Best Motorcycle Insurance 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Riding a motorcycle is one of the few thrilling activities that don’t get old. Not knowing the destination, just hitting the road to clear your mind, will give you a huge relief in these stressful times. However, you also have to be safe when you’re on a motorcycle.

Getting insurance is one sure way to ensure your safety. It won’t stop the unfortunate incidents but will help you deal with them easily. No matter how many precautions you take, some unfortunate incidents are bound to happen, and insurance is the last line of defense. In this guide, we’ll help you choose the best motorcycle insurance plan.

Top 5 Best Motorcycle Insurance 2021

1. Markel

Markel has been in the market for more than 40 years. They are widely known for their customer support.

The most impressive thing in the Markel’s motorcycle insurance is the wide coverage. Their insurance covers almost all of the possible situations and offers a wide range of support. Markel is known to provide amazing discounts to its customers. You can get a 10% discount on the insurance just by switching to Markel.

The coverage of Markel’s policies is quite wide. Their insurance covers bodily injury and property damage, medical payments and funeral expenses, collision and comprehensive, accessory coverage up to 30,000 US Dollars, Uninsured motorist coverage, trailer coverage, roadside assistance, and more.

Along with the mentioned coverage issues, Markel also covers passenger liability for anyone riding with you. So even if they don’t have insurance, they are covered by Markel. One of the unique coverages that the firm offers is coverage for mechanical breakdown. Not even the top insurance firms in the country offer this.

Markel does not rely heavily on technology. Unlike other insurance providers that have apps of their own, Markel relies mostly on personnel support and assistance. Even without the marketing power like the big firms, Markel never failed to satisfy its customers.

The best feature that Markel offers is the vanishing deductible program. In this program, if there are no accidents to a driver for a year, Markel reduces the amount that the driver has to pay for the insurance by 25%. Also, this is not a one-time offer. You could take the amount all the way down to zero if you did not have accidents.

Markel also has an accident forgiveness policy. If you didn’t have an accident in the past four years with Markel, the firm forgives the accident surcharge if you were to be in an accident in the future. This feature comes in handy for the safe drivers who may be involved in a small wreck.

Markel gathered a lot of audience in the past 40 years. Many users reported on Yelp and other such apps that Markel provides great insurance coverage for a very low price. Customers are also satisfied with the help the customer care provides. To make payments much easier, Markel has an online payment option where you can receive quotes automatically and pay without visiting the office.

One of the major disadvantages of Markel motorcycle insurance is the lack of coverage in some areas. Markel insurance is not available in Massachusetts and North Carolina. Also, some of the coverage features mentioned are geographical and are not available in all the states. Markel does not offer a lot of technology to its customers, so the support may take longer than what it would take in its competing firms.

Even though several customers reported that they are satisfied with the customer support, it would be even better if Markel released a smartphone app to make the process much easier.

Markel received a lot of awards from many popular websites. If you are looking for a more personal touch and wide coverage, this is the best motorcycle insurance.

Buy it here Markel Motorcycle Insurance.

2. Foremost

Foremost is one of the top insurance firms in the United States with coverage in almost all states. The central idea of the Foremost motorcycle insurance is that all bikes are unique. Foremost is one of the very few insurance firms that offer special insurance for collector’s editions and vintage motorcycles.

No insurance firm can beat the record of Foremost when it comes to insuring vintage vehicles. They have a special coverage policy of providing insurance for bikes 25 years or older. If you are a collector, then Foremost provides the best motorcycle insurance for you.

Along with vintage motorcycles, Foremost also provides special insurance for bikes with more than 30,000 dollars of customization. Everyone can find what they are looking at Foremost from an amateur rider to a professional collector.

Foremost also provides customers with discounts on safety equipment like helmets, locks, anti-theft devices, etc. If you are looking to buy or replace the whole set, Foremost is the right place for you. The customer support is also pretty quick at Foremost.

The coverage of the Foremost motorcycle insurance includes property damage and bodily injury, collision and comprehensive, uninsured motorist, medical payments, 24/7 roadside assistance, and custom parts coverage up to 30,000 dollars. Even though the coverage is not as wide as Markel, it is still pretty wide.

Along with the coverage types mentioned above, Foremost also provides additional coverage based on the insurance package. The additional coverage includes helmet and safety apparel coverage, optional parts coverage, personal effects, trip interruption, total loss replacement, and trailer coverage.

Foremost offers three levels of coverage for motorcycles. Along with that, a special package is offered for vintage motorcycles. The Vintage and the Vintage Elite plans provide special coverage for motorcycles that are older than 25 years and are maintained or restored. This package is a delight for motorcycle collectors as the regular plans do not provide the best coverage for vintage motorcycles.

Foremost also offers Custom and Custom Elite plans. These plans cover custom motorcycles that are highly valuable. There is a special coverage in these plans for customized parts for up to 30,000 dollars. These special vintage and custom plans are what make Foremost stand out in the highly competitive insurance industry.

Foremost offers special discounts to its customers for motorcycle equipment. One of the most notable offers is that the firm provides an additional 500 dollars as medical insurance if you wear a helmet while riding. The firm encourages customers to wear helmets and also rewards those who do so. Foremost also provides special discounts on insurance coverage to the bikes with special safety equipment.

Foremost also offers a special discount to those who complete its motorcycle safety course. If you own more than one motorcycle, Foremost provides a discount if you register multiple vehicles at the same time. Like Markel, Foremost also provides an accident waiver on your first accident if you’ve never had any recently.

The main disadvantage of the Foremost motorcycle insurance is the lack of coverage in some parts of the United States like Hawaii and Massachusetts. Some of the special features are also not available in some places in the United States. However, considering the packages and the coverage size, Foremost is still one of the best places to insure your motorcycle.

If you own vintage motorcycles or any exquisite ones, then Foremost is your go-to place for insurance. With special packages and great customer support, it is one of the best motorcycle insurance firms in the United States.

Get Foremost Insurance here Foremost Motorcycle Insurance.

3. Progressive

Progressive is one of the standard motorcycle insurance providers in the United States. Along with motorcycles, they also provide insurance for houses. Progressive has insurance plans for everyone. They provide special types of insurance for cruisers, dirt bikes, All Terrain Vehicles, and custom bikes.

If you are looking for cheap and cost-effective motorcycle insurance, then Progressive is the best place for you. Progressive motorcycle insurance covers full replacement costs and no depreciation for parts, total loss coverage for a brand new bike, gear and personal belongings, and a lot more. Along with these, Progressive also covers all the standard insurance terms like bodily coverage, medical payments, etc.

If you are involved in a covered accident, your motorcycle will be returned to pre-accident condition and maybe even better sometimes. Progressive offers a lot of discounts to its customers. You will get a special discount from Progressive if you already have a policy with them. Progressive offers insurance for houses, boats, RVs, and cars along with motorcycles. So it would behoove you to get multiple policies done in progressive.

Progressive also has responsible driver rewards. If you’ve had no accidents in the past three years, they provide you special benefits like a reduction in the amount to be paid or deducted, etc. For those who pay the policy amount on time, a special discount will be applied every time they checkout. The best thing about this discount program is that it doesn’t expire as long as you pay on time. One of the unique discounts is the homeowner discount.

You know how hard it is to maintain a house. There will be a lot of money to be spent on various repairs, remodelings, etc. To help you maintain your house, Progressive has a special offer for homeowners. This will apply to you even if the house is not insured by Progressive.

Progressive is one of the few insurance firms in the United States to offer insurance for custom and vintage motorcycles. If your motorcycle is more than 25 years old and is maintained or customized, you can purchase the vintage insurance plan that gives way more benefits.

Progressive also has insurance plans for sportbikes and touring bikes. After analyzing customer reviews, we found that the customer support is amazing at Progressive. You can get an online quote for your motorcycles insurance policy online just by submitting a quick-fill form.

Customizing your motorcycle plan is also very easy. You can do that on the Progressive website or call an agent. Progressive has one of the most transparent customization plans in the market. The main disadvantage of Progressive motorcycle insurance is that the refunds may be denied sometimes for canceled policies.

Apart from that, Progressive motorcycle insurance is one of the best motorcycle insurance policies in the US.

Get Progressive insurance here Progressive Motorcycle Insurance.

4. Farmer’s Insurance

The Farmer’s motorcycle insurance is one of the best motorcycle insurance policies in the country. They offer services all over the country. One of the significant reasons that Farmers insurance was able to get the people’s attention is the customer satisfaction.

Customer service at the Farmer’s Insurance is quick and easy. The agents are knowledgeable and friendly. Claiming the insurance is not a very pleasant activity at a lot of insurance firms, but at Farmer’s Insurance, it can be better. Settlements and rental agreements are also processed rather quickly and delightfully.

Farmers insurance offers wide coverage. Even though it is not as wide as the coverage provided by Markel or Foremost, it still covers all of the essentials. The basic coverage plans include liability, collision, uninsured and underinsured motorist, and medical payments. You can get more coverage in the premium plans.

This insurance firm also provides a lot of discounts to its customers. Discounts like first accident waiver, prior insurance, policy renewal benefit everyone as they don’t expire at all. They also provide discounts on airbags, anti-theft devices, air-lock brakes, etc.

The most impressive thing about Farmers insurance is the number of agents operating in the United States. They have over 50,000 agents serving a lot of people. The number of packages offered by Farmers insurance is also quite impressive. They have a plan for almost everything you can imagine.

Flexibility has always been a strong suit of Farmers motorcycle insurance. You can customize the coverage and the terms of the insurance by talking to an agent. There are three packages that offer distinctive and highly beneficial coverage options.

The most basic package is the Savers package. If you want to save some money and get a decent insurance package for your motorcycle, then this is your go-to pack. The Savers package comes with four basic coverage options and additional customizable options.

The Plus package is an updated version of the Savers package. The benefits offered in the Savers package are retained or improved and additional benefits are added. Along with the flour basic converge options, you will also get a 3000 dollars additional equipment coverage.

Farmers Elite pack is the best one among the three. All the basic features are improved in this pack and some additional features are added. The additional features include a diminishing waiver that can reduce the financial burden when claiming the insurance, diminishing deductibles, and enhanced rental coverage. The additional customizable options are still available which makes Farmers motorcycle insurance quote cost-effective and flexible.

There are special packages for vintage, custom, low-speed, and street legal ATVs as well. The vintage pack applies to any vehicle 255 years or older and is in working condition. Not a lot of firms provide special insurance for low-speed vehicles, so if you own one, then Farmer’s may be the only best choice.

Get Farmers motorcycle insurance here Farmers Motorcycle Insurance.

5. Allstate

Allstate is known for its wide insurance coverage. It is on par with Markel when it comes to motorcycle insurance. Allstate offers a total of 17 converge items with additional addons and customizing options.

Allstate’s converge policies include liability, medical injury, collision and comprehensive, uninsured or underinsured motorist, towing and labor, rental reimbursement, motorcycle, and off-road vehicle transport.

The main differences between Allstate and Markel’s motorcycle insurance are the discounts provided and customer support. Markel provides a lot more discounts than Allstate, while Allstate uses modern technology to support its customers.

Allstate has a mobile application available to download on both Android and Apple. With the mobile app, you can check your insurance status, request customer support, and even customize your insurance policy.

Allstate also provides a lot of discounts to its customers. If you already have a policy at Allstate, then you’ll receive a discount on your next insurance policy. The former may be a motorcycle policy, a home policy, or an auto policy.

One of the best things about the Allstate motorcycle insurance policy is the ease of handling and customer support. You can get the quote for your insurance policy on the Allstate website or request for an agent. The agent will explain everything in the policy and will help you throughout the process.

Allstate also has a great digital presence so you can even get help on public forums, etc. Claiming the insurance is also a piece of cake at Allstate. You can claim your policy through the website very easily. After filing a claim, you can even track your claim and request for an agent if the claim doesn’t seem to be moving forward.

You can get a special discount on motorcycle insurance if you complete a motorcycle safety course at Allstate. The maximum discount you can get this way is 5% and you can keep claiming it as long as you passed the test in the past 36 months.

Getting roadside assistance is also quite simple with Allstate. The firm gives you the details of who you should call in such a situation. You can also go on the website to request assistance. Towing services can also be accessed through the website itself.

There are also cons of getting Allstate motorcycle insurance. The main disadvantage is that there is no discount for homeowners, military, online quotes, or for having multiple cars. Apart from that, there are no significant disadvantages.

If you are looking for motorcycle insurance in which you can handle everything from getting a quote to filing a claim online, then Allstate is the best motorcycle insurance provider for you.

Get the insurance here Allstate Motorcycle Insurance.

Why You Should Get A Motorcycle Insurance

There are many reasons to get motorcycle insurance, and the first one is, ‘why not?’ In this world of uncertain events, no one knows what’s going to happen next, so better be safe than sorry.

The insurance covers a wide range of events like accidents, theft, etc. So getting insurance is making sure that you are set for the future. A lot of motorcycles are stolen every day in this country, and yours might be one of them tomorrow. In case your motorcycle gets stolen, then the insurance company will verify the incident and will pay you the agreed amount.

Not just motorcycle thefts, but accidents are also not very rare in this country. You may take all the precautions and drive with the utmost care, but there is no certainty that others are doing the same. So if you want to make sure that your future is safe and secure, insurance is a sure-fire way.

Motorcycle insurance is mandatory in some states, and it is a punishable violation not to have one. As of 2017, the only state in which motorcycle insurance is not mandatory is Florida. So unless you’re willing to visit the court and pay the fine, you must have motorcycle insurance.

FAQs on Motorcycle Insurance

Q1. What Are Motorcycle Insurance Limits?

The best motorcycle insurance should cover around 25,000 dollars for bodily injury per person, 25,000 dollars damage liability per accident, and 50,000 dollars bodily injury per accident. These limits will significantly reduce the burden on you.

Q2. Can You Get Motorcycle Insurance Without A License?

You can get motorcycle insurance without a driving license, but you can’t drive on the road without a permit. However, some insurance firms may deny the policy request without a license.

Q3. Do You Need Motorcycle Insurance In Montana?

You need to have motorcycle insurance all over the country except for Florida.

Q4. Can Two People Insure The Same Motorbike?

No, a single motorcycle cannot have two insurances.

Best Motorcycle Insurance – Conclusion

There are a lot of motorcycle insurance firms out there that provide insurance for almost all types of vehicles. It is not only safe to get motorcycle insurance, but is mandatory in many states and countries. If you consider the mentioned aspects carefully, you should find yourself with the best motorcycle insurance for your bike.

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