Best Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Quick Overview: Our Top 5 Picks for Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves

OUR TOP PICKptsntbl-table__imageOZERO Winter Gloves
  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Breathable for your hands cozy
  • Sensitive touching design for phone and tablet
ptsntbl-table__imageCOFIT Motorcycle Riding Gloves
  • Elasticized Fabric
  • Ideal for motorbike racing
  • Perfect Grip and Control
ptsntbl-table__imageSeibertron Dirtpaw Gloves
  • Designed to provide you maximum performance
  • Designed to be incredibly versatile
  • Protect the back of the hand and finger
ptsntbl-table__imageSuperbike Full Finger Motorcycle Gloves
  • Genuine goatskin leather
  • Soft and flexible
  • Lightweight
ptsntbl-table__imageKemimoto Motorcycle Winter Gloves
  • You can use the mobile phone or navigation device easily
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent TPU waterproof membrane

Nothing can beat that adrenaline rush, the strong gusting wind on your face with your bike’s speedometer pointing at 80. A motorcycle is not just your best buddy, but also a style statement. But safety remains above all. Hence, investing in important gears like jackets, helmets and especially gloves is imperative.

Gloves protect you from the extreme chills while adding to your safety. Possessing the best waterproof motorcycle gloves is vital as they provide extra grip and protect you from potential mishaps.

From the wide array of products available, it’s easy to get lost. Our guide has been tailored keeping all the difficulties of a rider in mind, and provide you with our results of our test of waterproof motorcycle gloves.

Top 10 Best Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves 2021

1. OZERO Winter Gloves

OZERO Winter Gloves Best Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves

Topping our list of the best waterproof motorcycle gloves is the Ozero 30F. It has a unique water repellent polyester shell combined with an insulated velvet lining that keeps you warm and cozy at all temperatures.

This glove is both waterproof and windproof, but at the same time is also breathable. The artificial waterproof suede embedded with vital full-hand waterproof film shields your hands from snow water, downpour and cold breeze.

Additionally, this product also has improvised touch-screen leather fingertips. Every fingertip comes equipped with two bits of touchscreen goatskin, which enables you to access your smartphone from all angles.

These winter gloves are fixed with thick protected cotton and polar wool giving your hands suitable warmth, and working security. Apart from providing necessary warmth, these gloves also ensure your safety. So play or work in the chills the way you like without having to worry about minor injuries.

As the external material of the glove microsuede is strong, water-safe, and wind-resistant, it will shield your hands from cold. To perform all your activities – cycling, driving, riding, and so on flawlessly.


2. COFIT Motorcycle Riding Gloves

COFIT Motorcycle Riding Gloves

Available in different sizes to guarantee an ideal fit, COFIT gloves make for an ideal choice. If protection equipped with solid looks is your priority, then COFIT would be the best waterproof motorcycle gloves for you.

The cushioning on sensitive parts like the knuckles and palms guarantees you superior security while riding bikes and other vehicles. Additionally, they highlight a comfortable hold to let you quicken your choke into another dimension that you must have never experienced.

The gloves are also equipped with conductive metal on the index finger and thumb areas which enables you to avail your smartphone. They are also integrated with air vents which makes them appropriate for all seasons.

The elasticized fabric adds to the breathable quality of the gloves. As compared to the boring blacks and blues, do not miss out on the exciting shades of red and neon green. This range has it all.

If you ask us what’s unique, it is the water-resistant silicone gel technology that gives an excellent grip on the handlebars. Want gloves that protect you like no other? Think COFIT.


3. Seibertron Dirtpaw Gloves

Seibertron Dirtpaw Gloves

If you’re looking for gloves that are light and comfortable for mild winters, the Seibertron Dirtpaw Unisex would be your best pick. They give a snug and secure fit. However, we would advise you to avoid this, if riding in chilly weather is your thing.

Like all the other gloves, this also has touch recognition factors, but only on the tip of the index finger. Not on the finger belly. So you would have to be very precise while handling your smartphone if you have these gloves on.

When it comes to protection, the Direct Inkjet Rubber Logos and graphic paddings on the knuckles and back of the palm prevent minor injuries. The lycra finger gusset and Silicone gripper ensure the maximum comfort for your palms.


  • Decent red shading
  • Fits sensibly well
  • Great arrangement of knuckle protection
  • Would most likely protect your hands in the occasion of an accident


  • Low-quality sewing
  • Poor texture; the Velcro clasp adheres to the fluffy red texture, rapidly harming it
  • Velcro clasp associates underneath the wrist rather than on top

4. Superbike Full Finger Motorcycle Gloves

Superbike Full Finger Motorcycle Gloves

You must be wondering why all the options explored so far were exclusively for men. Are best waterproof motorcycle gloves for women not the trend? Well, here is the option you have been looking for.

The G01 is for men and the G01W model for the women riders. The extra rose lining for women is what marks the difference. People often complain about losing either of the gloves from their pair. Keeping this is mind, the manufacturers developed the unique buckle button that keeps the two gloves together.

If you’re looking for a pair of gloves within 20 dollars, and that, too, original Goatskin, don’t scout further. Just hit the add-to-cart option. Genuine goatskin leather is what makes it a good choice for the long run. Keep your hands warm and squishy at all times!

However, the high comfort factor does not mean lesser protection. The knuckles have durable plastic covering along with foam padding on the fingers to give you the extra grip and safety.

This glove also comes equipped with the touch screen facility, but only on the index finger. So not really a viable choice if you have to use your smartphone on the go.


5. Kemimoto Motorcycle Winter Gloves

Kemimoto Motorcycle Winter Gloves

This unique creation has a tetra layer structure. It has four distinct materials in each layer. The layers are composed of nylon, PVC waterproof film, polyester velvet, and cotton. The cotton shapes the deepest layer to give the extreme solace to the rider. The furthest nylon layer is the toughest and it offers assurance from injury during likely mishaps.

It has flexible lashes that you can relax and fix as per your comfort. Furthermore, it likewise has knuckle watches and slide safe paste for the greatest conceivable insurance. This pair is waterproof and furthermore has a touchscreen.

It is weatherproof, too, since it shields the hands from the chilly, day off downpours. This pair ought to be air dried in the wake of washing as it isn’t good with machine washing. The gloves are great for the rainy seasons and are accessible in different hues and with a wide range of sizes. This product offers the maximum quality at a minimum price.

However, the sizes for this product are in a smaller range. So make sure one size up while placing your order. Moreover, this has a strong odor when you unpack it, but it’s only in the initial phases. Regular usage will get rid of it.


6. Scoyoco Motorcycle Gloves

Scoyoco Motorcycle Gloves

The plan of this pair is one of a kind and it is additionally modest. It consists of PVC and polyester fibers. It has PVC particles on the palm which makes up the slip and anti-skid properties. It is effective and helps to ease the trauma of sudden injuries.

It additionally has customizable velcro straps for better fitting and more solace. This pair is weatherproof, and furthermore lessens the chance of a physical issue in a mishap.

This one is accessible in 6 unique hues and medium, large and extra-large sizes. This pair is appropriate for just hand wash and air drying. We would recommend a mild cleanser for washing this product.

These would be the best waterproof motorcycle gloves for someone who is searching for a decent pair of gloves within a tight budget.


7. Tour Master Deerskin Motorcycle Gloves

Tour Master Deerskin Motorcycle Gloves

The Tourmaster Leather Riding Gloves is the thing that surfaced frequently while we were doing our survey for the article. They are intended to fulfill even the most meticulous buyers, and their cost is kept low, making this item one of the most wanted of its sort.

Utilizing Grade A top-notch deerskin, the makers offer an excellent pair of gloves that are good for the long run. A Velcro wrist lash is utilized to guarantee a safe fit and to forestall inadvertent evacuation. The fingers are perforated to enhance the breathability of the riders.

Ergonomically planned, the palm setup is fitted with extraordinary gel cushions that assist in lessening fatigue during long rides by reducing vibrations and stuns. The sewed palm and upper part amplify solace and usefulness.

Clients have valued this product for its extreme comfort, yet some have griped about the color, which, in substantial precipitation, will drain onto their hands.

The palm of the glove was uniquely intended to be ergonomic. The additional cushioning facilitates weariness and makes this alternative reasonable for long rides.

The thumb and the knuckle zones are also cushioned for expanded assurance and solidness. Along these lines, the item can oppose wear.

However, a few clients considered this item rather costly. In any case, most proprietors contend that the thing merits the additional cash. Subsequently, numerous riders suggest it.


8. Alpinestars SP-1 Gloves

Alpinestars SP-1 Gloves

Alpinestars SP-1 gloves are probably the most ideal choice available today for two reasons. From one viewpoint, they are very well-evaluated, with a decent rebate and, then again, offer ideal solace and insurance. Versatile.

This would be the perfect choice if zooming down slopes, tumultuous speeds and ever-changing weather conditions are your things. We can even tell you that it is an extraordinary alternative for summers, as comfort, ventilation, and security are their prime features.

Regarding materials, the fundamental one of this Alpinestars SP-1 is the 1.3 mm leather with strengthened creases for incredible protection from scraped area and effect.

Two additional attributes normally found are the TPU slider and the scaffold licensed by Alpinestars that offers great protection. Furthermore, the thumbs, fingers, palm, back, and wrist are cushioned with punctured 4 mm poly froth for additional padding.

Ventilation is another angle that has been taken care of in this glove. The punctures in the sleeves, and in the upper board provide the maximum comfort for sultry days.

Other significant subtleties of the SP-1 include the huge Velcro fold and touch recognition facility.

As usual, we remind you that it is accessible in a few shading blends, every one of them with an awesome quality-value proportion.


9. Indie Ridge Premium Motorcycle Gloves

Indie Ridge Premium Motorcycle Gloves

A marginally extravagant item, this pair of gloves by Indie Ridge is made of top-notch cowhide calfskin. Be it summers, winters, or fall, these gloves shield your palms from all. It has a vintage look to it which makes it extremely remarkable and quite not the same as the others on the rundown.

The knuckles of these gloves are solidified for additional insurance. This pair can remain off against injury from rocks and harsh streets. It offers an astounding hold to the rider.

It has customizable velcro straps to make things easier for you. The best part? This product is available in all sizes–both large as well as XL.

This product has an interesting plan and is outwardly engaging. It is accessible just in tan earthy colored shading which is likewise remarkable. It is probably one of the best waterproof motorcycle gloves.


10. Duhan Winter Heated Gloves

Duhan Winter Heated Gloves

This item has astounding appraisals and audits on Amazon and is accessible at a reasonable cost. These two points are what put this product on the pedestal.

As you would anticipate from a Kemimoto product, this is impervious to water, wind and wear, them being the three most significant things a glove ought to shield you from.

Landry innovation, which is a signature mark of Kemimoto, aids water-sealing. It comprises a 3D layer that is overlaid to give viable opposition. Besides, the fingers are equipped with silica gel to make your task easier in haze or downpour.

Speaking of the battery and wiring, you will discover little wires going in and around the palm subsequent to following the fingers. A 2400 mAh battery controls the intricate wire grid that gives you the optimal heating.

The most notable aspect of this glove? It gives you three different modes of heating and keeps you warm with temperatures as high as 140 degrees. At this rate, the battery lasts for a maximum of 4 hours. Lower degrees grant a battery life of 5-6 hours and vice versa.

Ultimately, the external shell and the knuckle insurance is of the first-rate quality and has been tried even in outrageous conditions. It effectively protects your palms and fingers in risky conditions.

Also, in contrast to other motorbike gloves, you can utilize two of your fingers to work a touchscreen instead of one. All things considered, the kemimoto gloves are highly recommended.


Factors To Note While Choosing the Best Gloves

1. Safety, Comfort, And Purpose

The hands have a sensitive and delicate structure, with slight bones and skin, making them inclined to wounds in any circumstances. So gloves have been specially designed to keep you guarded at all costs and keep your guiding angels safe and secure.

The second most significant defensive apparatus (with the first being an extreme head protector), motorbike models are essential and can have the effect between leaving with minor wounds and scratches or investing some energy in the clinic. Along these lines, their principal object is to expand assurance.

Another significant thing they do is facilitating weariness and easing the numbness of your palm, as both can show up while riding for some time due to the position, vibrations stuns, and cold.

Comfort is another factor. Motorcycle gloves further assume various roles, for example, waterproofing. keeping your hands wet at those breeze velocities will definitely cause torment and may, after some time, lead to severe injuries.

To wrap things up, they fill a tasteful need. Ranging from unique looks to intricate patterns and improvised technologies, they would be a good investment. The looks matter and can make your time outside more agreeable.

2. Kind Of Rider

Cruiser glove makers have specific items for different riding styles and conditions. The all-purpose models are usually quite expensive and may not be a good option for a tight budget.

If you are an urban rider who utilizes the motorbike to get the chance to work and in different places in or around the city, you won’t need a very extravagant and costly item. An all-around-made pair of cowhide gloves or a reasonable material structure is more appropriate for easygoing drivers, offering enough assurance at lower speeds.

Keep in mind that in this circumstance, it is important to have a type of waterproofing, so as to have the option to utilize them consistently when driving.

Reckless riders who like to bungle the roads and ride at high speeds will unquestionably require additional insurance and additional protective gear that will spare their hands if there should be an occurrence of tumbling off the motorbike.

Normally, the above classification will buy multi-layered things that incorporate fortified engineered material and advantageous paddings. Comfort will probably be disregarded by these riders; however, it’s anything but an absolute necessity.

Dirt riders don’t ordinarily go at quick speeds, so they require less scraped area opposition and additional cushioning and thick covering to secure their hand against stuns and knocks. They generally choose engineered materials, with thick and safe inward covering. It isn’t prescribed to use dirt gloves while driving at high speeds or on black-top, as they probably won’t be sufficient to spare your hands.

The best gloves are those that can be utilized for more than one driving style. In this circumstance, adaptability is an element that you need to care for. Knowing precisely what you require will impressively limit the pursuit way, making the task of getting them less tedious.

3. Glove Type

There are a great many models available, and their sort typically assigns their motivation and the riding style they are generally appropriate for. Short plans, for instance, are typically made out of calfskin and are good for even the worst of climatic conditions.

Racing items are intended to withstand genuine effect and have advantageous protection, other than from different layers of material. Intensely cushioned and lined, they typically will in general be costly however worth the cash.

These offer extra insurance in the projection of an effect and assume a role in weatherproofing too. Touring items are utilized for long rides and give improved comfort by utilizing thicker linings and cushions, just like weatherproofing.

Generally made out of a material that permits ventilation to cool your hands in a more sweltering climate, they will in general be somewhat pricier.

Additional highlights found on models are normal variations as per the weather conditions. Some gloves are equipped with heating wires and are also provided with batteries to recharge the gloves as you please.

Extra dainty plans are utilized by those riding in hot, parched situations where cooling is an unquestionable requirement – more costly on the grounds that they are made out of super lightweight materials, and are certainly worth the cash.

4. Pricing, Budget, And Other Considerations

Before you begin prospecting the market, consider how much cash you are ready to shell out. There is a wide range of prices, and the starting range can be as humble as 30dollars. However, the best gloves are mostly within a range of 50 dollars. These are not warmed and are normally produced using cowhide, yet material structures are likewise basic in this range.

Obviously, you need to spend more on racing and gauntlet models; those with additional highlights likewise appear to be pricier, given the protection they offer.

Materials ordinarily utilized on the outside are cowhide and Gore-Tex, fortified with shield cushions and Kevlar fiber. Apart from that, cotton or Thinsulate covering is there to keep your hands warm in a chilly climate, while additionally diminishing vibrations and facilitating exhaustion.

Other costlier materials can likewise be found in the top-of-the-line items that are super lightweight yet in addition safe.

Apart from the riding style, nature is additionally to be thought about. The highlights found on a winter glove will be horrendously irritating if the rider is riding on a humid day, while a slender desert glove is fundamentally pointless during winter.

Take a gander at their assemble as well – it ought to be strong yet not very prohibitive, lessening your capacity to control and steer the motorbike. The products also have exchange and return policies if you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

How To Choose The Best Fit

Hold on, glove seekers. Your task is almost done. Now that you’ve decided which one to pick, your quest would end only when you get the perfect size for yourself.

All you need is a measuring tape. You can always use a string and later measure that on a ruler, in case you don’t have a tape. Wrap the tape around the broadest portion of your palm and jot down the two extremes.

Next, pull up the size chart and place the order for the larger size. Your gloves may be a little tight initially, but they tend to loosen with use. However, you may go for a larger size depending on your comfort.

FAQs on Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves

How To Measure Your Hand For The Gloves?

Most buyers often have different specifications as per their size guide. However, you can always measure on your own by using a tape to measure your hand width and hand circumference.

What Are The Washing Instructions For Biking Gloves?

Different products have different specifications. You can either hand wash or machine wash them. You may also use fabric conditioners for better results.


Got all that you need? Sweet. We hope that this guide would help you in making an informed decision in choosing the best waterproof motorcycle gloves. We have tested, compared and have now put up the best products for you. You can rest assured with your choice as all our products are at par with the recent trends and improvised technologies.

Happy riding!

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