Best Summer Motorcycle Gloves 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Quick Overview: Our Top 5 Picks for Summer Motorcycle Gloves

OUR TOP PICKptsntbl-table__imageHWK Motorcycle Gloves
  • 100% Genuine Leather
  • Knuckle, palm and finger protection
  • Ultimate comfort and breathability
ptsntbl-table__imageSuperbike Summer Motorcycle Gloves
  • Genuine goatskin leather material
  • Designed for Men Riders
  • Durability with long life.
ptsntbl-table__imageSeibertron Unisex Motorcycle Gloves
  • Provide you maximum performance without maximum cost.
  • Provided for that extra bit of comfort
  • Designed to be incredibly versatile
ptsntbl-table__imageMilwaukee Cruising Gloves
  • Premium Leather
  • High quality
  • Cheapest but the most value
ptsntbl-table__imageJackets4Bikes Motorcycle Gloves
  • Made of top quality perforated Aniline Goat leather
  • Gel pad on wrist for vibration protection.
  • Leather stretch panels for flexibility

We can all agree that summer is the best season for us bikers to go on rides. When the sun is shining, you might think there is no need for suitable gloves for your hands, but that can’t be further from the truth. You have to be well prepared for all kinds of circumstances if you want to zip about the curves under the scorching sun.

Unfortunately, choosing a pair of gloves isn’t as easy as breezing through the highway. There are many varieties, brands and price ranges that you need to consider while buying this gear. That’s why we have come up with a detailed list of the best summer motorcycle gloves.

Top 10 Best Summer Motorcycle Gloves 2021

1. HWK Motorcycle Gloves

HWK Motorcycle Gloves Best Summer Motorcycle Gloves

HWK is a well-regarded brand that has a good reputation in manufacturing Motorcycle Gloves. The owners themselves are avid motorcyclists and how troublesome improper gear can be. You will find that their summer motorcycle gloves are highly regarded among the community for various reasons.

There are multiple sizes available for different individuals. To be more specific, there are 6 different sizes for people and everyone with a hand size of 8 inches to 10.5 inches can easily buy one. Coming to the appearance of the gloves, they are sure to impress other people with their simplistic yet classy design.

The gloves are entirely made of cowhide leather that has been tested for durability. Users across the internet have reported that they are indeed quite durable.

Moreover, they contain an anti-skid coating to prevent water or any other slippery liquid from causing your hands to slip. Additionally, air ventilation systems to keep your hands cool and dry.

Talking about the safety features, you get a fully armoured knuckle and palm area. There is also foam padding all around the gloves for that extra bit of protection. All in all, these are a well-rounded set of gloves that can definitely be of good use in summer.


2. Superbike Summer Motorcycle Gloves

Superbike Summer Motorcycle Gloves

Next on our list of best summer motorcycle gloves, we have the ones from Superbike. Just like the previous one, they have excellent user ratings on Amazon and are immensely popular among bikers.

Also, they are made of leather but instead of using cowhide, they use goatskin. Goatskin is lighter in weight and more soft, giving a comfortable feeling while wearing them.

The gloves are available in five different sizes and also have an adjustable velcro strap. This makes them quite easy to wear. Just like most other gloves, they too have anti-slip capabilities to reduce mishaps in wet conditions.

Furthermore, they have hard PVC layers on the knuckle and palms for protection. If that was not enough, the insides are reinforced so that even if the outer shell is torn, the inner reinforced part can handle it.

Lastly, they will definitely be a great buy for people looking to buy summer motorcycle gloves


3. Seibertron Unisex Motorcycle Gloves

Seibertron Unisex Motorcycle Gloves

The summer motorcycle gloves from Sibertron come in a funky design that will certainly appeal to a certain section of the audience. It has a more sporty look compared to others and should be suitable for racing bikes.

As with almost every other brand of summer gloves, this also comes in a variety of different sizes.

The materials used to make this are a combination of leather and synthetic polymers. To be precise, 30% leather and the rest are different kinds of polymers. The amalgamation of different materials surely makes it a lot more resistant to wear and tear.

Talking about protection, it comes with direct inject logos and designs so that safety isn’t compromised. Also, there are hard pads on the knuckles and interior in case of crashes.

On the interiors, the gloves have been geared to provide comfort. Silicone grippers, finger gussets and light padded foams have been provided for that extra bit of comfort. Also, along with motorcycle riding, they can be used for trail biking and BMX stunt riding.


4. Milwaukee Cruising Gloves

Milwaukee Cruising Gloves

One of the cheapest but the most value for money products is the Milwaukee summer gloves. They have a very simple design that is sure to go well with cruiser and chopper riders. It comes in brown and is made of high-quality leather. The insides are made of good quality padding material.

The layer of leather is quite thick and there are no ventilation openings. This can mean that the gloves may not suitable for desert-like conditions. However, the thick padding does give good protection in the unlikely case of a crash. As usual, you do get many sizes to choose from according to your requirements. The padding and leather are held together by machine stitching and can be quite durable.

The company hasn’t cut corners when it comes to necessary additions like velcro straps. All in all, if you want old-school gloves that are ideal for long-distance tourers, these are the best summer motorcycle gloves.


5. Jackets4Bikes Motorcycle Gloves

Jackets4Bikes Motorcycle Gloves

Another brand of summer motorcycle gloves that are highly rated among by online reviewers is this one from Jackets4Bikes. The design is pretty straightforward but will look good with all kinds of motorcycles. Also, since they are available in six different sizes, there will be one size for everyone. Additionally, there are separate sizes for women too.

Just like the second product, even this one is made from goat leather. As we know, goat leather is much softer and easier on the skin than cowhide. Also, the leather is perforated and comes with air holes for better airflow onto the hands.

Along with padded palms for comfort, the buyer also gets liners along the palm and fingers for additional comfort. These also help reduce the effect of vibration.

Also, you get the customary guards on the knuckles and palm area for the sake of safety. One major disadvantage, however, is that you cannot use a mobile phone while wearing these gloves. In that age of smartphone maps, that is a big letdown.


6. Oro Biker Motorcycle Gloves

Oro Biker Motorcycle Gloves

An extremely high-quality product that is slightly on the higher-end of the price spectrum is the Oro Biker Motorcycle Gloves. You only get two different sizes of gloves so you need to be sure of your size before buying. However, you do get multiple colour options to choose from. The gloves appear highly durable and well made.

Coming to the materials used, you get gloves made from goatskin leather. There are also reinforced layers below the outer layer for better protection in the crashes. Along with motorbike riding, these gloves can also be used for motocross, ATV’s bike stunts etc.

The gloves also have the capacity to wick moisture away from your hand. Additionally, you also get velcro straps for a good fit. One major advantage of the Oro product is that you can use a smartphone while you have these gloves on.

If you have the budget then there is no doubt that these are the best summer motorcycle gloves for your money.


7. Superbike Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves

Superbike Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves

A truly unique product among all summer motorcycle gloves on this list is this one from Superbike. As the name suggests, it doesn’t have coverings for your fingers and only covers your palm and a part of your wrist. Hence, it is perfect for short summer rides or for running errands within the city.

As we already know, superbike is a well-reputed brand and this is their second product on our list too. The materials used in the making are somewhat similar to the first product. In this too, you get to choose among five different sizes based solely on the width of your palm.

The whole body is made of high-quality leather and it has many features too. For starters, you can find the slip-resistant coating on the gloves, which are extremely important in wet conditions.

There are also hard plastics on the knuckles and palm of your gloves to provide more protection. Lastly, if you are looking for fingerless gloves, these are the best summer motorcycle gloves you can get.


8. Alpinestars Men’s SMX Gloves

Alpinestars Men's SMX Gloves

World over, Alpinestars is definitely the most popular brand when it comes to motorcycle riding gear. They usually make racing gear but these are gloves made for summer riding.

Furthermore, they can be used for dirt bike racing, touring, motocross, and a whole lot of other biking activities. The price is definitely on the higher side, but the quality is also equivalent.

There are endless features within this product to assist a biker in having a smooth ride. Some of these include accordion stretch inserts for extra flexibility, grip zones on the palm for better gripping of the handle, cuff closure, and more.

Moreover, the entire body is made up of perforated leather along with air holes to increase breathability to a large extent.

In case of an accident, your palms usually get braised. To prevent that, there are suede zones and padding all around. Knuckles are also prone to a lot of damage and for this reason, plastic inserts have been provided. All considered, this definitely deserves a shout out for best summer motorcycle gloves.


9. Tourmaster Summer Elite 3

Tourmaster Summer Elite 3

Another well-known brand among bikers is Tourmaster. Like Alpinestars, they are known to produce high-quality riding gear. The summer elite 3 is no different.

It has got excellent reviews on the internet and is sure to fulfill your requirements for motorcycle gloves. Since it is thick and made of high-quality leather, it can even be used even in autumn.

The leather used in making the summer elite 3 is of excellent quality goatskin. It is also perforated and contains holes for airflow. In order to reduce shock and vibrations while riding bikes, adequate foam padding has been provided all along the surface of the gloves. The foam used is of a special type called EVA.

To see the level of detail the manufacturers have gone into, notice the pre-bent fingers and palm. This is to give a more natural fit and increase dexterity. All these minor improvements go a long way in improving comfort levels.

With a great combination of protection, versatility, and comfort, this takes away the crown for the best summer motorcycle gloves.


10. Scoyco Motorcycle Gloves

Scoyco Motorcycle Gloves

Last, but definitely far from the worst, we have Scoyo Full Finger Gloves. These are actually better than most of them. They are gloves are intended for racing and come from the well-known brand, Scoyco.

As for the design, they look quite fancy and surely give a sporty feel. A thing that sets these gloves apart is that they don’t use leather in the making at all. On the contrary, it is completely made of synthetic materials and plastic.

These products are highly versatile and can be used with a variety of bikes like sports, dirtbikes, ATV’s. They are sure to provide enough protection in situations like cycling, hiking, hunting, etc.

Synthetic materials are highly durable and can protect your hands from abrasion. The presence of hard plastic accents helps prevent your bones from breaking.


Benefits Of Summer Motorcycle Gloves

1. Safety

Keeping the rider safe is the most important thing that gloves should do. While buying summer gloves, make sure to get a pair that has all the safety features to prevent your hands from sustaining damage.

Hands are the most vulnerable part in a motorcycle accident and should not be ignored at any cost. There have been instances of fingers getting shredded because of no protection. The gloves should be made of good quality material with pads and other safety accessories in it.

2. Staying Cool

Wearing gloves can protect you from the harsh summer sun and also from the harmful radiation that it emits. Additionally, most normal gloves are bulky and can make your palms sweaty.

Also, wearing winter gloves in summer can be a really bad idea. If you do have a pair of those, it is better to buy another pair for the summer. Summer gloves have plenty of minute holes to let air circulate around your wrist. Some also give a cooling effect.

3. Prevent Numbness

A common complaint from bikers is that prolonged riding can cause numbness in their fingers. This can be dangerous too and cause you to lose control. Wearing heavy winter riding gloves is the main cause for this. This is another reason you should avoid winter gloves in summer.

Summer gloves have a good number of vents to let air and blood flow through your wrists. They also play a vital role in reducing the impact of throttle vibrations.

Types Of Motorcycle Gloves

1. Short Cuff Summer Gloves

If you feel that other types are too bulky for summer and want a lightweight one for the summer, short cuffs are the way to go. Moreover, they make a great style statement as they are available in multiple color options and you can get one that suits your jacket.

That is not all, they are also very easy to put on and take off. Lastly, they are extremely breathable, making them the best motorcycle gloves for summer

2. Gauntlet Style Summer Gloves

If you want complete protection even above your wrists, gauntlet style gloves provide you with just that. However, keep in mind that they are not as breathable as short cuff gloves. Also, they won’t be that easy to put on and take off. Moreover, they might not be as stylish as the aforementioned option.

Key Features To Look For In The Best Summer Motorcycle Gloves

1. Weight

Most summer gloves are quite lightweight. If not, you may want to re-consider buying them. You definitely would not want them weighing down on you and causing more sweat around your palms.

What makes summer motorcycle gloves lightweight is the softer material used to make them. They might sometimes be made of soft leather, but they won’t be as breathable as some other materials.

2. Size

This is something that varies from person to person. Nevertheless, it is a very important factor that needs to be paid attention to. By measuring your hand before making a purchase, you can make an informed decision about the gloves you want.

If they are too big, it may lead to grip issues and leave you unable to accurately break and pull the clutch. On the other hand, getting gloves that are too tight will be very uncomfortable and may lead to numbness. It can also cause breathability issues. So in this case, size does matter.

3. Protection

The most important function that gloves perform is to protect you in case of an accident. Therefore, special attention must be paid to this factor. The best summer motorcycle gloves usually have an additional layer of tear-resistant material.

Additionally, they might have padded areas made of foam and neoprene knuckle protectors. Make sure that the gloves you buy have all three of the above-mentioned features at least.

They not only help protect your skin, but also your wrist bones. However, don’t buy gloves that have multiple layers of material as that can affect breathability.

4. Material

The material with which the gloves are made determines a lot of other factors like safety, breathability, weight, among others. Gloves are very diverse and are made with many different materials. However, for summer gloves, it is better to stick to gloves made of thin and soft material.

The material used also affects the durability of the gloves. If you buy a cheap pair of gloves, it is almost certain that they won’t be made of good quality materials. They are most likely to last only one season and might give up on you in the middle of a ride.

5. Price

You can get gloves for as low as $10 and as high as $100 and above. Although you don’t have to always buy the highest-priced item to get the best quality, you will have to pay a hefty amount for all the features.

As a thumb rule, gloves that are priced between $25 to $50 provide the most value for money. Around the $75 mark, you will be able to find some high-end summer motorcycle gloves.

Remember, the higher you pay, the longer they are expected to last, so don’t be too conservative about the price.


With that, we have come to the end of our extensive comparison. We hope that it has simplified your process of searching for summer motorcycle gloves. We agree, there are multiple options to choose from and it still isn’t a walk in the park. That’s why we have simplified it even further in this section of the review. Let’s look at the categories one by one.

If you have expensive tastes and only want the highest quality products for your motorbike, there are many options to choose from.

For instance, Alpinestars, Tourmaster and Oro motorcycle gloves are all at the higher end of the price spectrum. They also offer the best combination of features, performance, and safety compared to other gloves.

On the contrary, if you want to make do with the cheapest possible motorcycle cover, you should definitely check out the gloves from Sibertron, Milwaukee and Jackets4Bikes.

They are the cheapest of the lot but are the best in their price ranges. However, you should not expect too much durability or usage from them. They should only be good enough for one or two summers.

Lastly, let’s discuss the type of bike you own. If you own street bikes, sportbikes, or dirt bikes, you should definitely buy the one from Scoyco or Alpinestars. If your budget is lower, even Sibertron will be good. Otherwise, if you own a tourer or cruiser, HWK and superbike products will be the best bet.

FAQs on Summer Motorcycle Gloves

1. Why Do Bikers Wear Gloves?

There are multiple reasons why bikers wear gloves. First of all, in case of an accident, gloves go a long way in protecting your wrists. Some even protect your wrist bones as they have hard plastic protection.

Secondly, gloves soak up all the sweat from you hands, so that they don’t slip while holding the handlebars. Some also have anti-slip coating on the palm region in this regard.

2. Are Summer Motorcycle Gloves Touch Screen Compatible?

That really depends on the brand of motorcycle gloves you are buying. Almost all of the brands do offer that feature these days but lower priced items usually skip this feature, more often than not. We would advise you to always buy motorcycle gloves that are touch screen compatible as smartphones are an essential commodity while travelling.

3. Are All Summer Motorcycle Gloves Waterproof?

No, this is not the case with many summer motorcycle gloves. Again, lower-priced items miss out on this feature a lot and hence, they don’t last that long. Leather gloves are more susceptible to water damage while ones made with synthetic materials are naturally much more water-resistant.

So, try to go with synthetic gloves. The best cold weather motorcycle gloves would be waterproof due to synthetic materials too.

4. What Are Some Good Brands For Summer Motorcycle Gloves?

The best brands that manufacture such gloves are Alpinestars, Scoyco, Tourmaster, Superbike, etc. HWK is a new brand that is taking this niche category by storm. Although they are not famous, they can be added to the list of good brands.

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