Best Motorcycle Jeans 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Quick Overview: Our Top 5 Picks for Motorcycle Jeans

OUR TOP PICKptsntbl-table__imageScorpionExo
  • Fashion-conscious
  • Traditional 5 pocket design
  • Universal style
ptsntbl-table__imageHighway 21
  • Kevlar reinforced panels with over 70% coverage
  • Detachable hip pockets
  • CE Level 1 knee armor
ptsntbl-table__imageTakuey Armor Racing Cycling Pants
  • Fashion Trends and Riding Safety Design
  • Free Removable Hip and Knee Protector
  • Knee and Back Waist Folding Design
ptsntbl-table__imageHWK Dualsport Motorcycle Pants
  • Waterproof and Windproof
ptsntbl-table__imageTakuey Men’s Motorcycle Riding Jeans
  • Fashion Trends and Riding Safety Design
  • Casual Style Suitable for Daily Life
  • With Knee Hip Protector Pads

Jeans have been an essential part of any wardrobe for almost a century. However, the concept of this apparel is quite new in the industry. Though just from looking at them, motorcycle jeans may seem exactly like your regular pair of jeans, they are completely different in functionality and design.

This time, I have a list of the best Motorcycle Jeans of 2020. Before we start, what are motorcycle jeans and why they are so different from the usual denim we wear on a daily basis? To answer these questions, I have researched extensively, and the idea catches my attention from the first line itself.

For frequent motorbike riders, style and safety go hand in hand. While it is natural to want to look chic and stylish when you are riding a bike, taking care of your own safety while on the road is also equally important.

A few years ago leather pants were the only option suitable for riding. However, leather pants are extremely uncomfortable and do not provide the required protection. Then there came the concept of riding jeans. They basically look the same as regular jean pants from the outside but, inside, they have different types of protective gear.

Our list of the best motorcycle riding pants comprises 15 best names in the market, which are extremely comfortable and are perfect for daily use, yet give the required protection to your legs.

Top 15 Best Motorcycle Jeans 2021

1. ScorpionExo

ScorpionExo Best Motorcycle JeanThe first pair of motorcycle jeans on our list is the Scorpion Exo Covert pants for men. ScorpionExo is a famous American brand, not only known for manufacturing great quality riding pants, but also for making other riding accessories.

Motorcycle jeans are heavier than regular ones. These ScorpionExo Covert jeans come in 14oz and are manufactured with 165GSM quality denim fiber. The inner fiber lining from knee to waist is made from state-of-the-art Dupont Kevlar. The lining fabric is extremely strong and resistant to all abrasions caused by sudden crashing.

The traditional 5 pocket design goes pretty well with its dark indigo wash. Though the price may seem pretty high at first, the quality and overall performance of the pants make it worth it. There are perfect for any casual bike ride around the city. The only con of this ScorpionEXo Covert Jeans is its excessive weight.

What We Like

  • Abrasion-resistant outer fabric.
  • The inner lining is made of DuPont Kevlar.
  • Moderately priced.

2. Highway 21

Highway 21Highway 21 defenders Motorcycle Jeans for men is the next name on our list. While researching for the best motorcycle jeans, I have looked for brands that give you the best functionality and are affordable. Highway21ticks both these boxes.

The Defender men’s jeans are definitely one of the best options available. With a light blue tone and a washed finish, the pants look very stylish and chic. The leather belt loop definitely raises the style quotient. Made with abrasion-resistant denim fabric, it is also a pretty heavyweight pair with a total weight of 12oz.

Coming to the special features of this pair, i.e. the protecting armors it comes with. For starters, the inner lining of these motorcycle pants is manufactured with high-quality Kevlar, hence giving the legs almost 70% protection.

The specialized CE grade 1 knee armor adheres to the best industry standards and protects the knee from getting permanently injured. The hip armor pockets in this Highway21 motorcycle jeans are detachable and can be used with any CE grade barricade armors. The price point is also affordable.

What We Like

  • Specialized hip armor
  • Knee armor.
  • Stone was detailing.

3. Takuey Armor Racing Cycling Pants

Takuey Armor Racing Cycling PantsThe pair of motorcycle pants from Takuey is one of the most unique and smart riding pants variations I have ever come across. They are pretty heavyweight as well, just like the previous model we discussed on the list.

These pants from Takuey are manufactured with 12oz of the best quality, stretchy denim fabric. The 3% Spandex makes the fabric even stronger, windproof, anti-tearing, and extremely breathable and comfortable.

For added protection, these motorcycle jeans come with detachable hip pockets and knee armors. Both the armors are extremely good quality and manufactured with guidelines of the EU’s Motorcycle Protection Equipment guidelines.

The detachable armors allow the user to wear these jeans in two ways- with the armors, while on the road, or without, for regular casual outings. Unlike most motorcycle jeans, the high-tech quality used in this variant is ergonomic and flexible.

What We Like

  • Pretty affordable for a great quality pair of motorcycle pants.
  • Detachable protecting armors in knee and hip areas.
  • Stylish tapered fit.
  • Comfortable fabric.

4. Hwk Dualsport Motorcycle Pants

Hwk Dualsport Motorcycle PantsUndoubtedly one of the best motorcycle riding pants on our list, the HWK Dualsport motorcycle pants are truly versatile ones and can be worn on multiple occasions. Manufactured with 600D Cordura material, this riding pant comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. The manufacturer straight away replaces the pants, if anything ever goes wrong worth it. Pretty neat! Isn’t it?

Now from the perspective of functionality, like the previous Takuey motorcycle jeans, this HWK one also comes with detachable hip pockets and knee armors. Both the armors provide an extra degree of protection to the rider. The 1000D stitched Cordura is also considered to be one of the toughest fabrics in the motorbiking industry.

The pants are extremely comfortable and breathable as well. The patented Reissa Membrane and micro-mesh lining underneath the fabric make ventilation pretty hassle-free in those hot summer days. The reflective scotch lines around the sides of the pants, not only give a rugged look to the pant but also make the rider visible during night riding.

What We Like

  • Sturdy construction.
  • Abrasion-resistant Cordura fabric.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Detachable polycarbonate protective armors in high-wear zones.

5. Takuey Men’s Motorcycle Riding Jeans

Takuey Men’s Motorcycle Riding JeansAnother pair of motorcycle riding pants from the brand Takuey, the 2019 Men’s Motorcycle jeans is one of the most popular options. A perfect combination of style and functionality, the Takuey jeans are the perfect choice for your next casual outing.

Manufactured with 12oz stretch denim and spandex, the jeans are both sturdy and flexible. Spandex provides breathability to the pants. For added protection, the pant is also equipped with detachable armors for your knees and hips. The denim fabric material is also hard wearing and can last for years with proper care.

For their affordable price, these Takuey motorcycle jeans are a steal. Moreover, protective armors also come free with these pants. The pants are ergonomically designed, making it easy for you to bend your knees and waist.

You can wear these with or without the armors. These Takuey Motorcycle Pants truly deserve their place on our list and are worth every penny you spend on them.

What We Like

  • Extremely affordable.
  • Protecting armors come free with the pants.
  • The extra rigged accents above the knees make it fashionable.
  • Inner mesh lining for breathability.

6. Takuey Motorcycle Riding Protective Pants

Takuey Motorcycle Riding Protective PantsNext on our list of best motorcycles jeans of 2020 is another pair from Taukey. This brand is already popular around the world for manufacturing some of the most durable motorcycle riding pants.

The primary fabric used in this14oz riding pant is stretchy denim fabric (97%) with 3% Spandex. While the denim is responsible for providing toughness to the pants, the Spandex is responsible for flexibility and comfort.

Like all the Takuey Motorcycle denim wear, this one also has separate protective pads on hips and knees for added protection during crashes. The unique knee and back waist folding design ensures more flexibility to the pant and provides comfort with the armors on.

All these features for under $100 make this pair of pants a great deal. These Takuey motorcycle riding pants are the perfect choice for someone who wants functional riding jeans without having to spend a fortune.

What We Like

  • Best quality fabric.
  • Durable yet pretty flexible.
  • Ergonomic designs.
  • Very affordable

7. Hwk Motorcycle Leather Chaps Pants

Hwk Motorcycle Leather Chaps PantsThis particular pair of HWK motorcycle pants is reminiscent of those cowboy pants we see in classic western movies. Made with 100% original leather, these are basically chaps to wear over your regular pants. The HWK chaps also come with a lifetime replacement guarantee from the manufacturer.

The most unique feature of these chaps is that they can be worn over any of your jeans or cargo bottoms to turn them into strong and durable motorcycle riding pants. The adjustable waist and inseam not only make it easier to put on over a pair of regular denim, but they also make the chaps comfortable to wear for long journeys.

The 1.1-1.2 mm premium leather gives full protection to the rider while on the road. One of the biggest advantages of these motorcycle leather chaps is their adjustable length. One can easily chop off the bottom of the chaps if they wish to. The added zipper and rust-free buttons are also meant for durability.

What We Like

  • Micro mesh lining makes the chaps wearable in hot summer months.
  • Extremely cheap.
  • Pretty good quality leather.
  • Provides a decent amount of protection.

8. Newfacelook Protective Lined 14OZ Jeans

Newfacelook Protective Lined 14OZ JeansThe Newfacelook Men’s, motorcycle jeans trouser is next on our list. While researching for this article, the reviews of this particular brand caught my eye. Most of the reviews are positive and full of praise about the pant’s fit, the quality of the material, and among other aspects.

Now, like most motorcycle riding jeans, this one is also manufactured with heavy-duty denim fabrics. However, the success behind this brand lies under the surface. All the jeans manufactured by Newfacelook come with a protective lining throughout. The coverage is also pretty high in these pants compared to most other brands.

Areas like hip, knee, and thighs, which are most susceptible to injuries during crashes, get special protection with their special Aramid Lining. For added safety and structural reinforcements, extra knee and protection pockets are also included. The user can also use polycarbonate protection armors with this Motorcycle jeans as well.

What We Like

  • Protective lining throughout the pants.
  • Added Aramid lining on high-wear zones.
  • Extra armor pockets on hips and knees.
  • The regular feet are pretty comfortable.

9. OneDayMore Dandy Diran

OneDayMore Dandy DiranNext, we have another budget-friendly yet high-quality motorcycle riding pants. The OneDayMore motorcycle riding pants look way similar to those casual denim trousers we wear on a daily basis. With a blue stonewash finish and tapered fit, this particular motorcycle denim is designed to get heads turning.

We are not only impressed by its looks, but also its functionality. The heavy-duty denim fabric used in the manufacturing process provides structural integrity to the trousers. The aramid protective lining inside the fabric is also heavy-duty and highly resistant to abrasions. Armor pockets for the hip and knee area also allow the rider to use removable protectors for added safety.

For such high-quality denim pants, the price is also attractive. All these features make this one of the best motorcycle jeans below $50.

What We Like

  • The chic look.
  • Extremely affordable.
  • Aramid protective lining throughout the pants.

10. ScorpionExo Covert Pro

ScorpionExo Covert ProScorpionExo Covert Pro motorcycle riding pants are definitely among the top 5 on our list. One of the bestselling motorcycle accessory brands in the USA, ScorpionExo is now recognized the world over.. If you are looking for a great-quality straight-fit pair of jeans and do not mind spending some extra dollars, consider ScorpionExo men’s motorcycle jeans.

One of the best pairs of jeans from the ScorpionExo Covert range, this Covert Pro is extremely durable and sturdy. Apart from the protective lining under the fabric, the Covert Pro has 373 GSM Cordura and kevlar fabrics directly woven into the main denim material.

This feature not only makes the pants abrasion-resistant on all areas but also makes it free of all those extra stitchings and panels on the skin.

The ScorpionExo denim trouser is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable and flexible options on the market. The manufacturer also claims that their denim is seven times stronger and abrasion-resistant than any other regular denim trousers on the market.

What we like

  • DuPont Kevlar lining from waist to knee area.
  • The pants are manufactured with high-quality Cordura material.
  • Regular and comfortable fit.

11. Juicy Trendz Men’s Denim

Juicy Trendz Men’s DenimLike most of the typical motorcycle denim trousers, the Juicy Trendz motorcycle jeans are also manufactured with a strong and sturdy 14oz denim material. Being a non-stretchy one, the trousers fit perfectly on your legs and do not loosen up with time.

Designed with the traditional five-pocket style, and the usual button closure, these trousers are suitable for casual outings and other gatherings. The cool blue stone is detailed and also gives an elegant touch to the pants.

Coming to its functionalities- like any other great quality motorcycle riding pants, these also include Aramid protective lining in high wear zones like thighs, knees, and hips for better reinforcement. Removable armors in the thigh, knee, and hip areas are also a great addition to the features and this is definitely a bonus.

What We Like

  • Sleek and stylish
  • Double stitching for structural integrity.
  • Armor pockets in hip, knees and thigh areas.

12. Fashio Men’s Denim Motorcycle

Fashio Men’s Denim MotorcycleThe next name in our list of Best motorcycle riding pants of 2020 is from a brand named Fasio. The Fashio motorcycle jeans also weigh 14oz with 100% denimlike most of the brands. The perfect blend of style and functionality, this Fashio Motorcycle jeans can be widely worn for both bike riding and daily wear.

For extra protection in high wear areas like hip and knee, the inner lining includes added DuPont Kevlar material, which protects the rider from heat, cuts, and any sorts of abrasions. Along with the great quality denim and Kevlar fabrics, these trousers have detachable hip and knee pockets.

The knee and waist folding design ensures flexibility and comfort to the rider, even when the pant needs to be worn for long hours in scorching summer.

What We Like

  • Casual design.
  • Ergonomic, high-tech fabric.
  • Added Kevlar lining for better protection.

13. Takuey Motorcycle Riding Pants

Takuey Motorcycle Riding PantsThe next pair of motorcycle jeans on our list is again from the House of Takuey. These are slightly different from other Takuey motorcycle pants we have discussed before. The most authentic feature of this particular Motorcycle riding pant is its waterproof denim fabric.

The outer fabric of this riding pant includes waterproof materials that prevents water or any liquid from entering the fabric. The water automatically drops off the fabric. Cleaning the trouser is the easiest task. Just wipe it off with a clean towel or rinse with water- your trouser will be squeaky clean in minutes.

As protective measures, the knee and hip protecting armor pockets are included. Unlike most other brands, the knee and hip protectors come free with the trousers. This is an added advantage for any budget-friendly pair of trousers. Their protectors are also manufactured by adhering to the guidelines of 1997 MPEC, which guarantees the best quality.

What We Like

  • Proper slim fit.
  • 100% waterproof denim.
  • Perfect for racing and drifting.
  • Budget-friendly.

14. Vnfox Men’s Motorcycle Riding Pants

Vnfox Men's Motorcycle Riding PantsAnother bestseller from the Amazon website, VNFOX men’s motorcycle riding jeans are next on our list. Manufactured with the usual 14oz denim fabric, the material also includes 3% Spandex. Spandex is known for its flexibility. In these particular motorcycle trousers, the combination of denim and spandex gives constructional strength and flexibility at the same time.

The main purpose of any riding pants is to provide security to the rider in case of accidents. So, to provide extra security, the trouser comes with removable knee and hip armors. The armors are strong and sturdy and can take a great degree of impact as well.

You can use these trousers with or without protective gear. Removing them from the pockets will make your VNFOX motorcycle jeans ready for casual wear. The denim-spandex combination fabric is also windproof and weather-resistant.

What We Like

  • Proper slim fit.
  • Extra pockets on the outer sides of the thighs.
  • Rugged army green color.
  • Versatile

15. Vnfox Men & Women Motorcycle Riding Jeans

Vnfox Men & Women Motorcycle Riding JeansFinally, we have come to the end of our list. The last name is also from the brand of VNFOX. However, this particular pair of jeans is quite different from the others we have already discussed. This VNFOX pair of motorcycle jeans is unisex, which means it can be worn by anyone, regardless of their gender. Interesting, isn’t it?

Unlike the other one from the same brand, this one is manufactured with 12oz denim and 3% spandex. Though the outer denim material is not as tough as those 14oz variants, it can also give a good amount of protection. Spandex provides features like breathability, comfort, wind protection, etc.

Now, the detachable knee and hip armors are also included in this particular motorcycle riding pants. The extra smooth fabric and a proper tapered fit make this pair of VNFOX motorcycle riding jeans perfect for casual wear as well.

What We Like

  • Unisex.
  • Cool blue color.
  • Final packaging includes hip and knee armors.
  • Feels light on the skin.

Buying The Best Motorcycle Jean What You Should Keep In Mind

Buying motorcycle jeans online can be tough, as you have to take into consideration thousands of factors before you pick one. How is the quality of the material? How well will it fit? Do they have good quality protecting armors? The questions are endless. So are the answers.

Additionally, in terms of budget, motorcycle jeans come in a very wide range as well. A pair of motorcycle jeans can range from around $80 to $800 in any online or offline store. So, finding the proper pair, within a budget is quite difficult, unless you know what to look for in the pair.

To help you in this regard, we have jotted down some important factors that will make the buying process easier. The factors to look out for while buying motorcycle jeans are as follows:

1. Budget

As I have already mentioned, motorcycle jeans can come in a wide price range, so setting a budget beforehand is always a great option. The price of motorcycle jeans solely depends on the quality of the fabric and the degree of protection it gives to the rider.

So, if you are a frequent rider and can never imagine yourself off the road, expensive motorcycle jeans from high-end brands can be your perfect companion. They are sturdy, come with multiple protective measures, and also last pretty long.

For occasional motorcycle riders, investing around a hundred dollars, on just a pair of jeans, is not at all a wise decision. However, there are plenty of low budget options available on the market. These also come with limited but decent quality protective measures. These low budget yet extremely functional pants can be a good choice as well.

2. Type Of Jeans

The type of jeans most suitable for a rider depends on their personal preference and the type and frequency of riding. If you are a regular on the road, often take part in rallies and love drifting and high-pace riding, riding pants with CE-approved protection armors underneath high wear zones like knees, thigh, and buttocks are just for you.

Otherwise, for a casual and daily riding experience, regular jeans with adequate protective gear can be enough. Unlike the heavily armored jeans, these ones are lightweight, comfortable to wear and give a chic look to the rider.

3. Added Protective Measures

When you are looking for a pair of jeans for riding, the functionality of the pants is a more important factor than its looks and style. Motorcycle jeans protect the rider in two ways – it decreases the impact and resists the abrasion caused due to unwanted crashes and accidents.

There are multiple protective armors that are included in these types of jeans in areas like shins and knees. The textile quality of motorcycle jeans is also tougher than the usual denim we wear on a daily basis. The combination of stronger textiles and added protection gears underneath can save the driver from many fatal injuries.

So, the next time you look forward to investing in motorcycle-riding pants, do consider all these points.

4. The Ideal Fit

Finding the perfect fit for your motorcycle jeans is another important point. This determines how good it will look on you and also how it can withstand adverse conditions. As motorcycle jeans are loaded with several protective armors underneath, the fit here is slightly different from your usual casual denim pants.

When buying jeans online, finding the perfect fit can be a little tough, as you cannot try them on. It is advised that you thoroughly check the size guide that the pants come with. Also, buy your motorcycle pants only from websites that have a proper return and exchange policy. A reliable return policy always lets you try and return the pants several times until you get the perfect fit.

5. The Fit Type

Finding the right cut for your jeans determines how comfortable you will feel wearing them. There are mainly three types of fits/cuts that are most common among motorcycle users. The regular fit, which is the most comfortable one and perfect for casual night outs or as daily wear. These regular fit jeans have a well-fitted waist with decently comfortable thighs and a straight cut lower half.

Coming to the tapered fit. This almost has the same fit as the regular ones in the waist and thigh area, with a narrower fit on the lower half. Slim fit jeans have a complete body-hugging fit throughout and are perfect for prolonged bike rides.

So, know your body type and be clear about your preferences before buying motorcycle jeans the next time.

A plethora of options for motorcycle jeans are available in the market. Choosing the best one from them is challenging. In my opinion, the best motorcycle jeans will always be those that come with all the necessary protective gear that a riding pant must have, but are not heavy on your pocket.

In this list of best motorcycle jeans of 2020, we have listed the 15 bestselling brands of the year. These are versatile, stylish, functional, and come in a wide price range.

Care And Maintenance

While I was writing this article, the one thing I realized was that the best motorcycle jeans require proper care and maintenance. The better you care for your jeans, the longer they will last.

Every fabric requires special washing guidelines. Though most motorcycle jeans come with maintenance guidelines on the label, there are few that don’t have any. In such cases, you have to be very wise and rely on your intuition.

Here are some basic washing guidelines.

  • Never use any sort of harsh chemicals on your motorcycle pants. Harsh chemicals can shorten your trousers shelf life to a great extent.
  • Never wash too frequently. This depends on your instinct again. Your washing cycles should solely depend on how frequently you wear your jeans and whether you put them through rough use..
  • Each and every washing cycle takes away some little amount of dye from the trousers. Turn your jeans inside out before you wash them. This prevents the dye from fading.
  • If you use a washing machine, put them on in the most gentle and mild setting available.
    Air-drying your motorcycle jeans is recommended rather than tumble dry.

If you own leather pants, don’t wash them at home. Give them to professionals for proper cleaning and maintenance.

Why Are Riding Jeans Necessary?

Wearing full-length trousers are always recommended for motorbike riding. Regardless of whether you are casually riding around the city, going for long rides, or taking part in rallies, full-length trousers are meant to give protection to the lower half of your body in the event of an accident.

Some may prefer regular denim while riding. Though both look somewhat similar, motor riding jeans are more heavy-duty than those casual ones.

Most riding denim pants have at least some percentage of Kevlar and Cordura. These two fabrics make the pair 7 to 8 times more abrasion resistant than regular denim trousers. Not only Cordura or Kevlar, but the denim used in the manufacturing process is also itself pretty sturdy and durable.

The structural integrity in motorcycle jeans is made for absorbing impacts. The reinforced stitches, special protective linings, in-built paddings in high wear zones, all are meant for protecting the rider from heavy cuts and bone fractures.

Most riding pants are also equipped with specialized armor pockets over hips and knees. These pockets contain heavy-duty polycarbonate armors for added safety.

Despite the so many distinctive features, motorcycle jeans may not feel as comfortable as regular denim. However, when it comes to riding motorbikes, protecting yourself is much important than comfort or style.

No matter how many times a month you go on the road or how fast or slow you ride your bike, investing in the best quality motorcycle riding pants is mandatory.


Now, it is time to wrap up our article about the best motorcycle jeans of 2020. Hopefully, it is now easier for you guys to find the perfect motorcycle riding pants for yourself now that you know what to expect from them.

If you go through our list you will find some unique variants of motorcycle pants that can be used for both daily use and bike rides. Hopefully, this article will help you decide your perfect shape and fit for motorcycle jeans.

When you are looking for motorcycle jeans for yourself, always look for the ones which are flexible and durable at the same time. Non-restrictive fabric materials are always the best choice, as they provide the utmost comfort, even if you are wearing them for hours.

Know what you need and stick to your budget. Our list is versatile, and, hopefully, you will find the best pair for you. Compare each and every product-this is the only way to get the best deal.

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