Best Motorcycle Carb Cleaners 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Maxxhaul 2. Redline 3. Muc Off
Gumout 510016W-6PK Best Motorcycle Carb Cleaner Redline Cleaner Muc Off 664US

Anyone who rides their motorcycle regularly knows how important the carburetor is. It is the component of a motorcycle which is responsible for making sure that the motorcycle gets the boost it requires to function properly.

Other functions include conversion of petrol into a flammable substance. It is this substance that propels the motorcycle forwards and onward.


It is difficult to tune up the carburetor without any prior knowledge, hence it becomes necessary to talk about it. Simply cleaning it using a drenched cloth is not enough, and neither advisable.

This is a component that can be broken down into many subparts, each having an important and separate functioning.

Making sure that each component is as clean as possible is the challenge. It may seem difficult, but once one gets the hang of it, it is quite easy. The things to note here are the products used to clean all these components.

The best motorcycle carb cleaners do not grow on trees. Not all carb cleaners provide the same effect. Some tend to affect certain areas, and some tend to affect others.

It is difficult to determine the factors that make a great cleaner. It is not a specific thing since there are some common chemicals used in all cleaners and some components that are completely different.

Hence, let us jump straight into the best motorcycle carb cleaners that are out there for the customers to choose from.

Top 14 Best Motorcycle Carb Cleaners

1. Gumout 510016W-6PK

Gumout 510016W-6PK Best Motorcycle Carb Cleaner

The role of the carburetor is such that the entire fuel system of the motorcycle is dependent on it. Hence, a good cleaner should be able to recognise this and therefore be able to increase the fuel capabilities.

This is what the Gumout 510016W-6PK does. It helps the fuel system to function in a much smoother way. This means that applying this to the carburetor will increase the overall efficiency of the motorcycle to a great extent .

Other than that, the death of a carburetor is caused due to the carbon deposits due to the various chemical reactions that take place in it. These deposits get in the way of the functioning of the carburetor. This means that they need to be rid of so that the carburetor can be truly clean.

This cleaner specializes in cleaning out the carbon from the carburetor. This increases the lifespan of the carburetor, and so increases the lifespan of the motorcycle. This cleaner also has other features, such as the capability to fight off corrosion.

This cleaner also provides cushioning to the pistons as they move, decreasing friction. The bottom line is that this cleaner is successful in increasing the life of the carburetor and the motorbike in general. Hence, it deserves the first spot on this list.


2. Redline Cleaner

Redline Cleaner

This is a unique cleaner. This is because it has specific characteristics and properties that make it special. It uses detergents to make sure that the cleaner gets the job done with as much finesse as possible.

These detergents are a blend of different chemicals, which collectively work towards cleaning out all the unnecessary garbage and materials that slow-down the motorbike.

The detergent blend consists of a high-temp blend and a low-temp blend; both are included to tackle the different areas of the carburetor.

It also involves efficient fuel burn, which means that it has some gasoline effect as well. This effect increases the efficiency of the fuel burn, hence increasing the capabilities of the motorcycle by a huge margin.

It also makes sure that substances such as varnish and gum do not stick to the carburetor.

Gum here does not mean the gum that we are used to talking about generally. This gum is made of many different substances that come into play during all the chemical reactions that occur in a carburetor.

Now coming to the final reason why this cleaner has made it to the list of best cleaners available online. This reason is that this cleaner is easy to use. A single bottle can last a really long time. Other than that, the dynamics of the bottle are such that it is really easy to use.


3. Muc Off 664US

Muc Off 664US

What separates each cleaner from the others is the unique way in which it offers to clean up the carburetor. The way in which the Muc off 664US cleans up the carburetor is something that has been thought of deeply and from the point of view of the customer.

People always ask that any average cleaner gets the dirt off that can be seen by the naked eye, but what about the deep-seated slurry that cannot be detected by the eyes? Well, this dirt requires nano action.

This means that chemicals that work at the molecular level have to be used in the cleaner. This is exactly what the Muc Off 664US has to offer. It has substances that work at the nano level.

These cleaning substances are such that they penetrate deep into the depths of the garbage that is unseen by the eye and work on it.

Another great advantage of this cleaner is that it is biodegradable in every sense and manner. This means that the customer does not have to worry about the environment as this cleaner is great for our surroundings.

These are all compelling arguments in favor of this cleaner that is biodegradable, and works with nanotechnology towards making sure that the carburetor is as clean. There is absolutely no doubt as to why this cleaner deserves a spot in the list of best carburetor cleaners out there.


4. Chevron Techron

Chevron Techron

This is a cleaner that works as per the conveniences of the customer. The feedback that this company has received regarding their previous cleaners has become the base for this product. Hence it is what the customer wants and requires.

The first thing to note here is that this cleaner is able to revamp the fuel system. This means that the motorbike will function for a longer time and in a better way. All the channels can be clear of all the unwanted chemicals that hamper the functioning of the motorbike.

This cleaner not only increases the functionality but restores the motorbike in such a way that it is almost brand new.

This is because it restores acceleration, power loss, operation of fuel gauge sensor, etc. This is important to note as making the motorbike almost brand new is something that not many cleaners achieve.

Even though these factors are reason enough, there are other factors that make this cleaner one of the best carburetor cleaners out there.

It improves the performance of the bike as well. This is because it can also improve the cold start performance and idle capabilities of the motorcycle.

Keeping all these factors in mind, we can easily say that this cleaner is one of the best in the industry.


5. Chevron 266708338

This is another Chevron product that does not cease to amaze. It has a different set of capabilities, hence helps it stand apart from the crowd.

These capabilities understand what the user needs and provides it as it is without compromising on anything else.

The first and foremost factor to note here is that this cleaner is absolutely alcohol-free and emulsifier free.

This means that along with cleaning effectively, it does not take up too much water in its process. Less water must be used to ensure that corrosion occurs to a minimum.

Another aspect is that it stabilizes the fuel efficiency for up to two years. That means that one does not need to worry about the fuel system for the next two years.

This is a big deal when we look at the lifespan of the motorcycle. It is usually six to eight years, but with this cleaner, it can go up to ten or twelve years as well.

Considered all the aforementioned points, this cleaner has many new things to offer that are different from its contemporaries. Hence, we all can see why it had to be placed in the list of the best motorcycle carburetor cleaners online.


6. Chevron 266707338

Chevron 266707338

Yet another Chevron product, although this product has not got many new things to offer from the other versions of Chevron’s products.

This product is as good, if not better than the other products. This is because it has hit all the bases that the customer wants to hit.

The factors such as being alcohol-free and emulsifier-free are the same as the previous Chevrin product.

Hence, this product also increases the lifespan of the motorcycle by a huge margin. This is an important point to note for anyone buying a carburetor cleaner.

Coming to some of the different aspects that this product has to offer. For motorcycles operating in extreme conditions, this cleaner offers great resistance to corrosion.

Again, this reminds us that all these factors have been inculcated into the cleaner to increase the lifespan of the motorcycle.

The regular stuff, such as getting rid of the gum, varnish, and other types of dirt. This means that it hits all the factors that are necessary to make a cleaner great.

Even though this may seem similar to the other, there are some compelling arguments that prove otherwise. Hence, it has been placed alongside worthy contemporary cleaners that are available online.


7. Lucas LUC10013

Lucas LUC10013

This is a simple carburetor cleaner that targets a chemical that is harmful to the motorcycle, but many do not realise so. This chemical is Sulfur. Low sulphur can create some unique issues in the carburetor.

This cleaner deals with these problems swiftly and efficiently. The chemicals in this cleaner are such that they take care of low Sulphur fuel problems by neutralizing them.

This is an important point to focus on as not many cleaners focus on these parts. Hence, extra emphasis must be given to this major advantage.

Other than that, this product is responsible for burning the extra exhaust emissions. This increases the mileage of the motorcycle per gallon of petrol used. This is a factor that works towards increasing the life expectancy of the motorcycle.

It is the small things that count. By making sure that they target something else that no one was focusing on, the LUCAS LUC10013 has made a great impression on the audiences. Even focusing on increasing the mileage has worked in their favour.

All these things add value when one thinks about the product deeply. Customers care highly when the product keeps them at the forefront.

This product is exactly like that. Keeping the requirements of the customer as priority. This is the primary reason that it is here in the list of the best motorcycle carburetor cleaners.


8. Royal Purple

Royal Purple

This cleaner is extremely innovative and targets the problems that occur with the carburetor extremely scientifically. This means that it has proof of each and every component’s effectiveness when it comes to cleaning the carburetor.

The first scientific thing about this product is that it combines three fuel additives into one. This increases the vehicle’s performance and keeps the fuel chambers clean as can be.

Something like this has never even been tried by other companies that produce the same kind of product as Max-Clean.

This scientific approach has ensured that the motorbike performance improves drastically. Statistics show that the fuel economy increases by a factor of 3.2 percent; even the horsepower increases on an average of 2.6 percent.

It takes care of the other classic stuff such as the rough idle, hesitation, and stalling. These are important factors as well and this product does not forget about them.

Keeping all these factors in mind, it can be said with high confidence that this product is one of the best in the business out there simply because of its unique and scientific approach. It deserves a spot in the group of the best motorcycle carburetor cleaners.


9. Liqui Moly 2007

Liqui Moly 2007

This is one of the simplest carburetor cleaners that are out there. This is because this cleaner does exactly what a cleaner is supposed to do. It gets rid of the dirt in the simplest and most effective way possible.

All the problems that are associated with the motorcycle can be taken care of if this cleaner is used properly and to its full potential. Some issues that it takes care of right off the bat are starting problems, hesitations and stalling.

These problems are such that customers usually ignore them until they become unbearable. Hence, using this cleaner at the right place at the right time can stop these problems from getting out of hand.

It makes idling smoother than before, which means that one does not have to worry about the motorcycle stalling or the engine overheating with this cleaner by their side.

The throttle response is better as well with this fluid. This means that the overall performance of the motorcycle increases manifold.

It also produces a cleaner combustion. This means that the engine will last much longer than usual. This simplicity is something that the other companies do not focus on and makes the Liqui Moly 2017 one of the best in the industry of carburetor cleaners.


10. Red Line 60102

Red Line 60102

If someone is looking to save money from their budget by investing in a cleaner that is cheap and will work for a long extent of time, they should go with the Red Line 60102.

This is because this is the best option that provides the best in the best budget.

The key features here are not much. It is efficient in cleaning the fuel system completely,which is a huge plus point. Other than that, there is not much to go on other than the fact that the cost itself can be a deciding factor.

For example, if one knows how to go about cleaning a carburetor, they would also know what kind of dort they want to get out of their motorcycle and how to do it.

These people would prefer to save on the cleaner and work more on how to get the cleanout themselves. These people can buy Red Line 60102 cleaner, and they will be satisfied with the service that this product gives.

There are very few things that this product has to offer in comparison to the others, but the cost is something that the others miss out on.

This is the reason why this product has made it to this list. Keeping in mind the trend we are trying to follow in trying to find the best motorcycle carburetor cleaners, we should look at each and every aspect. Since cost is also an aspect, then it cannot be ignored easily.


11. Extreme Simple Green

Extreme Simple Green

This product is probably the unique one in the line of cleaners that we have seen until now. This is because its chemistry has been designed in such a way that it actually caters to aircrafts.

Now, one can see the depth and research gone behind this product as it is used to clean the parts of a vehicle that is destined to travel long distances with more than 200 passengers inside it.

The natural question one asks is can this be used to clean parts of a motorcycle? The answer is yes, because the chemical components in this product are such that they aim to get the same effect that other carburetor cleaners get.

The effect of this cleaner is actually greater than the others because it was designed to tackle parts that are much more robust and intricate.

Other than that, it is guaranteed to be risk free for the vehicle it is applied to. This means that at no point will the motorcycle be in harm’s way.

All these genuine perspectives are the different reasons why this product has made it all the way to this position in this list. Being the best in the industry means bringing something new to the table and this is exactly what this product is guilty of.


12. Meguiar’s


This product is known for its ease of use and the proportional effectiveness. It is also known for its safety, both for the user and the motorcycle.

With a simple spraying mechanism, it can be applied directly to the area in question and the effects can be seen immediately.

Let us first discuss what makes this product different from the rest. The keyword to note here is safety. It is safe on all surfaces and for all parts. This is important to note as some customers use an excess of the cleaner or the wrong cleaner to destroy their motorcycle.

It is important for the customer to understand what type of metal they are dealing with and what chemicals affect it. It may seem like a laborious task, but there are only a select few chemicals that the customers need to be wary about.

Keeping all these factors in check, it is an easy assumption that this cleaner is probably the safest of them all.

It uses foaming action to get rid of all the dirt and grime that accumulates in the nooks and crannies of the motorcycle. Coming back to the ease of use, the spray action is extremely helpful and does not hamper the flow of cleaning.

All in all, it is a great product to have by one’s side. These factors are the reason it is one of the best motorcycle carb cleaners out there.


13. Gumout 510014

Gumout 510014

This cleaner has the ability to target different parts of the motorcycle in ways that the others cannot.

This is because chemically it has been designed to get the dirt, grime and other unwanted substances out of parts such as port/direct fuel injectors, intake valves and ports, piston tops, cylinder heads and combustion chambers.

This is an important point to note because usually cleaners are such that they can clean all parts equally.

What has to be realised is that there are some parts of the motorcycle that need special attention. These parts cannot be cleaned by using a generic spray. This is where the Gumout 510014 comes in.

Other than that this cleaner takes care of all the different aspects of cleaning a carburetor. These factors that need to be focused on for a cleaner to be effective are carbon build up, corrosion of the metal, etc. These are the conditions that are the death of the motorcycle.

Keeping them in check should be the priority of the cleaner and that is exactly what this product aims at.

It also contributes in a small way to the environment by reducing emissions and increasing the fuel economy. The list of reasons as to why this product is one of the best is endless.


14. Shine Doctor

Shine Doctor

The most unique aspect of this cleaner is that it is meant to clean the entire motorcycle and not just the carburetor.

It is so, because it can shine the chrome, make the vinyl and leather spick and span and at the same time get rid of all the dirt in the carburetor.

It has the qualities to make sure that the entire motorcycle is clean. It does not affect the paint of the motorcycle as well.

There are other chemicals and components of this cleaner that corroborate the entire cleaning process. Chemicals such as Carnauba Wax protect the motorcycle from UV rays that are harmful for the motorcycle.

Other than that, the entire cleaner is silicon free. This means that it will not hamper the motorcycle or the finish or the paint job of the motorcycle.

If we cumulate all the points, we see that this product has been made to benefit all the parts of the motorcycle in totality.

This is what makes this cleaner genuine and entirely customer oriented. Since the customers are usually looking for a product that can provide multiple uses, this product is preferred over others.

When we look at it from that perspective, we find that this product satisfies all the conditions of the customer, making it an awesome product.



We can see the great array of products that are there for the people to choose from. Each product has something unique to offer, targeting a different part of the motorcycle, or the entire motorcycle.

Hence, it is the user’s prerogative to choose whatever best suits their needs and requirements. Each bike is different and must receive a unique treatment.

Hence, customers have to ensure that they understand what chemicals their motorcycle, and especially their carburetor needs before choosing a cleaner.

It is a process that people take lightly. For their motorcycle to function for a longer amount of time, they should make sure that they have the right formula in their hands.

FAQs on Motorcycle Carb Cleaners

1. How Often Should The Carburetor Be Cleaned?

A carburetor should be cleaned once every six months to avoid any major collection of dirt and gum. Not doing so will be bad for the motorcycle.

The carburetor is an important part of the motorcycle, one that can really affect the functioning of the entire motorcycle in general.

2. How To Learn The Process Of Cleaning A Carburetor?

If one does not know how to assemble and disassemble a carburetor, then they should find someone who is experienced in doing so. It is not a difficult process to learn.

Doing it twice by oneself will equip them with the skills to do it again and again. The process involves many parts and one should be careful when dealing with all of them.

3. What Are The Symptoms Of A Dirty Carburetor?

The symptoms include many things. Each factor is something that will tell the customer that the performance of their motorcycle is going down. Some noticeable symptoms are reduced engine performance, black smoke from the exhaust vent, hard starting, etc.

These factors come into play because the proper fuel reaction does not take place as the carburetor is unclean. These are also the reasons that the carburetor has to be cleaned well.

4. How Does A Carburetor Get Dirty?

The carburetor gets dirty because of the foreign materials in the fuel. These components combine to form the dirt and gum that accumulate and cause problems in the carburetor.

There are many impractical substances that can get in the way of the fuel chamber.

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