Best Motorcycle Batteries 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. YTX20L-BS 2. YTX12-BS 3. YTX14AHL-BS
YTX20L-BS Best Motorcycle Battery Chrome Battery YTX12-BS Chrome Battery YTX14AHL-BS

Motorcycles happen to be one of the most commonly used transports. It is because they are easy to use and extremely fun to ride.

They give independence and joy like nothing else. People get really attached to their motorcycles, so they want to maintain them in the best way possible.


Keeping a motorcycle in check also involves tuning it up with a good battery. Batteries are responsible for the overall electrical functioning of a bike. This means that all machinery, ranging from the gears to the displays, are dependent on the battery.

It is the power source for the entire motorcycle. A bad battery can stop the entire functioning of the motorcycle, leaving the customer sitting ducks with a motorcycle that does not work.

This is the reason one must invest in a good battery for one’s motorcycle, because it could be the difference between an average motorcycle and the best motorcycle.

We have an amazing array of motorcycle batteries that fulfill this purpose in the best way possible, but a customer should know which battery is meant for their bike and which one is not.

For this factors are necessary to be understood, because they determine which battery is meant for which motorcycle. Below are some of the factors about a battery, which should be kept in mind while buying the same.

Factors Related To Motorcycle Batteries

1. Battery Size

This is important as the compartment in which a battery is supposed to be placed has a different size for each and every model of a motorcycle. Hence, buying a battery that does not fit inside this compartment is simply counter productive.

The dimensions of a motorcycle-compartment needs to be checked and then matched with the proper battery size. The most appropriate size will be the one meant for the motorcycle.

2. Polarity

This is something that can be easily missed by a customer, because it is delicate. Polarity is important to note the wire or cable length required to connect the battery to the motorcycle.

If one gets the polarity wrong, then one will definitely get the cables and their sizes wrong as well. This means that they will not be able to connect to the battery properly.

Keeping a check on the polarity while browsing is important for the connection to take place properly.

3. Starting Power

This is important, as one can see in the name, because the battery has an important part to play when a motorcycle starts. Getting into the neutral gear and preparing the motorcycle for the idle state. Even the display box has to start when a motorcycle starts.

There are certain ways to calculate the starting power of any motorcycle battery. The standard way is to look up the Cold Cranking Amps, that is, the CCA of the battery. This should not be confused with the aH of the battery.

The more the CCA of the battery, the better the starting power. One should be on the lookout for the CCA value to know what the starting power of the battery will be.

4. Battery Technology

Technology here means the type of battery it is. There are a few types of batteries that are used for motorcycles. They include factory activated AGM, Lithium, GEL, etc. They have different advantages and disadvantages. One has to choose the battery, depending upon the design of the motorcycle. We can define the pros and cons of each type of battery separately.

1. Factory Activated AGM

This is a battery type that offers great service to a motorcycle. They are great for motorcycles or vehicles that have heavy vibrations. This is because they can absorb the vibrations well. This has been achieved through the dimensions of a battery.

There are many other advantages associated with this battery-type. Some of them are as follows.

  • They are pre-filled. This means that they do not need to be filled by the customer before using the battery.
  • Extremely less maintenance
  • Because of its structure, it is leak proof and spill proof
  • It has a high CCA, that is, great starting power
  • Great for extreme weather conditions
  • Cheaper than the GEL batteries
  • As mentioned before, it is great at absorbing vibrations

Keeping all these advantages in mind, it is a great battery to have at one’s side.

2. GEL Motorcycle Battery

This is another battery for motorcycles. It has some great advantages, but the CCA or starting power is less than the Factory activated AGM. Other than that, the advantages are almost the same as that of AGM and they are as follows.

  • It is ready to be used as it is pre-charged
  • Acid refilling is not required, making the battery low maintenance
  • The structure is such that it is leak proof
  • Suitable for change in weather conditions
  • The main advantage is that this battery can go on for several months as it supports deep discharges
  • These advantages just go to show that this battery is great for any motorcycle.

3. Lithium Iron Phosphate – LiFePO4 Motorcycle Batteries

This type of battery is better than the Lead Acid technology batteries. Another advantage is that this battery is such that the motorcycle needs no modification to incorporate it into the show.

There are other advantages to this battery that ensure that it can be used with any motorcycle model out there.

  • It is maintenance free as no refilling required
  • This is also leak proof
  • It has low self discharge and keeps the battery life long
  • It charges 2.5 times faster than other batteries
  • You can use the other charger to charge this battery

These factors make sure that this battery is meant for any motorcycle and is compatible with any vehicle.

One must carefully study two things. The kind of bike they have and the kind of battery that they want. Then they should check whether or not the battery is compatible with the motorcycle. Only by doing all this will they be able to do a proper purchase and make a good decision.

Here is our list of the best motorcycle batteries available to the customers for online shopping. They can avail some of the best products online, making sure that their requirements are kept in mind.

Top 20 Best Motorcycle Batteries 2021

1. YTX20L-BS

YTX20L-BS Best Motorcycle Battery

This battery is a combination of great features that make it apt for use in any motorcycle out there. The quality of this battery will ensure that the motorcycle runs for a long time without any problem.

The first feature that needs to be talked about is the battery type or the battery technology that powers this product. This battery uses the AGM technology. This means that it has great starting power. It ensures that the motorcycle does not lose the edge of power when the engine starts.

Even the dimensions of the battery can be changed. They can be changed to incorporate any chamber size in the motorcycle. This is an important factor as this means that the battery will not hamper installation, be it any model of motorcycle.

This battery also employs technology of the highest level. This technology includes Acid constructed with absorbed glass mat technology. This technology ensures that the battery is spill proof and needs extremely low maintenance.

It is important for the battery to be low maintenance because no one wants to visit the mechanic time and again just to refill the battery with essential chemicals. Having a long-lasting battery will help in keeping the mind of the customer free and the motorcycle in excellent shape.

All these factors point in a single direction. They all say that this battery is one of the best motorcycle batteries out there for the people to buy. The advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages.


2. Chrome Battery YTX12-BS

Chrome Battery YTX12-BS

This battery is such that once people get to know the entire package, they will not be able to resist the urge to buy this battery immediately for their motorcycle. It has a combination of some of the best factors that make it ideal for someone with a motorcycle.

Starting with this battery-type, this uses the classic AGM battery technology. This is one of the best versions of the battery technology available out there. This is because this battery has all the best features necessary to make a motorcycle-battery the best.

This technology handles vibrations well and makes sure that the battery has a great starting power or CCA. This means that no issues will come when the motorcycle starts. Even when the motorcycle is in an idle mode, it will not be damaged in any way.

Other than that, the acid is laced with absorbed glass mat. This makes sure that the acid inside the battery does not spill or leak. Hence, it makes it ideal for rough terrains and improper roads.

The bike will be prepared for any rough action. This means that the battery has not to be maintained as frequently as other batteries.

Another important benefit to note here is that this battery is so powerful that it can be used with other vehicles as well. These vehicles can vary from ATVs, JetSkis, and other fun rides as well. This just goes to show the versatility of the battery and how it is not limited to motorcycles alone.

These are the points that make this battery really great. It is truly amazing to see the number of applications this battery satisfies. It is no wonder that this battery is on our list of the best batteries out there.


3. Chrome Battery YTX14AHL-BS

Chrome Battery YTX14AHL-BS

This is another chrome battery innovation that does not cease to amaze. It has the power to take the existing motorcycle to a different level altogether.

This is because it has the perfect combination that gets one going in no time. It is simply amazing how it all comes together when it comes to this battery.

The size of this battery can vary because it is adjustable to the size comfortable for the motorcycle. It also means that this battery can go into any battery compartment as it is adjustable to any size and shape.

There are other things that need to work in tune with this to make this battery work for all kinds of motorcycles.

Another factor that binds this motorcycle together is that it is of the AGM type. This battery technology enables the battery to function in one of the best ways possible.

It provides a spill-proof and leak-proof atmosphere, along with a great starting power or CCA capacity. This ensures that the motorcycle faces fewer problems in the long run. It also keeps the engine fumes cleaner and better.

Moreover, what is worth noting is that the above mentioned points are such that this battery will serve customers without disturbing their mental peace. Such reasons made sure that this battery lies on the list of the best batteries for motorcycles on the internet.


4. Yuasa YUAM320BS

Yuasa YUAM320BS

It has the unique ability to make an impression which is so strong on the customer because of the set of qualities it possesses. It is a perfect match for anyone willing to take care of their motorcycle in the best way possible.

The features equipped with this battery work well with each other to provide the perfect functionalities to the customer.

This is a 12 volt battery, that can generate 18 amps per hour and 270 cold cranking amps. This means that it will never run out of power during a drive or when the motorcycle is being used.

It also means that the starting power of the motorcycle is great; hence, the bike will not stall under any circumstances on its own.

The design is also such that there will be no spilling of the fluids inside or ane leakages. There will never be a need to add water to the battery for keeping the power going.

The only hitch, if any, is that the acid needs to be added into the battery from the bottle that comes with it. This is a hitch only because it is the one thing that the user has to do. The other functionalities are all taken care of by the battery itself.

All these factors are such that they make the customer happy when it is bought. This product hits the nail on the head in terms of the requirements that the customers have in regard to their choice of a motorcycle battery.

It is no rocket science as to why this product is one of the best motorcycle batteries out there.


5. ExpertPower YT9B-BS

ExpertPower YT9B-BS

This is a universal battery that can be used in all vehicles and all motorcycles. This is because of two things. The size of the battery is not adjustable, but it is such a size that it can fit into any chamber.

The second thing is the features that the battery is equipped with. They ensure that the customer never has to change anything about their motorcycle.

Other than the size, the other complimentary features are the 185 Cold Cranking Amps (CCA). This implies that the starting power is extremely strong.

Hence, the motorcycle will not stall at all during the course of its time. It is also maintenance free and spill free. This means that the battery will not have to be refilled again and again

Other than that, the battery provides a voltage of 12V and 8 Ah high performance. This means that the motorcycle will not stop, because of power failure at any time during any rides.

Keeping all the mentioned points in mind, we can easily say that this product had to be on the list of the best motorcycle batteries that one can buy online.




This is another Chrome battery product that can forever change the way a person rides their motorcycle. This is because people usually do not get to fully explore the potential of their motorcycles, because of the battery power.

The first and foremost advantage of having a battery like this by one’s side is that it operates on the AGM technology. This means that the battery will be long-lasting, efficient and extremely high in its output. It is the best technology for motorcycle batteries out there. It is useful for anyone willing to invest properly in their motorcycle.

Another interesting fact about this battery is that it has patented technology that keeps all the acid required for the chemical reaction inside and does not let any of it spill out. This helps in the longer lifespan of the motorcycle.

Apart from that, there is an ease of application when it comes to actually implementing this technology to the motorcycle. This is because all the user has to do is to attach the cords to the right place. They do not have to refill the battery or add water to it, as it comes pre-filled.

With all the requirements kept in mind, we can see that people will be very happy with this product and its ingenuity.

It is the foremost competitor when it comes to motorcycle batteries. Hence, it has been added with its contemporaries on the list of best motorcycle batteries that customers should look out for.


7. YTX12-BS


This is a battery that has been made in such a way that it can replace the other contemporaries. This is because the technology and design has been made keeping the other previous versions of the batteries in mind. Hence, it has all the great qualities of previous batteries and has compensated for all the disadvantages as well.

The first important point to note here is that the battery-type here is rechargeable and sport type. This means that not only does the battery perform well for a long time, but it can be used in other vehicles. This variety in application also shows us the credibility of the battery. There are few batteries that have so many different applications.

Apart from that, there is a list of batteries that this product can replace successfully. This list is extremely long and exhaustive. This is because of the adaptability of the battery.

This adaptability comes from the innovation in technology. It brings out one important factor that people miss when browsing for motorcycle batteries.

This fact is that a battery has to be such that it has been tried and tested against the best. The list of batteries that can be replaced by this just goes to show that this battery has been compared to the best of the best. It is important that the customers understand the gravity of this.

Any product that is better than the existing version that the customer owns is something that is worth investing in. These are the reasons why this product belongs to this series of best motorcycle batteries.


8. MX30L


Ease of use is the bottom line for this battery. It is one with which the customer has to do very little to make sure that the battery is connected properly and runs efficiently. This is because there are many factors and many aspects to this battery that work together to make this product wholesome.

The factors that make this battery what it is is that it is charged, filled and ready to use when the battery comes to the customer. This means that all that the customer has to do is to go and connect this beauty to their motorcycle.

Other than that, the CCA or the Cold Cranking Amps is 660 . This means that any motorcycle will not stop or stall during the initial stage, when the motorcycle starts.

The entire package in which this product comes also is an added advantage. The warranty is of 30 days, with money back guarantee. This means that one does not have to worry about making a wrong transaction as one can revoke it almost immediately.

Even the technology is such that it is spill proof because of the Absorbed Glass MAt technology or AGM. There are other advantages that come with this, such as an ability to handle vibrations and also keeps the emissions cleaner.

Keeping all the aforementioned points in mind, this product is a good choice for the customer. It has great points in its arsenal that make it one of the best motorcycle batteries out there for the people to choose.


9. HDX20L


This is a battery that was made initially as a replacement for the standard Harley Davidson battery. We all know how big and amazing Harley Davidson is when it comes to their motorcycles.

They are world renowned for their products as people use them for long-distance travel. They are also a statement. This means that someone who owns a Harley Davidson motorcycle will have an aura of someone of power.

Knowing this, one can understand how well the standard battery pack works in the Harley Davidson. Now, the HDX20L has to be equivalent or better than the standard version so that it can match the output level of the standard version.

This is exactly how this product functions.

The level at which it operates is such that the user will not miss the standard Harley Davidson battery.

This is because of the features such as the 310 Cold Cranking Amps (CCAs) compliment the entire battery and make sure that the motorcycle does not stop at the beginning of the ride or give the customer any trouble.

Even the technology is of AGM type, which means that it is completely spill-proof and leak-proof. Patented technology has ensured that the inside walls of the battery remain resistant to heat.

Hence, it is not excessive to say that this battery may be better than the standard Harley Davidson battery. This is because of the great features that work with one other do so really well. These are the reasons that make it one of the best in the industry.


10. Weize YTZ10S-BS

Weize YTZ10S-BS

The interesting thing about this battery is that it is built to be convenient to customers looking for a good replacement for their existing motorcycle batteries.

This product has many capabilities under its belt, which can help any user owning any motorcycle to get a great deal of power for minimal effort.

Some of the basic features of the battery are that it is a 12 V AGM battery. This means that it is entirely leak-proof and spill-proof.

Along with that, it consists of technology that makes sure that the starting power of the motorcycle is great and the emissions are much cleaner than before. It takes care of the overall maintenance of the motorcycle.

Other than that, there is an entire array of motorcycle batteries that this product can replace. There is a long list that is not worth mentioning here.

What is key to note is that this battery has been designed to relieve the standard batteries of motorcycles such as the Kawasaki Ninja and KTM Duke. This just goes to show how high end this battery is.

In simple terms, this battery product is perfect for anyone out there looking for one. It has all the qualities that make it great and it does not go out of sync with the motorcycle.

It even has a tendency to increase the life expectancy of the battery. There is really no wonder as to why this product is there on this list.


11. Weize YTX20L-BS

Weize YTX20L-BS

This is another product by the Weize company that does not take time to grasp the attention of any customer that comes its way. This is because of the amazing qualities that it consists of. It is known for bringing together qualities that have never been seen before in a motorcycle battery.

It is a 12 V battery that uses AGM. This means that there are many aspects which are taken care of., such as the Cold Cranking Amps or CCA being high when it comes to AGM battery type. Also, it is extremely low maintenance because of many factors.

Firstly, it is spill free and leak free. Secondly, the inner part of the battery is coated with an absorbed glass mat, increasing the power output of the battery and by extension, the life expectancy of the motorcycle.

Keeping all the factors in mind, a customer will be extremely happy whenever they use this battery. Another point to be noted is that such a battery has attributes that are all working in synergy and can therefore never go wrong.


12. TX30L


This is a product by ThrottleX Batteries and the purpose of this battery is to replace the standard Harley Davidson battery.

This is a special point to be noted as Harley Davidson is known for making some of the best motorcycles out there. There is a reason why this company is world renowned.

Competing with something like this is simply out of this world, but this product has been able to do it.

This is because it has hit all the winning points of the standard battery and also tries to take away the drawback of the standard version. Keeping the points that a customer requires, there are many factors about this battery that are impressive to the customers.

The first point to note is that it uses the AGM battery technology. This means that the best battery technology has been appointed to this product. Hence, it is already capable of giving the best output and the best performance.

Apart from that,the Cold Cranking Amps, or CCAs, is 400, which means that this battery will not hamper a motorcycle’s working when the engine starts. Keeping all these factors in mind, this battery is really a good product for anyone who wants to take good care of the motorcycle


13. Powermall YTX14-BS

Powermall YTX14-BS

This is another battery made to replace a number of models out there. This has been done as this battery is better than a number of existing batteries out there.

All this has been done by employing technology that has a high number of advantages and can decrease the disadvantages of the existing batteries.

Some of the factors that make this battery great are the battery technology, the CCA, the low maintenance and the sealing technology. The battery technology is a mix of the AGM technology and the GEL technology.

This means that one can enjoy the best of the two worlds. All these technologies help in increasing the lifespan of a motorcycle. Moreover, the CCA is also guaranteed to be high because of the battery technology.

If this battery is used as a replacement, there is credibility that it has to be good. All these factors make sure that this battery is one of the best available online to choose from. If one looks for the best motorcycle batteries, this battery is bound to be on the list.


14. Weize YTX14AH-BS

Weize YTX14AH-BS

This is another Weize product that is seamless in its qualities and really impresses the customers that have the good fortune of finding and purchasing it. This is because of the multifaceted way in which the product fulfills the needs of a customer.

One of the many reasons why this battery is what it is is the battery technology, which is the AGM battery technology.

It is also sealed with a lead-acid mixture that makes sure that there is no leakage or spillage of the battery chemicals. This also makes sure that the battery is really low maintenance and easy for the customer to use.

Another factor that governs whether or not to buy this product is the number of batteries that it is able to replace. This list means that this battery is better than a number of existing products out there.

Keeping all these factors in mind, we can see that this product is one of the best in the industry. All factors are hit by this product.

This means that the customer will remain satisfied with this product for a long time. Each and every customer will be happy because this product has the ability to increase the lifespan of a motorcycle.


15. MX20L


This battery may seem like any other battery, but it is not so. This is because it has the properties that every customer expects from a motorcycle-battery.

It does not disappoint in the area where a battery has to work the best. The features are such that no product can come close to its standards.

The first and foremost feature is that the specifications of the battery include that it has the starting power or CCAs, or Cold Cranking Amps, in a range greater than 500.

This means that the motorcycle will never stop or stall in its progress. Even during long-distance driving, this battery does not disappoint.

Apart from that, the maintenance is really low. This is because of the way in which the battery is built and the properties that corroborate the entire functioning in such a way that the complete life cycle of the battery increases.

The technology also makes sure that the battery is spill-proof and leak-proof. These factors also contribute to the fact that it is low maintenance.

There are many other details about this product that we can write about continuously without stopping. But that would be a waste of time and effort.

The only other thing to remember is that this product has been made to satisfy the customer to the highest degree. Anyone who cares about their motorcycle, even remotely, will invest in a battery like this without hesitation.

The reason that one will do so is that they will realise that this truly is one of the best motorcycle-batteries of all time when it comes to buying one online.


16. Weize YTX30L-BS

Weize YTX30L-BS

This is a Weize product. That should be enough to highlight how great this battery really is. This is because it comes from a company known to make some of the best motorcycle-batteries in the industry.

The following listed features are an award-winning combination that work together in such a way that they cannot let any customer down.

The first and foremost point to be noted about this battery is that this battery comes charged, sealed and ready to use directly without any interference from the customer.

This is a big deal for any customer as all they have to do is get the battery to the bike, connect the ports properly and see the magic unfold.

Another important feature is that this battery employs the AGM battery technology. This is important because this battery comes with many advantages and perks. Some of them are a better resistance to vibration and better CCA or starting power.

Both of them are needed to increase the battery lifespan and the motorcycle’s capabilities. Having this battery by one’s side has many advantages.

All things considered, this battery has some great advantages and keeps the disadvantages are kept at bay. No customer that has used this product has come out disappointed.

This means that this product is built for the customer. Hence, one should invest in this battery for a great motorcycle experience.


17. Weize YTZ7S-BS

Weize YTZ7S-BS

Here we have another Weize product to impress use. This is one of the products that have an array of features that work very well together to give one of the best experiences to the owner of the motorcycle. The features can make the best impression on the customer in a way that it is irresistible to the customers.

The first and foremost feature that can overpower all the other ones is that the battery technology is the AGM battery technology. This technology includes all the great factors that should be in a battery.

The great factors are that it was spill-proof and leak-proof. Along with that, this technology increases the life of the motorcycle by a great margin because it can decrease the dirt in the emissions and can handle the vibrations well.

Another important factor is that this battery can replace many batteries already existing in the market.

This means that the chemicals and the build of the battery is such that it gives a better power output than the ones it is replacing. Any customer will be happy to have such a product at their disposal.

All conditions of the battery point in one direction. That is that this product is not one that the customer should let go. Buying this battery will ensure that good things come the way of the motorcycle and the customer as well. This is because it is the best one out there.


18. Weize YT4B

Weize YT4B

We have another Weize product on our hands to peruse. We have seen that all the Weize products so far have not disappointed at all. Even this product is such that it will leave the customer awestruck and with their minds blown.

Some of the features in this product are the same as those of the other products from the same company.

This product, like the ones before, applies the same technology to its process as well, that is, the AGM technology. This means that it can provide the best battery experience out there because it is guaranteed to be spill-proof and leak-proof.

Apart from that, this technology also ensures that the life of the battery is spot on, in turn, keeping the motorcycle alive for as long as possible. Even with the proper usage, some batteries die down quickly, but not this product.

An interesting fact about this product is that it can be used to replace many models of the Suzuki motorcycles. It was designed for that purpose itself. This means that this product carries around a lot of gravitas in terms of the power it has over other batteries.

It is by far one of the best motorcycle batteries out there in the industry as of today. People who do not buy this product may not have understood the implications of their actions just yet.


19. ADX14


There is only one word that describes this product in the best way possible, and that is the word “upgrade”. This product was meant to be an upgrade to all the other existing motorcycle batteries that are out there. It is supposed to be the best of the best.

There are many reasons why this can be possible. The technology implied here can simply be put together by taking the weaknesses and disadvantages of the existing motorcycle batteries and working around them. That is exactly what the ADX14 has done.

It uses the best battery technology out there that has been tried and tested. This means that it uses the AGM technology. This itself is one of the best out there.

Moreover, this product comes in a package that is extremely fancy. The warranty itself is one of 18 months, along with free replacement, and money is given back if the product is returned within 30 days.

This means that this product is prepared for all possible contingencies. Usually, though, something similar to this rarely happens and people usually enjoy this product to the fullest.

The entire battery is maintenance free as no extra work by the customer is required. Everything is taken care of by the battery itself.

This product is one of the best motorcycle batteries available one online. If someone finds faults in this product, it means that nothing can satisfy them.


20. Moto Classic YTX9

Moto Classic YTX9

This is a 10aH and 190 CCA battery that operates in the most spectacular way possible. Saving the best for the last, this product has some amazing capabilities that can revolutionize the way one views one’s motorcycle rides forever.

The first line itself, which specifies the CCA, or Cold Cranking Amps, shows that this battery is not messing around. It can power the motorcycle all the way from when the engine starts to the finish line and not break a sweat.

This power can only come from one thing, the battery technology, on which this beast operates.

It uses the classic AGM technology, but along with the high CCA, it is an unbeatable product. It has been a pattern among the best that they can get quite repetitive in their features.

This battery is different as it has been built in a way that it can exceed expectations of anyone and everyone who owns a motorcycle.

A product like this is worth having by one’s side, as it has all the powers to turn a motorcycle into a force to be reckoned with. It is the last product on the list of the best motorcycle products out there. It is the best for the few reasons explained above.



All the products discussed above are such that they provide ease and happiness to customers. That is what makes all of them the best motorcycle batteries that are out there online for people to buy.

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