Best Motorcycle Gears 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. GOHINSTAR 2. Viking Cycle 3. Ozero
GOHINSTAR Motorcycle Full Body Armor Protective Jacket Best Motorcycle Gear Viking Cycle Motorcycle Rain Gear OZERO Waterproof Winter Gloves

As the saying goes “Prevention is much better than cure”, taking necessary precautions is essential when you are up for an adventurous activity. While motorcycling isn’t an adventurous activity, you surely get that adrenaline rush, and you may gear up for more. With the best motorcycle gear in hand, it would not only help you remain protected but also give you the confidence to overtake at higher speeds.

Contrary to popular belief, motorcycle gears that look like armors might not assure you full protection. When it comes to motorcycle gears, the quality matters and not the bulkiness of the product. Take a look at the factors and pick the best motorcycle gears that will help you buy better.


Factors To Consider While Buying A Motorcycle Gear

Here’s a list of the factors that ensure your choice of the product is worthwhile.

1. Size

As motorcycle gear can be classified as apparel, you will have to try it out to know whether the product is of the right fit. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose, but just the right fit. It should hug your body like no other and such motorcycle gears provide maximum protection.

You can either go for motorcycle gears with adjustable waists or rope in your perfect size. You need to enact the way you would position on a motorcycle to know the limits of the motorcycle gear. Ensure that the product doesn’t restrict your motion, and no part of the product pokes you or irritates you by any means.

2. Length Of The Motorcycle Gear

The product is designed to ensure your safety and is meant for fashion purposes. Thus, if you are to rope in a motorcycle gear just by its appearance, then there is no guarantee that you are protected while riding.

The length of the gear does matter. The jacket should be long enough to overlap the waist area of your pants while you are in the riding position. Also, the pants should be long enough to cover your ankles entirely.

With that said, if you go by these rules, then your gear is bound to look too long while you are standing , which is entirely normal.

3. Armored Protection

The best motorcycle riding gear is one that provides armored protection to your shoulder, back, and elbows. When it comes to the pants, the protection pads should be at the hips and the knees. Armored protection makes the gear impact resistant. Though you might feel a bit uncomfortable when you are casually moving around in such gears; the product is designed to provide you comfort and protection while in a riding position.

If you are eyes for maximum protection, you can go for motorcycle gear that comes with armor. But the armor should be easily removable so that you can wash the rest of the equipment according to your convenience.

If the armor is of detachable type, make sure that it stays in the right position while you are riding. If not, it can restrict your movements which can be fatal.

4. Stitch And Finish

Since the product is meant for the product you from unfortunate circumstances, it should be durable by itself. When you are up for gear, look for its stitch and finish. Go for it only if you are assured that it can withstand the harsh conditions. One way to ensure this is to check whether it has a double or triple stitch.

Coming to the boots, it should come with toe protection, steel shank, shifter pad, and armored ankle protection. The soles of the shoes must be oil-resistant and stitched to the boots and not stuck with water-resistant glue.

5. Ziplines And Other Closures

Manufacturers make use of other types of closures like laces and Velcro straps apart from the most popular zipline closure. Whatever may be the type of closures, it should be movable type. This ensures that the gear forms a snug fit on your body.

But not all closures work at all times and all places. A Velcro strap closure may not be the ideal closure at your neck area as it can easily catch your helmet’s straps. This can not only deteriorate the quality of the material but also pose a significant threat to your protection. So, Velcro strap at your neck area is a big no.

6. Ziplines For Ventilation

To get into a motorcycle gear and ride miles under the hot sun is no joke. You would sweat tremendously. A motorcycle gear jacket with zip line closures at the chest and back area allows you to increase the airflow. Some jackets also come with underarm vents that prevent the formation of sweat to some extent.

7. Reflective Strips

Motorcycle gear with reflective strips improves visibility. The visibility strips can come in many forms, panels, piping, etc. Whatever type it may be, make sure that the strips improve the visibility and thereby prevent others from hitting you. Suppose, you liked a motorcycle gear and it doesn’t contain any reflective strips, then you can wear a high-viz jacket over your gear. This too can improve visibility at night.

8. Waterproof

The gear being water-resistant or splash resistant isn’t enough. It should be waterproof and keep you protected against all weather conditions. Waterproof motorcycle gears are more expensive than the water-resistant version of the same. But if you like riding a lot and can’t wait until the weather conditions turn in favor for you, then investing in a waterproof gear is worth every penny.

You can also rope in removable water lining that can be worn over the gear. But these aren’t practical as it doesn’t allow moisture to escape and makes it unbearable for you to wear.

9. Number Of Pockets

Pockets are a must in motorcycle gear. But this doesn’t mean that you must go for motorcycle gear that looks like cargos. The interior and exterior pockets should be easily accessible according to your convenience and should store things securely. If the apparel you rope in is waterproof, then ensure that the pockets are too.

10. Material

Go for a material that has high abrasion-resistance. you can choose any material that you feel comfortable in. But as a matter of fact, leather has the most abrasion-resistance when compared to other materials used for making the motorcycle gear.

But a leather jacket on a hot sunny day or a heavy rainy day is a big no. You would either sweat tremendously or get soaked in the rain. Thus, you can move on to explore other options available.

The next option you will stumble upon is textile fabric. While it doesn’t have that level of high abrasion-resistant capacity as compared to leather fabric, the textile fabric makes the heat bearable and also doesn’t allow you to drench in the rain.

11. CE Rating

The CE rating of the product tells you the extent to which the gear can protect you from getting hurt. Starting from CE 1, the higher the rating, the better. The rating also gives an idea of how much force the gear can absorb in an unfortunate circumstance.

12. Price

If you want all the features mentioned above, then an affordable motorcycle gear is an oxymoron. The price and the features are in direct proportion, and you get what you pay for. Thus, if you are someone who likes to ride a lot, then it is ideal to go for a professional motorcycle gear that encompasses all the features mentioned above.

Top 20 Best Motorcycle Gears 2021

1. GOHINSTAR Motorcycle Full Body Armor Protective Jacket

GOHINSTAR Motorcycle Full Body Armor Protective Jacket Best Motorcycle Gear

This motorcycle gear from Gohinstar comes with armored protection around the shoulders, in the chest area, and on the elbows. The product features a zipper line closure at the center and has a magnetic sticky tape around the waist area.

The gear has openings in the chest and back area to improve the ventilation. Even though it features armored protection in several areas, the product is extremely lightweight and super comfortable.

The gear is made from high elastic PVC and lycra mesh cloth which makes it waterproof. You can also use the product for other adventurous activities like climbing, skating, skiing, and mountain biking.

The motorcycle gear is available in three sizes and the product chart gives you the detailed information of the fitting at each part of the body. Make sure you keep a measuring tape in handy and choose the one that aligns with the measurements you collected.

The downsides: the product comes with a lot of adjustments and you will have to tighten loosen and tighten it each time. In addition to this, the chest armor isn’t straight and will bother you while in the riding position.


2. Viking Cycle Motorcycle Rain Gear

Viking Cycle Motorcycle Rain Gear

The Viking cycle and motorcycle gear is a rain gear that is highly effective in protecting you from all the weather conditions. It is weatherproof, waterproof, and wind-resistant as well. The product comes in four different colors. It features an elastic arrangement at the back so as to provide a snug fit on the racer’s body.

The reflective piping at the back of the jacket plays an instrumental role in increasing the visibility at nighttime. This rain gear has Velcro closures at the wrist areas that allow you to seal the entry of water droplets into the jacket.

The water-repellent material ensures that the gear doesn’t sag even after drenched in the rain. as the product forms a snug fit, it won’t restrict your motion and you can easily assume any positions you want. This makes it suitable for different activities.

The downsides: The product doesn’t feature any armored protection and thus can’t be entrusted with your safety. Also, the gear has to be worn over an armored jacket if you wish to have additional protection, but that makes you highly uncomfortable and may even restrict your movements.


3. OZERO Waterproof Winter Gloves

OZERO Waterproof Winter Gloves

The Ozero waterproof gloves are ideal to be worn along with good motorcycle gear. As the product comes with touch screen fingers, you can still use your phone while wearing gloves. The product is designed to be unisexual and is made to be weatherproof.

The grooved palm area ensures that you have a better grip on the handle and in no way restricts your movements. The product is made from thickened velvet with non-woven cotton which ensures comfort and protection. The hand gear is further covered in artificial suede which makes it waterproof.

The gloves come in 5 sizes ranging from small to double extra-large. The size chart provides the necessary information on the various measurements and chooses one in such a way that it forms a snug fit on your palms.

The multi-layered insulated construction of the gloves makes it suitable for a variety of activities like skiing, snow shoveling, and cycling.

The downsides: the multi-insulation layers fail to do its effects at very low temperatures. This can lead to your hands becoming cold as ice. In addition to this, one the touch screen pad on the fingers of the gloves is covered with water droplets, it doesn’t do the job anymore.


4. HWK Motorcycle Pants

HWK Motorcycle Pants

This motorcycle-riding pant from HWK can also be doubled as a cargo. The product features armored protection at the knees and the back. The impact areas are protected with 1000D polyester Cordura.

The product is completely waterproof and windproof and the micro-mesh lining facilitates the easy flow of air. The two air vents at either side of the leg area make sure that you feel comfortable even on a hot sunny day.

The pant features three Velcro arrangements on the ankle, knees, and waist area that can be used to foam a snug fit according to your liking. As the product is lightweight, it won’t restrict your movements.

The downsides: the durability of the material used is a major drawback of this product. It tears within a week or two of use. Thus, the pants would tear easily during an accident and you will be exposed to danger.


5. HWK Adventure or Touring Motorcycle Jacket

HWK Adventure or Touring Motorcycle Jacket

The HWK motorcycle jacket is made from 600D Cordura and features armored protection at the impact areas. The rugged and durable construction of the jacket ensures the protection of the rider as well as comfort during the ride.

The jacket is 100% waterproof and the breathable mesh lining ensures maximum airflow, thus reducing the amount of sweat produced to an extent. The CE approved armors at the shoulder, elbows, and at the back can be removed easily.

The product is available in 10 different sizes and 3 color variants. Even though the jacket is specifically designed for men, it can be also used by women by adjusting the strap attachments given in various areas.

The downsides: the pocket Velcro closure is of cheap quality and may stop sticking after a week or two of use. In addition to this, the zipper line closure isn’t waterproof, thus water droplets can enter through the middle of the zipper line.


6. JAYEFO Alpha Motorcycle Jacket

JAYEFO Alpha Motorcycle Jacket

The Jayefeo motorcycle winter jacket is specially designed to protect the rider from the extremely cold air. The jacket provides armored protection at the shoulder and the back area. The product also allows you to adjust the fit of the jacket at the biceps, forearm, and waist area.

The thermal insulation layers ensure that you keep protection no matter how worse the weather conditions are. Also, the thermal layer is removable, and therefore, you can use the jacket during other seasons as well.

The unique design of the jacket with reflective fabric at either side of the shoulders helps to increase visibility at nighttime. But the reflective white fabric is embedded only in the orange-white variant. If you opt for a matte black version of the jacket, you will have to attach an additional reflective piping arrangement.

The downsides: the jacket is made of thin material and is usable only when paired with the thermal insulation layer. Once it is separated, you are exposed to danger. Thus, it is highly recommended to use the thick insulation layer even when it is fall, summer, or spring.


7. HWK Textile Motorcycle Jacket

HWK Textile Motorcycle Jacket

The HWK motorcycle jacket for men has armored protection at the chest, back, shoulder, and also on the elbows. The rugged and durable construction of the product makes it a fan favorite. It keeps you insulated during winter and comfortable during summer. The ventilated mesh lining plays a fundamental role in regulating airflow.

The armors at the various positions are CE approved and you can remove it according to your convenience. The reinforcement using the special reissa membrane makes it waterproof and wind-proof.

The product is available in 11 different sizes and 4 color variants. The only downside is that it doesn’t feature any attached reflective strips or piping arrangement. Thus, you will have to either rope in a motorcycle backpack with reflective material or buy some reflective attachments.

Apart from this, the product is one of the best motorcycle gears in this list and the 4.6 user rating on amazon stands as a testimonial to this fact.


8. HWK Leather Motorcycle Jacket

HWK Leather Motorcycle Jacket

This motorcycle jacket from HWK is made from pure leather and has a vintage touch to its design. The product features zipper line closures, which ensures that the jacket stays in place even at high speeds.

You can also find an additional zipline at the left side of the chest. This improves the airflow and thereby makes the rider comfortable even at higher temperatures. The product has two inner linings – thermal lining and micro-mesh lining. While the micro-mesh lining is fixed, the thermal lining can be easily removed during hotter climatic conditions.

The buckle strap arrangement at the waist area ensures that the jacket forms a snug fit around the rider’s waist. The rust-free button closures improve the overall appearance of the jacket. When paired with a good motorcycle pant, the jacket would provide sufficient protection and you can be tension free.

The downsides: the jacket’s padded protection feels a bit too stiff and you might have to bend it according to liking before putting the jacket on.


9. Borleni Motorcycle Jacket

Motorcycle Jacket

This motorcycle jacket from Borleni is a fully protected armored jacket that offers maximum protection against all weather conditions. The product made from abrasion-resistant 600D polyester fabric is completely waterproof and also makes you feel comfortable, no matter what the climatic conditions are.

The jacket has a removable cotton lining that can be used as an additional insulation layer in winter. The main zipline closure along with the double button closure provides maximum protection and makes sure that the jacket stays in position even at high speeds.

The armored CE protection at the chest, back, shoulder, and elbow areas can be easily removed if you feel uncomfortable about the way it fits.

The downsides: the Velcro fitting on the sleeve is not up to the mark when compared to the other closures employed in the jacket. It would easily lose its stickiness after a week of regular use.


10. ILM Alloy Steel Racing Gloves

ILM Alloy Steel Racing Gloves

The ILM motorcycle gloves come with in-built alloy steel protectors that protect your knuckles from any sort of injury. The alloy steel protectors can also be found at the joints on the fingers as well. The touch screen friendly material at the tip of the forefinger lets you use your phone anywhere any time without having to remove the gloves.

These high-quality leather gloves ensure protection as well as comfort, thus can be worn throughout the day. The elastic strap closure around the wrist area allows you to easily adjust the fit of the gloves.

The palm of the gloves features slip-resistant material which improves your grasp and also is highly effective in absorbing the shock. The product weighs around 6.5 pounds which makes it heavier than the other gloves in this range. This is because of the alloy steel protectors used throughout the body of the gloves.

The downsides: the touchpad material at the tip of the gloves doesn’t work even if tiny droplets of water get formed on it. Also, the elastic closure fails to do its job after continuous usage.


11. KINGBIKE Balaclava Ski Mask

KINGBIKE Balaclava Ski Mask

The Kingbike motorcycle mask is weatherproof and wind-resistant. The product can also be used while you pursue other adventurous activities like skiing, biking, trekking, snowboarding, and mountain climbing.

The product is made from highly breathable mesh fabric. This increases airflow and minimizes the buildup of water droplets on your goggles. You can convert the product into a full-face mask or a hat according to your convenience.

The motorcycle mask is available in a single size and is fit for both men and women with a head circumference of 25 inches or less. The micro-fleece lining of the mask keeps you warm and provides the utmost comfort. Thus, the product can be worn at any time of the day and during any seasons. As the product is made from mesh fabric, it can be machine washed and it dries off very quickly too.

The downsides: the poor stitch quality of the material is a big concern and could get easily damaged if you were to use it continuously.


12. Gerbing Heated Jacket Liner

Gerbing Heated Jacket Liner

The Gerbing heated motorcycle jacket liner can easily fit under most of the popular motorcycle jackets. The 7 heats zones of this jacket liner effectively heat up your body and impart warmth and comfort. The product is best to be worn in winter and you have to plug it in to the micro-source of your motorcycle.

The product can be paired with the dual-zone controllers which enables you to set the temperature with the help of Bluetooth technology. Once you set the temperature, you need not have to go back and set it each time you power the device.

Coming to the size specifications, the product is available in 4 different sizes ranging from extra-small to double extra-large. The product alone is water-resistant and can be worn independently, but know that it doesn’t provide any protection on its own.

The downsides: the cables are visible and may restrict your motion as it is a bit too long. Also, you could feel the wires while wearing the jacket liner.


13. IRON JIA’S Motorcycle Shoes

IRON JIA'S Motorcycle Shoes

The Iron Jia’s motorcycle shoes are lined using mesh fabric and this improves the breathability. The heel of the shoes is slightly thickened and this helps to protect your feet well. The shoes also feature ankle padding which is quite essential for motorcycle shoes.

The soles of the shoes are made from high-quality vulcanized rubber that imparts extra grip and makes the shoes water-resistant. Along with the ergonomic construction, the manufacturer has also given importance to the appearance of the shoes. Thus, it features a dual-color design.

The product is available in eight different sizes but is available only in a single-color option. The shoes weigh just 3 pounds, making it extremely lightweight when compared to the competitors.

If you are looking for a good motorcycle shoe, that provides maximum protection to your legs, then this is one of the best options available online. Make it a point to accurately take the measurements and align it with the size chart provided by the manufacturers. The product may not fit people with wide feet or bunions.


14. GuTe Knee Pads Elbow Pads

GuTe Knee Pads Elbow Pads

The GuTe knee and elbow pads are great for motorcycle riders to ensure extra protection. If you feel your motorcycle gear isn’t providing enough protection to keep you safe at the event of an accident, then opting for knee and elbow pads would be a wise decision.

This adjustable knee and elbow pads come with double Velcro strap closure along with elastic straps. The product can also be used while pursuing any adventurous activities like mountain climbing, mountain biking, skiing, etc.

The product is available in a single size and a single-color variant and comes with a 1-year warranty. The padding of the product ensures breathability and comfort and in no means restricts your motion.

Another attractive feature of the product is that it is extremely lightweight (measures just around 1.5 pounds) and can be worn by both men as well as women. The product when paired with a good motorcycle gear from a trusted brand can ensure maximum protection while motorcycling.

The only downfall of the product is that if you have thick calves, then the Velcro-elastic strap might not be sufficient to form a snug fit.


15. HWK Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

HWK Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

The HWK mesh motorcycle jacket has armored pads at the shoulder, chest, and back area. This highly impact-resistant motorcycle jacket can be used by both men and women alike. The product is available in three colors and two size variants.
The mesh fabric lining of the jacket improves ventilation and plays a vital role in limiting sweat production. The main zip line closure is made waterproof and is suitable for rough use. To ensure that the product forms a snug fit on the rider’s body, the manufacturers have kept button closures around the arm area.

The product also has a waist connection zip that can be used to connect the product to the HWK motorcycle pants. The side pockets feature zipline closures that ensure that your belongings stay in place.

The internal lining of the jacket too features several pockets that can be used to store your valuables safely. The reflective fabric design enhances nighttime visibility. You can also add reflective piping attachments to the back of the jacket.

The product when paired with the HWK motorcycle gear pants would make for the best motorcycle gear that gives you maximum protection and peace of mind. The product can be used for professional use as well.


16. Nelson-Rigg Stormrider Rain Suit

Nelson-Rigg Stormrider Rain Suit

Nelson-Rigg Stormrider Rain Suit

Nelson-Rigg Stormrider Rain Suit

This product from Nelson-Rigg is a motorcycle rain suit that can be used to enhance nighttime visibility. The two-piece product is bound to keep you dry even during the heavy rains.

Coming to the closures employed in the product, the main closure is of zip line type and to make it waterproof, the manufacturer has provided flaps having button closures as well. Pockets are provided on either side of the waistline and feature button closures with long flaps so as to protect your belongings.

The elastic waistline of the pants forms a snug fit around your body and stays in position. The product in no way restricts your movements no matter you are in standing or riding position. While buying the product make sure that pant is a bit longer than your usual measurement. This helps in protecting your ankles and prevents water droplets from entering your shoes.

The downsides: the product stuck to your body after being exposed to rain. If you are planning to wear rain gear alone, then you would feel uncomfortable. But if the product is paired with proper motorcycle gear, this won’t be much of a problem.


17. ILM Motorcycle Rain Suit

ILM Motorcycle Rain Suit

The ILM motorcycle rain gear is waterproof as well as weatherproof and can be worn by both men and women alike. The product features a cushioned inner lining that makes you feel comfortable throughout the ride.

The 6 waterproof pockets on the rain jacket help you safely store your belongings. The main zip line closure reinforced with button closures forms a snug fit around your body. The product comes with a head cap that can be tightened around your neck area with the help of double button closures.

The seamless design of the product ensures maximum comfort and protection against all weather conditions. The pants of the rain gear don’t feature any pockets. You can find a hidden pocket at the rear collar that can be used to store the hood or the head cap.

If you are looking for good rain gear that can be worn for a variety of activities apart from motorcycling, then this is the perfect one for you. The product may not be ideal in providing protection against sudden impacts, but it definitely does its job as a rain suit. For added protection, you can pair the apparel with a good motorcycle riding gear.


18. MATCC Ski Mask Balaclava Face Mask

MATCC Ski Mask Balaclava Face Mask

This ski and riding mask from MATCC can be used for a variety of activities and provides maximum protection against dirt and water splashes. The breathable mesh design of the fabric prevents pollutants and other particles that might cause harm. In addition to this, the ergonomic design also ensures that no difficulty is faced in breathing.

An extra layer of film is added at the front side of the face so as to provide added protection against various dust particles. The product sits perfectly on the nose bridge and the elastic strap ensures the snug fitting of the product.

The product is extremely lightweight and can easily fit into your backpack. You can also machine wash the product if you wish to. The product can be utilized in many ways. You can either use the product to completely cover your face and head or use it to cover your face alone. The former application is adopted while pursuing skiing or other snow-related activities. The latter is adopted while motorcycling.

The downsides: the only problem with this mask is that it is available in a single size. Also, it is too large and therefore can’t be considered as a one-size-fits-all type.


19. AmazonBasics Motorbike Racing Gloves

AmazonBasics Motorbike Racing Gloves

This motorcycle glove from AmazonBasics comes in four different sizes and three-color variants. The product comes with special touchpad material at the tip of the forefingers. This allows you to easily use your phone without having to remove the gloves.

The palm of the gloves contains plastic grooves that enhance your grasp on the motorcycle handle. The dual stitch of the gloves enhances the durability of the product. Even though the product isn’t completely waterproof, it is water-resistant to some extent. As the product features a mesh fabric design on the top, it dries very quickly.

The Velcro strap closure at the wrist area allows you to tighten the gloves according to your preference. The alloy steel protectors on the knuckles and above the joints of the fingers provided added protection to your hands.

The downsides: The product weighs around 6 pounds which makes it slightly heavier than other gloves in this price range. Also, the product isn’t weatherproof and can get easily damaged if not washed immediately after exposure to dirt particles.
Apart from this, the product when paired with the right motorcycle apparel would make for one of the best motorcycle riding gears. With 4.5 user ratings out of 5 on Amazon, the product is surely one of the users’ favorites.


20. Alpinestars Men’s Motorcycle Jacket

Alpinestars Men's Motorcycle Jacket

The Alpinestars Men’s air motorcycle jacket is one of the extremely lightweight jackets that make you fall in love with the finish of the fabric. The low-profile collar construction is a plus point of this jacket as it doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable while wearing a helmet.

The mesh fabric increases the breathability of the jacket. At the backside of the jacket, you can find arrangements for expanding the width of the jacket. This is effective if you wish to wear an insulated jacket lining during winters.

The multi-fabric shell-like construction of the jacket not only makes it super comfortable to wear but also makes it look elegant. The makers have surely put in efforts to increase the appearance of the fabric.

The only downfall of the product is that it doesn’t come with reflective strips or piping. Also, the product doesn’t have any special arrangements to attach any sort of reflective material.


FAQs on Motorcycle Gears

Q1. What Is The Safest Motorcycle Riding Gear?

As mentioned in the factors, it is always recommended to rope in a gear from a trusted brand. Since the product plays an instrumental role in ensuring your protection, you need to be very picky. HWK is one of the best motorcycle gear brands and choosing one from their extensive range of motorcycle gear can be a wise decision.

If you like a motorcycle jacket from one brand but can’t come in terms with the rest of the gear, you can look out for motorcycle pants from another brand as well. The only disadvantage in doing so is that you won’t be able to use the product as a one-piece.

Q2. What Gear Do I Need For Riding A Motorcycle?

Armored motorcycle gears that satisfy the CE rating would be the best choice. Look out for gears with a high CE rating. Also, the material of the armored protection pads should also be considered. Mostly, these pads are manufactured from 600D polyester-based material. This ensures that the product is lightweight and impact resistant at the same time.

Q3. Are Jeans Good For Motorcycle Riding?

While there is no law prohibiting you from wearing a jean while riding a motorcycle, it is advised to wear riding pants. If you hate the idea, then you can pair the jeans with knee pads. Knee pads are armored protection pads that usually come along motorcycle gears. You can also buy it separately.

Wearing riding pants in summer might seem too weird. In this case, it is okay to pair jeans with good knee pads that provide maximum protection to your knees at the time of accidents.

Q4. Is A Leather Motorcycle Jacket Better Than Polyester Ones?

Motorcycle jackets made from premium leather are better than their polyester counterparts. But leather jackets often come with poor ventilation facilities that make it impractical to be worn during the summer season. You might enjoy wearing leather jackets in winter, but during summer, it is a big no.

Whereas a polyester jacket can be worn throughout the year. It comes with mesh and insulated linings which can be taken off when it’s hot outside. Also, you would find numerous vents that facilitate airflow so as to reduce sweat production.

Best Motorcycle Gears – Conclusion

Wearing a motorcycle gear is as important as wearing a helmet. At the event of any accidents, the gear would protect your body from sustaining any damages. If you are not appealing to the idea of wearing motorcycle gear, you can pair your normal clothes with elbow and knee protection pads.

Whatever it is, wearing motorcycle gear is highly recommended if you are a fan of high speeds. Even if you are skeptical of the idea, trying out a few products can help you change your mind. The best motorcycle gears are those which provide protection as well as comfort without restricting your movements.

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