the wires in your hand.

At this point they look like any other wire that might come out of a wall or a toy — there’s nothing too special about them.

Step 3: Get the speaker wire and insert it into the socket

This is the only hard part of this whole process. On both of the wire ends, you should see some electronic tape. It’s almost like dust on your speaker wire except it’s black instead of white (and slightly tougher). This tape needs to be peeled off of both parts until you’re left with just bare wires. You can then insert your speaker wire in between both of these parts and twist it around.

Step 4: Press the bikes ignition button

Once the speaker wire is inserted in between both ends, you can go ahead and press your Kawasaki Ninja’s ignition button. The motorcycle should turn on just as if it were running with a key.

One thing that might be important to note is that this trick only works for motorcycles that have an ignition that starts up the engine if they’re off. Not every Kawasaki Ninja has this, which is one reason you might not be able to start it without a key.

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