Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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With so many exciting features, people, including you and I, prefer to have our smartphone handy wherever we go. Apart from helping you keep in touch with people, smartphones come with many exciting options that make life easier.

Smartphones have highly accurate navigation systems which make it perfect for motorcycle riders. But how do you use it while on the go? There comes the need of a phone mount that can be easily attached to the handle of your motorcycle.

Motorcycle phone mounts are not only inexpensive but are also readily available and extremely lightweight. With so many options for this extra, you are sure to stumble upon a few best motorcycle phone mounts that serve your purposes.

This guide will give you valuable insights that will help you familiarize the properties to look for in a motorcycle phone mount and thereby, help you buy better.

Top 14 Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts 2021

1. Caw Car Phone Mount

Caw Car Best Motorcycle Phone MountThis clasp handlebar phone mount from CAW Car accessories is a universal phone mount that fits any model of smartphones. The phone holder can be attached to the handlebar of a bicycle or a motorbike. The maximum width the phone holder can extend is up to 3.7 inches.

For the clasp to sit perfectly on the handlebar, it should have a diameter between 0.6 inches to 1.4 inches. You don’t require any tools to install the mount in place. All you have to do is simply remove the screw fitting, place the clasp around the handlebar and then tighten the screw.

The patented rubberized ball and bracket design allow you to rotate the holder up to 360 degrees, and once you set the product in the position you want, it doesn’t change a bit afterwards.

The phone mount has a high shock absorption capacity, and the rubberized grip with silicone belts makes sure that your device is secure throughout the journey. The silicone band wraps situated at the four corners ensure that no matter how high the vibration is, you would be able to use your phone smoothly.

This clasp handlebar holder is hands down one of the best motorcycle cell phone mounts and goes for this product if you want your phone to be secure and handy throughout the ride.


2. Gub Phone Mount

Gub Phone MountThis motorcycle phone mount from GUB is made entirely of aluminium metal, and you can easily adjust the width (50 millimetres to 100 millimetres) of the product to fit in different devices.

The sponge material at the corners of the phone mount ensures that the metal edges don’t cause any damage to your phone’s screen.

Even though the company claims the product to be universal, it is the best fit for devices with a large screen. The swivel action of the product allows you to rotate the phone holder up to 360 degrees. The swivel action ensures that once installed, you will never have to remove it from the handlebar to adjust to your preference.

The phone mount is of clamp handlebar type, and you will need a screwdriver to install the product in place. The product can also fit well on a bicycle, E-bike, folding bike, scooter etc.

The Downsides

The shock absorption capacity of the product is inadequate, and you will have a hard time using the device while in motion. In addition to this, the bolt that attaches the phone to the mount gets loose very quickly owing to the weak shock absorption capacity.


3. Roam Universal Phone Mount

Roam Universal Phone MountThis universal motorcycle phone mount from Roam is made from hard and sturdy premium plastic material and can fit phones having width up to 3.5 inches. The silicone corner straps ensure that no damage happens to the screen of the devices.

The product is of clamp handlebar type and doesn’t require any tools for the installation. First, you need to unscrew the screw-like fitting, put the clamp around the handlebar and then tighten the screw.

The silicone net strap ensures that the mobile stays in place no matter how worse the vibrations are. The net stretches up to 4 times its actual size and tightly clings onto your device, preventing it from falling off the holder.

The product fits bicycles, mountain bikes, touring bikes but not sports bikes. The large handlebar clamp is the main advantage of this product. In fact, it is the clamp that makes it compatible for use on a wide range of bikes and scooters.

The Downsides

The shock absorption capability is low when compared to other clamp handlebar phone mounts in this price range. The product showcases a decent performance on bicycles and motorcycles but is not at all recommended when you pursue mountainous roads.


4. Quad Lock Phone Mount

Quad Lock Phone MountThis Quad lock phone mount is a particular type of motorcycle phone mount and is for iPhone X and iPhone Xs. The product features a patented dual-stage lock that provides utmost protection and secures your phone like no other.

The phone mount doesn’t require any special installation procedures and can be easily removed from the handlebar as well. The product fits perfectly on handlebars of diameter in the range 25 millimetres to 40 millimetres.

The phone mount comes along with a slim and protective iPhone case, a water-resistant poncho and mounting hardware. If you are planning to use the phone mount, then you will have to put on the protective case provided by the manufacturer.

With 4.5 user rating, the product is one of the best motorcycle phone mounts meant for iPhones.


5. Vibrelli Universal Phone Mount

Vibrelli Universal Phone MountThe Vibrelli Universal phone mount is apt for both motorcycles as well as bikes and is made to fit phones having width up to 3.7 inches. The product fits perfectly on the handlebar of diameter in the range 0/9 inches to 1/3 inches.

This phone mount is of silicone strap handlebar mount, and the high-quality silicone ensures that your phones don’t go flying while pursuing mountainous roads. The silicone straps don’t block you from accessing the screen, and you can also access the buttons and the headphone jack even when your device is on the phone holder.

The ball and socket design of the phone mount helps you rotate the phone holder up to 360 degrees. Therefore you will not have to remove the product to bring about a change in the installation. The spring-loaded design of the phone holder makes it easy to remove the phone from the clasp of the product.

The clamp of the phone mount is made from high-quality, sturdy plastic and you will need a screwdriver for its installation. As the product comes with a lifetime warranty, you are free to replace it if you aren’t satisfied with the build or performance of the product.

The Downsides

The shock absorption capacity is below average; thus, the tight grip provided by the double silicone net straps is of no use. Also, the clamp isn’t as strong as the manufacturer claims it to be. If the vibrations exceed the threshold limit, the clamp quickly loses its grip; thus, your phone will be in danger.


6. Tackform Metal Mount

Tackform Metal MountMade from durable aluminium metal, this phone mount from Tackform features a high-strength industrial spring that offers a tight grip on the device.

The product is made for the latest models from Samsung and Apple, and if you have a phone similar to these devices, it would surely fit the mount (up to 3.5 inches wide and 0.5 inches thick).

The product requires a screwdriver for its installation, but once it is installed onto the handlebar, it can be adjusted according to your preference. All thanks to the swivel action provided by the ball and socket joint. You are also at the liberty of changing the viewing angle according to your convenience.

The clamp doesn’t move a bit once it is in position. In addition to this, the product has commendable levels of shock absorption capability, and this makes it one of the best cell phone holders for motorcycle.

If you are in search of a secure motorcycle phone mount that provides maximum protection for your smartphone, then this is an excellent option to consider. It is not only durable but also lightweight despite being made of aluminium.


7. Leepiya Phone Mount

Leepiya Phone MountThis phone mount from Leepiya comes with a wireless charging pad that allows you to charge your device on the go. If your phone doesn’t support wireless charging, then you can plug in the USB cable and charge it. You can turn off the wireless charging option if you don’t wish to charge your phone.

The ball and socket joint of the product allows you to rotate the mount up to 360 degrees. Thus, once installed, you need not have to reinstall it under any circumstances. You would need a hexagon wrench to install the clamp, but don’t worry; the manufacturer provides it along with the product.

The soft padded corners claws cling onto your smartphone and don’t allow it to fall no matter how uneven the road is. The product also has high shock absorption capability and comes with an anti-theft cap.

The Downsides

The charging pad has significant design flaws and draws a small amount of current. Thus, if your motorcycle has a small battery, it will be completely drained in a span of two to three weeks.


8. Caw Car Accessories

Caw Car AccessoriesThis phone mount from CAW car accessories is made of heavy-duty metal and is designed for tubular handlebars having a diameter in the range 0.6 inches to 1.3 inches.

The ball and socket joint installed in the phone mount allows you to adjust the viewing angle according to your preference. You can also rotate the phone holder up to 360 degrees.

The installation procedure is effortless. First of all, you need to unscrew the clamp, place it in the required position and then screw it once again. As the product is made of metal, the clamp is unbreakable and therefore showcases high shock absorption levels.

You can quickly release your phone from the clasp by just lifting your phone. The silicone band provides extra protection along with the fasteners on either side.

The product has a lot of features to offer, and what makes it more attractive is it comes at an affordable price. The product has a user rating of 4.4 and is hands down the best phone holder for motorcycle.

Go for this product if you are looking for an affordable yet high-quality phone mount that ensures maximum protection of your device.


9. Ram X-Grip Phone Mount

Ram X-Grip Phone MountThis clamp handlebar phone mount from Ram mounts features a spring-loaded X grip design that provides adequate support to your device. As it is spring-loaded, you can quickly release your smartphone from its clasp by just lifting the device.

The phone mount is wholly made of powder-coated, marine-grade aluminium and stainless steel components and features rubber caps to prevent inflicting damage on the screen. As the product is made from metal and its derivatives, it showcases high shock absorption capability.

The product is compatible with a wide range of devices but isn’t universal. If you are in search of a good motorcycle phone mount for your device that is 5 inches or above, then this is an ideal option to consider.

The Downsides

The rubber clasps aren’t as sturdy as the brand claims it to be. Thus, there are high chances that your phone might be in the air when you take on high speeds.


10. Bovon Anti-Shake Phone Mount

Bovon Anti-Shake Phone MountThis Bovon anti-shake bike mount features a four-cornered silicone clasp to secure your device. The phone rests on a non-slip PU pad; thus, you don’t have to worry about your device getting any scratches.

The ball and socket point design of the phone holder enables you to rotate the phone up to 360 degrees, and you can also adjust the viewing angle according to your convenience. If your phone has face ID recognition, then you can go completely hands-free, as the silicon doesn’t prevent you from accessing your phone’s screen to its full potential.

The clamp’s diameter is adjustable from 0.8 inches to 1.6 inches, but the clamp sits perfectly only on tubular handlebars. The phone mount can be used for devices having a screen size of 4.5 inches to 7 inches.

Overall, the phone mount makes for a perfect companion, no matter if you are on a bicycle or a motorcycle. However, the product is not suitable if you are planning to pursue highly uneven roads as it has very low shock absorption capacity.


11. Metal Bike & Motorcycle Phone Mount

Metal Bike & Motorcycle Phone MountThis phone mount is from CAW car accessories and is perfect for iPhone and Samsung models. The product is designed for tubular handlebars and has commendable levels of shock absorption capacity. You can efficiently operate your phone no matter how uneven the road is.

The product comes with adjustable silicone grips and a ball and socket joint. This ergonomic construction allows you to adjust the viewing angle easily and you can even rotate the phone holder up to 360 degrees.

Even if your phone is mounted on the phone holder, you can still access all the buttons situated at either side of your phone. The headphone jack is also easily accessible. The smooth phone holder ensures that no scratches are made on your device.

The product is wholly made of rock-solid metal, and this makes it highly durable and sturdy. The rubber grip on the interior of the clamp ensures that the phone mount doesn’t move around no matter how high the vibration is.

If you are in search of an ideal motorcycle phone mount that is highly durable and provides maximum protection to your device, then there is no better option than this phone mount from CAW accessories.

With over 4.6 user ratings, the product is easily the best motorcycle phone mount in the price range and is worth every penny you pay.


12. Tackform Chrome Motorcycle Mount

Tackform Chrome Motorcycle MountThe Tackform motorcycle mount is made from 6061 premium aluminium metal that makes it highly durable. The fail-proof grip makes sure that your phone never slips away even when you are travelling at very high speed.

The clamp would easily fit on handlebars of diameter 1.25 inches and has a thick bushing which ensures that the product doesn’t move around, no matter how uneven the road is. The aluminium ball and socket allows you to set the perfect viewing angle according to your preference. You can also rotate the phone holder up to 360 degrees.

The phone holder can tightly hold onto any model of smartphones provides they are 3.4 inches in width and have a maximum thickness of 0.5 inches. However, there is no restriction when it comes to the length of the screen.

As the phone holder doesn’t completely cover your device, there is no chance of sustaining any scratches. But make sure you use a thin protective cover to prevent the damage that can be inflicted due to any flying objects (or insects) in the air.

The Downsides

The only flaw is that the clamp diameter cannot be adjusted and therefore fits tubular handlebars of 1.25 inches alone.


13. iMESTOU Aluminium

iMESTOU AluminiumThis handlebar phone bracket features a USB charging socket that allows you to charge your phone on the go. The product is made from high-quality aluminium material, therefore is highly durable and sturdy.

The main advantage of this product is that it has high shock absorption capacity even while pursuing mountainous roads. If you want, the viewing angle of the device can be adjusted and set it up at either portrait or landscape mode according to your convenience.

The installation procedure can be quite tricky and isn’t as easy when compared to its competitors. You will have to unscrew two screws using a screwdriver and then attach the phone mount onto the handlebar.

But once in place, you need not have to alter it any more. The whole phone mount is water-proof, and you can quickly close the USB port with the help of the plastic port cover provided by the manufacturer. Make sure you switch off or don’t plug the USB cable when not in use.

The phone mount can accommodate smartphones having a screen size of 4 inches to 6 inches. Also, the clamp can be mounted only on tubular handlebars having a diameter of 22 to 30 millimetres.

Another amazing feature is, it is incredibly lightweight despite being made of aluminium. Overall, this product is one of the best motorcycle phone mounts. Go for this product if you are looking for a phone mount that comes along with a USB charging port.


14. Leepiya Motorcycle Phone Mount

Leepiya Motorcycle Phone MountThis phone mount for a motorcycle from Leepiya comes with a USB charging port so that you can charge your phone on the go quickly. The product fits mobile phones having screen size in the range 3.5 inches to 6.5 inches.

The easy no-tool installation procedure makes the product more usable. This easy installation procedure ensures that you can easily change the position of the device even if you are in the middle of a journey. Also, the swivel action of the phone holder allows you to set your device in either portrait or landscape mode.

The product is made from ABS plastic and comes with a USB port cover that allows you to protect the USB charging port against water splashes. The product also has high shock absorption capability and can be fitted onto your vehicle’s handlebar no matter what type of roads you are planning to explore.

The flexible nylon clamps and the one-step quick-release feature makes the design more ergonomic. The nylon clamps also ensure that your phone doesn’t move from its position unless and until you decide to remove it.

The Downsides

The wires provided by the manufacturer to connect to the battery is very small. You will have to rope in extra extension wired to make the connection.

Also, the position lock feature doesn’t work at high speeds. Even though the phone won’t fall from the clasp, you will get terrified when the mount flicks from its fixed position.


Why Do You Want A Motorcycle Phone Mount?

Phones have evolved much from mobile to being smart. It will be a sin if you underutilize this device with so much potential. A phone mount helps you make the maximum use of your smartphone even when you are on the go on your vehicle.

1. Navigation

Gone are the days when people use maps to find routes. Today, with the evolution of smartphones, you can easily find your way with the help of GPS navigation on your device.
You would need to know the routes if you are planning to go somewhere unfamiliar. Thus, mounting your phone on your vehicle will help you reach your destination safely and also saves some of your valuable time.

2. Helps You Track Your Performance

If you like riding your motorcycle a bit too much than others, then you really need to explore the variety of smartphone applications that help you closely monitor your performance in terms of speed and distance.

You can’t always focus your eyes on the speedometer. Thus, mounting your smartphone on your motorcycle can give you insights on your speed, distance, and the time taken to attain the speed.

The apps can also give you a detailed report on the fuel economy of the vehicle. In fact, these applications can also provide you with advice on how to utilize your motorcycle to the maximum.

3. Entertainment

Who doesn’t like some music while on the go? If you are riding alone on your vehicle and require some sort of entertainment, then the best way is to make use of the music application on your smartphone. But won’t it be challenging to stop midway and change the songs according to your preference?

By roping in the best phone holder for motorcycle, you can easily navigate through your playlist and choose the songs you like while you are on the go.

4. Communications

The primary use of your smartphone is to keep you in touch with the world. Thus, you will have to answer calls or respond to urgent messages wherever you are. But it would be difficult to stop your vehicle and check the notifications each time the device alerts you.

Sometimes, you won’t even know when an urgent call or message comes due to the noise in the surroundings. By mounting your phone on a phone holder, you can quickly understand who is trying to contact you; thus, you can decide whether to attend the call or ignore.

Factors To Look For In Best Motorcycle Phone Mount

The basic thing that you need to look out for is whether the product you are going to purchase has the necessary elements that not only cater to your needs but also provide value for every penny.

1. Phone Compatibility

As the product is all about your smartphone, the phone mount should properly accommodate your phone on it. With so many brands and models, you need to make sure that the phone mount fits your phone to the tee and doesn’t let your phone down in any circumstances.

You can either go for a one-size-fits-all phone mount or purchase one specially made for your phone. The latter type of mount would be a perfect choice, but it would be comparatively expensive than the former kind of phone mount.

2. Security

The thing that taunts most of us concerning a phone mount is its ability to hold your phone securely. Don’t worry. The best motorcycle phone mounts mentioned in our pick of top motorcycle phone mounts will carry your phone safely, even when you are pursuing the toughest roads.

3. Handlebar Compatibility

Of course, you are planning to attach the phone mount to the handlebar of your motorcycle. Thus, the product should sit securely on the handlebar and shouldn’t slip even when you are riding on an uneven road.

You can either customize phone mounts according to the shape and size of your motorcycle’s handlebar or go for a phone mount with adjustable clamp settings.

4. Durability

The phone mount should be durable enough to resist the vibrations and other vigorous movements when the motorcycle is pursuing harsh and uneven roads. Not only should it hold the phone securely, but also it shouldn’t break after some days of use. So, rope in a phone mount that is ergonomically designed and well-made.

5. Material

The best way to ensure the durability of a phone mount is to ensure that it is high-quality material. Plastic is usually used by manufacturers to produce phone mounts.

If you are used to riding your vehicle at high speeds, the phone mount is bound to be hit by any objects or insects; thus the material should be such that it shouldn’t suffer any kind of deformation.

Look for phone mounts that are from the high-quality and robust plastic by-product. You can also go for phone mounts made from metals like zinc, aluminium or alloys like stainless steel. Phone mounts made from rubber and silicone are also widely available, but it doesn’t provide much protection to your smartphone.

6. Shock Absorption Capability

A sturdy phone mount will be able to absorb shock and other vibrations effectively, thus allowing you to operate your phone without much difficulty.

You don’t require a phone mount that moves along with the vigorous movements of your vehicle. It not only makes it challenging to handle your phone but also doesn’t provide adequate protection to your device.

Finding a phone mount with high shock absorption capacity can be a tedious task, but not impossible. Look out for the best phone mount for motorcycles from our top picks, and you will be good to go.

7. Ease Of Use

The best of the phone mounts help you efficiently operate your smartphone without much difficulty. It should stay in position, and you must be able to manage the phone with just one hand. Also, it should be easily adjustable according to your convenience. Look for a phone mount that has swivel action. In this way, you can easily adjust your phone and rotate it in whichever direction possible.

8. Size Of The Phone Mount

Sizing is important because you definitely don’t require a bulky phone mount that takes up most of the space on the handlebar. If you are in for handlebar phone mounts, then there are two factors to consider.

Handlebar phone mounts have two diameter measurements- minimum and maximum handlebar diameter. Make sure the handlebar of your motorcycle is wide enough to fit the phone mount.

The second factor is the size of your phone. No matter whatever type of phone mounts you rope in, it should perfectly accommodate your phone. Universal phone mounts are one-size-fits-all phone mounts, and the manufacturers of these mounts claim that it can fit mobile phones of all sizes.

9. Types Of Phone Mounts

By now you might have been convinced that you need a phone mount, but what kind of phone mount would be the best option for you? While there are numerous designs of phone mounts, here is the list of the most popular ones.

Clamp handlebar mounts

The clamp handlebar mount is the most popular kind of mobile phone mount. This type of mount makes use of a clamp to attach the phone holder to your motorcycle’s handlebar. Most of these phone mounts would be either made from high-quality plastic or a durable metal.

What Makes These Mounts Popular?

These ergonomically designed bolts feature a u-bolt design that makes sure that the mount stays in place even when there are severe vigorous motions. The clamp handlebar phone mounts have a very short stem compared to other kinds of mounts and feature a ball and socket joint between the stem and the phone holder.

The phone holder will be either a vice-like clamp or might feature a silicone net or transparent material in which you can easily slip in your phone. While the vice-like clamp phone holder is popular, silicone net-type phone holders have the advantage of being splash-resistant.

As the clamp handlebar mounts are incredibly durable, no wonder most of the best motorcycle phone mounts are of this type.

1. Silicone Strap Handlebar Mounts

This type of motorcycle phone mounts consists of a watch strap style fastener that is usually of silicone or its derivatives. These silicone fasteners loop around the handlebar of your motorcycle and can be locked or made to stay in place once you fasten it.

Just like the clamp handlebar mounts, this type of phone mounts also provides you with a phone holder that has a swivel action up to 360 degrees. As these mounts are from silicone, it is water-resistant and can absorb even high vibrations and shocks, unlike other materials that are put to use for making phone mounts.

Another advantage of this kind of mount is that you can wipe it clean, thus providing you with high screen visibility even at extreme conditions.

2. Master Cylinder Mounts

When compared to the other kinds of phone mounts in this list, master cylinder mounts are less popular. These mounts make use of a master cylinder. Unlike other phone mounts, these are attached beneath the brake fluid reservoir and not on the handlebar.

The product comes with specially designed base plates that can be used to mount the phone mount underneath the brake fluid reservoir. As the phone mount is attached to your bike’s central parts, you need not have to worry about your phone dropping from the phone mount.

You can rope in one of these mounts if your motorcycle doesn’t have ample space to accommodate a phone mount. Also if you are too worried about your phone flying away at high speeds, this type of phone mounts would be the best choice.

3. Windscreen Mounts

If your motorcycle has large windscreens, then you can navigate into the world of windscreen phone mounts. These types of mounts are an excellent option to consider, but make sure your windscreen is strong enough.

But before you go further, know that the windscreen mounts aren’t as reliable or sturdy when compared to the traditional handlebar phone mounts. Thus, if you are planning to conquer mountainous roads, then it is highly recommended to stay away from this type of phone mount.

4. Mirror Stem Mounts

Mirror stem mounts are yet another option for you if you have limited space on the handlebar of your motorcycle. These mounts are available in a variety of shapes and sizes so that you can choose the right product that fits your smartphone perfectly.

The most advanced mirror stem phone mounts completely replace the whole mirror mounting system. These mounts will have space for you to attach the mirror onto it with the help of a screw joint.

These mounts are the best alternative to windscreen mounts and are highly recommended for motorcycles with limited handlebar space.

FAQs on Motorcycle Phone Mount

1. Are Motorcycle Phone Mount Worth It?

The best motorcycle phone mount lets you have your phone always available while on the go. Having your phone handy at all times ensures that you would never miss an urgent call or update and also you can easily access all the features of your smartphone.

2. Are Magnetic Mounts Bad For Your Phones?

Motorcycle phone mounts that have magnets in it aren’t bad for your phone. These mounts work great on smooth roads but aren’t recommended if you are planning to explore mountainous or highly uneven roads.


Motorcycle phone mounts help you unlock the full potential of your smartphones. You will be really missing out on the amazing navigation applications that analyze the riding performance and give suggestions on how to improve the same.

The best phone mount for motorcycles lets you use your smartphone efficiently while ensuring maximum protection of the same. If you are planning to buy one, lookout for the best motorcycle phone mounts in the above list and select one that correctly fits your phone.

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