Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Quick Overview: Our Top 5 Picks for Motorcycle Helmet Speaker

OUR TOP PICKptsntbl-table__imageUClear
  • High Fidelity Audio
  • HD quality sound
  • Includes speaker set and installation mount set
  • Windproof and Stable Connection
  • IPX7 Waterproof
  • Suitable all Helmets
  • Lightweight + Durability
  • Ultra rich, high definition audio
  • Compatible with most bluetooth comms
  • Hi Fi Sound Quality
  • Easy to operate
  • Stylish design
  • Easy hands-free communications
  • Easy Installation for Most Helmets
  • High-end HiFi Stereo Music with A2DP profile

How can you make your motorbike trip more enjoyable and soothing? Driving while listening to your best songs makes your journey better and enjoyable, but how could we achieve it. The Motorbike helmet speaker is the ideal gear which makes it possible.

The motorcycle helmet speakers let you listen to your favorite jams while you’re riding. You can easily add it to your helmet when exploring the world on your bike and enjoying your songs from your iPod or tablet.


Some models need to be connected to the music source to work, while others are wireless helmet speakers that connect via Bluetooth. Motorcycle helmet speakers have been designed to encourage someone who drives a motorcycle to listen to music while riding.

Since there are so many motorcycle helmet speakers in the market, you must read our best Motorcycle helmet speakers review before making a final purchase. Below mentioned are the best verified and checked motorbike helmet speakers to make your ride enjoyable and better.

Several Ways In Which The Motorcycle Helmet Speakers Can Be Beneficial To Us

1. Whether you’re on a long road trip or just going to the grocery store, even while you’re on your bike you can listen to your favorite songs everywhere safely with a motorcycle helmet speaker.

2. You can make and take a call without the need to stop and get off your bike while you’re riding.

3. You can also communicate with other riders in your team while riding in a group.

4. You may be tempted to use a phone when you’re riding if you don’t have a helmet with speakers, which can be risky.

5. Most of the best sounding motorcycle helmet speakers are pretty small indeed. These are either built into the helmet, placed inside it hideously or are part of a headset.

6. Whether wired or wireless, the helmet speakers are usually easy to set up. You may combine them with a Bluetooth device, or directly plug them into an electronic computer.

Types Of Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

1. Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Speakers

In the past few years, Bluetooth technology has evolved quite a bit, and it’s a great feature in a
motorcycle helmet.

The best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers allow you to switch between functions like music, intercom and phone calls effortlessly. You can pair the wireless motorcycle helmet speakers to your smartphone and other mobile devices.

2. Wired Motorbike Helmet Speaker

If you don’t want Bluetooth-enabled wireless speakers, then you can select a wired headset. You put your headset on and wear it under your helmet.

Some models are compatible with Bluetooth and can function as an intercom to connect with other riders or to chat over the phone.

3. In-Built Speaker

Most helmet manufacturers have Bluetooth motorcycle speakers built into their products. They are pre-installed on the helmet.

Some Bluetooth helmets have improved speakers and intercom systems compared to their competitors. What’s nice about the best motorcycle helmet with built-in speakers is that the speakers remain in place and do not fall out.

Factors To Consider While Buying The Motorcycle Helmet Speaker

1. Helmet Type

One of the first items to remember when looking through the hundreds of choices available on the market is the Headset type. Helmet speakers, more commonly referred to as helmet headsets, are usually of two forms: annexed and standing alone. The attached helmet speakers come with a set of adapters to help install the motorcycle speakers.

On the other side, freestanding cast speakers do not mount on the helmet in any way. Compared to the attached speaker’s freestanding helmet speakers are comparatively more convenient. And there are annexed helmet speakers fitted into the helmet.

2. Helmet Size

Another very critical aspect of choosing the right helmet speaker is to make sure that you invest in the appropriate size. The width and thickness of the speaker play a significant role when it comes to helmet speakers.

If the speakers are too small, they may not be very functional, either; the sound quality of the smaller helmet speakers is not great. But if the speakers are too big and continuously pulling on your ears, they make for an incredibly uncomfortable speaker.

Having a thicker speaker would also have an impact on helmet size and structure. It is also one of the most complicated decisions, and one has to choose which size to invest wisely.

3. Quality

Motorcycle helmet speakers of the finest quality should sound relaxed next to your face. In no way can they interrupt you, because this can be risky when you’re riding. This goes hand in hand with the size and shape of the speaker and how it sits within your helmet.

4. Durability

Some models of helmet speakers are made better than others. They can withstand a wide range of conditions, including wind, rain, dust, and sweat. The best motorcycle helmet speakers should feature materials of high quality, so they last a long time and are durable and dependable.

5. Battery Life

Bluetooth motorcycle helmet speakers that sound best have long battery life. Some gadgets use a lot more energy than others, so be sure to pick a product that can carry a charge for a long time to come.

Top 16 Best Motorcycle Helmet Speakers 2021

1. UClear Digital

UClear Digital Best Motorcycle Helmet Speaker

High-definition wired speakers from UClear Digital Plus deliver top quality sound, pure bass tones, and crystal-clear tones. If you are looking to update your current system or are new to a speaker when traveling, this is a great device.

The price shows this is a standard device, but the nature of the sound is sure to surprise you. Versatile, beginner-friendly, and providing the kind of consistent performance you need while you’re on the road, this speaker package doesn’t come as a surprise to kill the competitor.


  • The UClear Digital Pulse Wired Motorcycle Helmet speakers add hi- audio to every helmet. It installs into most helmets, communication systems, audio devices, and smartphones easily.
  • The Pulse offers clean sound, intense bass, and unbeatable quality audio. Pulse’s sound drivers provide optimal output and the best quality in helmet audio and excellent music playback.
  • The Pulse design helps you to easily move your speakers from one helmet to another, without any equipment. This system helps you to easily move your speakers from one helmet to another without the need of any other instruments. It keeps you connected to your music and phone calls as you ride on your bike, and everywhere in between.


2. Jzaq


You surely have to consider this Jzaq headset when selecting the right motorcycle helmet speakers. This Waterproof Motorcycle intercom headset provides the latest features such as Bluetooth headset, hands-free microphone, music call control, automatic response, 20 hours of playtime to give the ultimate comfort for the users.

The speaker allows its users to automatically connect to the microphones, thereby ensuring the best signal contact. It’ll be a good choice for motorcyclists to interact during the trip easily.


  • The speaker features a 700mah Li-ion rechargeable battery for a long backup. The speaker will work up to 50hours of playtime, and 500 hours of standby time, as the company says.
  • The speaker hardly requires 2 hours to recharge, and users will be able to test the battery level by merely connecting it to their smartphone. The speaker is fully waterproof, and its nano-coating makes it an ideal outdoor product.
  • The sound quality is crystal clear. Another thing to note is that this headset comes with pulse design, which lets you move it quickly from one helmet to the next.
  • This is a good range that uses Bluetooth 5.0 and will better fit you, communicating effortlessly. It helps you to connect to two cell phones to enjoy your music and provides a stronger signal. It is a powerful device that comes with a built-in 700mAh battery that enables runtime of up to 50 hours.
  • It also consists of waterproof features so you can use it safely during all weather conditions. You get a crystal-clear sound when interacting with other riders using the DSP noise reduction system. Installation in the helmet is simple and can attach within 20 m range.


3. Iasus XSound 3

Iasus XSound 3

The XSound 3 Helmet Speaker is compatible with every headphone system or earphone. It is also ideal for any of the helmet based sporting activities such as ATV, Snowmobiling, Snowboarding, Skiing, Skydiving, Paragliding trips, and anything you can imagine.


  • The speakers of Iasus XSound 3 come equipped with an aluminum frame, Kevlar-reinforced speaker wires, and outstanding sound quality.
  • The XSound 3 speakers can handle higher volumes with almost no distortion, which generally most regular intercom speakers can’t handle.
  • The bass response is excellent; you can really “feel” the bass while listening. The consistency of the sound seems much “wider” compared to regular intercom speakers, with both sound and bass quality.


4. Fodsports FX8

Fodsports FX8

Fodsports FX8 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset has the capacity to accommodate up to 8 riders and is a good choice of Bluetooth headset motorcycle for a try. It enables fast communication with most riders plus brings in a sound system of consistency.

This also uses Bluetooth 4.1 technology, and it communicates easily with all compatible devices. So, while traveling, you should listen to your favorite songs. It also supports integrated FM radio.


  • It is available in varieties of colors; hence a pick that satisfies all riders. The unit also has the feature of noise reduction.
  • It comes with a high quality Hi-Fi sound system. It was carefully built using quality material to ensure it is rust-proof and dust-proof.


5. Lexin LX-B4FM

Lexin LX-B4FM

This Bluetooth headset motorcycle is one of the best when it comes to listening to HiFi stereo music or hands-free calling from your mobile. Wireless GPS facilities are also available, enabling the user to have a conference intercom conversation with up to 4 riders at an intercom range of 1600 meters.

Installing the LX-B4FM on the most open face, flip-face, and full-face type helmets are pretty easy. All that’s needed is an included bracket and spring clip. You only have to slip the clip between the shell and the EPS cushion. Another option is to use the double-sided 3M Scotch adhesive to mount the bracket directly to the helmet wall.


  • The LX-B4FM consists of the latest Bluetooth 3.0 technology, which supports many profiles such as Headset Profile (HSP), Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), and Hands-Free Profile (HFP). For voice dialing, having GPS voice instructions, and other voice commands, the user also has access to Siri or S-Voice from the main screen. It also has a 1-mile working distance, which is very impressive.
  • The LX-B4FM performs well at speeds of up to 120 km/h, the Lithium-Ion battery promises up to 15 hours of music listening, 8 hours speaking time, and 120 hours standby. With an all-day battery, it is resistant to temperatures of around -3 ° F, which makes it a great choice.


6. Cardo


This Cardo package comes equipped with JBL speakers. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because of JBL. It is one of the world’s leading speaker manufacturers, which is why it’s no surprise that this system has won top marks for quality sound.

Since Cardo collaborated with this maker, they dominated the competition with their speaker sets. While other speaker sets seem to concentrate more on volume level, these speakers give you the best of both worlds, giving you a higher volume and quality of sound that will blow you away.


  • The manufacturer has created a revolutionary speaker system that enables you to enjoy listening to your favorite music while riding your bike.
  • This is a 45-millimeter audio package consisting of a couple of JBL speakers and firmware that will allow you to pair the speakers with an existing communication system for the helmet headset. For ultimate comfort, these are slim fit speakers that feature foam wrapped edges.
  • Installation is simple and straightforward. All you’ll have to do is remove your current headset from the stock speaker. The installation place of the speakers inside the helmet should have to be proper and also careful attention required, while installation of these speakers. Proper positioning would have a significant effect on the consistency and clarity of speech.
  • If you have an established headset communication device, or you’re simply using these speakers with your smartphone, you’ll be impressed with the speaker’s bass response.
  • The sound is much smoother and provides the kind of clarity and consistency that you need when you’re on the road and dealing with your engine’s noise and the sound of other road bikes and cars.


7. Ejeas E1

Ejeas E1

With this headphone speaker for the Bluetooth motorcycle, you can connect two mobile phones at a time and get a better advantage. It supports intercoms, which helps you to make communications convenient.

It is also simple to set up and requires an earphone with Hi-Fi. It also helps you to make trouble-free calls and comes with a 270mAh rechargeable battery. You’ll also find a smart reminder feature that gives sound reminders.

It comes in a lightweight design that allows you to wear it comfortably for long hours. It is a complete package and also contains four magic stickers. It comes with broad compatibility and offers outstanding sound quality.

This has Advanced Technologies for Signal Processing and is in a lightweight form, making it suitable for riders.


  • Hi-Fi earphones and Hi-Fi speakers are easy to connect, letting you enjoy crystal clear voice and music from your mobile phone.
  • Easy to use and Answer Phone Hands-free, allow you to drive safely.
  • Have 270mAh Long Working Life Set-in Li-ion rechargeable battery.


8. Baile


The headset features hands- communication to help users make and take calls, select radio stations, select music files, access GPS functions, and enjoy easy and secure Bluetooth connectivity.

The headset has a fantastic battery life that supports up to six hours of intercom usage and 10 hours of talk time. The headset also features a Bluetooth CSR chip that supports DSP echo and noise cancelling technology, which improve the clarity of speech.

The headset also supports 800- meter intercom communication between two bikes and a range of up to 10 meters for mobile phones. Also, the headset comes with a waterproof all-silica gel shell, which keeps it dry while riding in the rain.


  • This motorcycle helmet Speaker comes with the Hi-Fi earphone to allow the rider to listen to the music and voice clear. The new Bluetooth 4.0 methodology dedicated to providing fast noise-free communication, is being introduced.
  • Installing and using this headset is relatively easy. You will answer the calls while you are riding your motorcycle. That indicates the advantages of hands-free functionality.
  • It comes with the Li-ion rechargeable battery, which is designed to provide long standby time and long working hours.
  • The sound reminder feature is included, which simplifies the adjustment of the system as per the sound reminders.


9. Fordsport M1S

Fordsport M1S

Nothing is more fun than taking a long trip with friends. That’s why Fodsports built this Bluetooth headset to allow you to communicate seamlessly with your friends. The M1S features Bluetooth 4.1 technology that makes it compliant and very stable.

It has a maximum uninterrupted 2000 meter intercom range, which ensures consistent sound quality within the communication field. You can ensure hands-free calling with the M1S, listen to some stereo music, retrieve GPS routes, and receive wireless voice commands through Bluetooth.

All of this helps to make for more enjoyable traveling. The M1S has a better specification of sound quality and high reproductivity for the bass compared to the other decent quality headsets on the market, as it uses a wide range of membrane monomers built in different narrow linear spaces.


  • A CSR chip performs outstandingly to reduce ambient noises like wind noise and engine noise. This, combined with the fact that the M1S is weather-proof, makes your trip calm.
  • The rechargeable 600mAh battery lasts very long and also provides alerts that remind you about the various Battery levels.
  • The product comes with the exclusive voice command feature. So any time you want the headset to perform a job, you don’t have to interrupt your journey.


10. Alta


The Alta wireless Bluetooth helmet speakers provide you with a more comfortable way to reap the many features on your smartphone and listen to your favorite, hands-free music. These speakers have a similar design to a regular headphone pair, but their slim fit design allows you to wear them comfortably when wearing a helmet.

Combined with their high versatility and simple controls, the sleeker design makes these speakers one of the best-sellers in the Alta product lineup.


  • These slim-fit speakers, combined with a forty-millimeter driver and a 5.0 Bluetooth wireless chip, give high definition sound. This set provides a well-balanced tone, increased clarity, and a crystal-clear deep bass, even when the volume is at max.
  • If you’re tired of dealing with expensive speakers built for helmet, then Alta offers the perfect solution, producing speakers that are small enough to wear with any sort of helmet, a slim fit design that’s very comfortable, and intuitive controls that make it easy to respond to a call, change a song or trigger voice controls.
  • The ability to monitor speed, change songs, and answer calls without having to touch your phone, helps you to concentrate on the road and effectively improves your riding experience by making it fast and convenient to interact with others, listen to GPS navigation, or tunes.
  • These speakers come with an integrated microphone that enables you to use voice commands to control many of the speaker’s features, enabling you to use your smartphone without keeping it. The built-in microphone is just one of those useful features these speakers need to offer.


11. NikoMaku


The NikoMaku Bluetooth Headset motorcycle is available in a slim version, which will allow you to wear it comfortably for long hours. The headphone speaker on the Bluetooth motorcycle comes with echo and noise reduction that allows you to hear crystal clear speech.

Also, this will give you other benefits and have increased the operating time. It is also easy to set up and needs no maintenance. It has a powerful 4.0 Bluetooth chip and has a discrete appearance. Depending on your advantage, you can easily control the sound and answer or reject a call. This also runs on a 250mAh Li-ion battery and is simple to install.


  • It offers attractive Slim design and stable connectivity.
  • It performs efficiently and easy to operate.


12. ESoku T20S

ESoku T20S

A key aspect when shopping for the units is the number of riders the intercom will accommodate. This is a very handy device that serves up to six riders, allowing for most riders an exceptional range.

Besides this, it also connects with the maximum speed of 120 km over a longer range of 1200M. So, it is a choice that most riders consider convenient for better communication. Moreover, the intercom is widely applicable because it is also used by mountain climbers, cyclists, motorcycle buddies, and horse lovers.


  • Two quality intercoms are included in the pack, which allows for better communication. Because of the new Bluetooth networking, the units help calls dial and respond, plus enjoy the playlist while you run.
  • They also have distortion-canceling technology, which allows without interference for a quality sound system.


13. FreedConn T-Rex

FredConn T-Rex

The FreedConn T-Rex is an 8-way intercom that uses humanized applied architecture and incorporates cutting edge technology. It supports multitasking and multi-device connectivity, built to promote your communication.

This Bluetooth headset has an intuitive user interface that can be controlled easily by simply pressing a button that allows you to cycle through all functions of the app. The device as a whole is very strong, as it allows you to interact in a radius of 1500 meters with 8 other riders at the same time.

The pairing instructions for 8 headsets are also given in-depth, so you are always well aware of what you are doing.


  • The Bluetooth 3.0 technology helps you to make hands-free calls, get precise GPS directions and even listen to and share music when combined with an MP3 player. Thanks to the Advanced DSP Noise Reduction technology, which essentially cuts background noise, the T-Rex can produce crystal clear natural sound even in the noisiest of environments.
  • The Multitasking Priority System is also a fantastic addition because it helps you to respond to a call when listening to music just by touching a button.


14. Leiwoor


LEIWOOR Helmet Speaker for motorcycles is a Bluetooth Remote Speaker for calling or playing music, safe and enjoyable driving without hands. It is usually good for IOS, Android or iphone.

With its double-layer clamor amplifier inside, giving you strong solid experience, responding naturally brings in 3 seconds. Easy to use, just install your protective mask, connect with your phone, and enjoy music anywhere and anytime.


  • The Lithium Polymer Ion Battery rechargeable battery with a capacity of 400mAh is not very high in size but is average all right. It is also a waterproof speaker. The 3-Watt speaker brings crystal clear sound to you and guarantees quality audio.
  • Even for this system the high temperature like 550C is cool. It functions likewise in a cold setting as -200C. You can get a wireless speaker with a full package and a Velcro with a 3-meter sticker.
  • This product’s best feature is, it is extremely compatible with a range of devices from the various operating system platforms. It’s also compatible with Ios and your iPhone. A double-layered noise reduction style microphone is mounted inside to ensure high quality phone calls.


15. Cardo System

Cardo System

The Cardo System 40 mm Motorcycle Helmet speakers are fairly small and well-shaped that you haven’t seen anything slightly smaller, so if your helmet isn’t really built to hold speakers at all, you’ll probably get along with them.


  • The main device is provided with a stick-on and a clip-on bracket to keep it incredibly lightweight, which grips the outer shell’s bottom edge. There are two cables hanging from this – one for the speakers and one for the microphone. These are very small. And only reasonably easy to tuck under your helmet’s neck cover.
  • The Cardo has its own adjustable setting, which works very well to raise the volume of output according to riding speed, it is almost transparent, somehow finding the right balance to keep the sound at all speeds clearly audible and comfortable.


16. Allros T10

Allros T10

This Bluetooth system will link your communication in groups up to three intercoms. It comes with the intercom Bluetooth 3.0 Helmet, which includes headsets. It will allow for clear sound up to 546 yards and reliable communication in open terrain up to 1312 yards. It will allow you to make hands-free calls – respond, reject, end or make calls.


  • This speaker is windproof and waterproof and also it is strong enough to withstand all climate. Windproof technology allows noise to be minimized effectively.
  • It comes in two different properties allowing microphone compatibility with a full face, open face helmets that can be used with walkie talkies.
  • Due to the built-in CSR chip, the T10 allows long-range connectivity which allows you to enjoy crystal clear audio for up to 546 yards or 1312 yards for good communication in open terrain.
  • If your phone is in sync, a convex and 3D stereo button helps you to make hands-free calls and this button can also be quickly pressed, even though your gloves are on.


Best Helmet Speakers – Conclusion

Bluetooth technology pioneered hands-free communication. The best Bluetooth motorcycle headsets offer excellent noise cancelling technology and options for enjoying your favorite on-the-go music, a reliable GPS, and also remove the hassle of pulling off the side of the road now and then checking your phone.

Since we realized the value, advantages and usefulness of the Bluetooth helmet speakers, we brought the list and information of the best motorcycle helmet speakers for you to make it easier to find the best helmet speaker and you can also enjoy your bike ride while listening to your favorite playlists.

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