How To Transport A Motorcycle

The most obvious way of moving a motorcycle is to ride it yourself. However, when you want to send the motorcycle to the other side of the country, or there is a sudden breakdown, this option gets ruled out completely.

Here, you need to figure out a way in which you can load the motorcycle on another vehicle and safely transport it to the desired location. If the loading is not proper or you do not secure the bike with straps, the bike will end up getting damaged. In this article, we shall teach you how to transport a motorcycle through different methods.

Using A Motorcycle Carrier

Although towing the motorcycle is a convenient and affordable option, some people do not prefer it. It is because they do not want half of their motorcycle to roll on the road, while the other half hangs in the air. Certainly, there is some amount of risk involved in doing so.

Another safe method of transporting motorcycles is to use motorcycle hitch carriers. Using it is not just safe, but it also saves a lot of space in the car or the truck that you will use to move the carrier.

You can easily connect a motorcycle carrier to the hitch of your truck or car. A motorcycle carrier is primarily a big ramp on which you place the bike. The best thing is that after attaching a carrier you can fit the motorcycle sideways on the back of the truck.

This way, the bike remains in contact with the truck throughout the journey. Thus, you don’t need to worry about the damages that might otherwise occur while towing the bike. In all, a motorcycle carrier is easy to use, and bikers think that it is one of the safest methods as well.

If you own an SUV instead of a truck, that just has a class III trailer hitch; you can connect a motorcycle carrier easily. However, we advise that you do not use a motorcycle carrier with cars of smaller sizes. The weight distribution will not be ideal in that case and can cause accidents.

Motorcycle carriers can bear a maximum weight of 500 pounds. The regular on-road motorcycles weigh up to 400 pounds, so you can surely use a carrier for them. Even if you think that the bike is heavier than 500 pounds, you can still move it with a carrier.

Just remove the parts like windshields, side panels, motorcycle phone mounts, etc. and there will be a significant reduction in the weight. Sometimes the operator manual of the bike has details about the specific carriers that work best for it.

Using A Van

While using a van to transport a motorcycle might not sound like a great idea, it is quite easy to do so. However, you will require the right type of van and other equipment to facilitate the bike’s transportation. Several manufacturers also use vans to deliver bikes when other transport modes are not available, especially in small cities.

If you have an old motorcycle that is small in size, you can use a minivan as well. However, for modern motorcycles, you need a bigger van. Such vans are readily available with car rental companies. You can move inside these vans and make preparations to ensure that the motorcycle remains steady while you transport it.

Before you finalize a van, make sure that you compare its measurements with the motorcycle. You will need tow straps, a tarp, and a mini ramp to accommodate the motorcycle inside the van. You may also need specialized motorcycle wheel chocks that help in keeping the tires steady. Moreover, you should also use some sheets or a blanket to cover the bike properly.

While moving on uneven roads, or driving through traffic, the jerks might lead to oil leakage from the motorcycle tank. The motorcycle gas might start emitting fumes, and the oil might catch fire. It also spoils the interiors of the van.

Therefore you should ensure that you empty the tank before loading the motorcycle into the van. Keeping a tarp on the floor will prevent it from getting dirty even if there is a spill. Finally, keep the motorcycle along one side of the van. Use the tow straps to fix the motorcycle, and cover it with a blanket.

Use A Moving Truck

If you need more space and want to transport the motorcycle safely, you can also rent a moving truck. Popular rental truck companies give special discounts for this purpose. Prices are on the lower side if you pick and drop the truck from their office.

Generally, even the most expensive rental truck agencies will not charge more than $100 per motorcycle. Paying that much money to move the motorcycle safely and conveniently is worth it. You will not have to worry about road bumps or the weather damaging the bike.


A safe, conventional, and effective way of transporting a motorcycle is to ship it. It is the most convenient way amongst all others. You do not have to prepare the bike for loading, neither do you have to arrange a vehicle. However, it costs much more than a rental truck or a van.

Shipping a motorcycle is the best way when you want to transport the motorcycle to a far-off location. It is the safest way to transport a bike to the other side of the country. While a rental truck may cost around $100, the average price of shipping a motorcycle is $900.

Choose a reputed shipping company for the job. Sometimes the companies offering cheap shipping do not take adequate precautions.


So, these were some tips on how to transport a motorcycle. While you need to be careful while loading the motorcycle, the unloading process should also be done with the utmost care. It is simply the reverse of the loading process.

There are chances that the motorcycle might fall on one side as soon as you remove the straps. There can be other problems too, thus, make prior preparations for everything. If you are vigilant and pay attention to precautionary steps, all these methods will help you transport your bike easily.

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