Best Dual Sport Helmets 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Quick Overview: Our Top 5 Picks for Dual Sport Helmets

OUR TOP PICKptsntbl-table__imageGMAX GM-11
  • Perfect fit for any motorbike
  • Fully removable, washable and breathable
  • Comfortable protection
ptsntbl-table__image ILM Dual Sport Helmet
  • HD enhanced wide-angle lens
  • Detachable and washable
  • Multiple Function
ptsntbl-table__imageFly Racing 2021 Trekker Helmet
  • Lightweight polymer racing helmet
  • Ultimate Comfort
  • Highest-quality
ptsntbl-table__image1Storm Full Face Helmet
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Heavily cushioned and comfortable interior
  • Removable and washable
ptsntbl-table__image 1Storm Dual Sport Helmet
  • Advance Dual Sports Helmets Design;
  • Advanced Aerodynamic and Stylish Designs
  • EIGHT Ventilation Opening System

The best helmets define how safe you are on your bike, and while purchasing motorcycle gear, it should certainly be the top priority. Inside the helmet, safety-liners play a vital role in shielding the head from a heavy impact. If the helmet is loose, the chances are that your safety liner might end up hurting you.

The dual-sport helmets give your head ultimate protection compared with other types of helmets. Such dual sport helmets can also block UV rays, raindrops, and wind noises. You can ride your motorcycle safely with a dual sport helmet without getting hurt or distracted by the wind, insects, weather conditions, harsh sun rays, and other flying stuff. Our guide is here to get you all aware of the tips and tricks so you can comfortably purchase the best fit dual sport helmet!

Top 12 Best Dual Sport Helmets 2021

1. Gmax G5115076 Dual Sport Helmet

Gmax G5115076 Dual Sport Helmet Best Dual Sport Helmet

The Gmax Dual Sport Solid Helmet G5115076 is a great choice for riders with a tight budget. This is a finely built helmet which has a large eye port that even the big riding goggles can easily embrace. It’s a protective face shield that can be easily lowered or fully raised when using goggles.


  • Proper Vents: This helmet has front and top vents that can be completely closed or opened for proper circulation of the air inside the helmet to prevent suffocation
  • Antibacterial Liner: Features a removable and washable fabric liner. This helps to keep your helmet fresh and clean and also prevents it from releasing foul smell.
  • Integrated Speaker: This helmet has built-in speaker pockets which support all sorts of communication devices. This helmet comes in various sizes to match every rider’s fitting.

2. ILM Dual Sport Helmet

ILM Dual Sport Helmet

This dual sport helmet is popular for a wide range of activities. It’s perfect if you enjoy a range of high-adrenaline sports as it offers riders the option of using it as an off-road, full face or rally helmet. This helmet contains a removable face shield, which is a big advantage for outdoor sports. The tinted interior viewfinder is a much-loved feature and keeps the riders safe.

However, if you are looking for a helmet that provides enhanced visibility, the ILM is the one you are looking for. The wide-angle, HD enhanced clear lens is designed to improve peripheral vision and give riders a better image of what’s around them, improving protection and stability.


  • Multiple Function – Great for dirt bike, bicycle, mountain bike, dual sports, and other outdoor riding events, it can be used as a rally helmet, a full-face helmet, and an off-road helmet.
  • Dual Visors – HD improved wide-angle lens to enhance peripheral vision and riding safety, and the sun visor is perfect for UV rays protection and can be turned slightly to change for sun rays direction.

3. Fly Racing 2021 Trekker Helmet

Fly Racing 2020 Trekker Helmet

The Fly Trekker Dual Sport Helmet is an Adventure entry-level helmet. Fly Racing is not a name familiar to street riders but the term has been popular to off-road and motocross riders for years. Fly Trekker produces motorcycle handlebars and helmets and has grown into one of the leading brands of protective equipment for professional racing clothing, helmets, gloves, jerseys, goggles, and more.

The freedom to ride with any combination of the shield, visor, and goggles is what makes this helmet unique. The face shield can accommodate goggles and goggle straps even in a closed position.


  • UV protection: Face Shield can be changed fast and easily, and need no tools. The shield has a robust scratch-resistant coating and offers total protection from ultraviolet Rays. The multi-position ratcheting means you can easily open the shield to avoid the fogging.
  • Proper Vents: This helmet has an outstanding ventilation system, with 8 intakes and 8 exhaust vents. Airflow is forced into the EPS liner through coordinated vent channels and exits from multiple rear exhaust vents.

4. 1Storm Full Face Helmet

1Storm Full Face Helmet

The 1Storm motorcycle helmet is popular for its elegant exterior finish. Its shell is UV protected, making it perfect for long motorbike rides under the sun’s hot rays. It is built with a large ventilation system which allows sufficient air to flow inside the helmet. Also, it is built with a modern modular/flip design that is a perfect choice for those who want two types of helmets.


  • Uv Protection: This 1Storm model contains a mirrored visor that offers UV rays protection and face shield that protects your face from mosquitoes, dirt, dust, and flying debris.
  • Lightweight: The lightweight style is one of the main selling points for the helmet. This is one of the lightest full-face helmets and yet it still provides better safety to the riders as compared to larger and heavy helmets.
  • Ventilation: The three-level ventilation system, due to its highly versatile nature, gives you absolute control over airflow.
    DOT: Department of Transportation (DOT) approved, claiming that it has met the DOT motorcycle helmet safety standards.
  • Removable Liner: Detachable and washable padding for better maintenance which will stop bacterial growth.

5. 1Storm Dual Sport Helmet

1Storm Dual Sport Helmet

It is one of the best dual sport helmets for your ride which provide adequate protection. The 1Storm sport helmet features good ventilation systems that make it suitable for riders on long distances. It also has a simple style, and this is ideal for any driver out there.


  • Aerodynamic: This helmet is made from a lightweight thermoplastic alloy shield with aerodynamics design, which ensures the highest level of safety of the rider.
  • Removable Liner: This dual sport helmet is fitted with a supportive and heavily cushioned interior that can be quickly removed and washed to keep your helmet clean.
  • DOT: This helmet is certified by DOT which means it complies with all the safety standards.

6. HJC DS-X1 Dual-Sport Helmet

HJC DS-X1 Dual-Sport Helmet

HJC has specialized primarily in the production of motorcycle helmets since 1971. The combination of this vast technical expertise in manufacturing, creative innovations, and fair pricing resulted in the success of HJC in worldwide markets. It is the ongoing goal of HJC to provide motorcyclists from around the world with high-quality, comfortable, and affordable helmets.


  • Lightweight and Tough: The DS-X1 is appropriate for both off-road and street riding. This dual-sport helmet offers a superior fit, lightweight, and comfortable Helmet.
  • This style features the Groove Glasses to fit riders wearing glasses. For Riding in the cold weather, the chin strap is included and snow options are also available.

7. MMG ATV Motorcycle Helmet

MMG ATV Motorcycle Helmet

The first thing you note about this helmet is the color. It comes in a Military Green color that looks so good and provides some camouflage for anyone who might need it. But, the main feature of this ATV helmet is that it has a very wide opening. This not only gives you space to see around you, but also ensures that you can easily put a pair of goggles in there too. You get a free pair of safety glasses with your order, just to make things that little bit easier.


  • Comfortable Interiors: The helmet’s inside features a very comfortable padded liner which provides excellent cushioning. The padding also helps to withstand any shocks as a safety, thereby reducing the effect on the skull and brain.
  • Ventilation: It is well-ventilated to ensure maximum airflow in the helmet. The shell itself feels very sturdy and follows the DOT safety certifications.

8. GDM DK-650 Dual Sport Helmet

GDM DK-650 Dual Sport Helmet

GDM has introduced a whole range of stunning dual sport helmets, with DK-650 being one of the best designs with DOT FMVSS-218 certification. The software kit includes dual visors for a clear vision. That helmet’s design will surely help you bag some great compliments. This product comes with a very inexpensive price tag and if you are looking for a quality product at a low price point, it is the one to go for.


  • Multi-Functional: This dual sport helmet is designed to suit dirt biking, personal watercraft, scooter, ATV, and off-road adventure driving purposes. This approved DOT FMVSS-218 helmet is made of aerodynamic shell design and has a lightweight poly-alloy that guarantees comfort.
  • Fits Properly: It has a D-ring double strap which is resistant to pilling. The lining is reusable and washable, to prevent the foul smell.
  • Multi-Vents: Well-defined multi-ventilation ports coupled with a double D ring chin collar and even on sunny days long drives are comfortable with this helmet. The cheek pads are washable as are the inner linings.

9. AHR DOT Full Face MX Helmet

HR DOT Full Face MX Helmet

If you love classic styling and attitude, consider AHR DOT Full Face MX Helmet. These helmets are never out of style! The Open Face Helmet AHR has a domed look for additional visual effects. It is also made of high-quality ABS with a thick buffer layer so it is as robust as it is sweet. It is perfect for outdoor use and will certainly provide you with the protection you need if something hits your head.


  • Lightweight and DOT certified: It is made of high-quality ASB materials to provide a lightweight feel while providing more than sufficient safety and security. It meets the safety standard approved by DOT, which should give you confidence that if any accidents happen, you will be safely protected.
  • Ventilation: An additional benefit of this ASB shell is it’s making the helmet so comfortable. It is beautifully lined and the ventilation system offers a good flow of air to prevent you from feeling like you’re in a sweatbox. It also comes with interchangeable ear pads that you can wash and take out. So, you should keep the helmet in a hygienic state while you use it.

10. Triangle Full Face Helmet

Triangle Full Face Helmet

This full-face helmet comes in 4 stunning colors that are guaranteed to capture the attention of everyone. The advanced outer shell of the ABS consists of a high-quality thermoplastic material that can withstand great impacts and thus keep the head secure.

Besides a robust outer shell, the inside is made of multi-density EPS lining that brings comfort to the driver, which is especially useful during long trips. The soft laser cut padding provides dry comfort with the option of hygienic treatment which proves to be very helpful in taking care of the helmet.


  • Adjustable: The double PC anti-scratch visor and removable DVS treatment come with a simple switch mechanism system that makes it easy for the motorcyclist to keep the helmet in place. There’s also a padded chin strap with micrometric closure that helps to securely fasten the helmet on your head.
  • Ventilation: The ventilation systems are mounted in the front as well as the rear for better airflow so the air doesn’t feel stagnant during long drives.

11. Typhoon Helmets XP14

Typhoon Helmets XP14

The Typhoon Helmets XP14 is the best inexpensive sport helmet. Just $61 and you’ll get helmet features like DOT certification, improved ventilation, and large optical vision.


  • DOT: The XP14 meets DOT safety standards (FMVSS218). Typhoon Helmets also have an independent test facility to ensure this helmet is compliant with the DOT standards.
  • Scratch-free Shield: It comes with a face protector that is distortion-free and scratch-free. It is also removable so that you can replace it with a visor you like.
  • Ventilation System: Advanced front flow ventilation and interior channeling provided to improve the ventilation and offer more comfort. The lining in this helmet is reusable and washable to keep the bacteria and bad smell at bay.

12. O’Neal Siera II

O’Neal Siera II

The O’Neal Full Face Siera II Helmet is a decent trendy motorcycle Helmet. The O’Neal Full Face Siera II Helmet has the best range of features for riders and motorcycle drivers. This motorcycle helmet has features that have focused on function above fashion. It is available in three combinations of colors: Pure Black, Black / White, and Pure White.


  • This helmet comes with a decent ventilation system. The substantial amount of air passing through the helmet ensures a driver’s face remains cool when using this helmet.
  • It comes with a durable ABS construction. Also, its comfort liner is removable and washable.

Factors To Consider While Buying Dual Sport Helmet

Whether you’re a motorcycle rider or a sports biker, you need to get a helmet that gives you the best protection. Some factors need to be considered to get the right dual sport helmet you want:

1. Comfort

Comfort is an important factor to look out while purchasing a dual-sport helmet. You wouldn’t want to go for something weighty and that’s going to cause pain or pressure on your back. However, it is safer to go for long-lasting, lightweight helmets with the influx and air outflow for proper ventilation.

2. Size

Choosing the correct helmet size for you is another preventative measure since a very tight or loose helmet does not guarantee maximum protection for you. To get the right fit to your head, use a measuring tape to measure the fullest part of your head. It’s an easy task but you can get a partner to do it for you if you find it difficult.

Measurement ranges of small helmets are from 53-56 cm, of medium size helmets from 57-58 cm, of big helmets from 59-60 cm and of extra-large ones are from 60-62 cm. But you can also refer to the manual for more size choices from the manufacturer.

3. Sun Protection

Since spending a long time in the sun, most motorcycle riders have experienced skin tanning on their hands, particularly the riders who ride in extreme terrain and hot weather. Dual sport helmets are the best choice in such care to avoid tanning and discomfort as it comes with the UV ray and heat protection features. Dual sport helmet also protects you from cold and wind.

4. Foul Smell

When sweats get into the helmet after regular usage, it starts stinking badly. There is also an accumulation of dirt, which can be both unpleasant and discomforting to the rider. The best dual sport helmet that can be used to avoid this kind of situation is one that can help you maintain proper hygiene. So, go for a helmet that has a removable, washable and antibacterial liner to keep your helmet fresh and relaxing.

5. Noise

While helmets are manufactured to protect the head, some of them can cause hearing problems due to the noise emanating from them. Noise occurs when high air hits the helmet. Thus, it’s important to choose a noiseless helmet to avoid irritating noises when the bike is at a high speed.

FAQs on Dual Sport Helmets

1. What Are Dual Sport Helmets?

There is nothing more efficient than a dual sport helmet as you can use it on the highway as well as on the off-road. It is the combination of a dirt road motorcycle helmet and a street motorcycle helmet with great features.

It takes the shape and style of an off-road helmet and face shield of a street motorcycle. With better safety options this will make you more relaxed. It provides better soundproofing features, plus they can act as full-face helmets, and can also be placed in a way to be used with goggles.

2. Why Choose The Dual Sport Helmet?

If you are familiar with the use of a standard full-face helmet, a difference may have been found when you started wearing a dual-sport helmet. The visor and the top of the helmet affect aerodynamics, especially when you’re running at or above 60 mph, as it reduces drag and wind noise, minimizes noise emissions, and prevents unwanted forces. Also, if you’re engaged in mixed ridings, such as road riding, street riding, back roads, or even dirt roads. A dual sport helmet is the right one for you.

3. What Are The Advantages Of Wearing A Helmet?

In dangerous times wearing a helmet will protect your head from injury. It is also helping to minimize the damage caused by significant impacts.

4. Does The Dual Sport Helmet Cause Any Vision Issues?

No, the dual-sport helmet generally provides a high level of vision. You should wear your headgear to see how it would affect your vision. You can also go on a test ride to see what vision rate it gives you.

5. What Are The Factors Responsible For Minimizing The Comfort Level Of Motorcycle Helmets?

The weight, inner linings, chin strap, and ventilation primarily affect the comfort level of your helmet. Your motorcycle should be lightweight, well insulated, easy to lose chin strap, and well supplied with air, for comfort.

6. Does The Wearing Of Helmet Cause A Hearing Issue?

Wearing a helmet helps to reduce the noise coming from the engine. This helps you to shut down the sound from the engine and let you hear the usual street noise. Increasing your riding experience thus.


Dual sport helmets are a combination of full-face helmets as well as motocross helmets. The long peaks and extended face shields are the most prominent characteristic of those helmets. These are particularly useful for riders as these avoid gravel, stones, and other debris while riding off-road.

They are mostly used by riders who enjoy both the less-taken off-road or the less-taken road and highway biking as well. For more than just ADV and enduro riders, dual sport helmets have become increasingly popular. Such helmets also help bridge the gap between off-road, or MX helmet models, and the traditional full face street helmet that makes them flexible for true dual sport riders who use their bike to get to the trails and back home.

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