Best Motorcycle Alarms 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Quick Overview: Our Top 5 Picks for Motorcycle Alarms

OUR TOP PICKptsntbl-table__imageYohoolyo
  • Made of metal, sturdy and durable
  • Alarm sound is able to reach to 110 db
  • Rust resistant, weather resistant and resistant to physical destroy
  • 7 Level sensitivity adjustable vibration alarm
  • Strong wireless range up to 66ft
  • 3 Different ringtones for vehicle search function
  • Automatic remote engine start
  • 125db Powerful siren warning
  • Anti-hijacking by cutting off power supply
  • Ultra-Compact and powerful 120 decibel siren
  • Tilt sensor, shock sensor and current sensor
  • Simple and direct-to-battery installation
  • 10mm Carbide-reinforced pin
  • Freeze spray-resistant key barrel
  • 120dB alarm, auto arm/disarm and movement sensors

For different reasons, both adults and teenagers consider motorcycles as a great means of transportation, easy to manage and maintain. In this view combined with a plethora of motorbike models on the market, people find it easy to traverse a tight road without facing any issues. Generally, bikes are considered to be very agile as compared to SUVs or cars.

Motorbikes are fun to ride and there are many who enjoy the air rushing onto their faces while riding to work or college. These vehicles have gained a lot of popularity, but it has also led to a rise in motorcycle thefts and people need to be warned. There are a few steps you can take in order to ensure the safe storage of your motorcycle.

For example, if you are not at home, it is advised that you lock your motorbike safely in the garage when it is not being used. You can also install security cameras to keep an eye on your garage and gate to prevent break-ins. But here we are to introduce a different method of making sure that your motorcycle is safe.

An unfortunate fact is that motorbikes these days have become an easy target for robbers because they can be broken down and sold in parts if not as one single unit. You would lose a high valued vehicle if it gets stolen or missing. Everyone would like to believe that this is not possible, but nobody can actually guarantee it. You can ensure the safety of your bike by making use of a motorcycle lock as well as an alarm.

In this guide we will solely be focusing on some of the best motorcycle alarms available online. Motorcycle alarms are available in a variety of models, colors, shapes and sizes. We will help you choose the most suitable one for yourself by listing a few important factors to consider before making a purchase and mentioning popular types of motorcycle alarms.

Top 10 Best Motorcycle Alarms 2021

1. Yohoolyo Disc Lock

YOHOOLYO Disc Lock Best Motorcycle Alarm

The first model on our list of best motorcycle alarms is by YOHOOLYO. It is a Disc lock security system made of metal that imparts it durability as well as sturdiness. It is one of the loudest alarms available on the market today as it can make a sound that reaches above 100dB. One of its best features is its 7 millimeters locking pin that allows you to set it at 360-degree.

You can set this alarm in any position you like to suit your specific requirements. It comes with 2 keys that need to be unlocked when the time comes to ride your bike. It is not only suitable for motorcycles, but can also be used to lock scooters, bicycles, Activas, etc. You can use it to secure any vehicle, even a car that has holes on the wheel.

It features motion sensors to sense thieves or invaders within 5 seconds to make sure that they don’t get any time to disable it. Moreover, it is weatherproof, resistant to rust and corrosion. It cannot be easily destroyed using physical force. The whole package includes 2 keys, one motorcycle disc lock, and an Allen key. The Allen key helps to unscrew the 4 screws located at the back of the lock.

Another characteristic that makes it a top choice is its affordable price that won’t hurt your pockets. Overall, it is easy to use, comes with an accurate motion sensor, and produces a loud alarming sound.


2. WsdCam 113dB 


If you are looking for a best motorcycle alarm that you can use to lock windows, bikes, doors, etc. look no further than this model by WSDCAM. It is a multipurpose motorcycle alarm that comes with seven-level adjustable sensitivity that allows you to choose how it reacts to invaders. If someone gently pushes the alarm or tries to knock it off, it starts producing a sharp sound.

It can quickly produce a loud sound of up to 113dB, so you’ll be able to hear it from a distance. It features 6 different kinds of bells or tunes, so you can select any sound you like. It comes with an IP55 waterproof material shell which makes it the best device for use, even when it is raining.

It is a significant feature as motorcycles, unlike cars, do not have a roof or doors, so the vehicle can easily get wet when it rains. Its waterproof shell ensures that the alarm system is well-protected. You can easily install it by pasting it with a double-sided tape or tying it using a strap. It gives you the freedom to choose the method you like.

The system is made of sturdy material that makes sure it lasts long and provides the reliability needed in security gear. It is easy to install and also suitable for bicycles.


3. BlueFire Motorcycle Alarm System

BlueFire Motorcycle Alarm System

Choosing a suitable motorcycle alarm system is not an easy task, but you cannot go wrong with this best motorcycle alarm by BlueFire. It is a device that works well with all kinds of bikes that utilize 12V batteries and won’t drain it. It comes with a remote controller that helps to keep your bike away from robbers.

Another amazing feature of this device is its ability to automatically start the engine. It also features an adjustable shock sensor that helps to prevent any kind of damage that can occur if the invader tries to knock it off. The gear is also equipped with lights that flash when the alarm sets off to keep intruders away. Thanks to the 125dB sound it produces that can be heard from a distance.

It features an anti-hijacking system that cuts off the power in case a thief tries to knock it off. This alarm is not visible in dim light to make sure that no thief sees it before trying to rob your motorcycle. The system is sturdy enough to last years, even under tough conditions, because it is made of high-quality material.

It is easy to install this gadget plus it comes with an installation guide. The only downside is that this model is slightly more expensive than other models.


4. Gorilla Automotive 9100

Gorilla Automotive 9100

This best motorcycle alarm is manufactured by a renowned brand called Gorilla. Gorilla Automotive 9100 features a two-way pager design that allows you to receive signals while half a mile away. It is equipped with an LED screen that lets you keep a check on your motorcycle without heading out of your house.

It features motion sensor that transmits signals to produce sound as soon as it detects any kind of vibration. So, you can rest assured that it will keep your bike safe and well-protected. The sensors it features are a 2-stage shock, tilt, and current sensors. The current one detects any change in the battery power and generates the alarm when you turn on the bike.

The tilt sensor is responsible for detecting an angle change to notify you when your bike starts to move. Lastly, the shock sensors prevent any damage to the system to make sure that robbers don’t break it. It comes with a three-button remote control that makes it simple to use the system.

Its waterproof construction prevents it from rusting and its three types of sensors make it a great buy. The only downside is that its user manual is not very clear, hence, some users faced problems with regards to its operation.


5. Xena XX10-SS 

Xena XX10-SS

Xena is a popular motorcycle alarm manufacturer that produces sturdy and durable products. The Xena XX10-SS Disc-lock system won’t snap or bend under stress because it is made of high-quality materials. It comes with a significant freeze-resistant barrel which makes it extra resistant to rough conditions.

It is equipped with movement and shock sensors that notify you in case an invader tries to break the lock. Its sound level is probably one of the best as it gives 120dB sound. Still, it is one of the lightest motorcycle alarms available on the market as its total weight is 616 grams. It won’t generate extra weight and let you move around freely.

The lock flaunts a built-in lithium battery that powers it for several months. Your beloved bike will be completely safe even when the battery is low. It is reasonably priced, making it an ideal device for a budget-conscious buyer. The only issue that some users have complained about is that it’s highly sensitive and sometimes produces false alarms.


6. Tchipie Red Alarm Disc Lock

Tchipie Red Alarm Disc Lock

Tchipie Red alarm comes with amazing accessories like a storage bag and an extra battery. You can use the storage bag to carry it around and the additional battery makes sure the lock is ready for use even if the original battery runs low.

This is a high value device that can offer you the desired protection. It is available in a bright red color that alerts the criminals from a distance that your motorbike is locked. Thereby, preventing the thieves from touching your bike. The sound level of this system can reach up to 100dB. It doesn’t cost much and is effortless to install.


7. MysBiker Alarm


The MYSBIKER motorcycle alarm is a distinct unit that comes with a noise level that can provide over 100dB to alert you even when you’re far away from your vehicle. It is one of the best motorcycle alarms because of its affordable price and incredible features. The bike automatically locks up when it detects shock or vibration. Unlike most motorcycle alarms, this one is visible from a distance to keep invaders off your bike.

It comes with a six-foot disc lock reminder cable that can be attached to the brake lever or clutch. It alerts you to remove the lock before starting your bike to prevent any damage. The system is easy to operate and lock because of its one-touch operation. You’ll hear a beep sound once the lock is placed to indicate that the alarm is active.

It is a model that can not only be used for motorcycles, but also for machines like choppers, scooters, sports bikes, bicycles, cruisers, racing bikes, etc. The unit is made of stainless steel to ensure maximum durability. It won’t rust even under harsh climatic conditions. The whole package includes 6 extra LR44 batteries that’ll last you years.


8. Uolor Alarm


UOLOR is a well-reputed brand popular for manufacturing the best motorcycle alarms. This model can be used outside as well as at home as it produces a loud noise that can reach 110dB. The device features a highly sensitive movement shock sensor that starts producing sound when it detects vibration. So, you can be confident that your bike remains safe while you’re busy with other things.

You can lock the alarm simply by pressing a button. To close your motorbike, you need to push the button with the “beep”. This is not all as the system also includes an enclosed 5-foot disc lock reminder cable that makes sure you unlock your bike before starting the engine.

You can clearly notice the lock due to its bright orange shade, and this color also helps to discourage thieves approaching your vehicle. What makes it a functional device is the 6 internal zinc batteries that powers it. The package also contains 6 additional batteries for back-up to make sure your system always gets power to keep your bike secure. It comes with a pouch for storing the lock and once Allen key to disassemble it.


9. Dowco Guardian 26038-00

Dowco Guardian 26038-00

This best motorcycle alarm is a system that you can depend on to keep your motorbike safe from all sorts of thieves. It is probably one of the loudest motorcycle alarms because it can generate a loud noise of up to 130dB. Another intriguing feature is the incredible pin system that makes it difficult for a thief to hack the system.

You can easily install it without any hassle and that is possible because of its simple design and its detailed user manual. The system also includes a 9V battery that can power it for days and you don’t even need to use any wire.

This system is weather-proof, rust-resistant, and durable. It won’t get damaged due to rain, sunlight, or any other harsh weather condition. If you have a low budget, this device will suit you well as it is one of the most affordable alarms out there.


10. Bibowa Disc Brake Lock

Bibowa Disc Brake Lock

The last model on our list of best motorcycle alarms is by Bibowa, we have already mentioned this brand name in one of the earlier sections. It is a super sturdy Disc Brake lock that comes in a compact design but produces a loud noise. It flaunts a 6mm pin diameter that enables it to fit small holes.

It is dual reinforced to make it last long. It is a waterproof alarm that will continue to work even if your bike is rained on. The lock comes fitted with 6 LR44 batteries that give it enough power to last long. The package contains 6 extra batteries plus 3 brass security keys.

This system can be used to serve multiple purposes, like for locking a sports bike, scooter, racing bike, cruiser, bicycle, and chopper. Overall, it is a decent model that won’t cost a fortune and fulfill the necessary functions.


Why Do You Need An Alarm?

In today’s tech-advanced world, people are quite fond of new developments and discoveries. However, every coin has two sides, and these technological advancements are not without problems. Still, instead of brooding over them you can learn to tackle them. Hence, considering the issue at hand, it has become imperative to install alarms and locks for your motorcycle.

Almost everyday we hear stories of people’s mobile phones being snatched or people being mugged on the streets. With an investment as big as a motorbike, we are bound to take steps to ensure its safety and security. You never know when you will stand outside your porch or garage to find your motorcycle absent from its usual parking spot. This is why it is necessary to buy an alarm to provide protection to your bike whether it is parked inside your house, outside your office, or somewhere else.

Why Not Other Forms Of Protection?

You must be wondering if there are different forms of protection available for the same cause so why should one decide on an alarm? Well, locks and chains are not recommended more often because they can be easily picked, leaving your valuables vulnerable to robbery. Moreover, a lot of thieves know how to meddle with the locks and they sneak away with the bikes without anyone being alerted.

This is what makes such robbers happy, to encounter a motorcycle that has been locked by only a chain or a lock. They know a couple of tricks to crack locks and unchain a vehicle, thus, locks are not highly recommended as they may seem threatening but are actually mundane.

This is why you should consider purchasing a best motorcycle alarm if you want to keep your beloved bike safe. Due to rapid technological advancements, alarm systems now offer countless features, all for keeping your bike safe. However, the common feature of these alarms remains the same, alerting the owner if the motorcycle is found to be meddled with through the simple process of detecting a disruption from the vibrational motion sensors.

Qualities Of The Best Motorcycle Alarm

The characteristics and qualities of the best motorcycle alarm depend on the type of alarm you are choosing to buy. There are a variety of alarms which although fulfill the same basic function, but differ in many other ways. Other qualities that the best motorcycle alarm should offer is its accessibility for quick installation and the feasibility to carry around with the bike. These features may not seem very important, but they are some of the significant characteristics to look for.

How Do Motorcycle Alarms Work?

While all alarms have the same basic function, to alert the owner or those nearby upon any meddling with the motorbike, although personal responses to that certain disruption may differ. Some of the best motorcycle alarms feature sirens, a GPS tracking system, or a perimeter sensor. The siren is the commonest form of alerting the owners.

Some motorbike alarms use this specific feature to simplify the cause, i.e., when the sensor detects any kind of unusual vibration, the alarm sets off a loud warning sound sometimes followed by a shrill sound to alert the owner, passerby, neighbors, etc. The sound may also scare the thief off.

The perimeter sensor is not a very suitable option for crowded areas or parking lots as it functions on the mechanism of closed spaces like porch and garage as the name suggests. In this case, it sets off an alarm when a thief enters the prescribed territory, if the person comes too near to the bike or touches it, then it sets off a loud alarm.

The most advanced of the three choices is GPS tracking system as it offers an effective, modern outcome. Its use may not be as extensive as the alarm with the siren but it is equally effective. These alarms do not sound off a loud alarming tone, rather they work in a very discreet way which does get kind of intriguing.

Obviously, it is not very exciting to find your bike stolen, but in case it does, the GPS tracking system transmits the data carrying the location of the bike to the owner, alerting the owner to notify the necessary sources like the police. But it does not generate an immediate response to the theft.

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Motorcycle Alarm

Almost all bike riders remember their first bike ride and the sense of freedom it offered. Bike riding is both fun and exhilarating, but it comes with a cost. As motorcycles do not feature doors and windows to lock, it is important to ensure a bike’s protection by installing an alarm. It helps to save your vehicle from robbers and keeps your bike protected.

A best motorcycle alarm is a one-time investment for a long period (at least for as long as your vehicle lasts). Thus, choose wisely. Listed below are some of the points you should keep in mind and consider thoroughly before purchasing one.

1. Durability

The most important factor of a security system’s performance is durability. The durability depends on the material used to make the alarm as well as its design. We recommend you to buy alarms manufactured by recognized brands and read online reviews of short-listed models. Naturally, you’ll want your alarm to last as long as your motorcycle.

2. The Power

Another significant factor to keep in mind is power as there is no use in investing in an alarm that does not blast loud enough to drive attention to the robber. So, a decent motorcycle alarm should make sound at least above 100dB. Anything below this mark won’t be loud enough to alert you when an invader comes near your bike.

For instance, a 50dB alarm works well for a bike that is parked within your home’s premises. Thus, if you intend to park your motorcycle far away (in office, or college) you should consider buying an alarm with at least 100DdB.

3. The Size

Most of the alarms come in a similar pin size. However, it is still important to consider and confirm before purchasing one. A best motorcycle alarm should have a pin size between 7 to 9 mm. some alarms have a pin size if 15 mm. the pin shouldn’t be very long or short as a pin that is too small in size may not fit in the disc, whereas, a long pin has a risk of sawing.

4. Ease Of Use

If you are worried about operating a complicated system, opt for a device that features simple settings and is easy to use. If you are not very tech-savvy, we suggest that you choose one of the best motorcycle alarms that have few features, like a remote with just 2 buttons (one for unlocking and the other for activating the system).

5. Make A Budget

Today, a wide variety of models are available when it comes to motorcycle alarms. Each model comes with distinct features, hence, is priced differently. You need to set a budget and look for models that fall in the same range.

You are not going to purchase a motorcycle alarm every day, so we recommend you to go for a quality product, even if it means you’ll have to shell out a few more dollars. Cheap quality motorbike alarms might get cut by thieves.

6. Extra Features To Consider

The type of sensor in the alarm is another important factor to consider. Usually, most alarms features shock sensor that immediately activates if any movement is detected. The other types of sensor include; the current sensor, the tilt sensor, and the sought-after location sensor. These are not must-haves, but they protect your bike better and are more advanced.

A best motorcycle alarm features at least 2 sensors, make sure you check that before buying one. Another feature that makes an alarm a high-quality product is remote control operation. A two-way remote is quite efficient as it can immediately alert you if something happens to your motorbike.

Famous Brands Of Motorcycle Alarms

You should be aware that there are numerous types of motorcycle alarms; while some require mounting, others can be operated independently. You can simply choose the one that can meet your requirements, and it is not difficult to mount them.

Another thing you should note about an alarm that you mount on your bike is that it doesn’t include batteries. It also makes it hard for a robber to try and remove the alarm from your bike. Alarm system featuring GPS tracking system can also help you locate your bike in case it gets stolen.

There are a couple of great brands that manufacture some of the best motorcycle alarms for safe-guarding motorbikes. Some of the companies are listed as follows:

1. Yohoolyo

Based in China, YOHOOLYO is a renowned brand that manufactures a variety of electronic products. The brand sells its products in America, Europe, South Asia via online platforms like Amazon. It produces high-quality products, including motorbike alarms that are specially built to secure your bike. YOHOOLYO keeps improving its products and manufacturing new and advanced models.

2. BlueFire

This brand specializes in manufacturing and selling various types of electronics devices. For example, it is famous for its charging cables, Bluetooth headsets, loudspeakers, and motorcycle radios and alarms. The brand has an exceptional team of designers and engineers who work together to produce high-quality products.

3. Xena

Xena is a security company that incorporates leading designers, engineers, and innovators of alarmed clocks for motorcycles. A group of engineers and die-hard bike lovers started it in 1995 in the UK. The company is known for producing motorcycle locks and alarms that make it tough for thieves to steal bikes around the world.

4. Dowco

It is another famous brand that offers more than just the best motorcycle alarms. It also covers other bike accessories, designed to make your life easier, like waterproof bike covers, saddlebags, locks, etc. The company aims to produce high-end products that can make your riding experience better.

5. Coocheer

It is one of the most popular electronic companies in the world, and its product collection includes sundry items like headphones, chargers, alarms, speakers, etc. It didn’t begin as a motorcycle alarm brand, but later started manufacturing alarms and offered systems with advanced sensors.

6. Pyle

It is the last one on our list and is a company that manufactures high-quality products for installing in your motorcycle. The company is well known for its alarms and locks. It is probably one of the best brands to consider if you want to buy devices that feature GPS tracking systems.

There are plenty of other best motorcycle alarm brands out there, like Bibowa, Tchpie, MYSBIKER, UOLOR, and Gorilla. The only thing you should keep in mind when selecting any of these brands is to get quality alarms for your motorbike.

This is probably the most awaited section as here we have listed a number of popular motorcycle alarms, describing each product in detail. You may go through this list to get an idea about what to look for in a best motorcycle alarm. The products are listed as follows.

FAQs About The Best Motorcycle Alarms

1. Are Motorbike Alarms Worth The Money?

Motorcycle alarms do not cost much and will not burn a hole in your pocket. They are a good investment if you want to make sure that your motorbike is fully-secured. Besides, a few insurance firms require you to install an alarm or a locking system on your bike.

2. How Long Does A Motorcycle Alarm Sound Before It Goes Off?

It depends on the kind of model you own, but they usually set off the sound for about 10 to 15 minutes. Some alarms can go on and off for about 3 to 4 times before completely shutting off.

3. Can A Thief Remove The Battery To Prevent A Motorcycle Alarm From Going Off?

No, the battery of the alarm cannot be meddled with without setting off the alarm. Alarm manufacturers keep these things in mind when making these devices.

4. How Do I Install A Motorcycle Alarm Using A Remote?

Motorcycle alarms come with an installation manual, a guide, and a wiring diagram that you need to follow to install them. Look at the wiring diagram and make sure that you understand your motorcycle wiring system.

The other thing you need to be sure of is to connect the ground and main power wires to the battery terminals. You can access these terminals in several ways; it is determined by your bike’s model. Also, before you start to install your motorbike alarm make sure that you disconnect the power from the battery.

5. Do Motorbike Alarms Deter Thieves?

If you check the statistics, it is observed that some of the best motorcycle alarms can effectively deter thieves. There is no 100% guarantee, but generally they scare the thieves away. Another amazing feature of these devices is that they are compact and portable, and some are even invisible in dim light conditions. This means that a robber may not notice your bike is equipped with an alarm until it is too late.

The shrill sound of an alarm scares away thieves. They can still serve a useful purpose if they are mounted in conjunction with other security gear like a motorcycle lock.

6. Where Can I Buy The Best Motorcycle Alarms?

There are a lot of stores that sell some of the best motorcycle alarms that offer value for your money. In this guide we have only focused on products available online on sites like Amazon. On such online platforms you can compare different models and read reviews. If you are not an online-shopping fan then you can visit your local motorcycle store and buy a good quality system that fits your budget.

Best Motorcycle Alarms – All The Best!

All kinds of motorcycle alarms that we have listed in this guide are well-equipped to protect your bike when you are not around. All models come with their unique pros and cons, but you can get value for your money if you choose wisely.
Keep the important factors in mind, follow the buying guide and set a budget to make sure that you get the best motorcycle alarm for your needs. Look for a model that is easy to use, best of luck!

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