Best Motorcycle Wheel Chocks 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Maxxhaul 2. Rhino 3. Hopkins
Maxxhaul 2 Best Motorcycle Wheel Chock Rhino USA Hopkins 11930MI

It is common for motorcycle owners to face a difficulty when parking their vehicles on a sloped road. It is a nightmare to make sure that the motorcycle does not slide back or forward during the duration of the time it is parked there.

There are some tune up devices which the rider can use to make sure that their motorcycle is safe and sound the next time they want to use it.


One of the options is to park the bike at a place where the slope does not exist. This may be away from their place of stay and hence cumbersome for them in terms of accessibility.

The next option is to have the best motorcycle wheel Chock with them at their disposal. This will help them keep the motorcycle at the same place and make sure that it does not roll away to certain destruction.

Finding wheel Chocks is not difficult, but finding the best ones can be tricky. One must be aware of what to look for with respect to one’s needs.

Hence, here are some of the things to look out for when purchasing a wheel Chock for motorcycles:

1. Wheel Size

This aspect is important to consider as a standard motorcycle wheel will not require a special Chock. On the other hand, something bigger than the standard wheel size will require Chocks especially made for the bike.

The standard tire’s size ranges from 17 to 21 inches. Any size that does not lie in this range cannot use the normal Chocks that are out there. They require special manufacturing.

2. Placement

There are a plethora of designs when it comes to Chocks for motorcycles. Some of these options have changed the way Chocks are supposed to be placed on a motorbike’s wheels.

There are different Chocks for different types of bikes. It is important for the customer to know what type of Chock they need in order to make the correct choice.

3. Security Features

Determining the safety features that come along with the Chock is important. Some manufacturers say that their Chock does not need any safety features, or that the ones that are there are enough.

However, it is important to recognise the needs of the customer and then decide which features are required and which are redundant.

4. Construction Material

Making sure that the Chock being bought is made out of sturdy and strong material is essential for long-term usage. One should make sure that the material used is not corrosive in nature, as it would then weaken quicker over time.

These criterias are such that they are not difficult to fulfill, but tough to keep in mind as they are subtle details. Any customer should keep in mind the four details required to make the best Chock for them.

Here is a list of the best Chock products that are out there and which give the best experience to the user.

Top 13 Best Motorcycle Wheel Chocks 2021

1. Maxxhaul 2

Maxxhaul 2 Best Motorcycle Wheel Chock

This is a Chock which promises great things. There are certain aspects here which will make the customer drool over this product. The dimensions of the Maxxhaul 2 is 8 inch length x 4 inch width x 5 inch height. This is apt for any standard tire out there.

This Chock also promises safety in all-weather conditions. This means that the customer does not need to worry about the climate of a place in order to go on a biking trip there.

This feature makes this Chock special. It is achieved by simple rubber pads that have been designed to provide traction on any surface out there.

It also takes into account the comfort or the user as well. Placing a Chock may not seem like a nid geal. But when the Chock has gone through slush and mud, it is difficult to place it because of the dirt that surrounds it.

This Chock, however, provides a handle for the users’ perusal. This is something that may not seem important when the sale is being made, but the customer will be grateful for it later on. Next, we see that the materials that have gone into the manufacturing of the Maxxhaul 2 are also extraordinary.

These materials are better than the plastic versions of Chocks which are there in the market. These materials make sure that the Chock is light in weight and has better resistance to other environmental conditions.

Keeping all the factors in mind, this Chock ticks all the boxes it needs to to be on the list of the best motorcycle wheel Chocks out there.


2. Rhino USA

Rhino USA

Some Chocks are designed to keep the motorcycle from rolling away. Some are built in such a way that they keep the motorcycle in check the best way possible. The RHINO USA is one of those Chocks.

Let us first have a look at the build of the Chock. It is made out of coated steel ratchets and polyblend webbing. The RHINO USA is accompanied by straps made out of polyblend materials.

These straps are what make this Chock unique. They are attached to the bike in a way difficult for it to be displaced even in the most turbulent situations.

Other parts of the Chock are also such that they will not wear out even after a long time. The strength of the Chock is determined by its break strength, or, the maximum amount of weight it can tolerate.

For the RHINO USA, the break strength is 5208 lbs. This implies that a huge amount of weight can be handled by this Chock easily.

The deals with which this Chock comes with are also quite impressive. There is a family offer in which the customer can buy Chocks for the entire family at a subsidised price.

There is also a refund policy in case someone does not like the product, but that rarely happens in the case of the RHINO USA.

Since all the conditions are met, the RHINO USA is indeed one of the best motorcycle Chocks which are there in the market as of now. It does not let the customer down under any circumstances.


3. Hopkins 11930MI

Hopkins 11930MI

This wheel Chock does not seem out of the ordinary when one takes a sweeping look at it. But a closer examination of the product reveals that it has more up its sleeves. The design is simple and efficient. It is made out of sturdy materials as well.

The materials that are there in the make of the Hopkins 11930MI are heavy duty resin materials.

These kinds of materials make sure that the Chock is long lasting and survives the longer scheme of things. They are durable to no extent and have the ability to stop any vehicle from going under.

The comfort of the user is of paramount importance here. This Chock is designed in such a way that it can be stored without any hitch. It is nestable and stackable, which means that storing it will never be an issue.

This item is light and easy to carry, so one does not have to worry about travel. Other than that, the dimensions of the Chock are 9 x 6 x 5 inches. This means that all sorts of motorcycle tires can be accommodated into it.

All factors are taken care of when someone goes through this product. It is a great buy and one of the best Chocks for motorcycle wheels out there.


4. Extreme MAX 5001.5010

Extreme MAX 5001.5010

This Chock is one of those Chocks which make sure that under no circumstances any part of the motorcycle tire is in danger. It is an entire contraption that is supposed to make the motorcycle immovable in its position.

There are many features that set the Extreme MAX 5001.5010 apart in the competition. First, let us come to the built. “Built” may be a small word for this monster. It is better to call it a structure, because this takes into consideration the entire wheel.

There is a solid front bar and boot, which are there to provide maximum stability. This ensures that the motorcycle is immovable, come what may.

It may seem like a laborious task to get the entire setup together, but it is not so. One of the advantages of having an Extreme MAX 5001.5010 is that it is easy to assemble. It is low maintenance as well. All these factors are something which we rarely see in other Chocks.

Another interesting fact about this Chock is that it has the ability of readjustment. It can be adjusted to fit into any wheel of the customer’s choice.

Hence, having a pair of these Chocks will make sure that the user never has to buy another pair ever again. The design is such that it can accomodate 17’’ to 21’’ wheels between 3-5/32’’ – 7 – 3/32’’ wide.

Such specifications help any user anytime. Other than that, the look also is great. Even though it is the last thing that one sees when looking for a Chock, it is still worth a mention here.

Keeping all factors in mind, there is no doubt as to why this Chock is on the list of the best motorcycle wheel Chocks.


5. Maxxhaul 70271

Maxxhaul 70271

This Chock is an investment which is worth the effort. It guarantees the safety of the vehicle of the user to such an extent that their bike will remain immovable for time immemorial. There are many different aspects fulfilled by the Maxxhaul 70271.

Firstly, the capacity upto which this choke can hold its ground. This choke can hold upto 1800 pounds, which is way more than any motorcycle manufactured. Hence, it is more than capable of holding any bike of any size or shape.

It can accomodate all wheels from 3 inches to 5 inches. The make of the Chock is also interesting to note. It is made out of heavy duty steel; that means it is made strong and sturdy. It can handle any kind of pressure and jerks.

The Chock also boasts a self-locking mechanism, which helps the bike to stay upright and hold its ground. All factors show that the bike will remain stable at all times under any situation.

It also has anchor points for extra support. This makes the customer feel safe about leaving their beloved motorcycle in the hands of this strong contraption.

All in all, it is an amazing product to have at anyone’s disposal. It is built to sustain all conditions and make sure that the user does not regret buying the product. It is one of the best motorcycle wheel Chocks for these reasons.


6. Condor PS – 1500

Condor PS - 1500

This Chock is one of the few wonders in this industry. The Condor PS-1500 is a Chock which never ceases to amaze. It has the power of a bull and the comfort that each customer desires. The capabilities it possesses are not ordinary.

First, let us have a look at the built of the Chock. The design of the Chock has been built in such a way that it can adjust any motorcycle on the planet into its hold.

This means that one never has to worry about changing Chocks or changing vehicles ever again once the Condor PS is by their side.

The name itself contains the number 1500. This means that the Chock can sustain upto 1500 pounds of pressure or weight.

This is much more than the average weight of the motorcycles that are in use currently. It also means that this contraption can handle all sorts of difficult conditions and still survive the test of time.

It is extraordinary to see the wonders that this Chock can do. It has a patented locking mechanism, which helps in securing the motorcycle at all costs.

This mechanism, since patented, will not be found in any other Chock product. This is something which sets the Condor apart from its competition.

They are extremely safe to handle and really easy to assemble and use. Such is the power of the Condor, which makes it the best motorcycle wheel Chock.


7. Maxxhaul 70075

Maxxhaul 70075

This company is one that has been experimenting in this department and has had great results so far. This product is no different. It is a variant of the others before it, but has some qualities that make it different.

The design itself is quite different. This model is equipped with position-adjustable holes, which are used to accommodate the various wheel and tyre sizes in the industry. These holes provide an easy way of doing so without any hitch of human error.

Another great innovation here is that of a self locking mechanism. This mechanism ensures that the bike will be locked in once it is rolled into this Chock. This implies that a single person can easily use the Maxxhaul 70075 alone and ensure that their motorcycle is safe.

The materials used here are standard as far as the products of Maxxhaul are considered. It is heavy duty steel material, with a coating of powder finish for resistance against dust and corrosion.

It also comes with hardware mounts and tools which the customer can use efficiently for proper installation and perusal. Keeping all factors in check, we can say this Chock is one of the best out there in the market.


8. Pit Posse

Pit Posse

This Chock is all about ease and comfort. It is a product aimed to ensure that the user does not have to stress too much on installation and maintenance of the Chock. The Pit Posse is the easiest way for anyone to make sure that their bike does not move from its predestined position.

There are points built into the system which allow the user to easily install as well as remove the Chock as and when necessary. This is a unique point of view, as the other Chocks focus on the strength aspect of Chocks.

Although that is extremely important, they sometimes lack the finesse required in handling the product. The customer ends up suffering the brunt of the whole affair.

This product puts those thoughts to a stop, keeping in mind only the customer. The hardware comes included with the entire setup, thus making it all the more easy for the customer.

This focus on ease does not mean that they have completely forgotten about the strength and durability of the Chock.

Pit Posse is made up of string and sturdy materials that are capable of handling any force and pressure thrown at it. This means that the customer can enjoy the best of both worlds. Hence, Pit Posse has reserved a spot in the list of the best motorcycle wheel Chocks in the market.


9. Condor SC-2000

Condor SC-2000

This is another Condor spectacle which will shake the very foundations of the people looking for an effective Chock.

This Chock is such that it can be called an upgraded version of the previous products from the same company. This Chock fulfills all the criteria, such as ease of use, durability, strength, etc.

The design of the Chock is such that anyone can use this Chock to its full extent easily and single handedly. It has simple mechanisms that make sure that customers get a hang of it in no time.

Other than that, the amount of pressure and weight which this condor can handle is upto 3000 pounds. Now, this is a bold claim to have, but it checks out because the materials used in the Condor 2000 are exclusively made for such a high amount of tolerance.

Coming to the materials, they are the same materials that have been used in the other condor products. They are the construction steel materials, which make sure that the product remains strong for as long as it exists.

There is a patented locking mechanism as well, which is also a contributing factor as to why this product is a breed apart from the rest.

The design also enables people to attach and detach their motorcycles from the powerful Chock single handedly. This means that ease is the motto of the Condor 2000. Keeping all these things in mind, we can say that this is indeed one of the best motorcycle wheel Chocks out there.


10. GrandPitStop


This Chock is more of a contraption that is used to maintain the bike properly. This means that its functions are not limited to the simple holding of a motorcycle. This is such a Chock that it does not interfere with the tyre or the wheel, and is still able to get the job done.

Some basic functions include Chain cleaning, tyre inspection, lubrication and overall wheel maintenance. The question arises as to why this is not possible in other Chocks. It is because their design and built do not allow it to happen.

They get in the way of the maintenance because they are big and bulky. Now if one wants their motorcycle to remain secure, the big and bulky Chocks will get the job done.

If someone is looking for something more, then the GrandPitStop Chock is the one that they should opt for. The design of this Chock seems simple, but is such that it never ceases to amaze.

It is flat and small in shape. It only touches the tyres of the wheel. It has a unique mechanism which does not require any electronics to lock the bike in place.

The materials with which it is made are aluminium and steel, that ensure that the Chock does not fall apart under the weight of the bike.

Another interesting fact is that the same contraption can be used for any wheel, irrespective of the fact whether it is the front wheel or the back wheel or a wheel of a different size. All that matters is that it is a motorcycle wheel.

The simplicity of the wheel is also outstanding. It can be used by a single person and all they have to do is roll their bike onto the Chock and lock it into the place. Then get the stand of the bike down.

That is all it takes for this kind of Chock to work. There is really no question as to the fact that why this Chock is placed in the list of the best motorcycle wheel Chocks out there in the market.


11. Fasmov


If someone is looking for simplicity at the base of the product that they are buying, they should go with the Fasmov Wheel Chock. This is because the design and structure of the Fasmov Chock require that the user do absolutely nothing.

The entire structure resembles a simple wedge of wood. This means that the mechanism of using it is also quite similar.

But this Chock is something much more than a simple piece of wood. It has the capabilities of a full-fledged Chock and is full of surprises.

Let us first come to its capabilities as a Chock. It is made out of solid rubber. This means it provides almost infinite resistance towards movement, which is ideal to the purpose that the

Chock is supposed to fulfill. In addition to this, there is non-slip oil resistance which has also been used in the manufacturing of this beauty.

Other than that, the dimensions of the Chock are standard. Hence, they can be used in all situations and with all motorcycles. Keeping all factors in mind, we can say that this Chock extracts the least amount of effort from the customer.


12. Fasmov Rubber


This may seem like the same product as above, but there certain fundamental things that are different in this model from the previous one.

The make and build itself distinguishes it from the others. There is a handle here at the back of it, which helps the user to use the Chock much more effectively.

There are some common features, such as the materials which have been used in both of them are the same. They both use solid rubber as the material used for its construction.

That means that the tolerance of each of them is the same. There is a small difference in their dimensions as well.

The major difference is that this model promises that it can stop the motorcycle from rolling back in any weather out there. The previous versions make no such promises.

This means that this model is better equipped to be travelled with. This implies that it can go through slush and hail and still save the motorcycle from its impending doom.

Another commonality between the two is that they are both made for travel. This means that they can be a constant companion to anyone who is on the road with their motorcycle. This is because of their compact size and easy shape. This helps in easier packing and transporting.

Hence, the Fasmov Solid Rubber Chock can be used anywhere and everywhere, which makes it ideal to be on the list of the best wheel Chocks.


13. GrandPitStop


This Chock is known for its amazing results and numerous applications. It is similar to the previous versions, only different in the make and design. This is actually a huge difference that can mean the world to any user.

Let us discuss some of the features. The main aspect of this product is the fact that it does not restrict the bike as much as other Chocks do. It is small in its design and leaves a lot of room for the person to work on their bike.

It also ensures that the motorcycle does not move from its position because of any change in the surrounding or circumstances unless the customers desire it so.

The bottom line is that one can experience multiple advantages when using this product. It has brilliant things in its arsenal. Other than the ones discussed above, the simplicity of it is also quite splendid.

It is really easy for anyone to use. The mechanism is easy to understand and adjust according to the requirements of the user. This keeps the users mind free of unnecessary tension and stress about Chocks.

Keeping all these factors in mind, this product is highly advisable to purchase. It is here as one of the best motorcycle Chocks for a very good reason.



At the end, one must realise the power of a good motorcycle wheel chock. It is important for frequent travellers who use bikes as their mode of transport.

It makes lives simpler for people on the go, as they do not have to worry about where they are going and how their motorcycle is going to fit there.

They can now rest assured that their motorcycle will remain in safe hands as the chocks do their work with utmost power. This contraption has a simple concept behind it, which can change the way people perceive travelling on motorcycles.

It may not be such a bad experience as some people deem it to be. This experience can be made less frustrating by using proper wheel Chocks at proper places.

To conclude, one must remember that the best wheel chock can be a blessing in disguise for someone on the road with their motorcycle drifting down a slope.

FAQs on Motorcycle Chocks

1. How Much Does A Motorcycle Wheel Chock Cost?

A motorcycle wheel Chock can cost anywhere between $5 to $25. It depends on the built and the features of the Chock.

2. What Is The Best Material That Should Be Used For Wheel Chocks?

The best material for a Chock that attaches itself to different parts of the wheel is aluminium and steel. But for an average Chock, which works just on the tyres, solid rubber is considered to be the best. It is not necessary that these are the only materials used in Chocks.

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