Best Heated Motorcycle Gloves 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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1. Kemimoto 2. Gerbing 3. Kemimoto
Kemimoto Best Heated Motorcycle Glove Gerbing

Kemimoto ATV Gloves


Driving a motorcycle around the country and experiencing bliss is something that only few can described you about. Also, what they will tell you about is the harsh conditions you have to ride in in. You won’t be having an air conditioner to protect you from the elements.

This is where apparel and gear like heated gloves come in handy. In cold conditions, there are chances that your hands go numb and you fail even fail even to control Your motorcycle properly. Therefore, it is a risk to your safety. The best heated motorcycle gloves protect you from these conditions. Here are some factors to keep in mind before making a purchase.

Quick Overview: Our Top 5 Picks for Heated Gloves

OUR TOP PICKptsntbl-table__imageKemimoto
  • Heats up to 6 hours of continuous use
  • Touchscreen compatible let's you use smartphones without removing your gloves
  • Windproof fabric prevents cold wind from entering the gloves
  • Microwire heat technology using steel fibers with waterproof coating
  • Long hours of continous heat
  • Dual heat control with temperature detection technology
  • With two power banks and three heat settings
  • 1680D Water resistant material outer and cotton material interior
  • With the zipper on both sides and cord lock
  • Heats entire gloves while maintains the thinness
  • Pre-curved fingers, elastic wrist and adjustable hook for tight closure
  • Breathable and waterproof with thinsulate layer
ptsntbl-table__imageSun Will
  • 2200mah Batteries with 3 temperature control
  • Touch screen functionality on finger and thumb
  • Sheep Leather palm and polyester outside with protective hard shell on the back of the hand

Top 20 Best Heated Motorcycle Gloves 2021

1. Kemimoto

Kemimoto Best Heated Motorcycle GloveOn top of our list is a heated glove pair from kemimoto. The product has excellent ratings and reviews on Amazon and is available for a reasonable price. These two important factors make it sets it apart in the competition. Moreover, the packed set of features also plays a big role in it being the best heated motorcycle gloves.

As you would expect from a product from the top of the list, it is resistant to water, wind and wear, they being the three most important things a glove should protect you from.

Limdry technology, which is unique to the kemimoto brand, assists in water-proofing. It consists of a 3D membrane that is laminated to give effective resistance. Furthermore, the fingers are coated with silica gel to clean up fog, rain and snow.

Coming to the battery and wiring, you will find small wires going in and around the palm after tracing the fingers. A 2400 mAh battery powers these intricate wires to provide the heating required.

You get 3 modes of heating, with the highest setting maintaining a temperature of 140 degree Fahrenheit. At this setting, the battery will last for 4 hours at most. As for other settings, the temperature ranges between 113-131 degree Fahrenheit giving a battery life of 5-6 hours in most cases.

Lastly, the outer shell and the knuckle protection is of top-notch quality and has been tested even in extreme conditions. It is sure to protect your hands and fingers in high impact scenarios.

Moreover, unlike other motorbike gloves, you can use two of your fingers to operate a touchscreen rather than one. All in all, the kimimoto gloves are highly recommended.


2. Gerbing

GerbingA product that is quite low in price compared to other heated gloves is from Gerbing. Although it doesn’t look very premium compared to others, it has some advanced technology up its sleeve to compensate.

Inside it is a 12 V battery that powers the entire operation. Moreover, there is some interconnecting technology that increases the battery life to a great extent.

Some of the nifty features it has are largely related to its heating technology. A dual zone controller that is sold separately can be used to monitor your hand temperature and automatically adjust the temperature-settings of the glove to the required level.

There is also a patented microwire technology that makes this product so popular. It consists of micro-sized steel-wires that transmit the heat and are waterproof. The way they are intertwined lead to even heating of the palm.

The disappointing thing about these gloves is that the even heating is only restricted to the palm and the back of the hand. The fingers are not adequately heated, leading to the frustration of the users. Moreover, the knuckle-and hand-protection isn’t top of the line.


3. Kemimoto ATV Gloves

Kemimoto ATV GlovesQuite a unique product, the kemimoto gloves are made to use while driving an ATV. They are also unique as they come in a mitten form-factor rather than the separated finger ones you usually find.

Additionally, they have one of the largest coverage areas you can find on this list of gloves. Another point in the pros-list for this product is that it is very cost effective. Also, as with most biking gloves, it is susceptible neither to water,wind, nor to wear.

The kemimoto ATV gloves come with 3 heating modes. At the highest setting, you can expect a battery life of 3 hours, while in the lowest setting, you can get upto 5 hours worth of battery.

Lastly, in the medium setting you can get 4 hours of battery life. Coming to the battery capacity, it is 5000 mAh. However, since the coverage area is so large, the battery-life is average at best.

Thoughtfully, the company has given openings for a mirror. You might think that wind and water can enter through these openings, but that isn’t the case. A hole zipper will ensure that doesn’t happen. Lastly, they also have reflectors for warning other drivers during the night.


4. Firstgear

FirstgearA product that has been fine crafted with utmost quality and top of the line materials is the one from firstgear. Naturally, the price these motorcycle gloves comand is also on the higher side. However, if you have deep pockets, then these are the best heated motorcycle gloves you can buy.

The outer material of these premium gloves are made from cow leather of the highest grade and is drum dyed. As we know, leather is a very good insulator and provides adequate protection against water and rain. Additionally, the coverage area of this motorcycle gloves is also pretty large.

Coming to the battery, it is a DC type one that has an output of 12.8 volts. Firstgear recommends that you use it along with its heat-troller for the best safety conditions.

The battery has a capacity to produce 15 watts of power that should be adequate for the harshest of conditions. Lastly, it also has a good quality porelle membrane that goes a long way in giving it wind and water resistance.


5. Sun Will

Sun WillA truly versatile product that can be used for a multitude of different scenarios is the one from Sun Will. It is priced somewhere in between the average and higher sides when compared with other heated gloves. Considering the materials and technology being used to manufacture this product, the price is justified.

The outer material is made of leather and not just any leather. Sheep’s skin of the highest grade is used for the gloves along with a water-and wind-proof membrane. The inside,too, has a waterproof lining that protects the gloves from your sweat. Lastly, PU plastic has been used on index fingers to make it easier to use touchscreens.

Coming to the heating, infrared fibres are used instead of metal wires to provide the heating. Also, according to reviews, the fibres are spread evenly around the fingers, palms and hand to give even heating.

The gloves also do a job of ensuring adequate blood flow in the coverage area. However, one con of this product is that a velcro strap has been given on the wrist edge rather than an elastic band. This might not be a good idea when it is raining heavily.


6. Jingou

JingouIf you are looking for a cheap solution for your heated motorcycle gloves needs, then the one from Jingou should be definitely one of your choices.

However, this doesn’t mean the specifications of this product is on the lower side. It has some great features up its sleeves that is bound to surprise consumers.

For beginners, the battery capacity of this glove is excellent. It has a 4000 mAh battery and considering that the coverage area is not too big, it should be able to provide you with stellar battery life.

The insides are made of cotton to soak up all the sweat, while the exteriors are made from PU leather, although they may not be of the best qualities, they get the job done.

Coming to the heating, it has 3 different levels that give out different temperatures with different battery lives. At the lowest setting, you can expect a battery life of 6 hours and 110 degrees temperatures.

Additionally, at the higher setting you get a temperature of 140 degrees and 3 hours of battery life. There is an LED light on the gloves that changes colour based on the level of heating it is currently at.


7. Begleri

BegleriA product made to conquer a set niche of the customers is one from Begleri. The most startling-feature of these popular gloves is its outstanding battery life. It is a gauntlet type gloves that can extend well above your wrist.

Moreover, just like some other products on this list, the ones from Begleri are not restricted to motorcycle riding. You can use it for a range of winter sports, fishing in cold areas, driving ATV’s, motorcycle riding, etc.

The gloves themselves have a 7-layer protection and on top of that, they have wires that heat up to provide the warmth you require while riding.

Talking about the USP of this product, that is, the battery, you get a whopping 7000 mAh capacity, one that can provide upto 15 hours of backup on a single charge. That is in the low temperature setting.

On the other hand, in high temperature settings, you can expect 7 hours of battery life. It also comes with a setting indicator through an LED that glows in different colours under different settings.


8. Day Wolf

Day WolfAnother product that comes with a premium price tag and is made up of the highest quality materials is the Day Wold heated gloves. The form factor is great and it is a type of gauntlet gloves that cover a part of your arm too.

Manufactured by Day Wolf, which is a premium lifestyle-and travel-based company, it can be used for other activities, too, like winter sports and driving ATV’s.

The outer layer is of pure sheep leather and the inner padding is made from goat skin. The quality of materials used in manufacturing the leather is of the highest grade.

Inside, you will find a carbon fibre knuckle guard that is seldom found in any other motorbike gloves. Carbon fibre is one of the hardest commercial materials known to man.

The battery life on the Day Wolf gloves is also quite good. While it may not be the best, it gives a good backup of upto 7 hours in a low temperature setting.

Talking about temperature, the minimum temperature you can ride in, with these gloves, is around -25 degree Celsius or -13 degree Fahrenheit. If you plan to ride in extreme conditions like this, then this is the best heated motorcycle gloves for you.


9. Winna

WinnaA product that has superb reviews on the Internet and that is available for a reasonable price is definitely a good choice to go by.

The Winna heated globes is a very modern iteration of the heated gloves with some revolutionary features; it deserves to be named the best heated motorcycle gloves 2020. What are those revolutionary features? Let’s find them out in the next few paragraphs.

First things first, the build quality and materials used for the construction are top-notch. You would be surprised to find such quality in this price-segment.

Next up, although the temperature-range is nothing to write home about, you can pinpoint the exact temperature you want rather than the 3 settings or tiers that you choose from in other gloves. Moreover, the gloves can reach the set temperature within 5 seconds after you choose it.

Other superb additions to these modern gloves are the battery-level-indicator and LED display found in no other heated gloves. Furthermore, according to user reviews, the battery life is also pretty decent.

From the safety point of view, you get carbon fibre accents on the knuckle and palm area. Incorporating carbon fibre in this price range is something extraordinary.


10. Creatrill

CreatrillA heated glove made for the budget conscious but has high end features up its sleeve, the one from creatrill. It has very good ratings on Amazon and a specification sheet that is sure to impress everyone.

Its versatility is another impressive thing adding to its peculiarity. It can be used in multiple situations. These include riding bikes, ATV’s, skiing, mountaineering, etc. The fact that it can be used for extreme winter sports is a testament to its durability.

Needless to say, the gloves are quite resistant to water and wind. Moreover, since it has a gauntlet design, the water won’t seep in. The inner palm region is made of faux sheepskin that gives adequate grip when riding.

Additionally, it has 6 heat settings rather than the 3 that are conventionally found in other gloves. Moreover, with infrared beams inside, your blood-flow will increase and reach optimal levels. To provide top of the line insulation, the company has used thinsulate from 3M for lightweight yet good quality material.


11. Global Vaison

Global VaisonThe Global Vaison electric heated gloves are one of the highest selling products in its niche. To top it off, it has great reviews from customers, too. The list of specifications might seem at par with other gloves with no USP; however, it is the price that sets this product apart.

On the index finger, you will find a touch conductor material that allows you to use a touch screen device while wearing gloves. Furthermore, the outer material is made from PVC rather than leather to save costs. This isn’t necessarily bad as PVC has the same water and wind resistance that you find with leather.

The heating modes are three in number. While this is at par with most other heated gloves, the issue is with the placement. The fingers don’t have any heating wires around them, which means you get warmth only around the palm and the back of the hand. On the positive side, though, you get great battery life from these gloves.


12. Loiion

LoiionOne of the cheapest products on this list that has superb reviews from consumers is this loiion heated gloves. Moreover, it is also Amazon’s choice for electric heated gloves in this price range. It is a gauntlet type glove that will cover a portion of your arm too. This helps you from getting residual water or wind inside the gloves.

The temperature range of these gloves is pretty good for a product priced this low. The maximum temperature it can achieve is 150 degree Fahrenheit and the minimum setting is 110 degree Fahrenheit.

Additionally, the battery life isn’t great, but should be sufficient for most people. On the low settings, you can expect around 6 hours of usage and around 2.5 hours in the highest setting.

Lastly, a great thing about these gloves is that they are made from leather. The company hasn’t cut corners by using plastic or synthetic alternatives.


13. Fibee

FibeeAnother product that is very cost effective but has been made from genuine leather are the Fibee Heated Gloves. Along with being made of good materials, it has a fantastic battery life.

The lowest temperature in which it will still be effective is -10 degree Fahrenheit. However, the time to reach maximum heat is quite high. It is said to take between 1 and 2 minutes, while some gloves can do it within 5 seconds.

Although the outer shell is made of leather, the material used isn’t of the highest grade, although at this price, we really can’t complain. The inner lining is made of cotton so that it can observe all the moisture that your hands release.

Coming to the battery life, it has a class-leading 10000 mAh one. This should definitely be able to provide you with about 8 hours of battery on a single charge in low temperature settings.

A complaint that many users have with this product is that the charging wires are not that long and you can only use a portable Power Bank to charge the gloves.


14. Savior

SaviorThe Saviour heated gloves are one of the highest rated products in this niche on Amazon.

They are not the cheapest ones but have genuine quality to offer to their users. Just like Navy other gloves, they are multifunctional and can be used for winter sports and cold winter riding too.

The heating mechanism is spread evenly throughout the gloves with the wires reaching the fingertips, palms and back of the hand. They also have high quality accents to protect the palm and knuckle area in case of an accident.

The temperature range is nothing to write home about as the maximum is 150 degree Fahrenheit and the minimum is 110 degree Fahrenheit.

On the other hand, the battery life is quite good. You can expect 6.5 hours of usage in low settings and 2.5 hours at the highest temperature setting. Additionally, the wires emanate infrared rays that can even out the blood flow. Also, the elastic wrist band at the end will make sure no water enters the inside of the gloves.


15. MMlove

MMloveA product that is highly popular among the bikers is this one from MMlove. It is also Amazon’s choice for rechargeable gloves. The gloves have four layers of materials to protect you from cold on top of that heated wiring you can use. Since it can also be used for skiing and snowboarding, the elastic bands are there to prevent snow or water to go in.

The inside of the gloves have a cotton layer that can absorb all your sweat, while the outside is made of genuine leather, albeit of not the best grade. The design looks neat and the button to activate heating is placed conveniently.

One disadvantage of this product is that the temperature-range is not that great. The maximum temperature is 125 degrees while the minimum is 100 degrees.


16. Altriz

AltrizThe Altriz gloves that we are about to review has one of the highest temperature settings you can find. Hence, if you are looking for one to wear in the coldest of temperatures, this would be the best heated motorcycle gloves. The price is also one of the lowest on this list.

The palm area is made of leather. Although that seems like a good thing, using leather in that region will affect the grip you have while riding your motorcycle. Also, the battery capacity is restricted to 2500 mAh.

However, that really doesn’t affect the battery-life as it can give upto 6 hours of usage at 110 degree Fahrenheit. Also just like many other heated gloves, it promotes circulation of blood and is best suited for people with blood flow related health conditions.


17. ILM

ILMA truly versatile product that is available at a cut throat price, the ILM gloves can be used for a whole range of different things. While most of the other manufacturers in this price-range offer heating only to the palms and wrist, this also helps in heating your fingertips.

Like other gloves, the heating-modes are restricted to 3 different temperatures. There are LED lights that indicate which mode you are on. Just by pressing a single button, you can toggle between different modes.

It runs on a DC charge and is completely safe for operation. Moreover, it has good reviews online to reinforce trust.


18. Kemimoto Winter Gloves

Kemimoto Winter GlovesWe have seen multiple products from the kemimoto brand on this list. While the other products were a bit on the higher side of the price range, this one is an absolute steal. It is the cheapest gloves on this extensive list and can sustain a temperature of upto -30 degree Fahrenheit.

The outer layer is made from leather to get water and wind resistance. On the other hand, the inner layer is made from fleece to protect you from cold. The region that touches the palm is made from cotton so that it can absorb the moisture.

Coming to the heating, it is on par with other gloves and can reach a temperature of around 140 degree Fahrenheit. All in all, this will definitely turn out to be a worthy investment.


19. Begleri Heated Gloves

Begleri Heated GlovesThe second product on our list from Begleri is definitely a contender to be the best heated motorcycle gloves. It has a superb battery life is what sets it apart in the competition. Also, the minimum temperature it can protect you against is around -20 degree Fahrenheit.

Combine this with a battery life of 15 hours and Begleri have got an outstanding product on their hands.

Moreover, these heated gloves can be used for a whole set of activities including snowboarding, mountaineering, skiing, riding, etc. Also, the temperature range is quite good with the maximum temperature-setting between 140-150 degree Fahrenheit. However, since the battery is so big, the time needed to charge it is also quite long.


20. Heat Warmer Electric Gloves

Heat Warmer Electric GlovesThese gloves from Heat Warmer come with a very unique design somewhere in between a gauntlet type and a normal one. Inside is a 7.4 volt lithium ion battery that gives a pretty decent backup.

Another unique aspect is that a buckle has been provided in the wrist area to wrap to secure the glove. This is seldom found in other gloves. You also get a pocket to keep extra batteries in case you run out of charge.

Needless to say, it is also waterproof and windproof. Also, just like other gloves you get 3 heat modes along with spandex material to absorb all the moisture. Furthermore, the infrared heated wires stimulate blood flow and help people with health conditions.


Factors To Consider While Buying Best Heated Motorcycle Glove

1. Insulation

The first and foremost job that heated gloves are supposed to do is protect you from bitter cold. Therefore, any gloves that don’t give enough insulation from cold are not at all worth buying.

The first preference any manufacturer should give is to stop cold from giving you bone chills. For prolonged exposure to cold can even cause issues like hypothermia.

In order to do that, fleece, whether down or synthetic material is usually added underneath the outer material to give you adequate insulation from chill. Additionally, make sure the gloves are quite breathable even though they might be well insulated against cold.

2. Waterproof

Getting your hands wet during a bike ride is one of the main causes for numbness. Also, you are way more prone to your hands getting cold when they are wet than when dry. The solution for it is to have a water-proof membrane on top.

Moreover, the length of the gloves need to extend behind your jacket so that water doesn’t seep in through the top. As with insulation, you need to buy gloves that are breathable along with providing protection against water.

3. Windproof

It is common sense that more than the chill in the air, it is the intensity of the wind that decides the actual feel of temperature. The waterproof membrane again acts as a barrier for the wind in this case too.

For additional protection against wind-chill, the seams need to be coated with the membrane too.

As a rule of thumb, leather gloves and gauntlet gloves are naturally quite wind resistant. Adding the membrane on top actually helps in making them even more windproof. As with waterproof gloves, the length needs to be a bit long to ensure wind doesn’t get inside of your gloves or jacket.

4. Dexterity

Dexterity might sound like a complex term but in reality, it is quite simple. It just means how easily your fingers can be used when wearing the gloves.

Obviously, the more dexterity it has, the better it is. However, no gloves can offer you 100% dexterity. So, while buying gloves, look for the ones you can easily carry out basic tasks with.

These tasks include using your smartphones, using your keys, putting things and taking them out of your pocket, using doors, etc. The best heated motorcycle gloves are form fitting in nature to allow more dexterity.

5. Coverage

We have already discussed how important it is for the gloves to be long, so that you are protected against residual water and wind. That comes under the coverage aspect of motorcycle gloves. If the coverage is not good enough, the gloves are of no use, no matter how good in quality and material they are.

It would be more preferable to get gloves that are elasticated in and around the wrist or the upper parts. This gives no chance for the water or wind to seep in and ensures maximum coverage area.

As with everything, good coverage doesn’t mean that gloves become unbreathable. Manufacturers should also consider this aspect before designing high coverage gloves.

6. Material

The material used in making the gloves decides how well you are protected from the elements. Leather has been the preferred material for a long time by companies and continues to be popular.

However, synthetic materials are also getting popular these days that provide even more protection in case of crashing or accidents. Some gloves also use reflective material to their advantage and provide resistance against cold.

7. Size And Fit

We cannot stress enough about the importance of fitting while buying gloves. If the gloves are loose, they won’t offer enough protection from cold and water. If they are too tight, the dexterity takes a hit. So, this aspect of buying the best heated motorcycle gloves is completely up to you.

As a general rule, there should be a quarter inch space between your hand and the end of the gloves. This allows for maximum comfort while protecting you from the elements. Just like clothes, motorcycle gloves are available in fixed sizes.

8. Battery Operated Or Chemically Charged?

When it comes to the heating systems in place, you will largely find two types of motorcycle gloves. They are battery-operated ones and chemically charged ones. As the name indicates, in chemically charged gloves, there are pockets filled with non-harmful chemicals that react with one another to give out heat.

Iron is one of the main chemicals used in these reactions. Further, the advantage is that you don’t need to charge them constantly. However, once the chemicals are unable to react, you would need to buy a new pair of gloves.

On the other hand, battery-operated gloves will last for you for a longer time. They have intricate wiring inside the layers of fabric that heat up the gloves.

On the edge of these gloves, you will find a socket through which you would need to charge them from time to time. These gloves are pretty safe and won’t give you shocks. If there is a short circuit, the heating system will be shut off so that you don’t get hurt.

9. Durability

In many cases you would need heated gloves in order to tour cold mountainous regions. To go through that rugged terrain, you would definitely want your gloves to be durable. In that case, there won’t be any worries about where your adventures take you.

10. Grip

A good grip is primarily dependent on the type of material used for the surface-texture. Gloves with a rough textured palm area give the best grip even when it is raining and in other slippery conditions.

Moreover, fitting also plays a big role in ensuring you get the best grip on the handlebar while riding your motorcycle.

Best Heated Motorcycle Gloves – Picked One Yet?

With that, we have come to the end of this extensive article on the best heated motorcycle gloves. We have explored the various factors you need to keep in mind before buying one and the different variations that you find in these specialized gloves.

Still, there can be some confusion lingering around in your mind about which one to buy. We can understand that as some customers have specific needs. In the next few paragraphs, we will see the gloves that excel in certain areas that might be important to you.

In terms of price, you get a lot of options on either end of the spectrum. Firstgear and Day Wolf lead heated gloves have a premium price tag but offer the best quality. On the other hand, the Kemimoto winter gloves, ILM heated gloves and the ones from Fibee provide great value for money.

When it comes to its battery life, no one can beat the products from Begleri. Both of them offer a whopping 15 hours of battery life. Other alternatives for great battery life include Fiber heated gloves that are also quite low in price.

Alternatively, if you want a mix of everything—good battery-life, temperature-range and superb quality—you should go for the kemimoto branded gloves. Coming to the temperature-range, the Altriz one and the one from firstgear offer the best. They both can reach 150 degrees in heat.

FAQs on Heated Motorcycle Gloves

1. Are Heated Gloves Safe?

Yes, heated gloves are extremely safe to use. There have been few accidents in which users get hurt by using them. There are systems in place within the gloves to deal with a short circuit, so that its rider doesn’t get an electric shock.

2. How Long Do The Batteries Work?

That depends a lot on the temperature you set for the gloves. Typically, most gloves last for 3-6 hours. Many bikers carry around additional batteries or plug in a power bank so that the batteries never run out.

3. How To Select The Right Size?

Most heated gloves come in four different sizes. They are S, M, L and XL. You can figure out your size by measuring the width of your palm and comparing it to the size chart given on the company website.

4. What Activities Can I Do With Heated Gloves?

Although heated gloves are mostly used for motorcycle riding, they can also be used for improving blood circulation in arthritis patients, used for winter activities or in areas where temperatures drop to unbearable levels.

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