Best Mesh Motorcycle Jackets 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Quick Overview: Our Top 5 Picks for Mesh Motorcycle Jackets

OUR TOP PICKptsntbl-table__imageHWK Mesh Motorcycle Jacket
  • 5 year replacement warranty
  • CE approved armours
  • Breathable & has mesh lining underneath
ptsntbl-table__imageViking Cycle Mesh Motorcycle Jacket
  • Designed to maintain airflow as you ride
  • This design helps protect you from falls
  • Fuctional & comfortable
ptsntbl-table__imagePilot Motosport Motorcycle Jacket
  • All New Styling
  • Intelligent Design
  • Removable CE approved micro cellular PU armor
ptsntbl-table__imageBilt Techno Motorcycle Mesh Jacket
  • Ultra-flow Techno mesh body material
  • Velcro adjustment hip tabs
  • Zip entry front pockets
ptsntbl-table__imageCuber Motorcycle Mesh Jacket
  • Adjustable double arm, waist and hip
  • Reflective panels
  • Removable and adjustable protections

The skill of riding your bike can be mastered only with precise techniques and equipment. Thus, for any motorcycle rider, it is of utmost priority to ride with proper apparel.

One such vital gear is a motorcycle jacket. Motorcycle jackets are, in simple terms, pieces of clothing used to safeguard and protect the rider throughout the journey.

Available in a diverse range of colors, motorcycle jackets are known to reveal the inner persona of a rider. However, it is recommended that professionals wear bright neon colors as an indication for other drivers on the road.

Another cardinal component is the material of the actual jacket. This may be a small aspect, but it definitely plays a big role in the overall attire of a professional rider.

In today’s dynamic world, mesh jackets are the talk of the town. Known for their comfortability, many riders prefer this for a safe and happy journey.

Therefore, below are a few examples of the best mesh motorcycle jacket recommended for those in search of one.

Top 7 Best Mesh Motorcycle Jackets 2021

1. HWK Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

HWK Mesh Motorcycle Jacket Best Mesh Motorcycle Jackets

An ideal match for the best mesh motorcycle jacket is the HWK Mesh Motorcycle Jacket. In a nutshell, this jacket offers the maximum quality to its users at a minimum price.

Let us look at this jacket in terms of protection, ventilation, and its additional offers for the buyer.

a. Ventilation

Composed of a macro and micro membrane, this jacket does fit all the requirements of the best mesh motorcycle jacket for hot weather.

Further, it offers its users with breathable space for riders, ensuring a smooth, hassle-free journey.

b. Protection

This jacket is designed to offer maximum safety for riders. With the inclusion of CE approved armor near the back, elbows, and shoulders, this safeguards the riders in the case of any emergencies.

A plus point of this jacket is its detachable armor. This can be adjusted according to the needs and requirements of the biker.

c. Additional Features

The jacket is available in multiple colors, and available in 5 different sizes. Thus, it is a perfect fit for all body types and sizes.

Another unique characteristic of this jacket is its 5-year warranty. In case of damage to the product itself, the company does provide its users with a replacement.

However, the jacket is not waterproof, making it unsuitable for the rainy seasons.

Despite the negatives, this is recommended by many professional motorcycle enthusiasts, and should definitely be on your list of things to try.


2. Viking Cycle Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

Viking Cycle Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

The next item on this colossal journey of finding the best mesh motorcycle jacket is the Viking Cycle Ironside Textile Mesh Motorcycle Jacket for men.

With proper ventilation, strength, and durability, this jacket is another classic that can’t be missed out.

a. Ventilation

This jacket is specifically designed with the intention of consumers to select and adjust the cloth according to the prevailing weather conditions and their comfort.

With adjustable zippers and straps, bikers are able to allocate the right amount of airflow required for the rider. Made for the hot summers, this provides ample ventilation for a suave expedition.

Thus, this is a fine example of the best mesh motorcycle jacket for hot weather.

b. Protection

Another unique feature of this jacket is its ability to shield the rider in emergencies. With a certified CE armor, this jacket is resistant to abrasion.

Further, this piece of motorcycle equipment yields riders with additional padding to the lower and upper parts of the back, shoulders as well as the elbows.

In short, this jacket can withstand any fall without any worries

c. Customization

Available in 10 different yet unique shades of colors, this offers its customers with a broad range of variability. Some of the classic examples include black, military green, red, and orange.

Another point to note is that it is available in all sizes, making it applicable for all body shapes.

One of the features for good quality motorcycle jackets is its inclusion of reflective strips. Thus help other drivers on the road to notice the biker, especially during night times.

Thus, these jackets are included with 360o visibility liners, making it effective and efficient to night riding.

d. Storage

This particular jacket offers its audience with ample and secured internal storage space, allowing users to preserve carry on essentials without any trouble.

e. Quality

The manufacturer of the jacket has knocked down all stops when it comes to quality and assures its buyers with an outstanding performance of the jacket.

Overall, this jacket ticks all boxes when on the hunt for the best mesh motorcycle jacket, especially for hot weather.


3. Pilot Motosport Motorcycle Jacket

Pilot Motosport Motorcycle Jacket

The next ideal fit for the best mesh motorcycle jacket is the Pilot Motorsport Men’s Direct Air Mesh Motorcycle Jacket available in a neon green color and extra-large size.

Let us look at the eye-catching features of this jacket that make it the best in the market of mesh motorcycle jackets.

a. Style And Design

When you look at this jacket, it is impossible to not notice its vibrant and exquisite range of colors. This jacket, in particular, is eminent for its aesthetic appeal.

Further, designed with an integrated zipper and pockets, this jacket speaks volumes in terms of providing good ventilation to the riders.

The unique feature of this jacket is its in-built REISSA membrane. This allows riders to wear the jacket in rain or shine.

Thus, this is adored by many motor enthusiasts across the globe.

b. Armor

If you were to look at the safety aspect, this jacket is composed of an advanced technology involving polyurethane foam, making the parka acclaimed for its softness and flexibility.

An amalgamation of a CE approved armor, this feels comfortable yet still withstands impact in case of any emergency.

However, it should be noted that this jacket is not ideal for cold weather.

Therefore, with its stylish look, and overall quality, this jacket should be your choice as it is worth the value for your money.


4. Bilt Techno Motorcycle Mesh Jacket

Bilt Techno Motorcycle Mesh Jacket

If you are on the hunt for the best mesh motorcycle jacket, then be sure to check out the new Bilt Techno Protective Removable Jacket.

With an introduction of the all-new ultra-flow mesh body, this jacket is the definition of comfort and airflow at another level.

Further, the company has used an adjustable sleeve mechanism, to allow the consumer to change the jacket as per their requirements.

Another striking feature of this particular jacket is the collar. Designed with a neoprene padding, this provides a scratch-free and complacent product for its users.

Therefore, with the inclusion of the all-new 600 denier panels, this jacket cannot be missed on your search.


5. Cuber Motorcycle Mesh Jacket

Cuber Motorcycle Mesh Jacket

Another impeccable product that is ideal to be considered as the best mesh motorcycle jacket is the Cuber Motorcycle Mesh Jacket.

With a special inclusion of the Cordura 600D polyester, this jacket provides a high amount of resistance to abrasion.

Moreover, the addition of the removable padding on the sleeves, elbows, shoulders as well as the back is a plus point when it comes to safety and security.

In order to enhance the safety element, especially in low light and dark areas, the jacket includes good quality reflective strips. This, in turn, allows for better visibility for other drivers on the road.

Available in two classic colors i.e black and white, this jacket is a good one to try out.


6. Joe Rocket Motorcycle Jacket

Joe Rocket Motorcycle Jacket

When speaking about the best mesh motorcycle jacket, it is hard to miss out on the exquisite Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion Men’s Motorcycle Jacket available in a metallic silver color and a double extra-large size.

In a nutshell, this jacket is conspicuous in terms of its ventilation and waterproofing ability.

With an inclusion of a FreeAir mesh coating near the back, arms, and the torso of the rider, this jacket guarantees riders with a felicitous breath of air.

Also, with the addition of the brand new two-step waterproofing system, this parka is one of the best mesh motorcycle jackets for hot weather. Further, this particular coat is created with authentic insulating material, making it suitable for the harsh cold as well.

However, it is important to note that this is, in fact, a little on the pricier side.

Therefore, be sure to try this product, as it hits all notes in terms of originality and loyalty of the company.


7. Jet Motorcycle Jacket

Jet Motorcycle Jacket

The last but not the least example of the best mesh motorcycle jacket is the Jet Motorcycle Motorbike Jacket. The jacket is a well-known product with unique features.

Firstly, designed with a strong 600D polyester material, this jacket is eminent for its light-weight, ventilation, and durability.

With the integration of a velvet, comfortable collar, this is an exemplary product and is recommended by many motor enthusiasts.

Finally, the jacket can be adjusted according to your body size and comfort, adding nuances to the flexibility factor.

However, it should be addressed that this particular jacket is good for temporary, on-the-go usage, but you should upgrade to a better quality jacket in the future.

Overall, this is definitely a product to be considered for your next purchase.


Factors To Consider When Purchasing Your Mesh Jackets

Before you actually purchase your mesh jacket, it is important to note certain elements, which may impact your final decision. Below are some which could be considered for your next purchase.

1. Weather

The first and foremost element that should be considered is the weather. Weather does play a vital role, as it determines the usage of the jacket accordingly. This is a huge difference between leather and mesh jackets.

Leather jackets are often designed for a specific season, and cannot be worn in other seasons.

On the contrary, mesh jackets are designed with removable liners, which can be removed according to the climatic seasons and the comfort of the rider.

For example, during the rainy season, waterproof mesh jackets are a perfect fit. This is because they make sure the rider is not completely drenched and can enjoy a smooth ride.

Mesh jackets are also a great fit when searching for the best mesh motorcycle jacket for hot weather. Their ability to cool the rider whilst driving is highlighted with the fact that they are properly ventilated.

However, the one drawback of such jackets is depicted in hot seasons. Due to the hot weather, bikers tend to sweat. These jackets collect moisture, making the inner clothes wet. This can be a hindrance for many riders.

2. Right Fitting

In order to find the best mesh motorcycle jacket, you need to understand the fitting of the jacket itself. A rule of thumb to follow is to make sure your jacket fits snug, but still is slightly loose to allow air to pass through.

The main objective of finding the right fit is to safeguard the rider to the fullest, in case of an accident or emergency.

Further, you should make sure that the jacket fits snug with the inclusion of all the removable liners. This is because once the liners are detached, the jacket may tend to get looser, which may lead to a loss of protection.

A helpful trick to find the right fit for you is to try many jackets with the liners so that you can understand the true size of the jacket. You can adjust the sizes depending upon this factor.

3. Ventilation

Ventilation, in motorcycle gear, refers to the airflow once the gear is worn. A classic example of a jacket that ticks all boxes of the best motorcycle jackets is the mesh jacket.

These are renowned for their airflow, giving the rider a comfortable experience. They enable users to feel cool, especially during a hot, summer day. Their thick layers acquiesce the moisture droplets to escape, providing orders with a breeze.

Many riders treat mesh jackets as a perfect fit for summers, due to their comfort. Thus, they are a must-try product by all riders.

4. Price

Another important factor that will aid your decision in purchasing the best mesh motorcycle jacket is the price. When compared to other material jackets, such as leather, mesh jackets stand to be inexpensive. They are very cheap and are easily affordable by all riders.

However, it is recommended to keep an eye out for the manufacturers. A tip to always remember is that different manufacturers charge different prices for the same product.

As a consumer, it is ideal not to compromise on the quantity as well as quality, because quality does matter.

Thus, it is the responsibility of the buyer to compare and contrast the prices of various jackets and find the best value for their money.

5. Protection

When talking about which type of jacket offers maximum protection to its riders, it is undoubtedly the leather jackets. However, mesh jackets are no less in terms of protection.

With the inclusion of CE approved armor, they equally protect riders, ensuring maximum security and safety for them.

Further, they contain extra padding near sensitive areas of the rider i.e the elbow, shoulders, and the back. Some also contain armor for the chest areas as well.

Thus, mesh jackets provide riders with safety without compromising the lightness, comfort, and mobility of the jacket.

Keeping the aforementioned factors in mind, here are a few jackets to help you find the best mesh motorcycle jacket.

Advantages Of Mesh Motorcycle Jackets

Mesh motorcycle jackets provide riders with a slight advantage as compared to leather jackets.

1. Space

Mesh jackets are designed with the intent of providing people with more space and room. This ensures that the rider is comfortable, and doesn’t have to worry about the jacket throughout the journey.

They offer better ventilation and airflow, cooling the rider off in hot conditions.

2. Waterproof

The majority of the mesh motorcycle jackets have the ability to be resistant to water. This makes them the right choice for rainy seasons. On the contrary, leather does tend to get damaged when exposed to water, which may affect the overall jacket itself.

3. Price

Leather jackets are often expensive, and not affordable by all riders irrespective of their expertise. ON the other hand, mesh jackets and other textile jackets offer riders with leniency in pricing and are comparatively less expensive. This can be affordable by all types of riders.

4. Maintenance

Mesh jackets and other textile jackets are notable for their low maintenance. Leather jackets do require extra polishing and other lotions to make them have a long-lasting life span with minimal wear and tear.

Thus, this does seem to be in favor of mesh jackets, making them dynamic, and efficient.

Disadvantages Of Mesh Motorcycle Jackets

Like a coin has two sides, mesh motorcycle jackets do tend to come with their own set of flaws.

1. Resistance To Abrasion

When compared on the basis of abrasion resistance, leather jackets tend to stand a better choice, as they have the highest resistance to abrasion.

2. Armor

On the basis of protective armor, some models of mesh motorcycle jackets do not contain armor, which can be a major flaw for the product.

FAQs on Mesh Motorcycle Jackets

Q1. Are Mesh Motorcycle Jackets Safe?

Many people frequently ask whether it is advisable to use mesh jackets for bike riding. The answer is Yes. they are totally safe. However, they are not as safe as leather or other durable material jackets. They do provide ample resistance to weather and abrasion. But, there is always a risk or doubt that the mesh layer may tear, etc.

Thus, to start with, mesh jackets are a perfect fit. However, if you are in search of a more sturdy, rigid, piece of motorcycle equipment, then it is recommended to upgrade to a leather jacket.

Q2. What’s The Best Motorcycle Jacket For Summer?

The following are some of the fine examples of the best motorcycle jackets for the summer. They are the Joe Rocket Phoenix Motorcycle Riding Jacket, Alpinestars Motorcycle Summer Jacket, The Viking Cycle Warlock Motorcycle Jacket, and the HWK Textile Waterproof Motorcycle Jacket.

Q3. What Is Better Textile Or Leather?

Another commonly asked question is which material is better when manufacturing motorcycle jackets. In short, textile jackets are more frequently preferred by riders and other motor enthusiasts. A classic example of textile jackets is a mesh jacket.

This is because textile coats are produced with zippers to enhance the adjustability and flexibility of the product. Users of such jackets can increase the amount of air flowing throughout the jacket. They offer better breathability than leather.

On the contrary, leather jackets are more suitable for the cold seasons such as winter. They retain the body heat, making the rider feel warm in the chilly weather.

Further, another advantage of textile jackets is that uses can add or remove layers, according to their needs, and the prevailing situations.

Hence, in short, many professional riders prefer textile over leather.

Best Mesh Motorcycle Jackets – Conclusion

Overall, the latest trend in the field of motorcycle riding i.e bike riding is the growing market of mesh jackets and other textile coats. Some of the salient features of these jackets are its breathability, waterproof, and adjustability.

Further, mesh jackets are cheaper than leather jackets, making them affordable by all types of riders irrespective of their experience. They enable riders to ride faster due to their light-weight nature and snug fit.

In addition, they are an essential piece of clothing when it comes to summer. However, it should be highlighted that these jackets are not appropriate for winter. In the case of rain, the jackets are dependent on the actual quality and water-resistance of the product, as this varies across the spectrum of products.

To conclude, they are a great value for money and should be thoroughly analyzed before purchasing. The rider must understand the need and the environment around them, as accordingly the quantity and the quality of the product will vary.

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