Best Winter Motorcycle Gloves 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Many of us are guilty of being unprepared for the wintery conditions, so much that we often forget to buy the perfect pair of mitts to protect our hands.

Our palms and fingers are susceptible to ache in extreme weather conditions, but they are especially vulnerable during the harsh winter season. We often forget that keeping our hands warm isn’t just a matter of comfort, it is also essential for survival.

Riding a motorcycle with frozen hands can not only be uncomfortable but painful and dangerous as well. When temperatures drop, numbness sets in and hampers your ability to operate the motorcycle.

The cold weather affects your body as well as the environment you’re attempting to ride your motorcycle on. With the pavements cold and wet, you will need to finely operate your bike to safely reach your destination.

Fortunately, there are several motorcycle gloves that can protect your hands from the cold and keep them warm. It’s vital that these gloves protect your hands without compromising dexterity.

We have compiled a list of the best winter motorcycle gloves that will give you a variety of options to choose one from.

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Top 29 Best Winter Motorcycle Gloves 2021

1. Ozero Waterproof Winter Gloves

OzeroWaterproof Winter Gloves Best Winter Motorcycle Gloves

These gloves by Ozero are made of artificial suede leather, which is fitted with a 2mm insulated sponge that will keep your hands warm.

Additionally, a full-hand membrane is fitted with the soft and thermal TR cotton lining to make the glove waterproof and breathable, which helps to keep your hands dry.

The palms are further lined with anti-skid silica gel that will effectively provide better grip and help control your motorcycle with ease.

The goatskin stitched on the fingers is handy to operate your smartphone without removing your gloves.

These gloves are also equipped with elastic knit cuffs and knit polyester lens which secure the glove to your hands adequately, without leaving space for wind or water to travel inside. Along with rubber bands attached near the cuffs, it is easier for you to put the gloves on or take it out.

Lastly, these gloves come with a 100% money-back guarantee, which enhances the customers’ trust and experience, making it one of the best winter motorcycle gloves 2021.


2. TitanOps Full Finger Gloves

TitanOps Full Finger Gloves

The gloves offered by TitanOps are ideal for any kind of tactical training, hiking, or riding. TitanOps is known for its durability and reliability that comes at a budget friendly range, and in a variety of colours.

The hard knuckles protect your hands, knuckles, and prevents cuts and injuries by reducing the pressure of impact in case of accidents.

It is made with layers of microfibre, nylon, and leather lycra, which keeps your hands warm and breathable at a comfortable temperature, and fits your hands without hindering dexterity.

The reinforced padded palm built into the glove along with adjustable wrist straps allows you to maintain flexibility, control and a better grip. It also makes it easier to wear and remove the gloves without scratching your hands.

The gloves are designed to be odor-free and are safe for machine wash. It dries easily and requires low maintenance, making it ideal for long term use. It comes with various size options thus allowing you to find the perfect fit for your hands.


3. Milwaukee Leather Perforated Cruiser Gloves

Milwaukee Leather Perforated Cruiser Gloves

The MG7500 cruiser gloves by Milwuakee provide comfort and safety to your hands. They are made of leather which are perforated to enhance the material’s breathability which will in turn be helpful in keeping your hands sweat-free.

These gloves are equipped with padded gel palms that provide you comfort. If you’re someone who rides for long durations covering more than fifty miles, then you should know that gloves with padded gel palms will prevent skin rashes on your hands.

Though the soft knuckles offer low protection, they provide great flexibility and dexterity. However, the product is slightly overpriced and weighs more when compared to its competitors.Overall, it comes in various sizes and is a dependable option.


4. Wtactful Full Finger Gloves For Motorcycle

Wtactful Full Finger Gloves For Motorcycle

These gloves by Wtactful are the best winter motorcycle gloves available under $20. They come in three different colours; black, green, and brown and in four different sizes.

It is made with microfibre, artificial leather, and nylon and the thermal rubber is shaped anatomically to provide increased resistance to impact. The materials are wear-resistant, lightweight, breathable, and dries impeccably fast.

The dual-layer reinforced palm padding provides increased durability and protects your hand from abrasion. The adjustable wrist strap allows you to put on and take off the gloves with ease.

These come equipped with a screen friendly material that allows you to access and use your touch-screen devices without removing the gloves. Additionally, these gloves are fitted with thermoplastic rubber at the back of the fingers to protect your hand from injuries.

All in all, the wtactful gloves are versatile and reliable and come at an incredibly low price.


5. Jackets 4 Bikes Cruiser Bike Gel Gloves

The gloves manufactured by Jackets 4 Bikes are reliable and durable.These gloves are one of the premium options available and are made with high-quality materials, which will protect your hands in harsh weather conditions.

These gloves are made with aniline goat leather, which makes them heat resistant and protects your palms from abrasion. It is also fitted with comfortable liners on the back of the palms.

With reinforced palm padding, the gloves are flexible and soft to touch and are double-stitched around critical areas to make it wear resistant.

The wrist strap is fitted with gel padding that minimizes the impact on your hands and protects it from severe vibrations. The adjustable hook and strap allow you to wear the gloves according to your required fit easily.


6. Jacket 4 Bikes Gauntlet Motorcycle Gloves

Extremely inexpensive, this set of gloves by Jacket 4 Bikes is another product that is durable and is a decent choice among our list of best winter motorcycle gloves 2021.

Made with premium grain sheep leather, these gloves provide excellent thermal insulation, which keep your hands warm and comfortable. These are also double-stitched in crucial areas which prevent it from tearing off.

The accordion stretch panel over the knuckle area allows you to maintain flexibility and dexterity while protecting your hands from injuries due to impact.

Lastly, the elastic wrist strap is attached with a loop and hooks to help you customize the fit you want. It also comes in five different size options.

However, the sole drawback is that the gloves are designed only for men and can’t be used by women riders.

All in all, if you’re looking for a product that lasts longer and is light on your pocket, then this is the product for you.


7. Joe Rocket Motorcycle Riding Gloves

Joe Rocket Motorcycle Riding Gloves

Joe Rocket is one of the few brands which offers premium features available through eight different sizes.

One of our high-end products, this glove is equipped with a supple drum dyed cowhide layer on the outside and a dry tech midline, which works as a waterproof layer.

It is also equipped with 100G Thinsulate, and the knuckle area is covered with high-grade armour to reduce impact injuries.

With leather reinforcements present throughout the glove, it is designed to protect your hands against any possible accidents and abrasions. Moreover, the gel padding in the palm area withstands vibrations.

It features a pre-curved design with full flex articulation expansion panels fitted on the fingers. Not only is it attractive, it is also exceptionally efficient in offering protection.

Lastly, like all standard gloves, the joe rocket winter gloves also include hooks and loops on the wrists along with a drawcord to allow for easy opening and closing of the glove.


8. Alpinestars Men’s Motorcycle Glove

Alpinestars Men’s Motorcycle Glove

One of our high-end premium options, the motorcycle gloves designed by Alpinestars offers high-grade features.

It is made with full-grain leather material, which makes the glove construction durable, reliable, and incredibly resistant to abrasion or heat burns.

Layers of microfibre and PU are inserted in palm and thumb areas to allow you to access and maintain extra grip control over your motorcycle.

Additionally, it also offers an ergonomically designed stretch between the palm and thumb which increases your hand movement range and enables dexterity while you operate bike controls.

Lastly, the glove is incorporated with a suede layer in the palm area for additional grip. Also, this pair features the brand’s patented finger bridge between the third and fourth fingers, preventing seam failure and the risk of finger separation in the case of a slide.

These gloves are designed with your safety in mind and tops our list of best winter motorcycle gloves in terms of durability.


9. Iron Jia Motorcycle Gloves

Iron Jia Motorcycle Gloves

The Iron Jia gloves are specially designed to protect your hands against the harsh winter conditions.

These gloves are made of high-quality nylon and cotton layers, which makes them both wind and waterproof. Additionally, the fingertips are made using a material that allows you to use your touch screen phones without removing the gloves.

It features an ergonomic design, which includes a drop-resistant hard-shell knuckle protection, to protect you while maintaining aesthetics. It is lined with a shock-absorbing foam which withstands vibrations.

The suede liner between the thumb and the index finger prevents wear and tear and increases your grip over your motorcycle’s handles and controls.

The wrist straps can be used to adjust the degree of tightness required at the wrist and can also be easily tied to your bag or bike using a buckle, making it easier to store and transport them.

Thus, the product offers great standard features under $25 and is exceptionally aesthetically pleasing.


10. Alpinestars Men’s SMX-1 Air v2 Motorcycle Riding Glove

Alpinestars Men's SMX-1 Air v2 Motorcycle Riding Glove

Equipped with the recently evolved chassis which features a new cuff closure, this pair of gloves is the up and coming winter gloves recommended by many avid riders.

The CE certified SMX-1 air v2 features a premium leather main along with a mesh layer and perforated areas that increase the glove’s breathability, allowing your hands to be sweat-free and dry.

Designed for extensive road riding, the gloves include suede and accordion stretch inserts and finger paddings which increase abrasion resistance while providing comfort at the same time.

The lightweight gloves feature a modern design and come in seven size and four colour variants. All include hook and loop straps which help to secure the glove on your hands.


11. Shima Caliber Men’s Vintage Motorcycle Gloves

Shima Caliber Men’s Vintage Motorcycle Gloves

The product by Shima is amongst our top options in the list of best winter motorcycle gloves reviews and is exceptionally known for its features.

Made with A leather, the product guarantees safety and is highly resistant to abrasion and tearing. The hard upper layer is additionally structured with tempra foam which protects your scaphoid bone by absorbing more than 80% of the impact power.

The additional perforation on the leather gives way for air to travel and keeps your hand dry by providing a ventilation layer.

Equipped with GRIP system, the gloves are designed to provide secured grip while ensuring that the glove is adequately shaped to rest on the handgrip line. It provides comfort and makes the glove long lasting.

Lastly, Shima is a highly known brand and offers reliable and durable products.


12. Protect The King Motorcycle Biker Gloves

Protect The King Motorcycle Biker Gloves

Reviewed as the best gloves for touchscreens on the market, the gloves by Protect the King feature the ptk alpha-touch upgrade rank and offer great features at lower costs.

The gloves come with six size and four colour options, and are made with high grade leather which is resistant to abrasion and soft to touch.

The reinforced palm is equipped with a double layer of padded leather which provides extra cushioning to the palm. Additionally, the fingers are designed to be curved in order to aid riding grip.

The gloves include PTK airflow system which allows the fingers to be free from moisture and sweat, hence keeping your hands dry.

Lastly, the knuckle is covered with soft leather to improve flexibility. Thus, the gloves by protect the king is a decent choice of motorcycle gloves to purchase.


13. Isotoner Men’s Smooth Driving Glove

Isotoner Men’s Smooth Driving Glove

The motorcycle gloves by Isotoner are warmer than thinsulate. Made with 100% genuine leather, the gloves are designed using premium technologies.

They come in three size and two colour variants for a customized fit and can be easily hand washed and air dried.

They feature their patented smartouch technology which offers accurate and slip-resistant palm patches which are touch screen enabled to allow you to easily access your smart phones without removing your gloves.

Additionally, they are equipped with a smartDRI system which is a reliable water repellency technology due to which the gloves stay drier longer than other gloves and keeps your hand warm and dry as well.

Thus, the brand is renowned for glove innovation and you can easily rely on them to provide you with the best pair of winter gloves.


14. Jackets 4 Bikes Motorcycle Gloves

Jackets 4 Bikes Motorcycle Gloves

Yet another product by Jacket 4 Bikes, these gauntlet gloves are made with high grade genuine leather and cost below $10.

They are designed to be windproof which is achieved by providing comfortable liners in the layers. Made of sheep leather, they offer warmth and protection to your hands while ensuring you have the flexibility to maintain grip over the controls of your bike.

Additionally, the gloves are fitted with dynatek which offer increased protections over your knuckles, thus helping in reducing impact related injuries.

The hook and loop system on the wrist strap can be easily adjusted to obtain the perfect fit for your hands.

Lastly, the primary advantage of this product is its unisex design, making it possible for both men and women to use it.


15. Joe Rocket Eclipse Gloves

Joe Rocket Eclipse Gloves

These gloves are known for their versatility and can be used on several occasions ranging from street to cruiser riding.

The fingertips are made with a conductive material which allow you to easily access touchscreen devices and stay connected even during the cold weather.

It features a utility grade span and a poly chassis which make the gloves durable and offers you increased protection.

The gloves are designed to be pre-curved in order to conform to the handle grip line and reduce the chances of you losing your grip over your bike.

The padded palm in the leather glove allows you a more comfortable ride and reduces the risk of abrasion.

Lastly, the TPR knuckles keep your hands safe from getting hurt during accidents and the pull tabs allow you to easily open and close the glove using the hook and loop system present in the wrist straps.


16. Scorpion Men’s Klaw II Gloves

Scorpion Men’s Klaw II Gloves

These gloves come in six different sizes and in four different colours, all featuring an aesthetically pleasing design.

It is made with goatskin leather which allows protection against abrasion and heat rashes as well as a secured grip over your motorcycle.

The TPU molded hard shell around the knuckles and the TPR padded palm and finger areas protect your hands from suffering impact related injuries.

Additionally, the fingers and palm come with a pre-curved design to offer a more secure fit and the rib-stretch knuckle expansion maintains dexterity.

The wrist straps are fitted with a neoprene relief panel and the standard hook and loop system, allowing you to easily wear and remove the gloves.


17. Carhartt Men’s Cold Snap Insulated Work Glove

Carhartt Men's Cold Snap Insulated Work Glove

Carhartt is renowned for offering durable, comfortable and reliable survival gear that withstands harsh weather elements while offering efficient protection.

The gloves by carhartt are made with polyester and can be easily hand washed and left to be air dried.

They feature a nitrile grip which helps to keep your hands warm and dry by being breathable. It also helps in providing increased grip support over wet and dry surfaces alike.

They are designed to offer increased dexterity so as to not hamper your control over operating the bike seamlessly.

With the insertion of insulated layers, the gloves also keep your hands from freezing and going numb during wintry conditions.

Lastly, the gloves are waterproof and feature goatskin polytex protection over the palm and knuckles.


18. First MFG Motorcycle Gloves

First MFG Motorcycle Gloves

These winter motorcycle gloves are made of genuine aniline cowhide leather and are especially designed to be used by make riders.

One of the few gloves which offers full hand coverage, this product is indeed one of the best winter motorcycle gloves.

The front zipper can be adjusted to suit your fitting and is inserted with conductive layers to provide warmth when used during cold weather conditions.

It is designed with rain mitts which are water repellent and come in a zippered gauntlet structure.

Thus, it covers the basic features expected from a winter glove and if you’re an occasional rider looking for a budget friendly option, then this is the right product for you.


19. Tonsiki Motorcycle Gloves

Tonsiki Motorcycle Gloves

These gloves by Tonsiki are made with rayon and carbon fibre which are highly durable materials. The 2D breathable mesh layer keeps your hands dry and away from moisture while offering comfort.

The hard shell over the knuckles is designed ergonomically to absorb a major portion of vibrations and shock in order to protect you from impact related hand injuries.

It comes with a pre-curved finger design along with a neoprene grip to provide you with more control over your bike.

The gloves are fitted with a suede layer to prevent wear and tear, and leather inserts that allow your hands to remain flexible.

Lastly, the velcro strap on the wrists allow a quick and simple wearing and removal process.


20. Milwaukee MG7510 Men’s Gloves

Milwaukee MG7510 Men's Gloves

The gloves by Milwaukee is another one of their reliable options for winter motorcycle gloves.

The gloves are made of premium quality cowhide leather which offers protection against abrasions and rashes.

The palm area is lined with gel palm padding which provides a comfortable grip over your motorcycle. Moeoever, it absorbs shock and reduces the impact on your hands in case of accidents.

Lastly, the adjustable wrist straps offer a customized and secure fit.


21. Hugger Glove Company’s Men’s Spandex And Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Hugger Glove Company’s Men's

The intricate blend of spandex and leather material, makes this pair of motorcycle gloves durable and water resistant.

Available in 6 different sizes, ranging from small to triple XL, it effectively caters to different sizes and specifications.

Moreover, the innovative way of padding the gloves with spandex material on the back surface fosters cooling sensation while riding.

The additional details encapsulates effective vibration absorption, quick drying, additional cushioning around the thumb area, breathable mesh and strong gripping throughout.

All in all it is a complete package for the riders. This pair of motorcycle gloves gives a sense of accomplishment and authenticity while you ride on your bike.

Combined with the 12 months warranty period graciously provided by Hugger Glove Company, it instils faith in the customers and provides absolute satisfaction.


22. Jackets 4 Bikes Men’s Motorcycle Gloves

Jackets 4 Bikes Men's Motorcycle Gloves

This pair of premium motorcycle gloves by Jackets 4 Bikes is crafted of Aniline Goat leather.

The glove is no less than an art piece with intricate double stitching around the critical areas.

To ensure maximum grip, Jacket 4 Bikes has emphasised on Velcro strap for personalised and perfect fit for different riders with different specifications.

Available in 4 distinct sizes, from small to double large, notwithstanding the large size missing, it roughly covers the universal sizes. The adjustable hook and loop strap also ensures customized fit for the riders.

To ensure effective protection, key areas of the glove have been reinforced with multiple layers of leather and fabric. Special attention has been given to the palm in the way of padding.

The glove takes care of all the miniscule details to ensure maximum comfort and safety.


23. Alpinestars SP-8 v2 Leather Gloves

Alpinestars SP-8 v2 Leather Gloves

Alpinestars is the flag-bearer of excellent leather gloves for motorcycling.The SP-8 v2, stylish leather glove combines innovatively new microfiber and polyurethane to ensure strategic gripping and comfort for the riders. Besides comfort and gripping, the colour combination draws attention and infuses a sporty look.

This product encapsulates its patented third-fourth finger bridge alongside suede material lining on the palm to ensure flexibility and comfort.

Effortlessly facilitates exclusive stretching between the thumb and palm, thereby guaranteeing maximum movements, which otherwise is restricted.

To ensure maximum protection, special care is provided to the knuckle section by way of a polymer knuckle protector on the glove.

Alpinestars is a trusted brand with excellent customer service and satisfaction. Its products set benchmarks in the industry and this glove is one-of-a-kind.


24. Madbike Motorcycle Gloves

Madbike Motorcycle Gloves

The basic motorcycle gloves model from Madbike comes in 9 distinct colours and it comes in 4 distinct sizes, from medium to double large, addressing different tastes and preferences.

The glove’s key focus area is around the knuckle and finger for maximum protection. Those areas are exclusively covered by professional-level stainless steel alloy, thereby guaranteeing maximum shock absorption.

The fabric used on the gloves is 100% breathable 3D polyester, effectively meeting the requirements of all the seasons comfortably.

The gloves are technically advanced, the fingertips are touch-sensitive, making the pair compatible for touchscreen devices.

To ensure shock absorption and prevent the hand from being numb, the steel balls on the palm act as a cushion.This pair is great for achieving shock absorbing and protection.


25. Joe Rocket Men’s Diamondback Motorcycle Glove

Joe Rocket Men's Diamondback Motorcycle Glove

The diamondback motorcycle glove by Joe Rocket comes in 6 distinct sizes from small to triple large, thereby addressing all the sizes and requirements of the market.

It is made up of cowhide leather with a thin yet efficient layer of waterproof fabric.

To ensure safety of the riders, the gloves are molded internally to inject molded knuckle armour. To ensure effective protection and gripping, intensive padding is provided on the fingers.

The gloves are technically advanced, the fingertips are crafted with conductive leather to facilitate touchscreen operations

Joe rocket has taken intense care in the stitching of leather, thereby ensuring premium finishing. The tightening hook around the wrist ensures personalised fit for every rider.

A complete package of premium stitching, effective protection and maximum grip indeed.


26. ScorpionExo Women’s Skrub Gloves

ScorpionExo Women's Skrub Gloves

The fingerless motorcycle gloves by the Hugger Glove Company comes in 4 distinct sizes, ranging from small to triple large, effectively catering to different sizes and specifications of the market.

This pair is extremely durable and water resistant. The extra thick gel cushion ensures minimisation of pain due to long journeys and rides, and also addresses the numbness issue regularly faced by riders.

The fingerless gloves paired with intricate stitching ensures great fit and comfort to the riders.

In addition to these, Hugger Glove Company provides a 12 months warranty to its customers to themselves experience the confort, durability and safety.

All in all, for fingerless motorcycle gloves, this is the most sought after product, which guarantees durability. The padding, gel cushion and stitching addresses all the requirements effectively.


27. Hugger Glove Company Men’s Motorcycle Gloves

Hugger Glove Company Men’s Motorcycle Gloves

he motorcycle riding gloves by the Hugger Glove Company comes in eight distinct sizes, the widest possible in the market, ranging from small to triple large. It is also available in 4 colors, effectively addressing differences sizes and preferences of the market.

With the emblem of Honda on the glove, it establishes the authenticity and durability of the brand in the minds of consumers.

The gloves are technically advanced, the fingertips are crafted with conductive leather to facilitate touchscreen operations.

With the facility of secure hook and loop, it maximises on the fit and grip. The pair of gloves is meant for everyday use, guaranteeing comfort to its riders.

All in all, it has a friendly design with polyester fabric and articulated joints.


28. Joe Rocket Crew Touch Motorcycle Gloves

Joe Rocket Crew Touch Motorcycle Gloves

Joe Rocket, being a reliable brand for winter motorcycle gloves, offers a range of products that fit the requirements expected out of a glove.

This particular product is equipped with conductive materials at the fingertips to provide quick access to your touch screen devices.

It is designed with a utility grade span and a poly chassis and comes with pre-curved fingers to allow a better handle and grip over the controls of your bike.

Featuring aeroprene cuffs and articulated joints, it protects your hands and wrists from going numb or suffering any injuries by keeping them warm, dry and secure.

The gloves are officially licensed by Honda and is an ideal choice of glove to invest in.


29. Milwaukee Fingerless Gloves

Milwaukee Fingerless Gloves

The fingerless gloves by Milwaukee are made with premium deerskin leather that is durable, long lasting and easy to clean.

They are equipped with gel padded palms that protect your hands from vibrations and shocks.

The gloves feature reinforced stitching in certain areas that prevent it from wear and tear and come in nine size variants.

Additionally, it includes a velcro strap closure attached at the wrist strap to help you wear and remove the gloves quickly and with ease.

However, since the gloves are fingerless and don’t offer full coverage, they aren’t ideal to use during cold wintry conditions.


The two primary benefits the best winter motorcycle gloves should provide are warmth and waterproof. Even if it lacks either one of these aspects, they’re next to useless.

In order to obtain a good understanding of what factors work for you, do your research and try on as many pairs as you possibly can to make an informed decision.

Thus, in addition to being comfortable, crash protectant and flexible, following are some of the factors you should consider before purchasing a pair of motorcycle gloves.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Best Winter Motorcycle Gloves

1. CE Approval

There is a CE-standard applicable for winter motorcycle gloves, EN 13594:2015. It is further divided into two categories, Level one and Level two.

Level one winter motorcycle gloves are equipped with higher performance rates and offer increased flexibility, but a lower level of protection against chilly winter conditions.

Whereas, winter motorcycle gloves with level two performance offer increased protection. However, since they are equipped with a considerable amount of protective gear, it makes them bulky and less flexible as compared to level one gloves.

2. Recommendations

Since winter motorcycle gloves are a survival product, the best way to start shortlisting the right pair is to look at best winter motorcycle gloves reviews.

These reviews can provide you with validations and ratings, which might help you choose the perfect pair. Additionally, you can also look for gloves that offer certification tabs and product guarantees.

3. The Heated Option

If you’re someone who rides for longer durations, then opt for gloves that provide increased insulation or a separate heating option.

Another option is to increase your motorcycle glove’s insulation abilities by attaching handlebar muffs or heated grips.

4. Fit

It’s essential that your winter motorcycle gloves fit correctly. The ideal choice of glove should be snug, without restricting your movement or interfering with your bike control capability.

With both too tight and loose-fitting gloves, that can be a challenge. Also, be sure to pick a glove with a D-ring or Velcro protection wrist strap so that the glove remains on your hand safely in the event of an injury.

5. Armour

It is vital that you protect your palms, knuckles, and fingers with armor. Soft armor is made of closed-cell foam, whereas hard armor is made of carbon fiber or hard plastic and is placed over soft armor to provide additional protection against impact.

The scaphoid bones that are present in your palms tend to absorb most of the impact when it comes to your hands, so it is essential to protect them with armor.

6. Weather Protection

The perfect glove needs to be waterproof – no matter how reliable the insulation is, if your hands get damp, they’ll get cold. Additionally, make sure to differentiate between water-resistant and waterproof gloves.

In order to avoid sweaty hands, it also needs to be breathable. A textile or leather glove is made waterproof by attaching it to a watertight membrane.

There are many different types of membranes ranging from the best-quality but more expensive Gore-Tex to Hipora, which is more affordable but less efficient.

Apart from waterproofing, the gloves need to provide reliable thermal insulation because it isn’t always wet in winter, but it can be cold.

7. Long cuff

To steer clear from constantly readjusting the glove to avoid the gap between your jacket and the glove, ditch the

shorter cuffs and opt for the longer ones.

8. Finger Bridge

Before you buy a pair of gloves, try it on to ensure that the finger bridge is accurately sized for you.A finger bridge is where your little finger is joined with the ring finger, thus reducing the chances of your little finger from getting dragged and breaking while sliding.

9. Branded Materials

While branded materials won’t guarantee the best winter motorcycle glove, it will be made, keeping a high standard in mind. For example, brands such as Gore-Tex won’t sponsor their products to be used in average quality gloves.

If the glove you have your eyes on uses brands such as 3M, Outdry, Gore-tex, or any of the renowned patented technologies, then the glove would be guaranteed to offer reliability and protection.

Therefore, while it is impossible to pin down one product as the best winter motorcycle glove, the best lot would primarily be equipped with quality, comfort, durability, and protection.

Since all riders prioritize different features and fits, it is essential for you first to list down your requirements and then go hunting for the best winter motorcycle glove.

FAQs on Winter Motorcycle Gloves

How Do I Stop Rain Running Up My Sleeves?

A common issue faced by several bikers, the easy solution is to first opt for a glove that offers a double cuff system that secures the glove to your jacket completely.

In a double cuff system, the inner cuff layer goes outside your jacket while the outer cuff layer goes, thus keeping the glove in place and preventing water and moisture from getting in.

How Do I Dry Winter Motorcycle Gloves?

You can easily dry your gloves by following a simple process. Start by inserting a dry thin cloth into the glove and then wrapping it with a thicker cotton hand towel to wring it out.

The wringing out will itself get rid of a major percent of the water. Allow the glove to then air dry and check for any condensation. Give it a few hours and your glove will be as good as new.

How Can I Keep My Motorcycle Gloves From Smelling?

Once your gloves are completely dried, polish the outer layer using a microfibre fabric. Afterwards, sprinkle a combination of soda and cornstarch on the insides of the glove.

Let the soda and starch sit for a couple of hours in order for it to absorb oils and odors and then end the process by disinfecting the insides using a tiny amount of either rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

What Is The Toughest Leather For Gloves?

The strongest available option for motorcycle gloves are made of goatskin leather. Goatskin is durable and the natural lanolin present in the material makes the glove soft, supple, water and abrasion resistant while offering increased dexterity.


Winter motorcycle gloves need to be durable, reliable, as well as comfortable since you will be using them for longer periods of time at a stretch. It is essential that they offer insulation and are waterproof to provide the best protection to your hands.

Before you make your purchase, ensure that you’ve looked at the quality and features that the gloves offer. Since it is part of survival gear, being detail-oriented is essential.

Lastly, invest in a product that offers the best fit, and is a great travel companion for all your forthcoming journeys and adventures.

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