Best Motorcycle Tires For Cruisers 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Quick Overview: Our Top 5 Picks for Motorcycle Tires For Cruiser

OUR TOP PICKptsntbl-table__imageMMG Motorcycle Front Rear Tire
  • Offers excellent grip and wear
  • Designed for the ultimate traction and mileage
  • Suitable for wet and dry condition
ptsntbl-table__imageBRIDGESTONE Tire Exedra G704
  • Purpose-built rubber compounds
  • Provides long mileage
  • Tubeless blackwalls
ptsntbl-table__imageShinko 777 H.D. Tire
  • H Rated tubeless
  • Excellent choice for cruising or touring
  • Provides excellent wet weather adhesion.
ptsntbl-table__imageDunlop Harley-Davidson D404 Tire
  • Perfect street bike tire for that long trip
  • Offers greater load-carrying capacity and stability.
  • Gives a strong grip
ptsntbl-table__imageShinko Dual Sport 705 Series Rear Tire
  • DOT approved dual sport tire
  • Excellent wet and dry weather adhesion
  • Rubber compound resists tearing during off-road use.

People, we’re talking cruisers here. Strong, sturdy, and a high-mileage ride – is that what you’re looking for? You’re on the right page. Since tires are what connect you to the road, they better be upto the task.

Some want high horsepower, while some look for sharp handling. Good looks at a low price – yeah, you would want that too.

We have prepared this guide to help you find the best tires for cruisers. Keeping the key features in mind, we have picked the best products for you.

So brace yourselves for a crash course in the best motorcycle tires for cruisers. Vroom vroom!

Top 17 Best Motorcycle Tires For Cruisers 2021

1. MMG Motorcycle Front Rear Tire

MMG Motorcycle Front Rear Tire Best Motorcycle Tires For Cruisers

Manufactured by MMG, this tire accompanies a 130/90-16 front and back DOT endorsed tube-type tire edge. The rim size is 16″ with a load rating of 73. The heaviest weight it can convey is around 803 lbs or 365 kg.

It is fitted with an extraordinary elastic compound that gives a phenomenal grip. If you are searching for a tire that can be mounted on any sort of Harley Davidson motorcycle; this would be your go-to.

It is one of the best cruiser motorcycle tires 2021 that complements the heavy bikes with ease. You can get the best cost on cruiser tires at Amazon. Also, this item is purchasable under $100, which is a truly decent entirety and won’t cast a hole in your pockets.


2. BRIDGESTONE Tire Exedra G704R

BRIDGESTONE Tire Exedra G704

Bridgestone is one of the most notable names in the tire producing industry. It has been in the business for quite a few years and is trusted by clients and specialists the same. At the point when we talk around four-wheelers, Bridgestone has no opposition.

It has been the best in the business for quite a while at this point. With regards to cruiser tires, Bridgestone is relatively new as compared to other brands. Bridgestone made its debut in bike tires with the Bridgestone Exedra G704R, which is an unbelievable decision with a bounty to offer at its cost.

Bridgestone explicitly engineered this tire for Honda’s greatly adored line of Goldwing professional motorcycles. Maximum cruiser motorcycles generally make a great deal of commotion at high speeds, which can distract the rider.

Nonetheless, Bridgestone, with their Bridgestone Exedra G704R, crafted the first of its kind cruiser bike tires that can combat high speeds and ranges at a lower decibel.

With regard to performance, the Bridgestone Exedra G704R is at par with all its rivals. It offers fantastic footing control abilities. It has been intended for significant distance and can run many miles with no observable wear or tear.

The Bridgestone Exedra G704R is the best motorcycle tires for cruisers as it delivers a flawless performance even in the worst of conditions.

Bridgestone, however, has evaluated this item altogether higher when contrasted with its competitors. However, the worth offered by the unequaled development and execution compensates the cost.


3. Shinko 777 H.D. Tire

Shinko 777 H.D. Tire

The Shinko 777 tires speak for a mindful and affordable choice as they give expanded strength and wear obstruction. They have an incredible grasp and are made of top-notch elastic to decrease rubbing and keep up their quality for a more drawn-out time.

Although these won’t last you a lifetime, you can rely on them for a long excursion of up to 10,000 miles or significantly more, contingent upon the kind of rider you are. However, these voyage tires can surpass their 3-year lifetime or around 20,000 miles.

Brands like Michelin, Continental maybe the supremos in the tire industry, but are priced on the higher end. Medium-level tires like the Shinko 777 can give great quality without trading off security for less cash. They are incredible for first-time riders or less experienced bikers and will permit you to appreciate a long excursion with less wear.

These modest tires additionally convey extraordinary performance even on blistering summer days running 140 degrees. The tough elastic keeps the tire shape consistent even in outrageous temperatures and lends a flawless performance.

The Shinko 777 tire was intended to convey higher mileage and burden limits, along with a great foothold. At the end of the day, the item is made of top-quality elastic, impervious to mileage, which is ideal for cruiser bikes and long rides.

Be it Cali, Oregon, or any state in the Midwest, the Shinko 777 tires give great footing and a feeling of strength for your cruiser. Engineered to combat high speeds of up to 138 mph, you can test your Honda ride’s restrictions without stressing over the excessive wear and tear.


4. Dunlop Harley-Davidson D404 Tire

Dunlop Harley-Davidson D404 Tire

Dunlop is among the brands that have put a great deal to improve their tires throughout the years. This tire is a case of commitment to advancement since its beginning. On tracks and standard street conditions, this tire will carry on as you anticipate it, and keeping in mind that it isn’t made for speed or touring, it is as yet a great accomplishment of execution, which should intrigue you most while looking for swaps for your old tires.

Since it gives a strong grip, this tire may wear off somewhat quicker than others. However, if safety is not your priority, that’s a disadvantage some riders can stay with.

Speaking of track design, it is crafted to withstand water accumulation. There will be no water sloshing, caught in the track design, which helps keep a greater amount of the tire reaching the street. Water clearing is phenomenal on this tire, and that is the reason wet hold abilities are extraordinary, as well.

The bias-ply construction of the D404 gives a consistent, smooth ride with little mind to street conditions. That is one reason why it’s a solid match for cruisers and principally suggested for them. Be that as it may, it must be said that any rider who esteems solace and safety over speed will locate this model a decent decision.

It also has immense load-carrying capacity. Something else that ought to be included here is the characteristic tube design. When you head out, the spoked wheels offer more solidness, and they don’t wear off as effectively as others.

This great performing tire presents different focal points, and they all originate from the different structure components accessible on its construction. For example, the counterbalance groove works to improve straight-line dependability. The various highlights combine together to make a solid, reliable item and give the D404 an elegant finish.


5. Shinko Dual Sport 705 Series Rear Tire

Shinko Dual Sport 705 Series Rear Tire

As dual-sport tires, they are difficult to beat and are worth the price. A nearby gander at a tire that has seen a few thousand miles will disclose to you the whole story. There will be insignificant chipping, and practically no gouging, regardless of whether you go through outrageous climate conditions on your way.

So even in a sweltering and dry climate, the tire will, in any case, keep its shape and different points of interest.

You can’t have a top-notch bike tire without the correct development and reliable materials. For this situation, you will be glad to discover that the tire is DOT affirmed, which implies that it complies with the most requesting norms for street use. In any case, obviously, that isn’t all. The 4-employ development guarantees that this tire has greater strength contrasted with numerous different models available, some much more costly.

With its predisposition development, the tire is extraordinarily solidified against every single climate condition. You can have confidence that you have a street friend that will be with you through various challenges, and get you to the opposite side of your excursion in one piece.

Notice the profound track design on the tire. It is stunning and vigorous and assumes an indispensable job in forestalling wear and tear. Navigating quick turns and corners isn’t an issue for this elite product. Technical curves don’t stand a chance either, and you may end up thinking about what more you can toss at it, to test its limits.

Other than the tubeless structure, there is another viewpoint that adds to their simplicity of mounting. Once added to your bike, you cannot deny the smooth consistency it offers to your ride.

Moreover, this also cancels out your hassle of having to call professionals for changing the tires. So even if you are stranded, never worry. Shinko 705 would be your best bud to get you out of it.


6. Metzeler ME880 Marathon XXL Front Tire

Metzeler ME880 Marathon XXL Front Tire

The best motorcycle tires for cruisers? It’s the Metzeler ME 888 Marathon Ultra. In any case, one must not confound this as only a tire which accompanies an extraordinary stylish intrigue, as its appealing plan increases the value of their arrangement.

Metzeler has reliably demonstrated its value by delivering great quality tires that are in fact intended to deal with even the most terrible conditions. The Metzeler ME 888 Marathon Ultra likewise accompanies a cutting edge look that accompanies enough development to contend with even the best in the business.

Lately, Metzeler has upgraded its track example to give their tires an improved water waste ability. Because of this, they now have the best option for riders who incorporate wetter courses consistently.

The new improved plan offers better taking care of abilities even in the wettest of surfaces. The Metzeler performs very well in both high and low speeds, in some cases beating even the best of tires with regards to dealing with soundness.

Speaking of life span, the Metzeler ME 888 Marathon Ultra outlives even the best names in the business. The clients and specialists by and large are of the idea that these arrangements of tires seem to go on perpetually. They run a great many miles before starting to give a little indication of mileage.

The Metzeler ME 888 Marathon Ultra is estimated somewhat higher when contrasted with its rivals. Nonetheless, the way that these specific tires accompany an innovation that brings ultra-high mileage and predominant life expectancy make these tires commendable investment.

If you routinely track courses that are wet and experience substantial precipitation, then there are not many tires that can coordinate the exhibition of the Metzeler ME 888 Marathon Ultra.


7. Metzeler Roadtec 01 Front Tire

Metzeler Roadtec 01 Front Tire

The Metzeler 180/55ZR17 Sportec M7RRR is an incredible case of how tire makers incorporate their knowledge into reality. This makes proficient quality tires accessible at a moderate cost.

These tires are known for their unmatched quality and master craftsmanship. The Metzeler 180/55ZR17 Sportec M7RRR tires are complicatedly intended to give the best taking care of and foothold control at any point delivered by an ordinary tire.

The measure of hold that accompanies these tires is sufficient to keep your grounded and adhered to the surface. The Metzeler 180/55ZR17 Sportec M7RRR enables you to explore through the most secure of turns with no indication of slipping. With the Metzeler 180/55ZR17 Sportec M7RRR, you can drive around a race track like you’re dealing with the city boulevards.

These tires are intended to hold up to a limit of 168 miles for every hour. Although such high speeds are not recommended, over the years, engineers have tested it with successful results.

One of the fascinating realities about the Metzeler 180/55ZR17 Sportec M7RRR is that it is intended to have a long life. This makes it one of the very few best touring motorcycle tires that have good longevity.

The Metzeler 180/55ZR17 Sportec M7RRR is one of the best tires in the business with proficient execution and development, and everything comes at a truly sensible cost. This ensures riders around the globe can taste the quintessence of race track tires and use them every day. This enhances an item which is as of now very skilled and one of the best in business.


8. Dunlop American Elite Tire

Dunlop American Elite Tire

There is a solid motivation behind why the organization chose to name this model as such. The Dunlop American Elite bike tires are as of now known for being the ones that prepare numerous Harley Davidson bikes. On the off chance that you need something completely American, you will gladly pick up a Harley Davidson furnished with these tires.

Everything, from the plan load up to the thorough testing, is carried on in the US, which implies that you can expect the tires that leave the creation line under this name to offer amazing execution. As substitution tires, they give a long life expectancy, calm activity, and in general unrivaled street execution.

It doesn’t make a difference in the event that you need to ride in dry or wet climates. This tire will act as it should, and you will arrive at your goal subsequent to getting a charge out of a totally smooth ride. You will see the name and logo engraved on the sidewall, and that will do right by utilizing every American item.

Harley Davidson never utilizes other substitution tires except the American Elite made by Dunlop, and that is a brilliant proposal in itself.

Because of numerous long periods of designing experience, this tire will guarantee appropriate help for your vehicle, and you will be more than happy with its long life expectancy. As usual, one of the privileged insights of the quality offered by Dunlop lies with the track design that guarantees that the tire will destroy equitably.

The structure of the track design is liable for the general calm activity of the tire, something that numerous riders appreciate. An excellent logo of the brand and model is engraved on the sidewall of the tire, which boasts of an American product crafted with American standards.

Sturdiness is consistently an issue with cruiser tires. Keeping in mind that this model may last longer than others. However, after 10,000 miles, the track center may begin to show.


9. MICHELIN Commander III TireMICHELIN Commander III Tire

Michelin’s exploration incorporated a front-brake-only stopping test on wet ground with ABS turned on, in which it asserts the Commander III halted a Harley-Davidson Sportster 16.5 feet shorter than its Dunlop and Metzeler contenders.

Another, more adjusted profile on each tire builds the size of the contact fix by 10 percent, expanding grasp and life span. Track grooves are more extensive than on the Commander II and have striations along the base, giving them a more profound appearance.

Commander III highlights exclusive Amplified Density Technology (ADT). Michelin characterizes ADT as “A highly dense, more rigid tire casing which helps deliver excellent feedback and handling. Aramid tread plies on the rear tire resist centrifugal growth, reduce weight, and provide excellent stability. ADT’s 90-thread ply is 25% denser than conventional 71-thread ply”.

Michelin reps additionally advertised its Premium Touch Technology. Here touch refers to styling. The Commander III was designed keeping in mind the popular query of the consumers, as to how they would look on the bike.

Thus, the Commander III’s sidewall plans are licensed. Obviously, V-Twin riders need an attractive tire on their gorgeous motorcycles, subsequently the accentuation on the Commander III’s styling.


10. Dunlop Harley-Davidson D402 Tire

Dunlop Harley-Davidson D402 Tire

Harley Davidson is a name that is respected worldwide. Along these lines, the way Harley Davidson affirmed this tire for its touring models says a great deal regarding the degree of execution Dunlop has figured on how to accomplish throughout the years. The highlights utilized in this specific model recount the whole story in the minutest detail.

Going into the highlights, the tire is structured with a 3-handle polyester packaging. There are two fiberglass belts, and together they help to convey a great deal of weight. Since Harley Davidson famously makes overwhelming bikes, it is no big surprise that this tire is adulated for what it does.

The track profile is the aftereffect of a ton of exploration, and overwhelming work and its counterbalance place groove ensure that riding in a blustery climate won’t cause you to lose your equalization. The grasp is incredible and is a loyal buddy for your esteemed motorcycle.

You will discover this tire only on the professional bicycles made by Harley Davidson, which says plenty regarding the general execution and quality offered. The development that utilizes a 3-employ polyester packaging and 2 fiberglass belts guarantees taking care of heavy motorcycles.

Due to the scientific track design, this tire will carry on completely astonishingly in wet asphalt conditions, keeping you out and about and offering superb grip. Its steel-ground spans add to its general toughness, and you can anticipate that this tire should have a long life.

However, the wear and tear of tires depend upon the rider’s style and different conditions. So in case you’re utilizing it hard, you may find that you have to supplant it after a lower mileage than anticipated.


11. Michelin 87-9764 Tire Commander II

Michelin 87-9764 Tire Commander II

Michelin is a brand well known for the nature of the items it makes, and this tire model is no exemption to the standard. If you conclude that you need to give it a shot, you will be extremely satisfied with the outcomes it guarantees and with its general execution. If you’re wondering what puts Commander II on the pedestal, the appropriate response is its astounding grasp.

Michelin has been a pioneer with regards to developments brought to the tire business and keeps on being so even today. That is why you shouldn’t be shocked that the Commander 2 accompanies the Silica Rain Technology. Abbreviated as the SRT, this element utilizes silica that is incorporated into the compound of the tire track.

The outcomes are quite simple to envision, to be specifically improved hold in cool temperatures or wet asphalt. This model is perfect for low temperatures on the grounds that the SRT likewise safeguards the track’s solidness. As there are no compromises on the materials utilized, you can hope to ride your bike utilizing this tire for quite a while.

In addition, the makers also induced new track mixes that coordinate similar attributes of the SRT-mixed outspread. This says a great deal regarding the innovation’s adequacy so that you can have confidence this is a tire that won’t let you down. In addition, an accentuation was put on its lifespan, which over the long haul, also makes it a financially savvy elective.

We realize we’ve been discussing this present model’s presentation in wet conditions. However, the highlights that lead to these fantastic outcomes additionally incorporate the track design structure.

As you would know, any tire needs to accompany a successful example to guarantee those outcomes any rider needs. In this way, Michelin willingly volunteered to build up an uncommon one for confronting wet streets.

The outcome is the one you can find in the Commander 2 model and it’s likewise intriguing to realize that the plan was really affected by cruiser bikes and their style, just as by the notable Pilot Road tires that accompanied a fire impact structure. The Michelin was born of a plan to scatter water off tires adequately.

Another significant part of this unit is that, while it may not suit each and every cruiser model that exists out there, it’s as yet an exceptionally adaptable one that functions admirably with a lot of vehicles. That is the reason you shouldn’t have an issue finding the correct alternative for your cruiser.

With everything into account, Michelin figured out how to make another standard with regards to a tire’s solidness, and you additionally need to look at the back other option, as this is the place the vast majority of the issues show up with regards to broad riding. The brand made an item you can depend on for quite a while without making any sort of bargains with regards to its general execution.

In this way, regardless of the degree of experience, you have as a rider, you will profit by upgraded mobility and dependability in a wide range of street conditions. Additionally, the way that water won’t be an issue with regards to your bicycle’s security and that you get prompt input from the tire implies that you won’t have a lot of lefts to do than to appreciate the open street ahead.

Despite the fact that this is a profoundly flexible cruiser tire that suits a wide scope of bicycle models, you need to ensure it works for yours. It’s the thin structure that probably won’t fit, so before you put in your request, you should investigate the rundown of bikes the tire works with.

If you don’t locate your model on the list, you can contact the producer for additional subtleties, or for a reasonable elective that guarantees comparative advantages. There’s a high possibility you will discover precisely what you are searching for, so this isn’t something you should lose rest over.


12. Tire VE-33 Rear

Tire VE-33 Rear

If triumph and glory are the advantages you want to appreciate from your next adventure, this tire from IRC ought not to go unchecked.

Flaunting specs that have accumulated gratefulness from the clients who added it to their bikes, this item is focused on giving you toughness and steadiness in any event, while investigating rough territories.

The item was fabricated specially for cross country enduro conditions and, consequently, vows to convey dynamic riding power to an exceptional slowing down capacity to ensure your dashing is sheltered. Also, the tire guarantees the strength you need in any event when riding on rough, sloppy, or dry landscapes.

The IRC Volcanduro is M-appraised for speeds up to 81 mph. The cylinder type tire furnishes the client with toughness and vows to stay aware of expanded use. It is anything but difficult to mount and it likewise conveys superb foothold.

If you’re an aficionado of riding on rough, troublesome territories, make certain to add this alternative to your waitlist as you will love it. This thing was made to be used for cross-country street conditions and it can furnish you with all the foothold that you may require on such landscapes.

It has a cylinder type structure and, as an immediate outcome, these tires can breeze through the assessment of time, regardless of how regularly you use them. Given the unique development, it can convey the strength you need on wild terrains.

One issue that you should think about is that these tires probably won’t fit accurately on a wide range of bicycles. In any case, this may happen only once in a while. Also, these tires are not a good fit for dry and sandy grounds.


13. Heidenau K60 Scout Motorcycle Tire

Heidenau K60 Scout Motorcycle Tire

Heidenau is a German-based premium tire producing brand, whose configuration tires are made of the best quality materials and guarantee more noteworthy execution. This specific model;

K60 Scout tire highlights unmistakable and alluring track patterns make these the best motorcycle tires for cruisers. Even if this item is intended to serve some particular motorbike, yet that doesn’t imply that it can’t be introduced on some other bike.

Some back tires come in chevron style, while others may have a nonstop line or strip in the tire’s focal point. This specific item has been made in chevron style, and that sort of track design is like bumpy examples which guarantee to offer a great deal of open space between the track squares to coarse sand, rock, and water from the contact fix.

This tire also keeps some elastic in contact with the street as the tires move on a superficial level. This tire goes under a standout amongst other cruiser tires since this brand doesn’t forfeit on-street life span and adherence to the asphalt for most extreme rough terrain opposition.

It is without a doubt a genuine fifty-fifty double game tire; the K60 Scout brings an exact equalization of execution, both on and rough terrain. In light of its propelled track and compound, it offers better cornering soundness and taking care of.

It is perfect for riding on wet surfaces as it conveys an incredible grasp, in addition, you can ride it on rough terrain surfaces as well.


14. Michelin Pilot Road 2 Tires

Michelin Pilot Road 2 Tires

While perusing the Michelin cruiser tires survey, you’ll effectively comprehend why the Pilot Road 2 remains the most mainstream choice for bikers who appreciate high mileage.

Flaunting the most recent innovations in the industry, these Michelin tires give the best mix of wet hold and track life, affirmed by various free tests. The tires are accessible in no under 12 unique sizes, covering practically 95% of all touring fitments for expanded execution and a brilliant fit.

Remember that these tires are primarily intended for visiting and sports exercises, so you should test their limits when riding for significant distances or taking an interest in rough terrain rivalries. The Pilot Road 2 is the main double compound tire in the game visiting section and highlights inventive front and backtrack structures for additional solidness and improved execution.

With this item, you’ll have the best ride, without giving up solidness or hold. It incorporates a delicate elastic compound on the track shoulders with a wear-safe compound in the center.

The tire mileage is unimaginable as well, as indicated by most clients, so you can rely on it to keep going for quite a while starting now and into the foreseeable future, even on wet black-top or while visiting the nation.

The imaginative front and backtrack plans help retain shocks better, conveying expanded security even at high speeds. These are available in 12 unique sizes to cover the necessities of practically all touring fitments so that you will appreciate the best fit.

These Michelin tires accompany an incredible blend of track life and wet grasp, affirmed by free testing, so you’ll never need to pick among security and speed while going on long excursions with your bicycle.

They support the rider’s trust in testing climate conditions, which means they can be utilized in practically a wide range of territories and in every climate condition, in any event, when the streets are wet and dangerous.

These tires are primarily intended for long excursions, yet you should break into them before beginning your outing to diminish their inflexibility and make them more adaptable, particularly for streets with numerous corners.


15. Dunlop Sportmax Q3 Tire

Dunlop Sportmax Q3  Tire

The main thing that you should think about this Dunlop cruiser tire is that it’s completely planned and produced in the US. That implies that it complies with the best expectations of value, yet that isn’t all. This tire is made in a similar office that creates the hustling tires conveying the logo of this brand.

All things considered, how about we investigate its presentation. It is a hyper sport tire, and really, it’s the main of its sort made in the US, so it’s a decent beginning stage. Tried on dashing tracks and exposed to a lot of difficulties, it is the kind of tire that you can hope to have a long life expectancy.

For cruising, yet not just, it will offer a magnificent mileage. Additionally, on account of the IRP innovation utilized, you will watch better control of straight controlling. Because of its forceful track design, the tire will deal with the wet territory with the most extreme capability.

Giving a good mileage, life range, and general execution, the Q3 is a declaration to the brilliant quality Dunlop can offer. Utilizing unrivaled carbon fiber innovation, this tire causes you to explore sharp corners with most extreme effectiveness and can make you a superior rider by and large.

On wet territories, the tire will stay out and about and give fantastic grasp and footing with the goal that you don’t need to stress over mishaps. The Intuitive Response Profile highlight is built for precise control, while straight controlling stays immaculate.

Expect some stiffness in the initial phases before accomplishing the smooth ride Dunlop tires are known for.


16. MICHELIN Anakee Radial Tire

MICHELIN Anakee Radial Tire

The item is intended to convey remarkable execution in practically all street conditions. Rough terrains or the regular travels-enjoy the best of both worlds with these tires. At the end of the day, these tires are 20% intended to withstand cruel climate conditions and rough terrain trips.

The new silica tread technology gives precise maneuvering on slippery streets. These make for the ideal choice, without agonizing overslipping or losing control when the black-top is wet.

The Michelin Block Technology coupled with the Michelin 2CT gives enhanced street steadiness, regardless of whether you plan on utilizing them all the time.

What’s more, the upgraded profile joined with the brand’s 2CT mixes and the new tread patterns convey exactly taking care of and dependable execution. At the end of the day, what we preferred the most about the new Anakee Adventure tires is their capacity to coordinate the most recent innovations in the field. Conveying excellent outcomes and expanded security in all climates is their specialty.

This product is intended to address the issues of most on-street riders with additional solidness. Because of the new advancements included, the Michelin Anakee Wild tires convey another degree of on-street security.

The enhanced profile of the tires ensure your safety and make for a dependable ride.

Dissimilar to different tires that are intended for certain climate conditions, the Anakee Wild tires are made to convey remarkable execution in a wide range of climate, settling on them a reasonable decision lasting through the year.

When in doubt, you ought to comprehend the constraints of these tires and the territories they are intended to upgrade their exhibitions. That being stated, although they can cover for off-road tires too, they are preferred more for rough terrains.


17. Pirelli Diablo Rosso II Bike Tyre

Pirelli Diablo Rosso II Bike Tyre

Pirelli is extraordinary compared to other known producers of excellent race tires. They have been in the business for decades.

The smooth structure and strong grasp of the Pirelli Diablo Rosso II make it one of the best touring motorcycle tires. The Pirelli is also a hustling tire on the most fundamental level.

The tires accompany a crazy measure of footing that once it holds the street, it just won’t let go. Be it straight runways or the most impenetrable of corners; these tires will in general stick on to the street like an adhesive.

The structure of this tire overflows solidness and execution. These tires have been unpredictably structured with much consideration regarding subtleties. The taking care of is immaculate and is at standard with the best motorcycle tires for cruisers in the business.

Lamentably, the element that makes this tire so extraordinary and exceptional also adds to its ruin. Since it has been planned for race tracks, it has straightforwardly influenced the adaptability of this flawlessly structured tire.

Because of the reduction in adaptability, these tires have to some degree been consigned to the more experienced riders. Be that as it may, there is nothing that contrasts the sheer presentation and force that the Pirelli Diablo Rosso II brings to the table.


Motorcycle Tires For Cruisers: What To Look For

For starters, let’s look into some basic terminologies to help you get a clear idea of how to choose the best cruiser motorcycle tires.

1. Tread

The part of the tire that comes in direct contact with the road is called tread. It is the most significant aspect in tires. All in all, it is proven that a smoother tread performs better on smooth and dry surfaces, like the city streets and the expressways. But again, substantial or fat tires are the best for a 4×4 romping.

Some tread designs are engineered for wet surfaces, while rough terrain tires are created for an assortment of surfaces. Depending on your need, you can look over hard-pressed soil to sand.

2. Bead

Bead is the part of the tire that accompanies the wheel. It is commonly a steel wire that is shrouded in substantial elastic. It must fit well into the tire to prevent it from slipping on the wheel while rotating.

3. Carcass

The carcass is the body of the tire, which is under the tread. Bike tires are commonly bias-ply or radial, which denotes the making of the tire. Outspread tires have strengthening belts (which are mostly made of steel) running from dot to dot over the track of the tire.

However, bias-ply tires have belts that are fibrous cables and run from dab to dab at an extremely limited edge of 30 to 40 degrees. This is known as the bias of a wheel, and this is the fundamental difference between radial and bias-ply tires.

4. Sidewall

This is the region of the tire that connects the track and dot. The sidewall is generally a little piece of the tire when contrasted with different parts. However, it is crucially significant. It determines the load capacity of the tire. This is the referenced piece of any tire and assumes a significant job in deciding the reference stature, profile, and the angle proportion.

Ordinarily, a shorter sidewall yields a stiffer sidewall, which will in general flex less. To a rider, this implies better turning, poor knock retention, and troublesome mounting. This segment assumes a significant job in suspension of a tire and is one of the most significant suspension segments.

Another significant actuality one must note is that all the data with respect to a specific tire is referenced on the tire sidewall. There are two different ways to decipher this tire data, one being the alphanumeric way, while the other being the metric way.

The massive range of brands, sizes, and designs of tires can be enticing, but at the same time overwhelming. Choosing the best touring motorcycle tires can be a daunting task. While the choice is entirely yours, the work of selecting and researching shouldn’t exhaust you.

We’ve already got them ready. Have a look.

Choosing The Proper Cruiser Tire

You must be wondering why this section and aren’t there specific tires for cruisers? Well, there are. But the best part is that a wide range of tires can fit into cruiser bikes. All you have to be nosy about is the proper size and the orientation of the tire.

Here are the other types of tires that do well for a cruiser bike too:

1. Cruiser Tires

Cruiser bikes can utilize something beyond cruiser tires. However, assembled cruiser tires are generally more up to date than the other notable types.

There is an assortment of tires that are made explicitly for different applications but can be utilized for other purposes as well. A portion of these are the best in business and can be a great decision for your ride. Let us investigate the choices to get this.

2. Game Tires

Game tires are explicitly intended for the most extreme footing while turning or cornering. These tires have delicate, clingy track mixes and shorter lives when compared with other tires.

Their fantastic footing works excellently while slowing down on a run of the mill cruiser, which comes up short on the cornering leeway or capacity to use it in different circumstances.

Be that as it may, they are famous among riders who love an energetic look and need to include a touch of execution and appeal to their rides.

3. Economy Tires

These tires are the specific inverse of game tires. They are genuinely modest, low-tech, and unobtrusive as far as foothold and control are concerned. These are not supported much by fans.

Economy tires tend to have a shorter life expectancy. In this way, it is fitting that you don’t invest in these, you’ll be back in the tire shop at some point or another, attempting to mount another pair on your ride.

4. Touring Tires

With regards to offering high mileage and longevity, touring tires are the best in business. Although these tires can be very costly, they are an unquestionable requirement to have on the off chance that you have to travel long distances.

These tires, by and large, convey nearly 20000 miles under most conditions, which isn’t awful for many tires. These tires are recommended by riders and veterans around the world because of their capacity to provide wet and dry footholds over the OE cruiser tires.

5. Game Touring Tires

The trade-off of cornering hold and voyaging mileage might be advantageous on a cruiser with tremendous cornering leeway. Most cruisers get all the foothold that they require from a high mileage cruiser tire.

For most cruiser proprietors, game touring tires are the best parity of cost and usable execution. These tires perform similarly well in all conditions and are significantly better looking and structured.

Where And How To Change Motorcycle Tires

If you are the proud owner of a bike paired with the best cruiser motorcycle tires, you would probably want to know where to replace them.

There are a few choices that you can look over with regards to replacing your bike’s tires. If you notice that they are getting old and could utilize a better set, you need to get it done.

Presently, if you’re a novice, setting off to a nearby shop or vendor may be a smart thought. Along these lines, you can perceive how the tires are changed without getting your hands grimy all the while. Additionally, since there are experienced individuals doing this in a shop, there is a little hazard that the tire probably won’t be set accurately.

But again, for the moto enthusiasts, replacing the tires is something that they do all alone for the sheer joy of knowledge and for the procedure itself. For some, one of the delights of motorcycling, all in all, is really doing things themselves.

Changing The Tires On Your Own

If you’ve decided to take care of your touring buddy all by yourself, there’s a hell lot of fun waiting for you.

Apart from the fun, there are a whole set of advantages if you plan to change the tires on your own. With the online market surge, prices have dropped. And that gives you a good budget to maintain your bike. Also, this does not need specialised tools.

Moreover, chances are less that you would end up stranded alone with a punctured tire. Once you do it by yourself, the knowledge and experience prepare you for the long haul.

FAQs on Motorcycle Tires For Cruisers

1. Can I Mix Two Types Of Tires?

We would not recommend you to mix two types of tires as it affects the grip and handling. It is better to stick to a single type.

2. Is It Advisable To Use A Tubeless Tire With A Tube In It?

It is not risky. But adding a tube would induce more friction and, as a result, more heat.

3. How Often Do I Have To Change The Tires?

This totally depends upon the wear and tear your tires have to go through on a regular basis. It is different for all riders.


Whether you’re a Hercules riding a Harley Davidson, or going out for another adventure, all these come with great responsibility. The tires add to it. Thus it is important to choose the best motorcycle tires for cruisers.

With so many choices and products with improvised technologies flooding the market, it becomes difficult to make the ideal choice. However, after this crash course, we hope that you make an informed decision and choose the best as per your suitability. Reach your limits!

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