Best Motorcycle Sound Systems 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Quick Overview: Our Top 5 Picks for Sound Systems

OUR TOP PICKptsntbl-table__imageCardo
  • Voice operation
  • Slimmest communicator only 6. 5mm top-to-bottom
  • Dynamic Mesh technology will make sure you're always connected
  • Peak music power 300 Watts
  • Built-in self-protection circuit and heat sink
  • Four 1" silk dome tweeters with N42 grade magnets
  • Sealed with the latest weatherproofing techniques to protect against a rainy forecast
  • Adjustable brackets fits handlebars from .75” to 1.25”
  • Convenient inline volume control
  • Speaker pods designed with high impact ABS enclosures
  • Satin black finish and weather proof design
  • Universal fit for 7/8" and 1" handlebars
  • Support Bluetooth Wireless connection up to 15 meters
  • Superb Crystal Sound Quality
  • Advanced IP56 Waterproof Design

Music is the ultimate getaway for most of us. There is one thing that makes music more lively and fresh, riding a motorcycle. The fresh air tenderly touching and caressing your hair is a livid moment, especially if accompanied by music.

However, listening to music on headphones or other gears while riding a motorcycle is not the best option, as it may risk the rider’s safety. So, in this article, we present a selection of 24 of the best motorcycle sound systems.

Choosing a motorcycle sound system is difficult work depending on your experience with regular music systems, music taste, and the motorcycle in which you will install the system.

Top 22 Best Motorcycle Audio Systems 2021

1. Cardo Packtalk

Cardo Packtalk Best Motorcycle Sound SystemCardo by PACTALK is one of the best motorcycle speakers in the market. The crucial feature that puts Cardo in its place is the JBL powered sound system. The JBL powered speakers work their best, even on a motorcycle.

Engineers at JBL designed a specifically tuned processor that can enhance the music to be audible while riding. The stunning design of the speakers helps them prevent any loss in quality even when the loudness is maximized.

One of the best features of this device is that you don’t have to use your hands to operate it. You can use voice commands to operate the device. This ensures safety by avoiding any errors in driving due to touch operation.

Connecting to intercom with this Bluetooth speaker is a piece of cake. Thanks to the Dynamic Mesh technology used in the speaker, you can stay connected to an intercom group once it is set up. With the DMC, the device automatically reconnects to the intercom if you received any phone call while using the intercom.

Cardo is one of the slimmest Bluetooth systems for a motorcycle. It measures around 6.5 mm top to bottom. You can easily fix this anywhere you want on the motorcycle. Cardo’s design gives it an advantage over many other devices in the market. Thanks to its aerodynamic design, you can even fix this speaker to the helmet.

This motorcycle Bluetooth system is very durable as well. Cardo is qualified as IP67 waterproof, which lets you use this speaker even when it’s raining outside. You can connect Cardo easily to your smartphone. When it is connected to a smartphone, you can listen to music, use GPS, and even make calls with this device.

If your budget is around 200 dollars, this is the best motorcycle audio system that you can get.


2. Kuryakyn 2720 MTX

Kuryakyn 2720 MTXThis is a bit of a unique sound system as it is not a Bluetooth speaker or a stereo speaker. Kuryakyn is a soundbar. You can connect this device to your mobile phone using Bluetooth, but the design of the device completely varies from other Bluetooth speakers. Unlike others, this Bluetooth system is best when installed between the handlebars of the motorcycle.

Since the installing position is directly in front of the rider, there won’t be much distortion in the audio. It also looks stunning when used with hogs or other similar motorcycles.

One of the best things about this Bluetooth speaker is the amplification power of the device. Even though this device is smaller than most of the regular stereo speakers, it has powerful amplification with a 4-channel amp.

The four-channel amp powers up to 2″ x 3″ full-range speakers. There are two voice coils present in the system. For better sound amplification and improved quality, the motorcycle Bluetooth system uses 1-inch silk dome tweeters.

These tweeters combined with the N-42 magnets used in the system make sure that the sound is concentrated in a direction, thereby reducing the noise in the sound.

Kuryakyn 2720 MTX Road Thunder uses a 4.1 Bluetooth system to connect to phones and other devices. The use of the latest technology ensures that the connection made from this Bluetooth system is more stable and is easily read by the receiver. You can also connect this Bluetooth system to some GPS device to use features like navigation, distance mapping, etc.

This Bluetooth audio system is powerful and can be used in all kinds of weather. The device is completely sealed to prevent any dust from entering it. Even if the internals of the device is opened up, take care that they are sealed before the next use. The built-in heat sink of the device helps to keep it cool even in hot weather.

Kuryakyn 2720 MTX Road Thunder is IP66 water-resistant. It is somewhat lower than the previous model. However, if you are not planning on taking the bike into a swimming pool, you can go for this device.


3. Boss Audio Systems MCBK520B

Boss Audio Systems MCBK520BMCBK520B Motorcycle Speaker is one of the latest models from BOSS. You can connect this device to your phone with a device and use it for various purposes. One of the major advantages of the device is that you can connect it to various streaming services like Spotify and Pandora, to stream music.

The Bluetooth audio system has a two-channel amplifier. The sound from the device may not be very loud, but it will certainly fit the needs of most of the bikers. MCBK520B Motorcycle Speaker is highly durable. It is completely waterproof and can be used in all types of weather. The device is sealed tight to prevent any foreign substances from entering the device.

This Bluetooth device also has a great design. The two speakers that are provided with the device are chrome coated to look their best on your motorcycle. The adjustable brackets of the Bluetooth system will fit in motorcycles with handlebars of .75 inch to 1.25 inches.

There is an inline volume controller in the device. Make sure that you fix the main control panel in a reachable area because there is no audio control to this device. One of the major disadvantages of this device is that the device should be controlled by a hand. There is no option of controlling the device without touching it.

After analyzing the customer reviews, we found that the device is able to perform at full intensity at high speeds. Some users reported that they are able to hear the audio clearly even at speeds of 110 kmph.

If your budget is around a hundred dollars, this is one of the best motorcycle stereo systems you could get.


4. Kuryakyn 2713 MTX

Kuryakyn 2713 MTXThese are regular stereo Bluetooth speakers from Kuryakyn. These speakers have a stunning design. The back colored smooth finish of the speakers makes them a perfect fit for any modern motorcycle.

Installing the speakers on the motorcycle is very easy. You can fix the speakers between the handlebars of your bikes. The aerodynamic design of the speakers reduces the air drag or friction on them and suppresses any dragging noise due to friction.

You can connect these speakers to any mobile phone with Bluetooth availability. When connected to a mobile phone or an Mp3 player, you can do a lot of features that are available in the connected device.

You can listen to music or stream audiobooks when the debug CE is connected to your phone. If you are using a GPS locator, you can get navigation and other parameters in the voice mode with this device.

Not just through Blu, you can also connect this device to any other device using the audio jack that is provided on the control panel. Unfortunately, this device does not have a voice command mode. However, the five command buttons that are available on the control panel can easily be reached even when driving.

To install the device, you may need a hardware kit that is not provided with the product. You can use simple tools like a screwdriver and a wrench to install the device as well.

There are a lot of tutorials listed on the company website about the installation. You can check them out before installing them to make sure that the product won’t be damaged while installing it.

The speaker Pods of the Bluetooth system are designed with high impact ABS. This design reduces any internal vibrations that the device may be experiencing as a result of NVH conditions of the bike and produces high-quality audio.

The speaker Pods are also weatherproof and highly durable. You can use these speakers in any weather, let it be rains or dust. After analyzing various customer reviews, we found that the control panel is a bit weaker than the speaker Pods. Besides that, everything seems to be great with this device.

If your budget is around 250 dollars, this would be the best motorcycle stereo system.


5. GoHawk AN4

GoHawk AN4GoHawk has been a trusted manufacturer in this field for some time. GoHawk AN4 Gen.2 is a very loud and high-grade music system. The audio amplification of this system is simply stunning.

The system comes with a two-channel Bluetooth amplifier with a wireless range of 15 meters. This range, however, may vary depending on the obstacles present between the wireless device and the controller.

The system uses Bluetooth 5.0. With this Bluetooth, you will be able to connect to almost all the devices. The connection stability is also greatly improved in this device. The device comes equipped with a high-performance class D amplifier.

This amplifier functions electrically and has a very high amplification factor. The peak power of the amplification of this device is around 300 Watts. With that much amplification power, you won’t have to buy an additional amplifier to listen to music or any other audio.

The speakers of the device are given a chrome finish to make them look modern and stylish. All the parts of the audio system are built with high-quality materials. Along with Bluetooth connection, you can also connect to this device using the 3.5 mm audio jack provided. You can enjoy the same features with the cable connection as you can with the Bluetooth connection.

The device also comes with a wired controller. You can connect the controller to the audio system with a wire and operate it without touching the speakers. You can use the controller to perform various actions like changing the song, reduce/increase the volume, etc.

The audio system is IP56 waterproof. You can take this device with you even if it’s raining outside.

If your budget is around 50 dollars, this would be one of the best motorcycle speakers for you.


6. GoHawk Powersports Speakers AJ4

GoHawk Powersports Speakers AJ4These handlebar mounting speakers from GoHawk are one of the most unique looking speakers in the price range. There are two colors available in this model: black and white. Both the models have a chrome finish and will fit perfectly on most of the motorcycles.

The handlebar clamps of the speaker pods are chrome plated and won’t leave any scratches on the motorcycle. One of the best things about this audio system is the material used in construction, the Aluminum body greatly increases the durability of the speakers.

Aluminum is light in weight and won’t rust as quickly as the other metals. The speakers can be used in any weather thanks to the use of Aluminium. All the openings in the audio system are tightly sealed to prevent dust or dirt from entering the speakers. The speaker holes are tiny and won’t let medium to large-sized particles inside.

The speakers are also amplified to provide the best sound that you can get while driving. After analyzing the customer reviews, we found out that the audio system works great in all types of weather. Users also reported that the sound is clear and audible even while driving at high speeds.

If your budget is around 16 dollars, this audio system is the cheapest and the best motorcycle audio system for you.


7. GoHawk TS3-Q

GoHawk TS3-QGoHawk TS3-Q Gen.2 is one of the best audio systems from GoHawk. It is a set of four speakers. You can install all the speakers on the same motorcycle or choose to install two on a motorcycle and two on another. The amplifier of this audio system is loud and enhanced to its best performance.

This audio system has a four-channel audio system. Most of the Bluetooth speakers in this price range only have a two-channel audio amplifier. The power consumption of the amplifier is just 180W. This is a huge improvement compared to the previous model from GoHawk, which consumes 300 Watts.

You can connect almost all mobile phones to this audio system if they have Bluetooth compatibility. You can control these speakers wirelessly when they are connected to a mobile phone, a GPS device, or any other device as such.

The range of wireless connectivity is less than 15 meters. If there is no obstruction to the signal from the speaker’s control panel to the connected device, the range might reach 15 meters.

Thanks to the 3.5 mm audio jack present in this device, you can also connect this to other devices using the required cable. The speaker also supports USB and micro SD card MP3 files. One of the best things about this audio system is the built-in FM radio. You don’t have to connect these speakers to any external devices to enjoy the FM radio.

The advanced waterproof ceiling used in these speakers makes these speakers usable even when it’s raining outside. Along with the speakers, you will also get a remote controller.

This remote has to be connected to the speakers using a cable provided with the package. You can use the remote to do simple functions such as change the volume or the song that you are listening to.

If your budget is around 80 dollars, this is the best choice for you.


8. Lexin LX-S3

Lexin LX-S3These speakers from LEXIN look pretty modern and stylish compared to the other models. These speakers will perfectly fit in terms of style for almost all the motorcycles as they have a black, metallic finish. If you are not a big fan of the metallic finish, this product is also available as chrome coated speakers.

The three-inch stereo speakers are pretty loud and will work in any weather conditions. The bullet shape of the speaker pods gives it an aerodynamic advantage while mounted on the handlebars. The design reduces the overall friction on the speaker due to the effects of air drag and will produce high-quality sound.

The Bluetooth speakers come equipped with a 50-watt amplifier. This may not produce very loud sounds but will be sufficient if the motorcycle is not going too fast. The LEXIN LX-S3 New Metal Motorcycle Bluetooth Speaker will be a great fit for most of the standard motorcycles. The handlebar distance should be somewhere in the range of 0.87 to 1.25-inch.

The speakers come equipped with Bluetooth v4.0, which is more stable than the previous versions of Bluetooth. You can connect to almost any Bluetooth enabled device with these speakers.

When it is connected to your phone or Mp3 player, you can listen to music while driving with these speakers. One of the best things about this device is the quality of speakers. Since the amplification capacity is low, the quality of the audio is pretty high. However, the quality comes at the cost of loudness.

You may not be able to hear audio on these devices if you are driving at high speeds. If your budget is around 150 dollars, this product would be a decent choice.


9. Handlebar Pyle PLMCA9

Handlebar Pyle PLMCA9These handlebar amplifiers from Pyle can be fixed to the handlebar or the front panels using the necessary tools. The manufacturer does not provide the tools with the product. A wrench, plier, and an Allen key should be enough to fix these speakers.

The full rage design of the speaker Pods helps it effectively resist any damage from the water. This means that you can use the speakers safely, even when it is raining. The amplification factor of these speakers is pretty high. This audio system comes with a four-channel amplifier. This amplifier works with a 300-watt power supply.

You can connect various devices to this audio system. The latest Bluetooth version used in the device supports connection to mobile phones, cd players, GPS devices, MP3 players, etc. The connectivity range is 15 meters and may vary depending on the surroundings and the obstacles in the path of the signal.

This is a set of four bullet type speakers. These speakers are manufactured in a die-cast manner. All the openings and the screws are sealed to prevent any foreign substances from entering the speakers.

The speakers are 2.5 inches each and can be used in the same motorcycle or a different one. They can deliver 300 Watts power at an impedance of four ohms. The frequency response of the speakers is between 250- 20 Khz. With these powerful speakers, you are guaranteed to have the ride of your lifetime.

If you are looking for stereo powerhouse speakers, this would be a good choice for you.


10. GoHawk TS3-Q Gen.2

GoHawk TS3-Q Gen.2This four speaker set from GoHawk is one of their best models in the low price range. The speakers are chrome coated to give them a metallic and modern finish. They are also available in three more colors.

You can connect these speakers to almost all of the Bluetooth enabled devices and browse various features like streaming music, audiobooks, GPS services, etc.

Along with the Bluetooth connection, you can also connect to this device with a cable. This audio system is provided with a 3.5mm audio jack to handle the physical connections. The speakers are highly durable and can withstand any type of weather.

One of the major disadvantages of this audio system is that the amplifier is not waterproof. Because of this, you’ll have to fix the amplifier where it can’t get wet or buy a protective casing for the amplifier from the market. This leaves you with less flexibility over choosing the placement of the amplifier.

You may decide to not use the amplifiers at all while riding, but this may be difficult because it is hard to hear audio from speakers while riding without the help of an amplifier.

The audio system also has a USB 2.0 slot. Even though most of the modern phones use USB 3.0, it is still good to have a slot just in case your MP3 player or some other device may fit into it. You can also listen to music on this device by inserting a micro SD card.

In case you like to listen to the radio while driving, this product got that covered too. You can listen to uninterrupted FM without connecting any device to the audio system. The product also includes an LED controller that can be used to control the speakers without touching them.

The advanced waterproof technology used in the device protects the speaker Pods from any damage due to the rain.


11. Marine Atv Utv RZR XP900

Marine Atv Utv RZR XP900This audio system is a bit different than the other systems. You cannot fix this system to your bike’s handlebar. This device is best suited for vehicles like golf carts, small cars, All Terrain Vehicles, etc.

If you like radio, well then this device has the best feature for you. With the radio feature turned on, you can listen to the FM/AM. It has to be noted that the device does not have any kind of CBD or DVD player.

You can connect various devices to the audio system in many different ways. You can use a Bluetooth connection to use the latest version of Bluetooth to ensure that a secure connection is established.

Apart from Bluetooth connectivity, you can also use the 3.5 mm jack to connect the speakers to the a Device. You can also go for AUX-in, iso, and USB methods.

The audio system is IP56 waterproof and won’t be damaged even if it is placed inside water. However, the amplifier may be vulnerable to the water so keep the amplifier out of rain or water.

The solid aluminum chassis and the highly durable alloy gives this device a high strength. The use of advanced technology in manufacturing the speaker makes the speakers pretty loud and clear.


12. Handlebar Pyle PLMCA90

Handlebar Pyle PLMCA90Pyle PLMCA90 is a handlebar mount speaker set. The package includes four speakers which can be fixed on the same motorcycle or two different ones. The speaker pods have a metallic finish which looks good on most of the motorcycles.

Pyle PLMCA90 is equipped with a four-channel amplifier. This amplifier can work on 30p Watts of each speaker output and produce a very loud and high-quality sound. The speakers can be directly mounted on the handlebars by using the handlebar brackets provided with the product.

These speakers from Pyle are designed so that they can be used even when it’s raining heavily. The amplifier, however, can not be exposed to water as it may damage the internal circuits of the device. You should place the amplifier in someplace that won’t get wet.

Thanks to the latest version of Bluetooth in the device, you should be able to connect to almost all of the Bluetooth enabled devices with this audio system. The connection will also be more stable with the improvements in the version.

It is so easy to change the volume of the speakers using the volume control system provided with the speakers. The 12 Volt T-TAP in the device ensures that the device consumes less power and outputs the sound of better quality and loudness.


13. Boss Audio Systems MC420B

Boss Audio Systems MC420BMC420B is one of the best models from BOSS. These speakers will be a great fit for all the vehicles which support 13 Volt music systems. You can connect these speakers to any Bluetooth enabled device and use it to wireless stream on the speaker. The speaker also supports the use of various streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora, Prime music, etc.

One of the worst things about handlebar mounts is that they leave scratches on the handlebar when inserted tightly. However, in this audio system, the handlebar mounts are provided with a rubber layer. This rubber layer acts as a bush and prevents direct contact between the metallic surfaces of the handlebar brackets and the handlebar.

The aerodynamic design of the speaker pods reduces the effect of friction on them. This in turn reduces the annoying sound that can be usually heard from the speaker pods.

You can easily control the speakers using the inline remote volume control provided by the manufacturer. You can connect this directly to the speaker. This makes using the device much easier as you don’t have to lean in to touch the speakers all the time.

The audio system is equipped with a 600-watt amplifier. This amplifier combined with the unique design of the speaker pods amps up the sound to the next level.

You can also connect to this device using a cable with the 3.5 mm audio jack. It is possible to control the device even when the connection is through a cable.


14. GoHawk TN4-R Amplifier

GoHawk TN4-R AmplifierThese are some of the best speakers from the manufacturer. Just like with the other models of GoHawk, this model also comes with a built-in FM radio feature. You don’t have to connect this device to any external device to use the FM/AM feature.

The four-inch high-performance speakers are the things to look out for in this audio system. The speakers produce a highly energetic and lively sound, thanks to the latest technology used in the design.

Since this device is equipped with the latest version of the Bluetooth, it is now easier to connect these speakers to any Bluetooth enabled device. You can also connect the audio system to a cd player or a Nav controller to use it to listen to music or get directions.

The manufacturer also provides a wired controller to make the controlling of the device all the easier. The controller is pretty simple to use and does not have too many buttons that can make it complex.

You can control small variables like volume or the song playing the help of the controller. You can also make and receive calls on this speaker if your phone is connected to this.


15. Marine 4X JVC CS-DR6201MW

Marine 4X JVC CS-DR6201MWThe Marine speakers from Enrcok Marine Bundle are a unique set of speakers. Unlike most of the previously discussed models, these speakers cannot be fixed to the handlebar of the motorcycle. The built-in Bluetooth has a range of 25 feet and all the connections to the device through Bluetooth will be highly stable.

You can connect these speakers to almost all the cell phones and most of the other Bluetooth enabled devices. The size of the woofer is around 6 ½ inches. The woofers are waterproof and are effective even when driving at high speed. In addition to this, they have a unique cone shape which reduces the effects of friction on them.

The amplifier of the audio system works best if the impedance of the device is around 4 ohms. The frequency response of this audio system is also a bit different than the ones we have seen. Its response system functions between frequencies of 63 Hz – 22k Hz. Usually, the frequency response lies in the range of 25 Hz and 20k Hz.

The peak power that the speakers can attain is around 300 watts with 150 watts per each speaker. The interior of the speakers is surrounded by rubber to increase the loudness of the music without compromising the quality.

The amplifier of the audio system includes an IPX5-certified remote control. This remote control can be used to adjust the volume of the amplifier without touching it.

The speakers have a sensitivity of 87 decibels. This may not be sufficient for hardcore music lovers but can produce a decent key even if the motorcycle is at high speed.


16. GoHawk AN4 Gen 2

GoHawk AN4 Gen 2The GoHawk AN4 Gen.2 audio system has a built-in electronic amplifier. The amplifier is a high-performance D type which is the most common version seen in most of the motorcycle audio systems. You can connect to these speakers via Bluetooth. The range of the wireless connection is around 15 meters.

The style of the speakers is pretty impressive. The smoothened cone shape of the speaker pods greatly improves the aerodynamic stability of the device. The vibrations that the speakers may face when the motorcycle is moving are also suppressed.

The speakers are given a chrome finished housing. Thanks to the high-quality material used in the construction of the device, this audio system will be a good fit even for All Terrain Vehicles, UTVs, and Harley Davidson bikes along with all the regular bikes. You can connect to almost any device with these Bluetooth speakers.

Installing the device is also pretty easy. All you have to do is, install the brackets that are provided in the package to the handlebar using a wrench and some pliers. After the brackets are installed, you can simply tighten the nuts or any attachments to the speaker and start using them.

The most efficient impedance of the device is calculated to be four ohms. The rated power at four ohms is given as 2*15 watts. The peak power of the amplifier is around 300 watts with 150 watts from each speaker. The amplifier is a two-channel device but will produce enough sound to be heard while riding a motorcycle.


17. GoHawk AN4-X 600W

GoHawk AN4-X 600WThese stunning loudspeakers from GoHawk use a 600-watt amplifier. It is twice the power as the previous models from GoHawk. GoHawk amplifiers are already considered to be loud and this improvement in the voltage amps up the performance of the speakers to the next level.

GoHawk AN4-X 600W uses a two-channel amplifier to power up the 4.5-inch speakers. With these speakers, you can rest assured that the sound will be audible even when you are driving at high speed. The speakers have a chrome finish and look stylish on any motorcycle that they are fixed to. They are built with high-quality ABS material.

Along with the aerodynamic design of the speakers, there is one other thing that GoHawk does to improve the performance of the speakers: using rubber inside the mounts.

When the vehicle is moving, due to various NVH effects in the vehicle, there is a chance that the speakers might vibrate along with the motorcycle. However, using rubber inside the mounts dampens the vibrations that the speaker receives and ensures damage less performance from the speakers.

The mounting clamp that is provided with the product supports handlebars of sizes 7/8 to 1-¼ inches. The speakers will be a perfect fit for Harley motorcycles or any other tu=ouring cruisers.
The speakers produce stunning audio with high bass thanks to the design and the advanced materials used in the construction of the device.

Installing these speakers is a piece of cake. All the necessary hardware is provided with the product itself. You just have to acquire a wrench and probably a couple of pliers to install it on the handlebar.


18. GoHawk TJ4-R

GoHawk TJ4-RGoHawk TJ4-R Amplifier has a built-in FM radio feature. You can stream various FM stations and AM stations with this feature without having to connect to any external device such as a mobile phone.

This audio system comes equipped with a two-channel high-performance amplifier. The amplifier powers two, 4” speakers. These full-range motorcycle speakers perform extraordinarily even when the air friction is high.

The amplifier can be fixed anywhere, but we suggest that you fix it somewhere that does not get wet. Even though the speakers are completely water-proof, the amplifier may be a little damaged if exposed to water.

The Bluetooth connectivity range of this speaker, just like all the other speakers, is around 15 meters. The range may vary depending on various factors such as the weather, signal clearance, and the Bluetooth version of the receiving device. The latest is the Bluetooth version, stronger is the signal receptivity.

The audio system is equipped with Bluetooth version 5.0. You can connect to any Bluetooth enabled device with these speakers. Once connected to a mobile phone, you can also make use of various features like making or receiving a call, listening to music, streaming audio files, etc.

The Bluetooth speakers are IP56 water-resistant. You can use the speakers safely even if it’s raining outside. Installing the audio system is as simple as it can be. All the necessary hardware and wiring is provided with the speaker itself.

The sound quality is also amazing even if the amplifier is plugged in. The amplifier uses a standard 12 volts power source. You can not use these speakers in any motorcycles with a power rating of fewer than 12 volts. So check carefully before purchasing them.


19. GoHawk AN4-X 600W

GoHawk AN4-X 600WGoHawk AN4-X 600 Watts is the upgraded version of the AN4-X. The former version comes with a 300-watt amplifier while the latter comes with a 600 Watts amplifier. Each speaker of the audio system has a power of 300 Watts, which is double the power of the previous system.

The 4 and a half inches high-performance speakers are a thing to look out for while purchasing this product. They are completely sealed off to prevent anything from entering the system and damaging it. The speakers are IP56 waterproof and can be used in almost all weather conditions.

You can connect any device to the audio system using the 3.5 mm AUX port present in the speakers. There is also an option to connect to other devices using the Bluetooth system of the speakers. The range of wireless connectivity of the speakers is around 15 meters.

You can also control the speakers using the remote that is provided with the product. This remote should be connected to the speakers first, through a cable. It can be used to change the volume of the audio or change the streaming port.

The audio system comes equipped with a dual-channel audio system and performs extremely well under any conditions. The response frequency of the amplifier is the same as any other amplifier from GoHawk motorcycle audio systems.


20. GoHawk AR4-Halo

This is one of the most stunning and stylish audio systems from GoHawk. The speakers are coated with pitch-black color and with the smooth finish, it looks amazing on any equipped motorcycle.

One of the best things about this audio system is the wireless controller that is provided with the product. For all the previous models, a controller was provided, but the controller was usually wired. With the wireless controller, you will have more flexibility over choosing the position of the speakers as you are no longer limited by the size of the controller wire.

The speaker pods are equipped with white LEDs on a strip in the circumference of the body. These LEDs glow whenever the speaker is turned on. The special lighting effects surely give the speaker a fresh and unique look even in the dark.

There are various options for connecting a device to this audio system. You can connect a device by Bluetooth if the device is Bluetooth enabled as well. You can also use a cable to connect a device to the 3.5 mm AUX port. If you can’t use any of these options, you can also connect a USB to the speaker and stream MP3 files.

The controller of the audio system has a lot of options. You can also control the LED functions through the controller. Short pressing the power button turns the LEDs on or off and long-pressing it turns the speakers on or off.

You can also change mode, volume, and the audio that you are listening to using the controller. This eliminated the need to lean in and use the control panel of the device which is a great improvement in safety compared to some of the previous models.


21. Lamphus SoundAlert 12V

Lamphus SoundAlert 12VThis is a warning emergency siren that can also be used as a police siren. This siren is made with high-quality materials and can be heard from a long distance. The speaker has a power output of 100 watts. This may not seem much, but for raw audio signals, this should be rough to get everyone’s attention in the area.

This warning system can be used as various devices. It can be used as a siren, radio, and a horn. There are some default alerts set with the siren mode. However, you can also use the manual horn and manual siren modes which won’t come with any default alerts.

One of the best things about this siren system is the additional auxiliary switches that are provided on the control panel. These switches are 20 Amperes each and can be used to power external devices or appliances.

The product includes a push to talk microphone. This microphone can be used by pushing the microphone button that can be seen on the control panel. It will come in handy in situations where you need to clear traffic or announce something to the public.

You can access the siren system pretty easily. Once you fix this system in your car, you can connect your car horn to the siren system in such a way that the siren will be activated whenever the horn is pressed.


22. Boss Audio Systems MRWT40

Boss Audio Systems MRWT40BOSS MRWT40 is a high-grade powerful motorcycle audio system for all power vehicles. The most unique thing about this audio system is that the speakers need not be permanently fixed to a single motorcycle.

You can remove it without much trouble. These speakers don’t need a bracket to be installed, as they can be fixed to a rod or a pole through the opening between the handles of the speakers and the speaker’s body.

The design of the speakers is not very aerodynamic but the effects of friction are sure reduced thanks to the materials used. The cone of the speakers is made from polyurethane. Polyurethane is strong and is very lightweight compared to the stainless steel or the aluminum that is used in most of the motorcycle audio systems.

The speaker system is surrounded by rubber to prevent the effect of vibration and takes a toll on the internal components of the speaker. This ensures that the sound produced by the speakers is loud and clear at the same time.

The dome shape of the tweeter radiates sound more than a semi-dome shaped tweeter. The dispersion of the sound waves will also be wider, thanks to the unique design of the speakers. These speakers are completely waterproof and you can use them even on a boat.

The major disadvantage of getting this speaker is that there is no amplifier included with the product. So if you want to amp up the music, you may have to buy the amplifier separately in the market.


Factors To Consider While Purchasing Best Motorcycle Sound System

1. Loudness

The main reason that headphones are concluded as not safe for a motorcyclist is because of the loudness of the music and noise cancellation features. It is important to be in your sense while riding a motorcycle. Hence the music system for your motorcycle can be as loud as you’d like until the surrounding sounds are audible as well.

Generally, motorcycles produce a knocking sound while moving. Using a fuel with low knocking resistance and the engine due to various factors can produce this knocking. Your music system should be loud enough to negate this sound and should be audible even when you are riding at full speed.

2. Audio Quality

It is quite usual that a loud music system is not as clear as a system playing at the regular sound. This is because of the nature of the sound waves itself. However, this can be negated, and you can have both quality and loudness if the right materials are used in the speakers.

Some manufacturers use cheap sound amplification materials to increase the sound. However, these materials not being inspected properly can suppress some tones or notes from the music. So be sure to purchase the music system from a trusted manufacturer.

3. Speaker Durability

Now, since the main usage of the speakers will be on a motorcycle, it is crucial that these speakers are highly durable. There is a good chase that music systems on motorcycles will be exposed to various kinds of weather.

They should be well protected against water as well. If the speakers are not water-resistant and you happen to be outside on your motorcycle when it is raining, they will be damaged, and you will have to purchase new speakers.

The music system should also be dustproof. As the speakers will be fixed in places that are prone to a lot of dust intake, the speakers must be sealed to prevent the dust from entering them. If dust enters the audio system, the main receiving components will be filled with dust, and the speakers may never function again.

4. Compact Size

Motorcycle audio systems need to be compact. Since many motorcycles accommodate two people, most of the sound systems fit in the front part of the motorcycle. You have to check whether the sound system will fit on your motorcycle or not. Some sound systems are designed for specific vehicles with broad front-panels.

So if the sound system is small, it can be fit to the front or the side panels, giving you more flexibility in choosing the better audio options.

5. Affordability

All the features of a sound system ultimately come down to this. If you want to have more features or flexibility in choosing the audio system, you will have to spend more money.

A lot of modern speakers come with many new features such as Artificial Intelligence compatibility, solar charging cells, etc. You have to choose which of these features you need in the sound system keeping the budget in mind.

FAQs on Motorcycle Sound Systems

1. How Do You Install A Motorcycle Sound System?

It depends on the type of sound system. If it is a handlebar system, installing it is pretty simple. You can use a wrench and a plier to install the bracket and then tighten the screws of the speaker to the bracket.

2. Can You Put Speakers On A Motorcycle?

Yes, you can put speakers on a motorcycle.

3. Are Motorcycle Speakers Waterproof?

Most of the motorcycle speakers are waterproof. But be sure to check the product page before purchasing

4. Can You Listen To Music While Riding A Motorcycle?

You are permitted to listen to music while riding a motorcycle. However, you should not use headphones on a motorcycle.

Best Motorcycle Sound System – Conclusion

A lot of motorcyclists reported that listening to music helps them enjoy the ride more than when they would without listening to music on the ride. Getting a sound system for your motorcycle can be exciting and lively, but be sure to follow all the road rules for the safety of you and everyone around you.

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