Best Motorcycle Rain Gears 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Scoyco RC01  2. Maiyu 3. Hwk Jacket
Scoyco RC01 Best Motorcycle Rain Gear Maiyu Hwk Jacket

Life isn’t always full of sunshine. We can all agree on that. Besides, the same holds true for roads too. You can’t always expect the road to your destination will have no weather changes. This is especially true if you are riding in the monsoon. In such conditions, visibility drops and there are more chances of mishaps. That’s why you need apparel like the best motorcycle rain gear to cover you.

However, where do you start looking for the best rain gear apparel for your needs? You might get confused looking at all the different options across the price ranges. That’s why, we have come up with a detailed answer, just for you. Read on to know more.


Why You Should Buy The Best Motorcycle Rain Gears

Rain gear should be your go-to choice when dealing with bad weather during rides. They go a long way in helping you stay safe from cars and other automobiles on the road.

Staying warm and dry not only protects you from health issues and the biting cold, but also enables you to concentrate on more important things like the road and your driving. Also, other drivers will be able to notice you much better thanks to the rain gear.

Rain gear like waterproof gloves and boots reduce the chances of you missing a gear, losing the grip on the throttle or handlebar etc. These minute mistakes can be disastrous in the wrong circumstances. All this,, is thanks to the added grips present on these special items.

The amount of choice you get is also great and you should take full advantage of it. Buying something that suits your riding style is a great idea and you can do that easily by going through this review. For example, you can choose between a one piece and a two piece based on convenience and duration of your ride.

Types Of Motorcycle Rain Gear

1. One Piece Suits

One piece suits are the preferred type of rain gear for many motorcycle enthusiasts. This is because of the stellar rain protection that they offer.

Hence, if someone is looking for rain protection as their main priority (in case their bike doesn’t have a fairing or windshield), then their search should stop at one piece suits. On the contrary, one piece suits are bulkier than any other type of rain cover and will take up a chunk of the limited storage space on your bike.

2. Two Piece Suits

If you want ease of use, flexibility and are short on space, two piece suits should be the best motorcycle rain suits for you . As the name suggests, there are two items that make up the complete suit.

One for the upper body and another for the lower body. In case you don’t feel the need for it, you can leave the bottom portion at home. Moreover, two piece suits take up a lot less space than one piece suits. On the flip side, they don’t offer the best rain protection and can be subject to wind flapping.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Best Motorcycle Rain Gear

1. Waterproof-ness

The sole cause of using a rain cover is so that you can protect yourself from rain. Hence, the topmost priority that you should give is related to how well the suit can repel water. While all rain gear is waterproof, some have better capabilities than others.

The reason for that is the quality of materials being used varies from product to product. One thing of note is that water resistance is not the same as waterproof-ness, and you should stay away from gear that claims to be water resistant.

2. Size

Size is another important factor that decides how well you are protected from the rain. A loose rain gear can be disastrous, as water can seep in through small openings in the suit. Also, it should not be so tight, that it cannot fit over your normal motorcycle gear. Somewhere in the middle would be perfectly fine.

Another important consideration is regarding how easy it is to wear and take off. Complex gear like some of the one piece suits can be too cumbersome to wear. Large suits also get in your way while riding the bike.

3. Visibility

Along with protection from rain and making it more comfortable to ride, rain gears also help in ensuring your safety in tough weather conditions. Visibility is something that goes a long way in making sure you are seen by other automobile drivers. If they see you in the dim lighting, you can almost be certain that they won’t hit you.

Lack of visibility is one of the main causes of motorcycle accidents in the rain, through no fault of their own. Retro-reflective items on your jacket help in increasing visibility. Another way of doing that is by using neon or other bright colors in the suit.

4. Breathability

Although not a big factor for short rides, breathability of the material being used becomes extremely important in the long rides. Rain gear that is not actually breathable can make you sweat a lot, because there isn’t enough breathability in the fabric and no circulation of air. .

In the long run, it can get pretty uncomfortable with rain pouring down on you and zero body moisture going out. PVC material that is used in many rain gears is not at all breathable. Hence, try to look at the materials it is made of and ascertain if it’s breathable.

5. Anti-Slip

When rain is pouring down, everything becomes a lot more slippery. This includes your seat, the handlebar, footpegs, gear changer and even the road. Slipping while on the saddle or the handlebar going out of control due to slipping can be a common occurrence. The antidote to this would be using rain gear that has anti-slip features.

The anti-slip functionality is due to a specific kind of material that is used to make the rain gear. It can also be due to a special coating that has anti-slip properties. In other cases, there are also separate panels that do the trick.

6. Heat-Resistant Panels

If you have ridden motorcycles before, you would have noticed that the exhaust pipes and the engine lie very close to your legs and thighs. When they get too close to comfort, they can cause irreparable damage to your rain gear. Keeping this in mind, many companies have incorporated heat resistant panels near vulnerable areas to protect your legs, and the gear itself.

However, there are multiple rain gears that don’t have it and risk the damage. Absence of such vital features indicate that the product is not of the desired standards. Therefore, it is better to stay away from such products.

7. Price

Last but definitely not the least, you have to consider the price point at which the rain gear is available. Just like most other products, it is available in a vast set of prices. However, anything less than $25 is not recommended. They will usually be made of low quality materials, and won’t have many features to boast about.

$50 will get you a good quality one with all the basic features, while most of the rain gear is priced in the $50-$100 range. If you want the best motorcycle rain suit, you will have to shell out more than $100 at least.

Top 20 Best Motorcycle Rain Gears 2021

1. Scoyco RC01

Scoyco RC01 Best Motorcycle Rain GearScoyco is a well-known brand in the motorcycle world, and it is no surprise that one of its products has made it to the top of the list. It is a two-piece set of jacket and pants and very easy to store and wear.

Since it is intended to be worn for racing purposes, it won’t be suitable if you own a chopper or touring motorbike. The color scheme also suggests it’s intended for a sports bike, since it has some neon green accents.

The product comes in four different sizes, depending on the height and weight of the individual. The smallest size is M, which is suitable for anyone below 170 cm in height, while the largest one is for people above 180 cm and 75 kgs in weight.

Talking about its build, it is made from polyester that is breathable and at the same time waterproof. It also has reflective panels for increased visibility in the dark. All in all, this deserves to be called the best motorcycle rain gear.


2. Maiyu

MaiyuThe Maiyu motorcycle rain suit comes with good reviews on Amazon and is suitable for anyone type of motorcycle. It has a simple design and a black with grey stripe color scheme. What it lacks in the design aspect, it makes up with its functionality.

Made of polyester with a PVC coating, it is completely waterproof and has a WP index of 8000. That means, even in heavy rain, you won’t get wet. Soft lining on the inside is another thing that is going in favour of this product. It makes it a lot more breathable. Additionally, the grey stripes also act as reflective visibility indicators in the dark.

The Maiyu motorcycle rain suit is two piece in nature, making it very easy to carry around. If you are worried about rain seeping in, you should know that there are seams in place just to prevent that. Moreover, the design is completely adjustable based on your preference and body type. There are 5 different sizes of this product that can fit every man.


3. Hwk Jacket

Hwk JacketGone are the days when it was taboo for a woman to ride a motorbike. Today, there are a plethora of women riders who enjoy motorcycling. Keeping that in mind HWK has come up with a women centric product to protect them from the rain.

There are purple accents on the black exterior. The exterior is made from polyester 600D cordura material and there is CE armour on potential impact areas. Additionally, you will also find pockets to keep essential accessories. Velcro and neoprene straps ensure a snug fit around the neck and wrists.

For cold temperatures, there is also a thermal lining. However, you can remove it easily when not required. Also, there are waist connection zips for attaching trousers etc. Lastly, as you can make out from the pictures, it is just a one piece rain gear but the best rain gear 2019 for women.


4. Coleman PVC Rain Suit

Coleman PVC Rain SuitNext comes the product that is Amazon’s choice for motorcycle rain suits. Also, it is very economical, and everyone can easily afford it. However, it comes in a bland design that many won’t favour. Let’s have an in-depth look at its features and unique aspects.

The product is a 2 piece suit that weighs just one pound and can easily be stored on your bike. Also, the seams are sealed by using heat, so that you don’t worry about water coming in through them. The suit itself is made from nylon but has PVC baked into it to provide that waterproofness. Furthermore, the design can fit both men and women.

The Coleman PVC/Nylon rain suit also comes with a hoodie that can be adjusted using a drawstring. Additionally, the arm and leg cuffs are also snap adjustable. The only disadvantage we could find was that it doesn’t come with any reflective strips for visibility in darkness.


5. Viking Cycle Rain Gear

Viking Cycle Rain GearAnother highly rated product is this rain suit from Viking Cycle. The major color is black, while you can choose between grey, orange, neon green and black for the upper reflective part. This also is a two piece suit and hence, easy to handle andwear.

The company claims the product is not only waterproof, but also completely resistant against all kinds of weather, be it windy or extreme sun. We could not disagree seeing the rave reviews it has got.

There are also heat shields covering the areas that come near engines and exhaust pipes. Also, you will find that the cuffs are made of velcro and there are elastic waist helms for your convenience.

Coming with a anti-sagging design, they give the perfect body-fit and have no flapping while riding at high speeds. This also helps to create a biker aesthetic look when riding. Lastly, the 360° reflective panels give the perfect sense of security.


6. ILM Rain Suit

ILM Rain SuitILM is a popular brand among bikers, and this particular product from their stable has excellent user reviews too. These two factors should alone indicate it is the best motorcycle rain gear. However, its features are what has led to those great reviews. Let’s check them out.

The product is a two piece suit that has a seamless design. As we know, two piece suits sometimes allow water in through the seams. That is taken care of through the seamless design.

Also, the waterproofing is of top notch quality, since the material used is not porous even on a nano scale. Additionally, there are pockets on the suit too, but they are also seamless and waterproof.

The upper piece comes with a hoodie, and the jacket overall can protect you from wind and water. Furthermore, the ankles and wrist areas are protected using buckles and elastic velcro straps respectively. The product does come in different sizes and is suitable for both men and women. Also, you get two color options.


7. Tourmaster Elite 3

Tourmaster Elite 3The Tourmaster elite is a superb product from a well known brand among bikers. It’s products are always of high quality and we expect the same from this one too. It comes in 5 different color options for different kinds of bikers and can be used on all kinds of bikes. However, it is only suitable for men and is not a unisex clothing accessory.

The outer shell has a PVC coating for added protection against water, while the inner one is made of heavy-duty nylon. Additionally, the aqua barrier just below the helmet area protects it from seeping water around the neck area. You also get velcro straps for the arms. However, that is about it when talking about preventing seepage.

For better breathability, the company has provided a polyester mesh to increase the air circulation around your body. Additionally, there are high quality reflective stripes and the Tourmaster’s signature triangle reflectors on the back for visibility at night. All in all, a great product that is available at a decent price point too.


8. Joe Rocket RS2

Joe Rocket RS2A two piece suit that is made especially for women, the RS2 from Joe Rocket has been getting rave reviews from women riders since long. It is also a very cost effective product, and is available in a range of different sizes. Also, you get two color options. It is feature packed too and can take on any product priced much higher.

The outer shell of the RS2 is made from polyester that has best protection against water, and a PVC coating to make things even better. There are also velcro cuffs for the wrists and collar to protect it from seepage. Breathability won’t be an issue too, considering it has soft corduroy lined collars. On the other parts, nylon is used to line the seams.

A mind-blowing fact is that the company has put in place melt resistant plates on the areas which come close to the engine and pipes. This is seldom found in any product of this price range. Lastly, a great product if you are a women rider.


9. Frogg Toggs Hogg Togg Rain Suit

Frogg Toggs Hogg Togg Rain SuitA two piece suit from the well known brand, Frogg Toggs makes it to this position in the rankings. The size variations it comes in is staggering.

There are six different sized ones and you have an option of choosing between a black and yellow combo, and a completely black rain suit. This right here is intended for street motorcycles, but can be worn to suit any bike except choppers and cruisers.

The cover itself is made from waterproof and windproof material. In addition, it is also highly breathable according to the manufacturer. Additionally, you get heat resistant panels near the inner thighs and legs for protection against hot bike parts.

The materials used in its construction are all of top notch quality and imported from the best manufacturers. Lastly, the reflective striping is also made available to increased safety.


10. Nelson-Rigg AS-3000

Nelson-Rigg AS-3000A high quality product that has one of the best quality materials used in making it is the Nelson-Rigg AS-3000. As a result, it has the perfect rating of 5 stars on Amazon. However, it comes in only one color option that may be disappointing to people who like to have a choice.

Polyester nylon has been used to make the rain suit, and you will find a soft corduroy lining on the hood area for breathability. The back also has a breathable mesh to ensure you are not drenched in sweat. There are self fastening tabs on the wrists elastic adjusters on the ankle area to prevent seepage.

Users will also get three completely waterproof pockets on the jacket to store some essentials. Also, the inner thigh and legs do have protection against hot objects on the bike. Another feature that is hardly found in others is the anti-slip panel on the buttock area. This puts a stop to slipping on the saddle in wet conditions.


11. Maiyu

MaiyuThe second product on our list from the Maiyu brand is a similar looking product to the first one. However, that’s where the similarity ends. It comes in the black and grey combo, with the grey accents acting as reflective stripes for visibility in the dark. This is also a two piece suit and is quite economical for the average user.

The company claims that the suit is both waterproof and windproof. This due to the materials and construction being used to manufacture the rain suit. With a WP index rating of 8000, we would have to agree with the manufacturers that it is extremely waterproof. The almost seamless design, and the presence of velcro straps makes it windproof too.

The inner lining is made up of extremely soft material that also adds the important function of breathability into the suit. Also, the design of the rain cover is completely adjustable to your liking- irrespective of the size you buy.

Talking about sizes, it is available in four different ones and you are sure to choose one that would suit you. Lastly, the company also provides a 1 year warranty against any damage to add a touch of credibility.


12. M-Boss

M-BossThe M-Boss motorcycle rain cover is a no-nonsense product with a straightforward design, and comes with all the basic features you would expect. It comes in two basic color combos. The common color is black with an option to choose between blue and orange as the other color. It is also available in six different sizes to fit people of every body type.

Coming to the material of construction, denier nylon of 600 grade has been used. It is a well-known waterproof material. Also, you might notice there is no PVC coating as an extra layer of protection against water.However, you get a mesh layer to increase breathability during those humid times. The seams are also sealed to prevent the residual water from coming in.

As a protective measure, there are extensive reflective stripes on the front and back. Another protective measure is the inclusion of a anti-slip panel all around the area which comes in contact with the seat. However, there are no heat resistant panels near the thigh and leg area. All in all, it is the best motorcycle rain gear you can get at this price.


13. Result Men’s

Result Men'sOne of the rain suits offering the most value for money on this list is this one from Result. It is quite a heavy rain gear that provides very good protection, but can also be a pain to store and transport. It comes in six different color schemes and has two pieces to complete the suit. Also, you can choose from five different sizes.

Talking about the material used in its making, it is the stormdri polyester that is known for its waterproofness. Also, to be an eco-friendly product and also keep the costs down, the company has used a bit of recycled materials.

The seams of this jacket and pants are all made to be leak-proof through tapes, and the hood is removable. Additionally, to increase breathability, mesh design has been incorporated at the back.

On the bottom, that is near the ankle area, snap closing technology has been used and the waist region has elastic bands. All these go a long way in ensuring water doesn’t come in.


14. Columbia Men’s Glennaker

Columbia Men's GlennakerThe Columbia rain jacket that we are discussing here is one of the most popular products in its niche. The reason for it, is the high quality that it brings to the table. It comes in a plethora of different sizes for a man of every body shape, and you also get a bunch of different color options.

There are two materials that are majorly used in its construction. One is nylon for the outer layer, while polyester is being used for the lining. The use of these materials makes it machine washable too. Additional features to improve usability are adjustable cuffs for the wrists, zip closed pockets for rain protection and a hood that can be hidden from view when not in use.

A unique feature about this jacket is that it has Columbia’s omni shield protection. It is highly useful to keep your jacket from absorbing stains or dirt. Therefore, if you are looking for a one-piece jacket, then this is the best motorcycle rain gear you can buy.


15. Frogg Toggs Ultra-Lite 2

Frogg Toggs Ultra-Lite 2Another product from Frogg Toggs is this one piece suit that has great reviews and is extremely popular among consumers. It comes in two different colors and five sizes to suit every person. The jacket is completely made of polyethylene, which we know of as an extremely waterproof material.

The unique selling point of this jacket is that even though it is a one piece, it is lightweight and can be stored and moved with ease.

Also, the cord that comes along with the hoodie can be used to tighten it, such that moisture and air cannot enter the hood. Another ingenious technology is the snap downstorm flap, that helps to keep moisture out. You will also find a stuff sack to store essentials.


16. Helly Hansen Mandal Jacket

Helly Hansen Mandal JacketThe Helly Hansen jacket is a multi-purpose rain gear that can be worn for motorbike riding, as well as other leisure activities like fishing, gardening in the rain etc. The product has a minimalist design, but comes in a range of colors that sure to appeal to everyone. You also get a choice between eleven different sizes ranging from XS to 6XL.

There are a plethora of features that set this one piece jacket apart from the rest. For starters, it is certified to be completely waterproof and has the EN-343 certification. The certification ensures no water enters through gaps and seams by carrying out rigorous testing.

Furthermore, the hood is completely adjustable and you can use it according to the situation. Also, there are storm flaps available for extra protection. Moreover, if you need to store essentials at your immediate disposal, you will find large cargo pockets all around the jacket.

Talking about the weight, it weighs in at just 410 grams, which is under a pound. The PVC material it is made of, allows it to be lightweight. However, you won’t find it as breathable as dedicated motorcycle rain gear. Also, there aren’t any reflective strips.


17. Swisswell

SwisswellJust like the previous product, even this one is a multifunctional jacket that can be used for a variety of purposes like fishing, golfing, trekking etc. Also, it comes in a range of different sizes and colors. The features it possesses are also desirable for motorcyclists.

Made of 100% polyester, it does a very good job of keeping the water at bay. With a WP index of 3000, it is even certified to wick the moisture away from the surface as soon as it gets wet. To take it to the next level, the company has also taped all seams, zips and the hood section.

To add a touch of breathability, the insides are also covered with a mesh. The mesh itself is made up of a soft fibre that won’t cause any irritation to your skin. Additionally, the jacket can act as a windbreaker too.

Lastly, the jacket itself is very lightweight, since it contains nothing else but polyester. It is so easy to store that it would easily fit in a handbag without adding extra weight.


18. Moto-Boy

Moto-BoyThe Moto-Boy motorcycle rain suit is made especially for racing and sports bikes, and it definitely will make you look like a seasoned racer. It has a wild neon green color, but if you want something a bit more subtle, you also get a black one. Additionally, there are 5 different sizes you can choose from based on your body shape.

Talking about its build, it is completely made of PU material to give it the waterproofness. The material itself is CE certified to be effective against water. Moreover, it gives the required protection against wind too.

The waist, ankles and wrists have accordion stretch design, so that you can adjust it according to your needs. Also, the hood is fully adjustable and can completely block out the water from seeping in. All things considered, if you have a sports bike or a tourer, this would be the best motorcycle rain gear.


19. Wicked Stock One Piece Rain Suit

Wicked Stock One Piece Rain SuitA true one piece rain gear that covers you all the way to your legs, is this one from Wicked Stock. It comes in only one color that is neon green and is intended to be worn by racing or touring bike owners. However, there are multiple sizes available.

Many users complain of one piece suits being difficult to wear, however that won’t be a problem with the Wicked Stock rain suit. By using a diagonal zip, the company has more or less solved the problem.

Also, the suit is very generous in fit, allowing you to access the gear under the rain suit with ease. The whole suit is completely made up of PVC. While that is good for waterproofness, we can’t say the same thing about breathability.

Features include a storm flap that is extremely durable and of industrial grade, adjustable neck and an elastic waist.

However, there are no elastic or velcro elements in the wrist or ankle area. Instead, you get a gusset at the leg cuffs. Also included is a large cargo sack where you can store your essentials and protect them from the rain.


20. Milwaukee Performance

Milwaukee PerformanceThe last product on our list is in no way the worst on this list. In fact it is one of the better ones. For starters, it comes in three colors -neon orange, neon green and plain black.

You also get the usual size choice with this product. Looking at the specifications, it is a no nonsense product that is the best motorcycle rain gear you can buy at this price point.

The features on this rain suit is everything you would desire from a motorcycle rain cover. It is completely waterproof, thanks to the high quality material used and also contains extensive reflective stripes on the front and back.

Also, there are heat resistant panels on the thighs and legs to protect against the heat of the engine. Lastly, you also get anti-slip material on the buttocks so that you don’t slip on the seat.



We have now come to the end of this detailed article on the best motorcycle rain gear. The article has covered everything – from why rain gear while riding is necessary, the factors you should consider before buying to the best products in the market today. The products themselves are very diverse and vary in usage, price, features etc.

If you are still confused about which products to buy even after this, fret not, because we have got your back. Let’s start with rain covers suitable for racing and touring bikes. There are many in this category but the best ones in our opinion are the Scoyco rain covers, ILM motorcycle rain suit and the one from Wicked Stock.

If you are looking for cheap motorcycle rain suits then you won’t go wrong with the Coleman PVC/Nylon rain suit or the one from Result. On the other hand, if you are willing to spend big bucks on rain gear, the Tourmaster, Columbia and the Nelson-Rigg rain suits will be great purchases.

If you are a rider who is looking for rain gear made for women or one of unisex design, then there are many options to choose from. The HWK women’s rain suit would be the best of the lot. Other suits you could consider are the ones from Joe Rocket and M-Boss rain suits.

FAQs on Motorcycle Rain Gears

1. How Can I Measure Myself For Rain Gear?

Rain gears are usually designed to be worn on top of the conventional biking gear. So you would need different sizes. You would need different sizes for the summer and winter too, as you won’t be wearing the same motorcycle gear in both seasons. Therefore buy a size bigger than your natural size. To be more precise, measure your shoulders and your waist and compare them to the size chart

2. How Should I Take Care Of My Rain Suit?

Rain gears should always be washed with hands and dried under the sun. Washing and drying them in a machine can cause the protective layer to come off.

3. What Are Some Good Rain Suit Brands?

The best rain suits usually come from the best brands. Some of the reputed brands are Scoyco, ILM, Frogg Toggs, Columbia, Tourmaster etc.

4. Which One Is Better? One Piece or Two Piece Suits

That is an individual decision. If you want the best rain protection, one piece suits offer that. However, if you favour convenience, two piece suits would be the best.

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