Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Quick Overview: Our Top 5 Picks for Motorcycle Helmet Cameras

OUR TOP PICKptsntbl-table__imageAkaso EK7000
  • 4K Ultra HD action camera
  • Wireless wrist remote control sports camera
  • Longer battery life
  • Long working time
  • Water Resistant
  • Built-in
  • High resolution
  • Easy to mount
  • Easy quality
  • 1080P full HD Action Camera
  • Waterproof
  • Longer battery life
ptsntbl-table__imageAkaso Brave 4
  • With WiFi and HDMI
  • 100ft waterproof
  • Free valuable accessories

Going on a solo trip on a motorcycle? Want to share all the moments with friends and family? Well, now you can do it in the best manner possible; by attaching a gear like camera to your helmet and recording all your adventures, to show the folks and share them on social media later.

Motorcycle helmet cameras are an invention that sounds simple and yet is innovative to such a degree that no one wants to miss out on the action.

The basic concept is exactly what the title says. A camera that can be placed on the helmet of the user to record whatever they want by the simple click of a button. Videos, pictures and, in some cases, live streaming as well can be done through this device. It is quite handy for capturing moments and keeping your hands free while doing so.

There are a few things that must be kept in mind when buying a helmet camera. These are the basic requirements which make sure that the camera is worth the money being spent on it.

Top 19 Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras 2021

1. Akaso EK7000

Akaso EK7000 Best Motorcycle Helmet Camera

The simplicity of this product is its unique selling point. The specifications are also on point. Starting with the exterior, the camera is waterproof and can handle extreme weather conditions.

This is important to take note of, as you might need your camera during weather conditions such as rain and storm.

Recording in these conditions can be done now because of the design of the camera. Other than that, AKASO EK7000 comes with a wrist planner.

All aspects of the camera can be controlled through this remote wrist controller. Hence, it makes it extremely easy for you to take videos and pictures.

Coming to the other features, the camera supports 25 FPS, which is just above what is required. It is not the best, but one can make do with it. Other aspects of the camera are quite promising. The video quality is 4K, which is the highest you can find.

The battery life here is determined by the type of battery used. Here, a battery of 1050 mAH is used. Two of them are in the camera and can be recharged as and when required.

It can record upto 90 minutes, which is quite a huge amount, as one does not generally record for more than 5 minutes at a stretch.

WiFi and HDMI is built in. With WiFi, you can share and stream all your videos at ncomparable speed, and spread your content like wildfire. The HDMI port helps in storing all the memories created by the camera for safekeeping.

All in all, it is one of the best motorbike helmet cameras out there. It is within the price range of any user looking to invest in something for a better time and experience. This camera will come in handy to anyone who buys it.


2. Mengshen


The helmet camera is so adaptive to the requirements of the user, that it had to be on our list of the best motorbike helmet cameras. Firstly, the video quality that it provides is 1080p resolution.

This is a great feature to have as it makes the videos vibrant and classy. Other than that, there are other complimentary features that work together to make the entire experience of shooting a video pleasurable.

The FPS that is given by the Mengshen is dynamic. It changes with the aspect ratio being used by you. For example, for the aspect ratio of 1980×1080, the FPS is 30, which is a good amount to have. On the other hand, when the aspect ratio is 1280×720, the FPS drops to 25. This is still a good number.

The robust features of the camera are great. They can withstand heavy conditions. The only problem here is that the Mengshen is not waterproof. Hence, rains can pose a problem.

Other than that, this sturdy camera is set to hit the road in all its glory. The battery life is 2.5 hours, which means that you can go all out and shoot videos all day long.

This camera offers many interesting features and is a product that should not be taken lightly. It is meant to be a great camera and offers the best in motorbike helmet cameras.


3. Armogear


Videography is nothing if not fun. Although the title says ‘kids camera,’ it is a thing of wonder for all ages. Let us first talk about the adaptability of the entire setup.

The stand that comes with the camera can be adjusted with any helmet possible. Be it a motorbike helmet or another type, this camera can go anywhere.

The most fun aspect of this is that this camera can also be attached on top of laser tag guns. This means that it is not only road trips that can be documented in style.

It has a holder that can be used anywhere and everywhere. This makes sure that all terrains and experiences can be recorded.

Other salient features show that the FPS count of this camera is 30 for a resolution of 1080p and 60 for a resolution of 720p. This is simply beautiful, as it ensures that the quality does not deteriorate at any given time.

The build of the camera is also such that any kind of handling will not damage the camera.

After looking at all the aspects of this camera, the verdict is clear. It is a great buy for someone who is looking to use the camera not just for biking, but for other experiences as well.


4. Yelin


This is a camera that has been designed for the road and for facing hard conditions. It is the best motorbike camera one can have, to make videos of a professional level.

Everything about this camera, from the design to the software has been made for one purpose;to capture nature in the best way possible, by being in the thick of nature.

The main feature which needs to be noticed is that the video quality provided by this camera is 1080p. This is only second to 4K video quality. This means that it is quite extraordinary and makes videos of superb clarity.

Another quality that this camera can boast about is that it is waterproof in nature. It can go as deep as 98 feet, which means that it can capture all your underwater excursions.

The design of the camera is also quite ingenious. It is small and handy, with different holders for different purposes.

The battery is also built to sustain long hours. On a single charge, the camera can work for 3 hours. This implies that long hours can be put into making the perfect video with this setup. The motto of this camera is linked with adventure sports and outdoor activities.

This makes it perfect for something like biking. Long rides, tough weather and scenery all around. It is the best fit out there, in terms of motorbike helmet cameras.


5. Akaso Brave 4

Akaso Brave 4

If you are looking for the ideal motorbike helmet camera, then it would probably be this one. It has features that fit perfectly into the profile we are looking for and makes it comfortable for the user in general.

Let us start with the first and foremost feature, which is the video quality. Let us discuss the FPS as well with video quality. They are inversely proportional to each other. For 4K video quality, the FPS is 24.

Similarly, for 1080p it is 60 FPS and for 2K video quality it is 30 FPS. It is excellent to see such variety provided to the users, as they can shift however and whichever way they want.

Other than that, the field of view is also quite interesting. There are many options for you to use. Stages of the angles that are available are 170, 140, 110, and 70 degrees.

This means that all kinds of shots can be taken from this camera. Along with image stabilization, all these features make a killer combo when it comes to taking unbelievable videos.

Other basic stuff such as WiFi and HDMI are there for easy transfer and sharing. This means that all facilities required to make your work easy are there in the AKASO Brave 4. It is something that is meant to blow the minds of people with its picture perfect quality.

This camera is a treasure waiting to be taken and used. It is clearly a worthy investment and this is the reason it is in the list of the best motorbike helmet cameras.


6. Campark


When on a motorbike trip, what does one need to record their experiences properly? They need a camera which can see almost as much as they can, with the highest possible clarity. This is what Campark Action Camera does.

It takes into account all the features needed to make an action camera successful. Some amazing features are the video quality, the degree of the lens or field of view, connectivity, and battery life. All these, when combined, form a spectacular camera.

The quality of the video that is produced by the Campark Action Camera is of 4K. This is the highest there is in the industry. This implies that the videos will be crystal clear and easy to edit.

The field of view has also been set in such a way that it makes it easy for you to capture all the elements needed. The angle of the lens is 170 degrees, which is the maximum any lens can go to.

Other robust features include the fact that this camera is built for survival underwater and can go as deep as 98 feet, which is quite spectacular. The design is also such that it can sustain bumps and falls easily. It is built for the outdoor environment.

This camera is also easy to use because it comes with a remote control option, from where you can control all aspects of the camera with just the touch of some buttons. This is a 2 Ghz remote that works till 8 meters. It is supposed to be attached to your wrist, hence making it extremely comfortable for you.

The battery life is average, as on a single charge, it can work for a continuous 90 minutes. This is not exceptional, but it also does not mean that it is useless. The battery used here is 1050 mAH, which is quite common for cameras like this.

Considering everything, this camera is a force to be reckoned with. It can make the entire experience of shooting videos out of this world.


7. GoPro Hero 7

GoPro Hero 7

This is a camera that is the master of all trades. The name of the company itself should tell you all you need to know. GoPro is the best company that makes all adventure accessories. The cameras are the best part of their product line.

The reason it is the best is because the features here are of a professional level. For example, the quality of the video is 4K with an FPS of 60.

This is quite rare in cameras made for the purpose of capturing videos on the go, on a motorbike. Also, as a side note, the quality of the pictures is also exceptional.

This is a camera that is not supposed to be kept indoors. The build of the camera itself is designed to face rough terrain and tough weather. It is waterproof and can go upto 33 feet in water. This means that be it rain or hail, this camera will get the job done.

We have seen all this before. What are the things that set this camera apart from the others? It is the factors that help in increasing the clarity of the videos as well as making it easier for you to shoot those videos.

This camera is equipped with hypersmooth video stabilization, which means that your videos will not shake at all during the shoot. It also supports time warp videos. We are just scratching the surface in terms of what this camera can do.

The most interesting thing about this camera is that it is voice controlled. Simply saying “GoPro click a picture” or “GoPro start shooting” will do the implied job. This is something that will keep your hands free, and help you enjoy whatever you are experiencing while shooting it at the same time.

The display that this camera supports is a touchpad, which is similar to a smart phone’s screen. This, along with the fact that it is waterproof, goes to show how far this camera will go to make things easier for the user.

Other usual features such as WiFi connection and easy transfer functions are there. The point to note here is that live streaming can be done to Facebook easily with this camera.

All these features come at a cost. The price is the only factor about this camera that can stop someone from leaping towards the opportunity of buying it.

Other than that, it is one of the best motorbike helmet cameras that are out there. If someone wants to go professional, this is the camera for them.


8. DJI Osmo

DJI Osmo

This is a camera that can really change the way you perceive videography. It is a camera that has the speed, the build, and the design of an action camera. It can take shots and capture moments that would otherwise have been impossible.

Coming to the subtle details first, this camera contains two display screens. Different screens are needed to capture different moments. You need to be able to see what you are capturing at all times. These screens help you in doing exactly that.

This is the first thing that one sees in the camera. Other than that, the video quality is of an HDR version. This basically means that your videos will come out stable and clear.

The quality is quantised as 4K with FPS of 60, which is incredible. This quality will ensure that all moments are captured in the best way possible.

Motorbike helmet cameras are prone to being shaken. This camera has taken care of that problem through various algorithms and research. This means that no shaky pictures or videos will ever come out of this beauty.

It is also equipped with voice control capabilities, which make it easier for you to do simple tasks without using your hands. This is a great advantage to have as you do not want to miss the moment as it is happening simply because you were recording it.

Other factors such as the quality of being waterproof and working till 11 meters are also cool, and open more doors for you in terms of the videos you want to shoot. This camera also has a lens angle of 140 degrees, which is not the optimum 170 degrees, but is still sufficient.

All things considered, this is an opportunity waiting to be grabbed. A product that fulfills all the requirements of the user is quite rare. This camera is one of those rare phenomenons.


9. Drift Ghost X

Drift Ghost X

Simplicity is key for this camera. In a world where every company is trying to fit more in less, this camera has chosen to keep all the essential parts, making it easier for the user to understand and use.

The design itself follows this motto. Although built to sustain long hours outdoors, it still looks quite sleek and simple. The display may not seem much, but when the camera is on your helmet, it does not really matter that much either.

Coming to the more important parts of the camera, which are the display quality and the FPS. This camera provides a video quality of 1080p with an FPS of 30. This is extremely decent and manageable, given the fact that the FPS is also in the higher range.

The impressive bit about this camera is its long battery life. It has a battery life of 5 hours, which is higher than the average battery life of most cameras. Along with this, you can buy a long-battery life module, which will extend the battery life to 8 hours.

This is extremely helpful for people going on a long ride who want to capture the essence of the trip on the camera. Keeping everything in mind, this camera truly belongs to our list of the best motorbike helmet cameras.


10. Boblov


Ease and comfort. These are the two words that define the BOBLOV helmet camera. It is built in such a way that you can install it easily and effectively. Other than that, it has certain qualities that make it stand out from the crowd in a big way.

The first and foremost feature about this camera is that it has a dual channel. This means that the front and the back of the camera can record separately. Hence, it increases your scope of taking videos, thereby increasing the joy of the entire experience.

The battery power is also amazing. The battery is 1600 mAH, which is more than what the counterparts are offering. It can record continuously for 2.5 hours. It even goes into an auto shut down mode after inactivity for a few minutes.

The video quality is the only question left to answer. The quality of the video of BOBLOV Helmet Camera is 1080p. This quality makes it easy to edit and share.

Keeping all things in mind, this camera should not be missed. It is unique and works in all situations.


11. Crosstour


This action camera is one that will make sure that you get the best shots of the moments you want to capture. It makes sure that the videos come out crystal clear and perfect. Clarity is defined by the 1080p resolution of the videos made by this camera.

This clarity is complemented by the immensely strong features it has. One of these features is the 170 degree lens angle. The videos will capture many things as it has now got an increased range. The design as well is an example of how this camera is built to shoot action in all its glory.

The more rugged features necessary for the survival of the camera in the great outdoors include a design that is built to sustain heavy circumstances. Other than that, the camera is waterproof all the way till 30 meters deep. This will help you to shoot in rain as well.

The ease of usage is something that the creators of the camera have kept in mind while coming up with this camera. It comes with a remote that makes it easy to control the basic functions of the camera. This means that you can shoot awesome stuff all day while enjoying the moment as well, at the same time.

The battery power is determined by the fact that there are two 1050 mAH rechargeable batteries. Hence, the fun of shooting does not have to stop at any time.

When we look at the big picture, we can see that this camera is a great catch. It has all the elements that make it a great action camera and an even better motorbike helmet camera.


12. WonVon MT1

WonVon MT1

Smart is the best word to describe a camera like the WonVon Dashcam. This camera has a very specific purpose- to record stuff from a motorbike. The design, build, and features of the camera are such that it can best serve its purpose from the dashboard of a motorbike.

Let us first discuss the “smartness” of this camera. The sensors that have been deployed are such that the camera starts working its magic once the engine is on and stops when the engine shuts down. Not only does it save energy, but also battery power.

It does not matter what time of the day it is. Whether it is night or day, this camera will give a picture perfect output. This is because the WonVon dashcam has night vision abilities. Hence, shoots at night will produce great videos with amazing clarity.

If this was not enough, there are many other factors that make this camera great. The quality itself is 1080p with 30 FPS. This is a great combo for clarity.

Coming back to the smart parts of the camera, the sensors help in informing the camera if there is a collision. In such cases, the camera will save the roll so that the data is not lost.

Other than that, all the other complementary features are all there. Features such as WiFi and HDMI are all there for easy transfers. This camera makes a great adventure even better. The entire experience of shooting is made even richer.


13. Blueskysea DV688

Blueskysea DV688

This camera may seem average when looked at casually. But the thing to note is that it actually is the best when it comes to motorbike helmets. This is because it is made only for that purpose.

There are many factors here that, when considered, make the camera a great product to buy. The quality of the videos itself is one governing factor. The video quality is 1080p, which is quite optimum for any user.

The unique part about the entire experience is that this camera is connected to the GPS. This will help you to share the videos at a greater rate, as well as narrow down what you actually want to see in the vast expanse of your surroundings when you are outside.

It is a two way channel camera, which means that it can record from both the back and the front. This is rare in cameras that are designed for such purposes, hence making Blueskysea DV688 a huge success.

It is waterproof in nature, hence can save your device and your recordings from rain and storms. All simple factors combine to make a camera that can make an impact on the lives of the users. It is an easy buy, which will work wonders for anyone across the globe.


14. Halo Cam M1

Halo Cam M1

Professionalism is ingrained in this camera. It is at the forefront of the list of the best helmet cameras out there. This is because not only is it simple to use, but also it caters to the users who go out riding every now and then.

With such a classy name, the camera is bound to make an impression on the customers. This camera functions at a professional level. That means it can produce videos and clips that are splendid and out of this world.

The quality of videos that Halo Cam M1 produces is 1080p HD. This helps in bringing out the best clarity there is. Other than that, this camera is equipped with other mechanisms which collaborate with the bike and make sure that the camera does not run out of charge.

There are wires and plugs that tap into the electrical system of the motorbike. This means that the camera will start when the engine starts and stop when the engine shuts off. Not only that, but also it will never run out of charge as it will constantly be charged because of the bike.

It is also a dual camera bike, which means it can record from 2 places, the front and the back. The Halo Cam M1 is equipped with other important features as well, which are required for its smooth functioning.

These features include WiFi connection, a lens angle of 155 degrees, etc. All of these in collaboration with each other make this camera a product made for professionals.


15. Obest Camera

Obest Camera

This product is best in the department of bringing innovation to the camera. The OBEST camera may not be the best when it comes to the quality of the videos it produces, but it definitely beats all its contemporaries in the department of incorporating the latest innovations into its design.

These innovations include things as simple as motion detection. With motion detection, the camera will capture only the essential elements and save its power instead of wasting away recording stuff that would be edited out later.

Other than that, this camera boasts of having gravity sensors, which can detect a collision or a fall and automatically lock itself down. This simple move can save copious amounts of data and information.

Other than that, the video quality is 720p, which is sub-standard, as the standard is at least 1080p. This is something that comes as a slight blow to an otherwise amazing camera.

The last thing to add is that the video quality of this camera is a small price to pay for all the other features that it provides the user with. Keeping in mind that it is also waterproof, this camera is built to shoot amazing stuff while riding.


16. Vsysto Action Camera

Vsysto Action Camera

This camera may not seem like one of its kind, but the package it offers is truly unique. Vsysto has recognised the professional needs required to be a good videographer and has tried to implement the same model for a helmet camera.

To be the best motorbike helmet camera, it should have all necessary features and be prepared for all possible contingencies. This camera is of such make.

It has a dual channel that can record from both the front and the back. It helps the customer in ways even they cannot imagine yet. The unique part about this camera is that even the lenses have been designed in such a way that they are best suited for someone shooting from a motorbike. These small changes go a long way in changing the perspective of the customer when they are using the camera.

It is even equipped with night vision capabilities, which help the camera see better in the dark. Overall, it is a camera that can be of great use if all its functionalities are tapped into and used appropriately. It is a great camera that never loses sight of its aim, which is, to shoot great videos from a motorbike.


17. Akaso EK7000 Pro

Akaso EK7000 Pro

An upgrade from the previous AKASO EK7000, this camera has delved more into the factors that the previous version lacked. Some features are the same as before, but the places where change was needed, tremendous features have been placed.

The thing to notice first is that the AKASO EK7000 Pro is equipped with image stabilization. This means that shaky videos will no longer be a problem for the customer.

It is a great feature to have at one’s side as it reduces the stress of taking the video.

The video quality of this camera is simply outstanding. In conjunction with FPS, we can see that for a resolution of 4K, the FPS is 25. Similarly, for a resolution of 2.7K, the FPS is 30 and for 1080p it is 60.

This simply goes to show that in whatever mode or situation, the clarity and finesse of the video will not be lost.

This version is also waterproof to a depth of 131 feet, which means that it can be used in places other than on the motorbike. The angle of the lens or the field of view is also adjustable so that the user can set it as per their choice.

Keeping all factors in mind, this camera is one that can alter the way anyone makes videos from a motorbike. It is truly one of the best motorbike helmet cameras out there.




This is a camera that has been made so that whoever buys it can make a statement through the videos they shoot. This camera has the best features with the best add-ons, which will make it extremely easy for anyone to make videos on a daily basis.

The design of the camera is such that it can withstand heavy weather as well as rough conditions. Coming to the more salient features, the video quality of the camera is 4K with 25 FPS. This is an excellent quality when it comes to helmet cameras.

Another unique part to this camera is its versatility. There are many different modes which the user can work with. It has burst photos, time lapse, looping video, etc. as some of the options.

The external features are such that the camera is waterproof till 100 feet in water. This means that rain and dampness will never interfere with your shoot.

Customer service is also one thing that DBPOWER has nailed. Although their product is such that the customer will not require services anytime soon, still, they have exceptional service should the need arise.

Keeping all that in mind, this camera is a diamond in the rough. It is a product that will fulfill all requirements of the customer.


19. Geekam


This is the last camera on our list, but definitely not the least. This camera has all the capabilities of making a great video, which is of a professional level.

Let us first come to the quality of videos. This camera produces 4K videos with an FPS of 30 FPS. This quality varies along as the FPS increases.

If the quality is 1080p, then the FPS is 60 and similarly for 720 p the FPS is 120. This is an excellent setting as at no point will the clarity and quality ever be compromised.

Even the lens angle is 170 degrees, which works perfectly with all the other features.

This camera is waterproof till 100 feet deep, hence no fear of rain or other weather conditions. All the other collaborative features work perfectly with each other in this camera to produce fine results.

All in all, it is a great product to have by one’s side when out biking.


What To Look For To Make Sure That The Camera Is The Best Motorbike Helmet Camera?

1. Video/Picture Quality

An important, rather, the most important aspect of any camera is the quality it provides, in terms of the videos and pictures. Usually, when someone uses a helmet camera, it is to record their journey in the form of videos. Hence, you need good video quality to supplement the entire experience.

Usually, the quality offered by these cameras range from 720p resolution all the way to 4K video quality. 720p is not bad, but it is not the best.

With 4K, the way the videos can be edited also changes and becomes better. It is easier to make changes and ensure that the videos are as per your requirements.

2. Frames Per Second (FPS)

This is a factor that is often overlooked by people when choosing a device to record and play videos. Frames per second is a way of calculating how clearly the video will flow from one scene to the next.

Essentially, a video is a series of pictures which together form a moving picture. These pictures are called frames.

The higher the rate of frames per second, the better the video will look. Lower rates make the video stale and weird to watch. The range of the FPS is from 25 FPS all the way to 100 FPS. it can go higher, but then the cost will also shoot up proportionately.

The best motorbike helmet cameras will make sure that the FPS they offer is in this range itself. Hence, it is something that you need to look out for carefully.

3. Field Of View

The field of view of the camera is the scope or range it can capture of the scenery in front of it. The field of view can be changed in the settings of the camera.

What you must look for is what the maximum field of view of the camera is. The field of view is important as it helps you cover more ground in terms of the elements that can be a part of your shot.

The better the range of the field of view, the higher the chances of you taking interesting shots. The range that is most common is 170 degrees. The best motorbike helmets sometimes offer a maximum field of range of 180 degrees.

4. Connectivity

Here, it means the connectivity of the camera with other devices. Mobile phones and laptops need to be connected to the helmet cameras for easy transfers and accessibility.

The question arises, how does this connection take place? Earlier, aux wires and USB cables were used. But the best motorbike helmets use wireless connections.

WiFi and bluetooth are now used to make a connection. These connections make sure that the transfer is done at the speed of light and with extreme ease.

This is what the best offers. WiFi is something that can make all your troubles disappear because you will be able to share everything instantly.

5. Battery Life

This is an important aspect as people expect cameras to at least function for the duration of their road journey. The battery life is measured in different ways, depending upon the company from which the product comes from.

The unit that is usually specified is mAH. If this is the case, then look for a camera whose battery power is a minimum of 1000 mAH.

Other than that, some products specify the time duration that the device would last on a single charge. They mention the recording time. This can vary anywhere from 90 minutes to 3 hours.

This may seem like a small number, but recording videos usually is not a lengthy affair. Hence, battery life on these lines works perfectly fine.

These factors are only some of the few common ones which one must try and look out for while browsing through motorbike cameras.

Cost is another factor, but it will be something which will vary with each user and each device. The best motorbike helmet cameras will be on the costlier side, but they are a worthy investment.

Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras – Your choice?

All the cameras that are in this list are the best motorbike helmet cameras currently out there. They bring out the best and the finest videos to show to the world.

They can capture a moment in the most amazing way possible. The best part is that the customer or the videographer has to put in the least amount of effort into doing so.

All factors must be kept in mind when buying a product that is going to be used as frequently as a camera. All the above products satisfy those conditions to a certain degree.

A camera, especially one used to record biking trips, is a product that is extremely personal to the user. All memories are captured by that one single device. Hence, having the best device at hand is necessary. These are the best devices in this field and anyone can choose any of them to record all their experiences.

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