These are the Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers Ever (+6 more)

Quick Overview: Our Top 5 Picks for Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

OUR TOP PICKptsntbl-table__imageSena SMH10-10
  • Up to 12 hours of talk time
  • Advanced Noise Control technology
  • Long-range music sharing and intercom for motorcyclists-
ptsntbl-table__imageCardo PACKTALK
  • Best in class wind-noise reduction
  • Sound by JBL
  • Compatible with all helmet
ptsntbl-table__imageUClear Digital Pulse
  • Pulse speakers plug into most helmet communication systems,
  • Extreme Bass and Clean Sound
  • Deliver the best sound in helmet audio
ptsntbl-table__imageJZAQ Motorcycle Helmet Wireless Headset
  • Effective Distance 20m
  • Long Play Time
  • Perfect Sound Quality
ptsntbl-table__imageFODSPORTS FX8
  • Noise Reduction Function & Hi-Fi Stereo Sound Quality
  • Hands-free & Easy to operate
  • 8 Riders Group Intercom& Universal Pairing

A helmet-mounted headset was one of the first things I felt missing when I started riding. I wanted the accessibility to talk to my riding group and my pillion without having to scream my lungs out, the ease of answering my phone without having to pull over, and the comfort of music while riding.

Yes, it’s a great addition to your riding gear. But, choosing the best motorcycle helmet speaker might not be the easiest task because this is one gear that varies significantly in terms of design, usage, features, and functionality.

So, if you’re out looking for a speaker system solely to enjoy some quality music while you ride, I’d suggest my top pick for you, the Sena SMH10-10 Bluetooth speakers. And if you want more features and designs, check out my top 10 best motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headsets and speakers!

Top 7 Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers 2022

1. Sena SMH10-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Sena SMH10-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

Our Top Pick

There are no two ways around this: Sena is the top manufacturer of motorcycle helmet speakers. I’m in love with the Sena SMH10-10 Bluetooth speakers for their incredible sound quality, razor-fast Bluetooth connection, and convenience.

It’s also my top pick because of how high-quality the build is and how durable I’ve found this to be. I’ve personally been using these speakers for years now. Of course, you’re going to get better sound quality with the Sena SMH10-10 speakers, than, say, a budget helmet speaker like the UClear Digital Pulse.

The SMH10-10 also has Bluetooth intercom enabled, and you can have conference conversations with a maximum of four people. The crystal clear sound is a big factor as well: and it has great battery life.

It fits really well in the helmet (convenient since there’s no audio cable) thanks to the strong magnet connection into the helmet.


  • Great long-range connection abilities
  • Great sound quality
  • Bluetooth intercom system with 4 people
  • The jog dial is ergonomic to operate when wearing gloves
  • Fits well inside full helmets


  • Only suitable for full helmets, won’t fit inside half-helmets
  • You cannot talk on a call and listen to music at the same time

Suitable For

This is the perfect Bluetooth helmet speaker for anyone: that’s why it’s our top pick. We really think anyone who rides a bike will be happy with these (unless you have a half helmet!). You’ll particularly appreciate these for the intercom system, especially if you like riding with your friends.




Best Premium Helmet Speakers

If you really value feature-rich bluetooth helmet speakers, it only makes sense to invest in the best of the market. The Cardo PACKTALK is the best premium helmet speakers available, and are incredibly durable for years together.

The Cardo PACKTALK probably has the best design we’ve ever seen on a helmet speaker. This convenient headset fits in every kind of helmet (yes, half helmets too!), and the sound quality is a whole league apart from other speakers. The sound is provided by JBL speakers: so you can imagine the kind of quality you get.

You get to enjoy Dynamic Mesh Communication with this headset, which is a cutting-edge technology that allows long-distance communication with multiple Bluetooth devices. This means you get to talk to your friends riding along with you, even when they’re considerably far away. Since Cardo PACKTALK is enabled with DMC technology, it definitely has further reach than the Fodsports M1S, a regular Bluetooth speaker.

With noise-reduction, you don’t suffer from the loud ambient noise of wind whipping past your ears when you ride at 100 mph. It’s also waterproof, so rain can’t stop you or your bike anymore.


  • DMC long-range Bluetooth intercom
  • JBL speakers for superior sound quality
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Activated by Ok Google/Hey Siri
  • Great battery life – 13 hours talk time


  • Doesn’t connect as well to Android devices
  • A small delay in switching from DMC to Bluetooth mode
  • Not affordable for everyone

Suitable For

This is the best premium Bluetooth helmet speaker: and it has all the key features conceivably needed for the perfect ride. You don’t compromise on anything with these speakers. They’re also going to last you years together, so if you’re ready to invest in the best top-notch Bluetooth speakers and intercom that money can buy, look no further.


3. UClear Digital Pulse

UClear Digital Pulse Best Motorcycle Helmet SpeakersBest Budget Helmet Speakers

  • Device Type: Helmet speaker
  • Connection Type: Corded electric, 3.5mm standard audio jack
  • Weight: 2.89oz

Let’s hop onto the best budget speakers. The UClear Digital Pulse is a simple helmet speaker system. It is best suited for riders who just want to listen to music while they ride.

The device comes with a pair of speakers designed specially to fit inside helmets. They can be positioned on either side of the helmet face from the inside. It is also super lightweight and does not add any additional discomfort.

Electric cords are connected to the speakers that end with a standard 3.5mm audio jack on the other end. This can be plugged into your smartphone or your audio device, both of which are compatible with the UClear. This also can be connected to a helmet-mounted Bluetooth device, if you own one.

The device doesn’t need any batteries or the necessity of charging to use. The audio quality is quite clear and is not affected by wind and road noises. Of course, it isn’t as crystal clear as a more high-end speaker (such as the Cardo PACKTALK) but it is still impressive for its price point.


  • Simple-to-use device
  • Lightweight
  • Good sound quality


  • Limited functionality
  • No wireless connection

Suitable For

If you’re not entirely sure about riding with helmet speakers but would like to try it out: these budget speakers fit the bill. While they may not have all the extensive features and crystal clear sound quality: they’re sturdy and reliable and a great starting point.


4. JZAQ Motorcycle Helmet Wireless Headset

JZAQ Motorcycle Helmet Wireless Headset

Best Budget Helmet Headset

  • Device Type: Helmet Speaker with mic
  • Connection Type: Bluetooth
  • Weight: 3.95oz

The JZAQ device manages to be one of the most affordable options on our list while also providing impressive features — namely an easy-to-use mic along with a fully-fledged speaker system. If you’re looking for more than just speakers, you’ll appreciate the long battery life, noise cancellation, and great connectivity range.

The JZAQ comes equipped with a pair of on-ear speakers that can be attached to the helmet using adhesive tapes provided. You can position the microphone module as per your comfort. It is designed to suit all types of helmets.

When it comes to connectivity, you can connect the device to two phones simultaneously via Bluetooth. It also has a connectivity range of 20m. The wind noise-canceling feature makes the device all the more enjoyable.

The USP of the JZAQ device is its long battery life. It has a continuous usage time of about 50 hours, while it can remain on standby for 500 hours. This means you can travel all day long, listen to music, and talk to people all day long. The device is also IPX7 waterproof, so using the device while riding in the rain or snow should not be a problem.


  • Excellent Battery Life
  • Value for money wireless device
  • Easy to install and use


  • The quality of speaker foam could be better
  • The Bluetooth range could be better

Suitable For

If you’re not too keen on helmet speakers and think a headset could do the trick: we strongly recommend this one. It’s a fraction of the cost of regular helmet speakers and is surprisingly feature-rich. You get great connectivity, fast switching between music and calls and it’s waterproof to boot.




Best Noise-Cancelling Helmet Speakers

  • Device Type: Helmet Mounted Intercom
  • Connection Type: Bluetooth
  • Weight: 7oz

The Fodsports FX8 is an intercom device that you can mount on your helmet. It is definitely one of the best motorcycle helmet Bluetooth headsets with respect to features.

You can pair it with up to 7 other devices simultaneously, meaning up to 8 riders in a group can be connected at all times. The device has the option of universal pairing, which is convenient if a member in your group owns a different intercom.

The intercom has a range of about 1.25 miles, so you can remain connected to the group in case you fall behind.

The device also has high-quality speakers, which have noise-canceling features up to 60mph. Beyond this speed, you may experience some buffeting. You can use the device hand-free by turning on the voice command feature, which is available for both Android and iOS devices.

The 900mAh battery takes about 3 hours to charge, post which the device lasts for a good 20 hours of usage time, which is sufficient for a day-long ride.


  • The universal pairing of up to 8 riders
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Noise-canceling speakers


  • Setting up may take some effort

Suitable For

These are the safest noise-canceling helmet speakers in the market. If you’re the type of rider to take your motorcycle with you on long rides and zip through the highway at 100mph speeds, you’ll definitely need to protect your ears from the wind noise. These noise-canceling helmet speakers do just that but keep the traffic noise on for your safety.


6. Fodsports M1S

Fodsports M1SBest Helmet Speakers for Base

  • Device Type: Helmet Mounted Intercom
  • Connection Type: Bluetooth
  • Weight: 7oz

Another great product from Fodsports is the M1S intercom device. The device can be mounted on the side face of the helmet using adhesive tapes and the mounting clip. The cords for the speakers can be passed inside the helmet liner, where the speakers can be positioned appropriately.

The intercom is capable of connecting up to 8 riders in a group. It also facilitates pairing with devices other than the M1S. Also, if you just want to pair it with your phone for music and calls, you can do so, as it can connect with 2 smartphones at a time.

You need not worry in case you lag behind your group or be way ahead of them, as the device has an excellent range of 1.25 miles. The noise-canceling speakers are effective up to a speed of 60mph.

The device has a battery life of 12 hours, and it also features a reminder function about low battery. You can ride using the device in rainy and dusty environments as it is water and dust-resistant.


  • Excellent Range Of 1.25 Miles
  • Good audio quality
  • Noise-canceling speakers


  • Installation could be tricky
  • Battery life could have been better

Suitable For

A big problem with many helmet speakers is that they’re better suited for clear voice audio when you’re taking calls or talking through the intercom, and not designed for music. That’s not the case with the Fodsports M12. This helmet speaker is designed for an amazing surround sound music experience with great emphasis on the base.

Trust me, music somehow sounds better with this helmet speaker. If you’re big on music, this is the one for you.


7. Cardo helmet speaker


Best Helmet Speaker Attachment

  • Device Type: Helmet speaker
  • Connection Type: Corded electric, 3.5mm standard audio jack
  • Weight: 4oz

This product by Cardo can be an excellent addition to your intercom system. It is a speaker system that packs in a sound processing firmware developed by JBL designed for Cardo’s Freecom and Packtalk.

But if you’re not an owner of the aforementioned two, you can still use this to connect to any intercom device and still enjoy great audio quality.

It comes with 3.6 inches larger speaker pads that can be fitted inside your helmet. You can then connect this with your intercom device using the standard 3.5mm audio jack.

This is the best motorcycle helmet speaker we have tested and is also what most users agree with.


  • Exceptional audio quality
  • Good quality materials used
  • Works best with Cardo’s Freecom and Packtalk


  • It cannot work as a standalone headset device

Suitable For

If you already own a headset and want to extend it into a headset: this is a perfect option. It’s cost-effective and seamlessly fits with the audio devices you already own. Surprisingly, this attachment had one of the loudest speakers we reviewed.

Remember that it doesn’t have a built-in mic!


You Should Know This Before Buying Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

Here are some key factors that you should examine before purchasing motorcycle helmet speakers for your next ride.  

1. Helmet and Speaker Size

The first thing to consider before ordering your helmet speakers is obviously the helmet that you are going to wear. Its size and design will have a huge impact on what speakers will fit into it. Moreover, helmets arrive in several size variants and you must get head speakers that fit your current helmet.

Similarly, you should make sure that the helmets have a thickness and diameter that fits into your ear and helmet.

2. Durability

There is nothing more disappointing than paying a huge price for a gadget that lasts only a few days. So, the next necessary factor to examine is their endurance.

For that purpose, check their durability and whether they can withstand pressure, rain, dust, sweat, and heat and last for a long time. Also, they must be made of high-quality material and be sturdy enough to stay intact despite a small hit or fall.

3. Price

The price is obviously one significant factor to consider when you go for helmet speakers. The market has a plethora of options and diverse price ranges. Hence, it is necessary that you set a maximum price limit to match your budget otherwise you’ll keep finding more premium options in the market!

When you have pre-decided a price range, it will save your time and allow you to easily select a suitable product for yourself. In the case of helmet speakers, you must remember that usually, Bluetooth helmet speakers are costlier.

4. Controls

When you are riding your motorcycle, you must own helmet speakers that are easy to control. The best headphones are the ones that have easy controlling buttons on the wire, allowing you to easily control the volume and the calling button, even with your gloves on.

Next, they must be easy to operate and have microphones on them so that you can attend a call without taking off your helmet.

In terms of control, the best speakers for riding are obviously Bluetooth ones that allow you to control every feature without engaging with wires.

5. Sound Quality

When it comes to a gadget that you will use to listen to music or attend phone calls, excellent sound quality is a must. So, make sure that the sound is highly clear, crisp, and not distorted, especially if you use an open-face helmet that can cause disturbance due to its exposure to the wind.

Because in the end, if you aren’t enjoying your music with your sound device, it is not worth your money.

6. Other Factors

1. Comfort

Comfort is something that you cannot avoid especially if you are on the road. Therefore, make sure that the helmet speakers are comfortable and don’t hurt your ear while you are riding. 

If you have to take off your helmet after a while with your current helmet speakers, you should definitely go for another one.

2. Battery Life

Bluetooth Motorcycle helmet speakers need to get charged and hence, battery life becomes a decisive factor while you finalize a product. This is especially important when it comes to long rides. You wouldn’t want your Bluetooth speakers to stop working halfway through your journey.

So, make sure they offer reliable battery life.

3. Compatibility 

Another factor to analyze before making the investment is choosing the device that is compatible with most of your devices. If it doesn’t connect with your devices when you need it or if you constantly face connectivity issues, it is going to ruin your whole riding experience.

So, make sure that the speaker is compatible with your devices like your smartphones- or other music-playing devices- and connects without any delay.

4. Warranty

Warranty is a vital element for any electronic device. So, whenever you are going for headsets, make sure that they have at least 5 to 10 years of warranty. This will make sure that they last long. 

Also, don’t forget to keep them in a safe and secure place so that you don’t lose or damage them (you don’t need to rely on a warranty all the time).

5. Aesthetics

The last thing that you should keep in mind when buying your head speakers is the looks. After all, when you have a classy helmet, a wonderful bike, your helmet speakers must be stylish as well.

Different Types Of Helmet Speakers

Most Helmet Speakers can be categorized into three different kinds. Choosing the right kind of helmet speaker depends largely on what’s more convenient and safe for you.

1. Built-in Helmet Speakers

Built-in helmet speakers are incredibly top-end. These are Bluetooth helmets that have comfortable helmet speakers built inside them. They tend to have the best sound quality as well as all the features of advanced noise control technology along with intercom systems. The only downside is that they tend to be on the pricier side. Many riders prefer to buy regular helmets and install their own helmet speakers of choice.

2. Wired Helmet Speakers

Wired helmet speakers are the kind that you can install into a regular helmet. They come with speakers and a mounting system that can be attached to your helmet. Depending on the model, they might come with an intercom receiver along with a USB charging cable and connectors. Most of the time, you get to have a jog dial or multiple controls to shuffle songs, and switch modes.

Helmet communication systems are made easy with wired helmet speakers, especially if there’s a jog dial that helps navigate with ease. Built-in mics help you communicate easily with the pillion and answer calls with voice control.

3. Wireless Helmet Speakers/Bluetooth Speakers

Wired speakers can also get tiresome with extra-long cables. When buying helmet speakers, it’s always a good idea to invest in long-term durability. You’ll get much better Bluetooth connectivity with wireless helmet speakers and this can work much better in the long run with the best sound quality.

Of course, Bluetooth speakers are considerably more expensive than wired alternatives. Bluetooth intercom also seems to work better than wired ones, making it much easier to talk to your fellow riders. Most intercom systems have a maximum of 8 speakers. The best part about Bluetooth helmet speakers is being able to connect to multiple devices and using voice commands instead of manually operating a jog dial. This category of helmet speakers is our personal favorite.

Frequently Asked Questions About Helmet Speakers

1. Are Motorcycle Helmet Speakers Safe?

If you are using the speakers properly, and the overall sound and volume of the music are adjusted correctly, they are completely safe. 

In some states, it is illegal to ride a bike with headphones in both ears but it is legal in one ear. So, make sure you know the local laws before you plug in those earphones.

2. Are Noise-canceling Motorcycle Helmet Speakers Safe?

The short answer is yes: they absolutely are.

When I first heard about noise-canceling motorcycle speakers, my immediate concern was that they wouldn’t be safe. Not being able to hear sirens and horns can make you extremely prone to accidents and can be lethal on the road.

However, noise-canceling motorcycle speakers aren’t like regular noise-canceling headphones. These systems work with CVC noise reduction technology to reduce wind noise, and they actually don’t filter out necessary traffic noises (like sirens and horns).

Noise-cancelling is important for motorcyclists riding at 100 mph or more since the wind noise can be so loud that it actually causes damage to the ears. These noise reduction systems can prevent tinnitus which is a ringing of the ears.

3. Are There Any Motorcycle Helmets That Have In-built Speakers?

Yes, there are several helmets such as FreedConn Motorcycle Helmet and ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Helmet that have built-in speakers and allow you to listen to music, place a call, or communicate with your riding mates while you are on a ride.

4. What Are The Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers For Music?

UClear Digital Pulse and JZAQ Motorcycle Helmet Wireless Headset are definitely the best motorcycle helmet speakers for music. These will surely enhance your riding experience as they offer convenience, excellent sound quality, and easy connectivity.

5. What Are The Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers With Bass?

If you love bass while listening to music, Fodsports M1S and UClear Digital Pulse are going to be your perfect road trip partners. These speakers offer high-quality bass and an unparalleled music experience.

6. What Are The Best Noise-canceling Motorcycle Helmet Speakers?

When it comes to the best noise-canceling motorcycle speakers, FODSPORTS FX8 is definitely the best. They perfectly fit your ears and cancel all the unwanted noise.

7. Are There Any Bluetooth Speakers For Motorcycle Half Helmets Available On The Market?

Yes, there are lots of BT speakers for half helmets that reduce unwanted wind noise and offer you crisp and clear music. Among all such products, Erivis Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset and YOVDA Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset are the most favorite headsets of motorcycle riders.

8. What Is The Difference Between Motorcycle Helmet Speakers And Earbuds?

Earbuds are listening devices designed for listening to music while you are at home, working, or traveling.
However, motorcycle helmet speakers are specially designed to give you a noise-free music listening experience while you are riding your bike. They allow you to attend or make a call while you are on your journey and let you communicate without any disturbance, as well as high sound-quality music playback. The noise-canceling feature with Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers is specially designed to only filter out wind noise and keep traffic noises.

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